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  1. With weather for giants/Phillies game should I consider Tannenhill over wentz
  2. Hi, 12 team ppr. Quarterfinal match. I had a bye but RB injuries caused me to slip into 3rd place. At RB2 I am trying to decide between Penny and Laird. I currently have Laird in my lineup. At flex, I'm deciding between Allen Robinson and Tyler Lockett. I currently have Robinson. Rest of lineup Qb- Wentz RB- Chubb, Laird WR- Evan's, Sutton TE- Cook Flex- Allen Robinson Bailey Baltimore Thanks
  3. Going to be a horrible week for me!
  4. What games are you targeting for GPP'?
  5. Broke even in the main slate. Won 6 tickets to the Million maker next week and $15 in the Monday night slate. Came very close to winning some big satellites and some big money.
  6. Yes, and the fact that the Saints will put their best corner on Chark. The saints have given up some big games to intermediate route runners like Westbrook. I might be overthinking this. I'll likely sprinkle a bit of Westbrook in my lineups but I'm high on Chark this week.
  7. I'm liking Westbrook as well. Considering him over Chark I'm Gpp's
  8. Anyone playing tonight? I'll probably throw a few dollars in some gpp's.
  9. $49 in, $59 out. Hit on one of my gpp lineups at 213 with 1.5 points from the TE slot. I also switched out M. Thomas with Julio Jones Sunday morning.
  10. Chris carson likely to be inactive. Will be rostering davis at flex in most of my lineups to enable me to fit 2 of Gordon,Hunt and Kamara.
  11. No exposure to saints/rams game so I'm slowly watching my winnings fade away...
  12. Beathard is reportedly not starting. What's the new strategy? Lot up on raiders and take gould from the 49ers?
  13. I have 3 $9 tickets into the TNF contest. I really don't know what to do. Carr will likely be my MVP.
  14. Nelson and Godwin really let me down. Hit on every other position in a couple of lineups.