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  1. Both are true. If Nader had not run, Gore would have won. If less people in Florida would have stayed home, Gore would have won. If Florida had a ballot that was less confusing to elderly people, Gore would have won.
  2. Yeah, but Ralph Nader made up for it to the Bush family by costing Al Gore the 2000 election.
  3. The lack of African American support is still a huge issue for Buttigieg. I'm not sure how he's going to overcome that.
  4. I think this is down to a 3 person race at this point - Biden, Warren and Buttigieg. It's hard to see a path to the nomination for anyone else. No offense to Bernie supporters but I just don't see a path for him. He came into the campaign as one of the two most well known candidates and his poll numbers have been stagnant the whole way. At this point, for a candidate to move up in the polling they need to surprise voters either with policies or charisma. Bernie's not going to surprise anybody. Everybody already knows who he is and what his policies are by now. If Bloomberg enters the race it helps Warren. He'll pull some support from Biden and Buttigieg. Not many Warren supporters will jump to Bloomberg. Eric Holder entering the race could make things more interesting.
  5. It seems like Hillary Clinton's tax returns showing the exorbitant sums she got giving speeches to Wall Street was a pretty big deal in 2016.
  6. and laundering money for Russian Oligarchs.
  7. Based on these three criteria, I think Sinn Fein's vote for all three options is the correct answer. (1) No, (2) Yes, (3) Undecided.
  8. Nixon and Haldeman tried pinning Watergate on John Dean. That didn't work out well for them.
  9. He almost certainly was not worth 2-5 Billion to begin with but there's no doubt his net worth has taken a huge hit. His brand has become toxic around the world with Buildings he had licencing agreements with tearing his name down, condos in Trump Tower selling way below market value, occupancy rates in hotels like Doral going way down. His illegal funnelling of taxpayer dollars into his properties might make up for some of of that but for sure he's losing money. Of course he almost certainly expected the opposite to happen when he ran for President.
  10. Right. The G7 is always held in areas that are fairly remote and easily secured. Obama originally wanted to hold it in Chicago but it was changed to Camp David for security reasons. Doral is a huge resort with three public golf courses in the middle of Miami. Are they going to shut it down while the G7 is going on? I doubt it.
  11. That's not counting QATAR's investment company's bailout of the Kushner family's failing 666 5th avenue property shortly after the Emir of QATAR met privately with Trump and Trump suddenly changed his position on the blockade to be more in favor of QATAR. Purely coincidental I'm sure.
  12. I heard one of the guests on MSNBC a few days ago say "MAGA = Making Attorneys get Attorneys"
  13. Who is the last President you don't think was a war criminal?
  14. I don't buy the argument that people want "boring" at all. I could be convinced they want "safe". That's not the same thing. Personally, I think a majority of the people choosing Biden in the polls are not really choosing Biden, they're choosing "Obama's VP"