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    Fantasy dog african racing...and everything else that makes me feel good!
  1. Tricky call and I will try to stick with earlier draft picks. Mixon - If I pick any Bengals, it would be Bernard several rounds later Baldwin - Definitely nowhere near 100% and seems like an easy game plan to prevent targetrs McKinnon - Just can't see him being productive on a bad team. Role player on a good team....maybe?!? Drake - Marginal RB at best. Will be filling other positions around his ADP. (and I know I will catch some flack) Barkley - currently have at least 13 players rated higher
  2. The Tampa Bay @ Miami game is not part of the weekly Passing and Rushing matchup write-ups. This is part of my NFL ritual. Can you guys add it please? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello GM, Leroy and everyone. My (and I admit) spread to thin approach is back again this year. Hoping to continue my derby exact streak. Broad-stroke approach is to (mostly avoid) Golden Cents and Itsmyluckyday. And focus on Orb, Palace Malice, Overanalyze and Revolutionary. I'm warm on Verrazano (with upturn in odds) and Normandy Invasion (not sure about him with an off track.) I'm holding some nice futures. I have Palace Malice in pool 2 for 82.80 and Will Take Charge in pool 1 for 124.20 Also have these exactas in pool 1 (all whoppers) Verrazano, WTC, Normandy box and Normandy over Overanalyze. I'll post back with some actual plays, once we get a better read on the weather.
  4. Will the VBD app be updated today with the 9/4 projections? Thanks in advance for any info. Basically a print now or print in 4 hours question.
  5. No kidding. What was I thinking helping out the Aquarium rook? I take everything back TLEF. Start over from scratch and begin with a Reef tank. Why not go with a chiller too to make it even more complicated. Oh, and I hope you didn't actually want fish because reef tanks with tons of corals generally have very few vertebrates. What's the fun in watching the interactions of some africans jockeying for territory or breeding behavior when you could be watching some pulsating masses of jelly as they absorb microscopic food. In fact, I think I am going to go home and yank everything from my fresh water tanks and start over too. Anyone want any fresh water plants or fish? You pay the shipping and I will send them to you overnight.What makes you so certain that Eli2Shockey wasn't talking about you? For something constructive and fishy, here is a cut and paste answer I gave in a PM for somebody interested in lowering aggression in their african tank."Thanks and no problem for coming at me via PM. I understand and will gladly offer what I can. I've lost many mbuna to the very same thing, especially in smaller tanks. While they are certainly the most esthetically pleasing, the males are definitely the problem. However, your tank size is what it is and your notion of a buffer (distraction type) fish is spot on. Sometimes though, the Australian Rainbows don't fair to well in the higher PH that the African's like. In one of my tanks with Demasonis and Venastus, I have a bunch of Melanochromis Exasperatus. They are relatively inexpensive and serve the same purpose. The dominant male in both of the first genus listed, can't figure out which Exasperatus is which. They are flashy and active and distract those males away from focusing on each other. It's a pretty neat population and the V's are 2x 3x the size of the colorful Demasonis. Bumped into it by accident and haven't lost a single fish. Give it a whirlie and let me know how it plays out. If my experience is indicative, it will go alright. The only potential pitfall is if your Johanni's breed with the Exasperatus. Those genus are fairly close. Since you haven't had any fry, I wouldn't worry."
  6. It's like anything else, tank dialog initiates passionate debating! I posted on the petswarehouse african cichlid board for a few years, before the competitiveness and bashing eventually turned me off. When singman first posted his thoughts about salt, I nodded to myself agreeingly - ahuh. By now, we get it. No way am I making the mistake of suggesting that he discontinue posting here. Basically, he's correct! He's missing the boat with the fact that the main contributors have other agendas. Here's a funny going on in my 55g with a small population 1 -6" (very old with diminishing eyesight) female Melanochromis Chipokae 1 -6" Multipunctatus Synodontis 1 -4.5" Multipunctatus Synodontis The african will only eat if you hand feed her. You, literally, have to stick your hand into the tank with a medium size pellet between your thumb/pointer and follow her around until she plunks it. The wife and I give her about 3-6 a night, depending on how cooperative she is. Wonder what will happen over summer vacation????? Guess it's really a win-win situation right now. Hanging on this way, she really has been an interesting case study. If she passes, I'll grab a dozen fry and let this tank evolve again. I bought her almost nine years ago (from a special order from TPPTFP.) At the time, the Chipokae were all 3-4" and supposed to be females. They all exhibited the female yellow/black coloring, yet 75% of them were spooked males in drag. Once I had them in bags ready to go home, and had clear shots at venting, I questioned the salesperson big time. At first, I was ticked off but things went pretty decent - after I got them sequestered and into the right tanks. I'll never forget how much flipping this gang did on the way home. So, I had a good ride with her and now she's pure entertainment. THE PAIN-indee-####!!!
  7. Yes, it's natures way. You can also add some Ammo-lock if you feel bad about it. The change in molecular structure makes that first part of the cycle easier on the fish without hurting the process. Really, it's the second phase (the nitrite part) that is more dangerous anyway. Good Luck!
  8. Man, I'm going to have to take a whole half day to read this entire thread. I've been doing African Cichlids (very hard) in three tanks for about ten years. Quickly, here is what I know... 1) Somebody already said it, That Fish Place That Pet Place is the best! If you are fortunate enough to live near Lancaster, PA, you are lucky. 2) Mollies are, generally, tough enough to live through a cycling. Grab a half dozen (and tell the fish store that you hope to return them) and let things go naturally. 3) Don't go crazy with meds. Typically, they mess with your cycle. The only thing I use in my tanks (other than salts, minerals and such to set the water conditions) is Melafix. The stuff is great and makes the tanks smell nice too. Helps fish with regeneration of tails/fins and marring/ramming injuries/marks. 4) If you have a 75g or higher, the absolute greatest population are Melanochromis Chipokae with Multipunctatus Synodontis catfish. I use additives to mirror the waters of Lake Malawi (even the occassional plant in my filters.) The only un-natural thing to the tank is a 7" black Pleco. The dude rawks and somehow thrives in the higher PH. 5) If you opt for the aggressive fish, you need COVER COVER COVER. If you think you have enough, add 50% more.
  9. 1. Mix Tape - Butch Walker2. Cold Blood - Kix3. Bad Horsie - Steve Vai4. Cold Rain & Snow - Grateful Dead from a live Dick's Pix5. Ice - Crack The Sky6. Zomby Woof - Frank Zappa7. The Color Of Right - Rush8. Where Eagles Dare - Iron Maiden9. Life On A Chain - Pete Yorn10. Wading In The Velvet Sea - Phish live from Hampton Very kewl idea...I'm playing my list right now.