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  1. Just look up the slow cooker thread. plenty of goodness in there. Lazy man's BBQ pulled pork... :yum:
  2. damn. Had no dealings with him at all on here, but always knew that I was in for a wild ride when I saw a post by him. He reminds me of one of my best friends from high school who has his own demons to deal with of a similar variety. I also would not be surprised to get that same phone call one night...
  3. ASUS T-100 (as mentioned above). Full Windows 8.1 tablet for $400 or less, includes keyboard and full version of Microsoft Office. Have had mine since the release last October, and still loving it.
  4. Wake tried to play through a mid-grade MCL sprain and wasn't the same after the first month of the season. I think he looked healthy this month. I've had him just outside my elite tier for months and haven't seen anything to change my mind. Until I see him decline when healthy, I still think there's 45-10 upside. :moneybag:
  5. Wowsers. Matty Ice with the huge game to start me off week 1.
  6. QB: 34 points Matt Ryan (9) Tony Romo (11) Matt Cassel (6) Decided to go with two mid-pack guys who I feel have a chance to both finish top-5. Originally had Rodgers and Cam Newton. Threw in Cassel as he was so cheap, but I don't know if he will even score for me. RB: 78 points Rashad Jennings (8) Joique Bell (9) Alfred Morris (10) Mark Ingram (6) Jonathan Stewart (12) Loved Jennings in the pre-season, but don't love his team. Still, he should get quite a workload. Originally had Andre Williams as well - may regret not keeping him if Jennings gets injured. Bell I like to perform quite well. Morris I feel was quite undervalued at his position. Ingram and Stewart are two disapointments from past years who were so cheap I had to go for them. WR: 65 points Roddy White (9) Emmanuel Sanders (4) Justin Hunter (9) Mike Williams (9) Kelvin Benjamin (12) Markus Wheaton (12) Brian Quick (4) Man, all those WRs are so cheap this year. Really wanted to get a better #1 than Roddy, but couldn't sacrifice the points elsewhere. TEs: 53 points Jimmy Graham (6) Kyle Rudolph (10) Travis Kelce (6) Went big at TE. Love Graham and Rudolph, and I see Kelce as the #2 or 3 receiving option in KC (at least if they are smart). PK: 9 points Nate Freese (9) Adam Vinatieri (10) Blair Walsh (10) Went with 3 cheap guys on offenses that I think could generate a lot of points. Dome teams as well. DEF: 11 points Carolina (12) Buffalo (9) Detroit (9) Carolina should be a top defense again, and Buffalo will get its fair share of sacks.
  7. hate to do it, but went against my brownies in all my survivor leagues. Tempted to go with the Jets, but the total unknown of Carr scared me away. Just don't see how the Browns can pull it out, especially up in Pitt.
  8. How do you see Cameron Wake doing this year? Everything I read said that he looked just as dominant last year as the one prior, but the end of year numbers just weren't there. Does he still have another big year left in him?
  9. Matt Cassell for my 18th round pick... QB: Stafford, Tannehill, Cassell RB: Ellington, Gerhart, Tate, Fred Jackson WR: Julio, Wallace, Decker, Jennings, Marqise Lee, Streeter TE: Graham, Clay, Marcedes Lewis DEF: Seattle, Cleveland and that's how it's done, boys...
  10. QB: Stafford, Tannehill RB: Ellington, Gerhart, Tate, Fred Jackson WR: Julio, Wallace, Decker, Jennings, Marqise Lee TE: Graham, Clay, Marcedes Lewis DEF: Seattle, Cleveland Championship!
  11. Ok, sorry. 15.9 Marquise Lee, WR Jaguars.
  12. Sorry for the delay, guys... **** it...I'll break the ice. It's the end of the 15th round: 15.9 - Stephen Gostkowski, PK