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  1. How quickly things change. Not too long ago, L. Robinson was an injury plagued do little fourth tier WR and now he is reasonable for Dez Bryant valu jumping up!
  2. That's Eubanks
  3. What a difference a year makes. Last year no free agency and it seemed like forever till the draft. Free agency is going to be awesome all month.
  4. If true, is this driven by Shannahan, Allen, both of them, or all Sntder?
  5. Distance from Springfield to Columbia mmo 186 miles Distance from Springfield to Fayetteville 118 miles Arkansas campus closer to home by about an hour
  6. Not much new to add for me. I too think that Gresham is a player and will grow into a greater share of the offensive plan in Cinci. However, the team could be in a real turnover mode with the losses of Palmer and Owens and maybe 85 Chad as well. Depending on the amount of time that a new OC, a new QB and a new WR have to mesh in the off season could really impact the production for the entire Bengals team this year. Maybe this means that Gresham could be a buy low dynasty candidate. If and when the Bengals get it all together, it likely will feature a young QB, WR, and TE trio that could grow well together. Gresham 16 gms 98 targets 63 catches 64% 693 yds 11.0 ypc and 7 TDs
  7. Kniles Davis at Arkansas is a pretty good sophmore also. Several solid RBs remain in the SEC.
  8. Curious as to the latest date of your dynasty rankings list. Are you updating somewhere other than the Tundra Dynasty rankings and I missed it?
  9. Rather than just look at the 09 fantasy points Moreno 16 gms 247 carries 947 yds 3.8 ypc 41 targets 28 catches 213 yds 7.6 ypc & 9 TDs Buckhalter 14 gms 120 carries 642 yds 5.4 ypc 38 targets 31 catches 240 yds 7.7 ypc & 1 TD Other than TDs Buckhalter performed better in every category. I didn't watch many of the Broncos games, but when I saw them play, Buckhalter looked better to me.
  10. Big fan of this thread and of F&L for consistently following up with people about their questions and comments. He is definitely a lot more patient than I would be. It is truly a shame to me that folks come here just to dog on his rankings. I think that the questions and feed-back are great and that alone makes the thread great for the information shared. Just wish that the tool factor so prevalent on the board during the season did not find its way here in the off-season. Thanks F&L for your work both here and on your blog.
  11. McCluster came to Ole Miss as a WR. He played almost exclusively as a WR until midway through his junior season. He has quite a bit of experience playing that position.
  12. We need PK tp stay at Sirius for his information......
  13. Go Hogs! and welcome

  14. Trying to figure out how to download rosters from MFL leagues. Help please
  15. Out of all the threads that I read on this forum, this one stands out in that it discusses abilities and projections for future performances with the least amount of useless responses. I was partly responsible for the Roethlisberger discussion and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter that was backed up with stats and insights. Not all of us agreed on the Big Ben ranking, but almost all presented solid discussion points in their thoughts. Great thread. Keep it alive and keep it valuable.