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  1. i'd maybe swap Fargo & Trading Places, did not like Animal House being so high but must acquiesce to your point, but a damn fine list. Glad to see Some Like It Hot properly weighted, but It's just not a proper comedy list without a Marx Bros anywhere
  2. because he's adorable. his face is cute, his music is cute, his manner is cute, his outlook is cute. without the odd Blessed Child, a life awash with disappointment hasnt enough charm to be a bother
  3. To my experience, those of a savage genius live in dread of being found out. Not that they've any doubt of their capacity - they thrill to be tested by any challenge, at which they're nearly sure to prevail or at least warp reality to the point that it seems that way. They worry for their humanity to be revealed as fraudulent, for they are equally soft-hearted and sociopathic. Contradictory, i know, but genius is not here to be understood. That makes a George a problem. Georges watch, measure, fit themselves to what they can and, with no genius to protect, scoff at what they cant. A Liverpudlian George is even more dangerous, because they almost invented sardonic and are always ready to sting, even at the risk of incurring godly wrath. Both Johns and Georges respect & revere the truth, however, so they'd want to get along, but they won't even try to trust the other and usually agree that one won't expose the other if the other won't torment the one. In short, John is Maya. George doesnt say "Avoid the Maya" because Maya is fun, weird, powerful. He rather says, "Beware".
  4. Delicious. Delicious in a way that movies used to be. Remains to be seen whether it will be candy delicious or souffle delicious, but i'm very excited to spend the season finding out.
  5. The hilariously scary part of all this - and my research over the weekend convinces me that the President wants to deligitimize the election and his minions have found a mechanism for that in the electoral college - is that, unlike any of history's other power grabs, it is done to no higher purpose than to do it. "G'ahead, say no and make it stick" Trump has been saying his whole life. No one has yet and he won't stop til someone does, and it's no more complicated than that
  6. I liked it - which is saying sumn cuz i'm not a Westerns guy - but this is just when TV was starting tell us what to just absolutely love, must see, gotta go. BC&SK was one those early mediapimpings and i was all BFD about that. Buddy pictures were new & kinda fun, but not necessarily any big thing.
  7. I, of course, havent the same level of genius as John Lennon, but i have the same kind. The kind that is curious about the soul, wants to cure things and be tender but is reminded minute-by-minute of what mewling pissants everybody else is and how delicious it is to lord it over and dish out quality cruelty. NOTHING gets under our skin more than all the pedestrian others who litter our worlds with fawning obsequy ("you're so brilliant, otherworldy, masterful") even hinting at contesting or surpassing us in any way. How can people say "I'm nowhere near as smart as you" 1000 times but then always deem it perfectly reasonable to argue every point on the same footing?! THAT's what brings the Nero out in every one of our kind and make us go the extra length to make of you the tiki torch at our next picnic Both Paul & Ringo had great genius without being great geniuses. Rather throwaway, uncomplicated blokes, to be honest. Nice guys. John strives to be a good person, caring & generous, but neither nice or kind lives inside him. He suffers beauty the same way as he does pain, as he does everything. So how dare they presume, how dare they surpass. K4 nails it that the accessibility, if not commerciality, of Imagine is a direct response to Richard Frikkin Starkey having solo hits before him! And dee da, okeydokey Paul......decides to throw him a little shade?!. Well, how bout some nuclear winter, honeypie?!?!?! How do you sleep?! Genius suffers more, but never suffers better. Took me 60 years to learn that. Rage is but a flash - a burp of the mind, a fart of the heart - but the resentment it courts for company is a cancer. Have a nice day.
  8. so, if temptress Lucille had been salaciously sudsing a bicycle instead of an automobile, i take it Cool Hand Luke would have snagged the top spot
  9. The original (see checklist) AFI100 and 10th-anniv-revised lists are substantially different ETA: Woolf, American in Paris several others were in the orig