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  1. Mr. Ham I am so sorry for your loss. I've got two boys 7 and 3 and reading this just broke my heart.
  2. So my wife is due to give birth in early February and is off for bed rest. Her Dad came over to spend some time with her and my 3 1/2 yo son Peter. My FIL goes to the can to take a leak, and Peter shortly follows to investigate (i.e. pester him). Here is the conversation as my wife heard it from the living room, and GB her for calling me at work to relay this to me... Peter: Hi Papa, what are you doin? Are you going pee? Papa (mid-stream): Peter, please go back outside the bathroom and give Papa some privacy. Peter: Hey Papa, your penis is different (i.e circumcised) from mine and Daddy's penises. Papa (still mid-stream): Peter, Papa asked you nicely... Peter: I have a small penis, and you have a medium penis, and Daddy has a BIG penis! Papa (uncomfortably laughing): Okay out you go. Then my wife cranks the volume of the TV and pretends she couldn't hear anything, but couldn't look her FIL in the eyes for a bit. God I love my kid...LOL
  3. She claims it malfunctioned and complained to the race organizers so they just matched up her times with that of her trainer's...
  4. Baba Booey on David Letterman last night I thought he did well...he couldn't stop himself from licking his lips though...
  5. At bedtime, my 5 month pregnant wife is reading a book about Peter becoming a big brother as well as the changes that happen to Mommy during the pregnancy. Peter looks at me excitedly and yells, "LOOK MOM! DADDY'S GONNA HAVE A BABY TOO! You're just pretending to be pregnant, right Dad?" SJ96: Uh, yeah...right... :lmao: :lmao:
  6. Timeout on your Birthday? Lol!!!

  7. This.Keep in mind...he's an admitted maybe he's not a fan of all that stuff, he sees the humour in having it on air. And if it does bother him, then that will be funny too...
  8. I'm a big Breuer fan and although I liked it, I thought it was a little too constraining for him. Someone called the wrap-up show and completely fell for it, still thinking it was Pesci the whole time.Love the new Gary the retrd confusion prank call. Breuer is awesome and he was fantastic during the Eric the Midget call. But agree that just doing Pesci is too limiting.Any chance that - if the show were to continue - Breuer takes Artie's place?He's really kind of a clean cut family guy. I don't know if the depravity the show gets in to would suit him.I think he'd be perfect.
  9. Just got of the phone with my wife, and she told me about dropping Peter (3 1/2) off at her parents' this morning. She unbuckled him, he got out of the van, and then made a beeline for the front door, shouting "BYE MOM" without even looking back. Obviously not satisfied with this goodbye, she yells, "HEY!? Wait a second!" He stops and turns around and hurries back to the van and climbs inside... "I almost forgot my backpack, thanks, bye!"
  10. The other my 3 1/2 yo son is getting undressed for his bath, he's peppering me... Peter: I have a penis. SJ96: Yes you do. Peter: Daddy has a penis. SJ96: Yes I do. Peter: Does Mommy have a penis? SJ96: No Peter, only boys have a penis. Girls do not. ...Peter thinking... Peter: Does Mommy want a penis? SJ96: You wouldn't think so lately. ...Cut to bath.... ...Fade to Peter reading in bed with Mommy and Daddy.... Peter: Mommy? Mrs. SJ96: Why don't you want a penis? SJ96: :lol: :lol: Mrs. SJ96: :shuked: What made you say that? Peter: Daddy said you don't have a penis and you don't want a penis. Right Dad? SJ96: x 1000
  11. You fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles - that's what you do.

  12. Lately, my 3 1/2 yo son has been prone to (1) car sickness and (2) bouts of insane tantrums... Also, his latest kick is he wants to do everything himself, such that he'll throw a fit, then undo what you did, and then do it himself. If you help him with his shoes, he'll put them back on and then take them off himself. Carry him up the stairs? He'll climb back down then go up himself. Anyway, it's nice that he wants to be independent, but when you're in a hurry, and he gets in a fit about you helping him...look out. So we go to get in the car, and he's goofing off as he gets into his seat, so my wife just lifts him up and in and starts buckling him up, and he starts having a fit, but we're in a hurry, so too bad. Amidst his wailing, I get him to listen to me for two seconds, long enough to use a trick I use when he says he is feeling carsick. I tell him to take a deep breath, count backwards from 10, and then take another deep breath, then I ask him if he feels better, and boom, car sickness is gone, or the tantrum pretty much stops. Works like a charm. So he takes a deep breath, starts counting backwards, and my wife starts counting with him. "NO NO NO!!!! I WANTED TO COUNT BACKWARDS BY MYSELF! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" She says OK, but it's too late, and he basically screamed the whole car ride. So in essence, he threw a temper tantrum because he wanted to use his anger management technique by himself, which I told him to use because he was having a temper tantrum because he wanted to get into his car seat by himself. Fun. Times. ETA: The first time he threw one of his epic tantrums happened to be days after he got a vaccine, so I joked with my wife, "Look at him freaking out, he's getting autism before our very eyes." Peter stops crying, wipes his tears and picks himself up off the ground and says, "Daddy, did you say I'm getting awesome?" SJ96: " bud, I did say you are getting awesome." Peter: "Thanks Dad, I love you." And he hugs me and gets back to playing normally.
  13. My Mom is watching my 3 1/2 year old son (every Monday) and he usually dictates an email message for her to type for me, and another for Mommy.Today, he insisted on typing it out himself.My Mom explained how to use the space bar between each word, and she told him when to hit the Enter key. Here is my response.