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  1. The playing golf is basically low hanging fruit as an easy symbol of his (and his supporters) hypocrisy. I don't think anybody really cares that he plays a lot of golf. What bothers me is the obvious self-dealing. Every time he plays golf at one of his own properties or spends the weekend at Mara Lago or his other resorts, he makes money at taxpayers expense, and it's not an insignificant amount.
  2. And some of that cozying up has been since Trump found out about this. Just a month ago Trump after a private phone call with Putin, Trump was lobbying the G7 leaders to let Russia back in.
  3. So, he's holding a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa and he's giving is Convention acceptance speech in Jacksonville on the 60th anniversary of Axe Handle Saturday. No way either of those is a coincidence.
  4. I would have thought that would be a required course in Law schools.
  5. I meant never in any of my leagues. Of course I'm not saying he never fell there in any FFPC leagues. I already knew that NE got him there. I also realized after I posted that I took him in 3 of those leagues so that skewed my numbers.. I still think him being there at 12 was pretty rare. Maybe 20% chance?
  6. You should feel really fortunate that Reagor fell to you. In my 6 non-superflex FFPC leagues, Reagor never fell below 1.09. Just curious how you would feel about it now if you had your choice of Higgins, Pittman, Mims there?
  7. It seems like Churches should be the last places that should be opening up. A bunch of people packed into an enclosed space with a lot of singing and shouting (two of the worst things you can do) and it doesn't do anything for the economy. Does anybody here think holding church services any time soon is a good idea?
  8. Yeah, but you won't see the effects of states opening back up for at least a few weeks.
  9. Your conclusion doesn't make sense based on the goal you quoted. The quote says "coronaviruses" (plural). They've been doing this for years, well before covid-19 broke out. covid-19 was one of the coronaviruses they were studying. It's very likely that their work contributed to the sequencing being completed so quickly. This should make their research more important going forward not less, unless you think this will be the last coronavirus that will get passed from bats to humans.
  10. Do you believe Flynn lied to the FBI? Do you believe he lied to VP Pence about what he discussed on his phone calls with the Russian ambassador?
  11. Not arguing with anything you are saying here but, as a Californian, I'm personally happy that NV is following CA's lead. One of the worst things that could happen to CA is for the LV casinos to open too early. That would certainly lead to a huge wave of new infections in CA. Casinos are a bigger petrie dish than cruise ships.
  12. The lack of self-awareness with these guys is mind-boggling.
  13. I have no idea what the answer to this is but, just as a layperson, fast tracking a vaccine seems pretty risky. Remember the goal of a a vaccine is to give it to as many people as possible, literally billions of people around the world, without a prescription. Treatment drugs need to be prescribed by a doctor who can make the determination whether they believe its worth the risk on a patient by patient basis. That seems like a pretty big difference to me.