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  1. I own Corey Davis in a lot of leagues (mostly FFPC) and in most cases I would take the 2.06 for him if I could get that. I wouldn't even consider asking for a first for him. I still like his talent but I'm getting sick of looking at him on my rosters. I'll probably cut him in some of those leagues. Of course, I felt the same way about Devante Parker and finally dumped my last shares of him last year right before his breakout.
  2. Are you mad enough that you would rather have four more years of Trump than Bloomberg?
  3. I voted 25-29. Close to where it is now but probably a little lower since we wouldn't have had the deficit funded tax cuts for the rich so not as many corporate stock buy backs.
  4. No way Steyer would be dropping out now. NV and SC are where he's been spending most of his money.
  5. I'm pretty sure the loser can sue and it will be fast-tracked to the SC who will rule on it and that will be final. The winner will be sworn in as the next President on 1/20/21. If Trump were to refuse to move out of the White House (as some people have suggested) he would be physically removed by the Secret Service at that time.
  6. Maybe we should go back to the way it was in the old days when the party bosses controlled who got the nomination through back room dealings. And when I say the old days I mean 2016.
  7. Here's Ayanna Pressly's argument in favor of it. I haven't fully digested the nuances of the bill and I'm not really inclined to spend the time to do that but I thought I'd post the other side of it.
  8. I don't see anything like what you quoted in the text of the bill but regardless, this bill has very little chance of becoming law. govtrack gives it a 4% chance but that seems high. It would never pass in the republican senate.
  9. I think it's more correct to call him a wannabe dictator. There's still enough guardrails in our democracy to prevent him from getting there.
  10. Klobuchar the big winner tonight followed by Bernie. Biden and Pete were the big losers. Biden came off like an angry old man shaking his fist at the moon. I kept expecting him to yell at the moderators to get off his lawn. Pete looked inexperienced.
  11. Rudy's probably being re-assigned to manufacture dirt on Buittigieg as we speak.
  12. I voted that it hurt him but I don't really like the past tense wording. I think a lot more information about Trump's role is going to continue to drip out between now and the election and that is what is going to hurt him. I'm even more convinced that it will hurt the GOP Senators running for re-election. A few months ago I thought there was almost no chance the Dems would win control of the Senate, now I think there is a fairly decent chance.
  13. I tend to agree with Tim's take here. It seems likely that Trump's recent recent bump in the betting markets odds has more to do with Bernie's rise in the polls than anything else.