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  1. I have a preponderance of black rock and freebie liqour shirts. But coolness and uniqueness is first in preference. My friend and I still have a chuckle over a butterscotch Buddy Guy shirt I bought. But my fave is still the old black one with old address of original Legends. Any goodies are wonderfull. Have fun.
  2. 9 am during week and Saturday, 10 am Sunday. 11 if not football season. That is what I am comfortable with.
  3. I voted 80%. The amount of money with the huge amount of television revenue and advertising available to a captive audience looking for hope and distractions coupled with the greed of the owners and lifestyles pf pro players make it too big to fail . Football alredy is played with much equipment, many playewrs already use shields so I see no reason they cannot safely adapt a shield/mask scenario. Might need small adjustments like more time between plays, helmet communications to allow spread out huddles possibly. I just need some positivity about now. I was going for 100% but read a few posts and down graded. 50% was a viable choice but wanted to take a stand. I have watched a few games of TBT The Basketball Tournament and it showed passion from players inherent from the game. This is one thing I wondered about being lost, considering baseball since coming up relativley soon. Will the crack of the bat on bomb be as dramatic wothout the inherent crowd joy, or dissappointment? Watching an Encarcion homerun in a White Sox scrimmage gives hope the athletic achievement will bring drama, and the TBT gives hope the athletes will perform for the competitive nature of sports. Go Bears !!!
  4. So here is the album...are you footballguy enough to want the jk gb. Peace be well...
  5. hmmm maybe I will get a alt fan in tee shirt exchange, wonder if they would appreiciate it the marketing, guessing will sell about 50 or 100 at 3D level and whatever at digi level, guessing tour and merch sales will be footballguy appropriate however...cheddar on that bologna sammich if you get my drift...
  6. In regards to Hum..." On June 23, 2020, the band surprise-released their fifth studio album, entitled Inlet. " Also Matt Talbot owns a bar The Loose Cobra with live performances and Sunday sit in's writer workshops Tolono Illinois. Very cool place. He has a recording studio where great Blues band The Kilborn Alley blues Band has recorded at leat 1 album The Tolono Tapes. fyi
  7. Three days after the last time I saw them at Super Bowl of Rock, Soldier Field. Thanks will definately make time to watch this especially since I have a portable pa hooked up to laptop haha. I was catering for crew and bands so cut for Skynard and watched between stage and crowd barrier. Pretty awesome considering history. I had seen them several times previously at smaller venues but 70 K really rocked to Freebird . Great band. SRV was bigger tragedy to me personally as he was ascending spititually and as a human and it was going to be so interesting where his music would have went.
  8. Triptych, elvish for friend, a double dry hopped India Imperial Pale ale featuring wildflower honey and Sabro Hops. Very satisfying. Balanced and crisp yet substantive, guessing from the honey.
  9. One of my favorite frontman I got to see last year with one of my fave guitar players in a great show...Paul Rodgers.
  10. Hey Julia then Sneaking Sally...working 6 days a week and 10 12 hour shifts so not too sharp these days especially on my web diversions...
  11. Frontman...front a band...lead say a frontman cannot play an instrument or only occassionally is wrong to me. I skimmed this list and have always enjoyed Robert Palmer. When he had Little Feat backing him it was a great match. Sneaking Sally through the Alley...which he is backed by Lowell George and the Meters and other guests like Steve Winwood and Simon Philips and opens with 3 great songs is a great debut album.
  12. Duke and Kansas going down for improper benefits would be amazing...Now if only NC was added. Of course it was already proven giving away a NC diploma isn't really a benefit so maybe they at least learned a lesson from previous Roy boy escapades.
  13. Greatest hits were not produced and recorded in a single timeframe with a single revolving theme or time element (band members, social relevancy). Of course there will be outliers. That being said Live albums also are similar to greatest hits albums with the exception there is a recorded time with a similar band makeup and the difference of covers and oneoffs possible giving certain ramifications. There was a time in the 70's where many of my fave albums were Live, ELP, Live Bullet, On your Feet or on Your Knees, One More for The Road, Yessongs.... Just food for thought.
  14. from wiki "Kmet also played baseball at Notre Dame.[10] As a freshman in 2018, Kmet appeared in 26 games as a relief pitcher and made one start. He finished the season 2–5 with a 5.05 earned run average (ERA), 39 strikeouts and a team-leading eight saves.[11] As a sophomore in 2019, Kmet appeared in eight games with one start, before suffering an arm injury.[12] He finished the season 0–2 with a 2.89 ERA and 27 strikeouts"....why do I bring this up you ask...or didn't...6'6'' 262 with a 4.7 40...while focusing on baseball and football pretty sure he didn't have 100 per cent focus on either. This possibly helps with overuse injuries and also possible crosstraining mental positives in my limited and pointed opinion. Is there a possibility there is more upside than meets the eye due to being a high level athlete in two sports? Being a multisport participant and Bears fan I will let you guess which way I am leaning on this. Upside...mega Ditka...downside Mandarich at TE. My prediction...Urlacher type production at TE...roadgrader on sweeps and red zone target .12 year top 5 production career. Give me another hit of that kool aid please haha. Be well friends.