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  1. Chris carson likely to be inactive. Will be rostering davis at flex in most of my lineups to enable me to fit 2 of Gordon,Hunt and Kamara.
  2. No exposure to saints/rams game so I'm slowly watching my winnings fade away...
  3. Beathard is reportedly not starting. What's the new strategy? Lot up on raiders and take gould from the 49ers?
  4. I have 3 $9 tickets into the TNF contest. I really don't know what to do. Carr will likely be my MVP.
  5. Nelson and Godwin really let me down. Hit on every other position in a couple of lineups.
  6. Any concern with wind for Cinn/TB game?
  7. Throwing out a lineup with Carr and Nelson with Mack or Doyle coming back the other way.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one noticing this. Hope it's fixed by the morning.
  9. I swapped Nelson for Brandon Cooks and switched Connor to Howard. I want another piece of that packers/rams game but I'm not sure if it's worth the downgrade to Howard.
  10. That's where the differentiation is for sure. I will likely go with a different lineup
  11. My Gpp lineup. I know it seems a bit chalky but I think there is enough differentiation in there. As good as the Rams defense is they are 9th worst at defending the TE. QB-Rodgers RB- Hunt, Connor WR- Godwin, Boyd, Nelson TE- Graham Flex- Lindsay Def- Pittsburgh
  12. I have no idea what I'm doing here. Should be fun
  13. $14 in, $19 out and 4 NBA tickets.
  14. You have me intrigued. Curious as to who you are filling out roster with. I tried a roster with 2qb's and Kittle. I was left with Kendricks and Celek. Perhaps I should back off Kittle
  15. Nice! I think I'm done for awhile.
  16. I'm done after this week...
  17. I added a lineup with him in it. He hasn't done a ton when given the opportunity so I didnt go crazy.
  18. Yes. Hard to get a 2 qb lineup in. Having trouble with my mvp. Deciding between Beckham, Wentz and Manning. Will likely have 3 different lineups alternating those 3 at mvp
  19. Dodds posted in the blog recently. He has been sick and requires lots of rest.(Doctor's orders) He said he has to give up the blog for this year but will continue the cracking fanduel articles. I thought it was strange when he wasn't updating his blog this week.
  20. I'm thinking Brees at mvp. Smith, Thompson and Reed. Only leaves me enough for meredith. I left out Kamara. I will have to get him in another lineup
  21. Thoughts on tonight's game?
  22. Not looking great so far. Here's to hoping Minn/phi is a shootout
  23. Besides Yeldon I don't have any exposure to this game. If anything Yeldon might get a boost. I don't know...