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  1. I don't think I buy Kornacki's argument entirely, at least if I understand it correctly. I do think that the field of 21 candidates causes a lot of people to give up and settle on the one they are most familiar with however once the field gets narrowed down to a reasonable number, which I think will happen fairly quickly, I think many people will be open to shopping around. Biden's problem is that his support is soft. A lot of the people who say they support him now won't hesitate to jump ship if they find another candidate they like more and are convinced can beat Trump. This race is far from over. I don't think people are going into the store knowing what they want. They're going into the story to by cereal with an open mind but are overwhelmed by too many choices so they give up and just grab the one they know they like.
  2. Trump probably thinks he can make up for it by getting the Greenlanders vote.
  3. Nuclear fallout mixed with Hurricane force winds. What could go wrong?
  4. Has Grisham given a single press briefing since being named press secretary? I don't think I've ever heard her voice or could pick her out of a lineup.
  5. I'm assuming this is a rookie draft.
  6. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled white people yearning to breathe free...
  7. Too bad that pesky audit is preventing him from releasing his tax returns.
  8. Absolutely the most boring opening episode of Hard Knocks I can remember. This might be the first year I lose interest in watching it.
  9. The fire in Pleasure CA was pretty devastating.
  10. I agree with all this. In addition, there is another factor at play. The Chargers need to win and win soon in order to build a fan base in LA before they move into the new stadium. Right now they are having trouble selling out a 30K seat soccer stadium. Now is not the time for fiscal responsibility. Making news by overpaying Gordon will sell a lot more tickets than making news by refusing to pay him will.
  11. The only time it has made me change my vote was 2008. I was leaning pretty strongly towards McCain until he selected Palin. That was a deal-killer.
  12. I guess I can also add East Germany to my list as I took a day trip to East Berlin out of West Berlin in 1989 (about 3 weeks before the protests started that led to the wall coming down.)
  13. Canada Mexico Jamaica Aruba China England Ireland France Italy Switzerland Belgium Austria Germany The Netherlands Luxembourg Vatican City