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  1. I’m very curious as to how or why 200,000 “jihadiats” would immigrate to the US.
  2. THINK OF THE IDENTITY, TIM. THE IDENTITY. Who will remember the Germans that founded Anaheim? Trick question...nobody. It is lost.
  3. Just spitballing here but... Is “losing identity” a new way of saying “this used to be a good neighborhood until all the [insert group] started moving in”?
  4. There’s a reason why I drove through your town yesterday and didnt stop by.
  5. That’s America, man. Wampanoag...Puritans...”more boisterous Irish”...whatever...Brazilians/Dominicans/Puerto Ricans. Who cares? Yesterday I was over at the California central coast. I visited the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. The Chumash were there first. Then the Spanish showed up. Next came the Californios (Mexican settlers). Then they were displaced by Anglo-Americans after the Mexican-American War/Gold Rush. And since then god knows what. Identity? It’s a pretty sweet town with a good state university, a bunch of Spanish placenames, and an alley filled with chewed gum.
  6. Total pipe dream but I wish churches would be held accountable for politicking.
  7. Wife praise here: I was involved in a 4 car pile up (not my fault) on the freeway today. Fortunately, not much damage to my car (as I far as I know so far) and I’m fine. It was about an hour out of town in the middle of nowhere. My wife worked the phones with Geico, the tow company, and car dealership like a champion while I was busy with other drivers and CHP. The whole thing was a giant PITA but without my wife I’d probably be on the shoulder of the 99 in a fetal position as we speak.
  8. Guys... The original Top Gun was pretty much crap.