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  1. Agreed. Major issue with Chargers was an aging QB with no mobility. With Brady they'd be going to an even-older... Oh wait a minute. Maybe I don't agree so much.
  2. I am no fan of the Patriots, but I am a fan of greatness... and I think Brady should retire. He's got nowhere to go but (further) down. Nobody outside of Foxboro is going to listen to a 43-yr old system QB w/ diminishing skills yelling at them to "DO THEIR JOB"
  3. MVP race was over the night the Ravens plowed through the Patriots. Couple homer picks here/there for others, but this thing could be the most lopsided MVP vote ever.
  4. What would happen in other professional sports if a team was caught, clearly CHEATING for a THIRD time? What would happen in NCAA if a team was caught, clearly CHEATING for a THIRD time? What would happen on poker night if a player was caught, clearly CHEATING for a THIRD time? What happens at work if an employee gets caught, clearly CHEATING for a THIRD time? 3-time loser means lessons have not yet been learned... impeach and punish to the fullest extent of public opinion.
  5. America's #1 Patriots hater thinks banning the Pats from the play-offs is proper punishment for their latest cheat bust: article Excerpt: How about this: Kick them out of the 2019 NFL playoffs. Oh, I know. That looks ridiculous. I can hear talk-show idiots in Boston now, sending readers my way on Twitter and blasting me on the air, calling me obsessed with their team, missing the irony of their own obsession with me. But whatever. Idiots are going to idiot. Be Boston, Boston. Here, I’ll be real: Roger Goodell needs to hit the Patriots so hard, they never cheat again. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. All those fines haven’t done a thing to an NFL franchise printing money. All those docked draft picks haven’t deterred a team whose coach and quarterback are so good, they can plug-and-play anybody, anywhere, and keep rolling. No, at a minimum, it’s time to take games from the Patriots. At a maximum, it’s time to take the 2019 playoffs from them. What’s the alternative? Forcing Goodell to give Kraft the Vince Lombardi Trophy when they most likely win another Super Bowl in a few months? Please. Enough’s enough. It would be justice for Goodell to send the Patriots to bed without their playoff supper, and see if they’re still so naughty going forward. He won’t do it, and I realize that, so he might as well do this:
  6. Well, as a fantasy owner that has won championships on the arm of Tom Brady... I just wanted to come here and say "thanks for the memories" Wanted to get that in just in case he doesn't survive Saturday.
  7. Definitely not Allen... let me think about the other 3. 🤔
  8. Fact is the greatest dynasty in sports will be forever tainted with the smell of cheating. Credibility... much like virginity... once it is lost, well, ya know.
  9. Can't we all just agree on one "FF is 75% luck" thread?
  10. Maybe, but looks pretty simple to me... no Gronk... aging QB... double Edelman, spy White, done. I'm not afraid to bury them. Changing of the guard in the AFC East... FINALLY!
  11. Interesting... so I guess we just learned that Zac Taylor follows the Shark Pool.
  12. Not at all... now he can find his way bay to the Eagles, come in in relief and make the starter look bad, and then sign a big free agent deal somewhere else. Then he'll stink... Rinse, repeat.
  13. I think he meant that one of these supposedly "weak" AFC East teams that hands the Patriots 2 wins every year just went into Dallas and beat the doors off the Cowboys. Not to mention one of the others just knocked out the Iggles.