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  1. Joe brought the hammer down concerning making jokes about the Kraft case. Human trafficking and all that.
  2. Whenever local law enforcement busts one of these places the women are always in their 40s or 50s. I find that very strange.
  3. Summary of Donald Trump's Incitement of Violence Against His Political Opponents & the Media While Praising Dictators I'm sure the Trump supporters will dismiss this since it is from Reddit but the poster provides citations and is considered very credible.
  4. One of the lunatics over at Reddit /r/conspiracy knew about this ahead of time
  5. The more you know ≈≈≈≈≈★
  6. You got trouble, friend! Right here in River City Trouble with a capital "T" And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for...pee!
  7. Hank Hill: So are you Chinese or Japanese? Kahn Souphanousinphone: I live in California last twenty year, but, ah... first come from Laos. Hank Hill: Huh? Kahn Souphanousinphone: Laos. We Laotian. Bill Dauterive: The ocean? What ocean? Kahn Souphanousinphone: We are Laotian--from Laos, stupid! It's a landlocked country in southeast Asia. It's between Vietnam and Thailand, OK? Population 4.7 million. Hank Hill: So are you Chinese or Japanese?
  8. Is this the same guy that records videos of himself shoving as much food as possible into his mouth as part of some sort of imaginary eating contest? Oh, never mind.
  9. A hot dog is NOT a sandwich. It's a taco. Discuss
  10. Pro-tip: If you don't every put up Xmas lights you never have to worry about taking them down.
  11. And in the garage is a skeleton of a coyote. And it's one of those real valuable ones, and that guy from the news already tried to buy it three times.