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  1. Seems like this would be Drake's only shot at fantasy relevance in 2019 (and future).
  2. Agreed. Pretty obvious now that he's another "Alvin Harper" situation (only gets open when a top-5 WR is in the game with him).
  3. As an Adams owner, I am tempted (tempted) to start the Lazard King over Melvin Gordon this week (facing 1st place team... need a home run). Just hoping he's not the latest flavor of Shark Pool Kool-Aid (Thompson, Ross, Pettis, etc.).
  4. How tough is Ramsey against the run? Seems like the two teams the Rams need to catch/pass in their division are more of the "ram these RBs down your throat" type.
  5. Whoa! Bit of a hot take here... Zeke's supposed to be top 3 guy. Top 10... that's like Carson/Mack zone.
  6. CIN getting a pass here? If 1-5 makes you one of the worst teams, then I think ATL might be the best of the worst.
  7. That's part of it. The larger driver here (IMO) was the all of the off-season crap surrounding the Browns being a lead-pipe lock to contend for a Lombardi.
  8. Yet, in this twisted world... QB for the 2-4 browns has about a dozen commercials out there. His commercials aren't bad by the way... kind of likeable when he's reading from a script. And the QB, dare I say dynamic QB, of the first place Ravens... 0.
  9. The only thing clear about last night's game is how it was viewed by Packers or Lions fans. For fans of neither, but fans of football, that was possibly the worst officiated game in memory. They like to flash the points off of turnover stat so much... maybe they should have a points off of penalty stat. Like last night for example... Packers got 23 points off of penalties.
  10. Looked to me like the O-lineman threw his head back to bait the ref, and it worked... TWICE. NFL should be embarrassed over this one in a big way. Not a fan of either team, and games like this are why I prefer to watch stats instead of the "action"... felt rigged.
  11. Wow, fans of the sport robbed of a great game. May as well go to video referee because the guys on the field seem to be blind as bats out there. 3 obvious blown calls, at least 2 others highly questionable... zebras decided winner and loser tonight.
  12. Just my $0.02, but 2018 there was all this "Tom Brady loves Josh Gordon" - then he disappeared - and in 2019 it feels like Brady fell for another (Antonio Brown) and Gordon is a JAG in Bradyland. Last season in New England. Might catch on elsewhere in 2020. A real testament though to how awesome that 2013 season was... his FF relevance is still tied to it. That's where all the highlights are.
  13. I believe it. Like a previous post pointed out, you don't burn a 3rd round pick on a guy to warm the bench for Malcome Brown. Is there footage of Henderson picking up and laying out blitzing linebackers in college? Usually the last thing that keeps rookie RBs from serious play time.
  14. That's pretty good. Some slight cropping issues and resolution around the jaw line, but other than that... well done.