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  1. I would agree Mixon has the best chance. Not sure others would get enough work to crack it. Lev Bell's best rushing total was under (well under) 1,400 yds... far cry from C. Mart's nearly 1,700 yds as a NYJ.
  2. Zero concern to me, but then again, the entire concept that somebody 'going dark" on their social media account(s) for a few days, is newsworthy? It is pretty pathetic. So maybe I am #4 "extremely concerned", but not about Beckham... don't give a rat's ### about him (or any of these guys). Just names on a fantasy football team to me.
  3. Exactly... "don't know what you've got... 'til it's gone" Transitioning from perennial play-off bound, AFC contender to playing out the string before October is over sounds like a great way to close out a seriously scarred career.
  4. Yes, one team in particular (might have been Ravens or Bengals) started mirroring his hesitation. Just hovering in gaps instead of attacking... kind of neutralized the whole thing.
  5. I had similar thoughts. I can't imagine being away from the game for an entire year and then regaining form. The old "staying in shape" versus "football shape" issue.
  6. Fully agree. No favors for a disgruntled employee who JUST GOT PAID. Maybe he'll do something dumb(er) to void his contract. Then everybody wins.
  7. I chose "on the fence" as kind of a no feeling one way or the other answer... they slide a middling QB into place to replace the last middling QB they had... who replaced the last middling QB they had... who replaced the last middling QB they had... who replaced an aging legend (playing at a middling QB level).
  8. Reminds of the time I interviewed at NASA... received an offer, quite nice, but asked the Director of the space program, "so what about these guys that take home office supplies?" He gave me the "as long as the shuttle makes it back in one piece" line. Of course I walked too.
  9. Why would the Steelers trade him? Unless somebody seriously overpays - mid/high 1st rounder, or star defensive player... otherwise why would they move him? Brown tweets a farewell like it's a done deal just because he requested it, but doesn't this decision sit entirely with Steelers org?
  10. Anything preventing the Browns from trading him? Wait for the suspension, maybe reinstated prior to trade deadline... jackpot.
  11. Ray Rice was blackballed for being washed up, period. No doubt in my mind he would have been back in the NFL if he had a lot more tread on those tires.
  12. Oh, that's because the Saints are the only team in football history to get screwed by the refs. Once others (eventually) suffer the same fate they won't feel so targeted.
  13. No. Zero (0) RZ snaps for Rams. 4th team in SB history with zero. And a total of one (1) for the Patriots. 5th team in SB history with only one... and the only team on a list of 9 with 1 or 0 RZ snaps to WIN the game.