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  1. I switched classrooms 3 years ago. They were totally remodeling my old building so we had to clean everything out. I found a Dukane projector in the back of a cabinet.
  2. I see your decroded battery and raise you 4 charging cords to cell phones that haven’t be produced since 2003.
  3. The one we have in the kitchen is now almost totally worthless because my wife put some packet filled with tiny craft-related glitter in it.
  4. Seriously sorry... But you’re the one that keeps bringing the worst “supergroup” ever.
  5. National Lampoon magazine had a hilarious send up of the wilburys circus 1988 (the mag was very hit or miss by this time but this parody was great) called... The Wandering Dingleberries. The line up was (iirc) Slim Whitman Boxcar Willie Zamfir Kenny Rogers and just as an extra dig... Jeff Lynne.
  6. HOLY CRAP I was just thinking of Banks last week. His one-man show from 1989 was hilarious. I remember recording it and watching it over and over. Probably haven’s seen it in close to 30 years. Still holds up. STEVEN BANKS ENTERTAINMENT CENTER If any of you have never seen it.
  7. Not sure I can take all this winning.
  8. Come on, boys, we don't want any trouble in here, not in any language.