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  1. Hey Sig, Were you at the game last night? I got scammed for tickets. Hook Em! I have TJ Yeldon but I can't fit him into my 12 team PPR lineup. Would you pull any of these guys and give him the Start? RB: Start(Zeke, D. Lewis) Bench(Yeldon, Breida, Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel) WR: Start(AJ Green, Diggs) Flex wr/rb(D. Thomas) Bench(Goodwin) Bonus: Tyrod Taylor or Russell Wilson Thanks in Advance! *edit: moved Thomas to flex if I need GT decision with Yeldon **edit added politeness and bonus question
  2. I don't think it makes sense. Dallas isn't in the market for a receiver, especially one that brings even more suspension uncertainty . They came into the season with a full set of outs that include familiar names, a rookie, and veteran FA. If they make any moves, I hope, it will be for a DB or Center/Guard.
  3. He pushed him down. Not a hild when the Olineman runs through you. hands were on the chest.
  4. The only holding called was against dallas on a bs hold for the 2pt. that was the game at that point.
  5. Can you update the Team thread for Dallas? New link:
  6. I almost did this same thing, Glad I didn't, but it was very close.
  7. "If you like punts...... boy do we have a game for you! "
  8. th3f00l


    dont do anything until the last minute. Zeke may still play.... may just be kicking the can if he plays week one then gets suspended, but I would wait and see as long as you can. I don't see How do waivers work in your league? If the other players are married to their 3 RBs you may be able to pick Martin back up before week 4
  9. You don't get to hit the wr then look for the ball.
  10. The time Witten gets tackled on the goal line before the ball even leaves Daks hands?
  11. Oh again. Dallas beat GB in every aspect except the officiating
  12. We are united. Dallas is a bigger city than the shot hole you live in, therefore less inbred.
  13. Ooooopppps....... you forget that your team is irrelevant.