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  1. I'm with you... this has the smell of trade to it. 9 hrs ago I saw the dancing pickle emoji in this thread, and then 2 hrs later he's declared out? Hmm... 🤔
  2. Looking like a slick track tonight (rain)... he's not officially ruled OUT - yet - but certainly sounds like that word will be coming.
  3. Borderline shocking. The biggest name in FF. I was expecting several updates. Instead... nothing?
  4. Is this a teaser? What's happening? Ah, never mind 😒 Texans Tweet COVID
  5. Dude almost got Russell Wilson killed on Sunday night when the rush of air from a blitzing LB running past almost knocked him off his feet. It was the last series in regulation for SEA. Lost in pass protection is #1 reason for keeping rookie RBs off the field.
  6. Maybe you guys should call Ben Roethlisberger and the 6-0 Steelers and tell them what idiots they are? Gotta love the Shark Poo 😆
  7. Ravens got NOTHING at WR. They are not going to the Super Bowl with Jackson running 15 times/game and the occasional downfield (10-15 yd) shot(?) to the TE. If not Gallup, maybe Cooper. Let's be honest, drafting CeeDee Lamb made no sense. It was like the ghost of Al Davis making the war room calls for Dallas.
  8. It's over in Big D, no need for three (3) WR1's in the upcoming rebuild... deal Gallup to a contender in need.
  9. Seem a little off. So, I should be trying to trade D. Hopkins for D. Slayton? 🤔
  10. Keeping in mind, protecting the QB is probably the single biggest (glaring) weakness of the Bears... but yes, Tua will get to meet 99 and others this weekend. 😃
  11. Probably trying to squash the whole "Brady is the QB & GM" talk. We all know TB loves AB and brings that win at all costs mentality from NE.
  12. The footage I saw from Monday he looked like a fan that got to hang out with the Panthers for a day. He had a red jersey, but I don't think he was even wearing pads.., unless the clips I saw were afterwards?