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  1. Ontario, Canada 1200 sq ft, $75/month electricity average, (July was a hot humid month it was $90) $80/month natural gas (10 month equal billing).
  2. Add 'Once upon a time in the west' LOTR trilogy French Connection I & II The Conversation
  3. No spaghetti westerns? Sergio Leone mastered the art form.
  4. Reggie from Slap Shot, best hockey movie ever made. Hud was pretty good too.
  5. petite, curvy, shorter hair smoking, tats and piercings are a deal breaker
  6. my next door neighbour is going for her PhD. She is a vegan anti-vaxer. So no she isn't more smarter.
  7. She's there for her knowledge of the game of golf. Big knockers are just a nice bonus
  8. Squad Leader, Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom GI Anvil of Victory
  9. Strength is ability to crush tomatoes Dexterity is the ability to dodge a tomato thrown at you Constitution is the ability to withstand eating a rotten tomato Charisma is the ability to convince people to put tomatoes in a fruit salad is a good idea