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  1. I was so upset that FBGs updated their rankings just before my draft and moved Fournette way up. I wanted to draft him at #7 in the worst way. He got taken just before my pick and I was so bummed. Its amazing how many times my seasons have been "saved" by somebody else taking the guy that I wanted - only to see him bust. I thought that Diggs was going to be the main man in Minn & Theilan was going to suffer. I was so pumped to get Royce Freeman in the 4th round. Turns out that Peyton Barber wasn't an absolute steal in the 8th. I too believed that Tyrod Taylor was going to be solid. Luckily, I thought the same thing about Mahomes so I drafted them both. Win some, lose some.
  2. I'm kind of surprised how many people are suggesting that you should simply work more - even though your work is getting done. Speaking as the owner of a growing company, I value efficiency above most other employee attributes. Working smarter & at higher efficiency is much more important than putting in needless hours. If we take you at your word that all of your work is getting finished quickly & you've offered to help wherever necessary, then I don't think the problem lies with you. Seems like your problem is with your boss. Either you & your coworkers relative work loads are appropriately split & you're simply performing at a higher level of efficiency OR its unfairly allocated & your coworker is justified in her complaints (not necessarily against you, but the delegation of workload). If work load is evenly split, then your boss should be standing up for you and telling your coworker that she needs to improve her efficiency & stop complaining. If the workload isn't evenly split, then your boss should be re-allocating to make it fair. If I had to guess, I'd bet that your boss believes that your workload is equal to your coworkers but if he were to push the issue, he'd have to allocate more work to you to make the demands on your time equal to the the demands on your coworker. Perhaps he thinks that'd be unfair. If I were you, I'd talk with your boss again. If they're protecting you from a likely unfair outcome, they'll probably tell you. If they tell you that workload is evenly split & you're simply faster and they don't intend to increase your workload then I'd want to know why you're being asked to hang around the office just to placate the demands of a jealous coworker. They should either give you more work to do or let you carry on as you have been. Asking you to hang around for good reason seems like a waste of your time.
  3. I feel terribly for you. I have an adopted sister. We later found out that the birth mother was a hard core drug addict and had abused drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. That abuse led to some rather serious behavioral (rage) issues for my sister. I think its fair to say that she ruined our family dynamic almost from the start. My parents' relationship with each other became strained. There was alot of yelling & anger in my house from that point on. My mother is a completely different person because of it. I'd go so far as to say that she's a shell of what she once was. She was traumatized by the experience. She used to be a happy, positive person and now is incredibly negative & depressed. My mother told me recently that she carries around a tremendous sense of guilt because she doesn't know if she truly ever loved my sister. She feels like a terrible person because she contemplated the idea of giving my sister back on several occasions. She also feels that she let me & my brothers down by bringing my sister into our family & I'm pretty sure that she wishes that she never went through with the adoption. She just wasn't equipped to deal with my sister's special needs. Fast forward to now and although my sister lives on her own, she makes terrible choices and will always be a burden to my parents. I'd say that my sister benefited greatly from being part of our family, but it came at the expense of my mother's long term happiness. Yours is a complicated issue with lasting consequences - no matter what you choose to do. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. If I were to put my thought process for every Marcus Smart made basket into words. it'd be something like "no, no, no, no, no, no..........phew!"
  5. This is a pretty clear signal that Belichick will either retire or move on in very short order.
  6. Great game. Fantastic offensive football for both teams. Enjoy it Eagles fans.
  7. I must be in the wrong place. Clearly, this is the "Football Jones' musings about the NFC East & those that like to attack his views" thread. Patriots 23 Eagles 20
  8. The older I get the more I realize that people rarely act beyond their own self interests. Its very easy to say that you're going to do something like this but its another thing to actually do it. Its an inspiration to hear your story of complete selflessness & incredible kindness. I hope it all goes well for you & your expanded family.
  9. Your sons behavior is very familiar to me. My oldest son has mild Tourettes syndrome. It presents as a series of tics that come and go. They seem to be worse during the change of seasons or during times of stress. The tics first showed up around age 5 or 6. He sometimes does that exact wrist tic that you described. Tourettes is far more common than most people realize and isn't necessarily as bad as what you are imagining. Most cases don't devolve into shouting out swears or racially insensitive words. Most present as a series of relatively harmless tics. You also need to be aware that tics are very common in children of that age. It might just be a phase that he'll grow out of. If it is tourettes, you may realize that he has been exhibiting tics for some time and you just didn't realize that they were tics. In fact, most of my son's classmates had no idea that he was doing involuntary tics. Common tics can include excessive blinking, squinting, yawning, stuttering, nodding the head quickly, looking up with their eyes & diaphragm related tics like strange breathing patterns or tightening of the stomach.
  10. That interview was so disappointing. Here I am telling people that they should check him out because he's a viable 3rd candidate. Then he goes and lays another egg. He's either not taking this thing seriously or he has a terrible memory under pressure. Neither one of those options is appealing to me. What a dope.
  11. I've been checking in here almost from the start. Strangely fascinating for such a tame story. For what its worth, I think NRJ is playing this very well. There's too much chance for long term awkwardness & animosity if this isn't handled correctly. That said, I did expect for you to say that you kissed her when she came for seconds. From the outside looking in, it seemed like an opportune moment. In any event, Good luck to the OP. Don't take any of that alpha male talk as anything but the BS that it is.
  12. I'm with you guys on this one for sure. I think he's a big value in the 5th.
  13. Truly heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your loss.