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  1. i would like to have a frenchfry shooter - right from the grease, thru the salt and into my mouth to set my surface saliva to boil like lava reaching the sea
  2. the law firm of Friedman & Freamon - Dr Sidney from M*A*S*H & Lester from The Wire
  3. On some of my ol Nawth Shaw dayz, i'd prefer a Mino's 3-way to a human one
  4. memories: - Arbymeat was made of some edible form of latex & flavored w stripper stank - Wendy's was just as over-rated - BK at least tried, would have left Mickey's D's completely behind if not for bad fries - KFC's batter was an inconsistent mess - Carl's Jr (sorry easterners) had the most fun with fast food - putting a slice of green chile on their roast beef sammiches, offering real-meat chicken product, making a "$6.00 burger" - a sloppy, gooey, fun burger stack - and charging $4.00 for it - 95% of the sit-down Mexican restaurants outside the SW did not get the food as right as Chipotle's does now
  5. The Drake of the 60s. Pretended he was important til everyone went "....yeah...OK..." His publicist was the poet...
  6. we're so spoiled - getting a full breakdown of a holiday-monday feature in Arkansas. don't ever change -
  7. if you can pull a fave & get sumn seen, i'd try. but only then and, as with all writing, not unless you burn to be heard. if you don't have an idea, several ideas, you're not close to burning enough to even try. saving you a lotta grief here.
  8. the TV biz has changed greatly since i was in it in the early 80s. these days, you can have the best idea in TV history and no one will buy it unless you're already working in TV. TV will hire you to work on a show off the quality of a submission, IF you're represented and IF you're under 30. a supervising producer told me he had friends who were successful off-Broadway playwrights but were working out & getting plugs in order to have a chance to be considered for a TV writing staff. so there's that -
  9. you need to be represented. that's pretty much all that matters -
  10. sounds like a toddler's pronunciation of "finish first". dont think we'll be hearing Travis Stone pronounce that any time soon...
  11. not much in the way of Derby meat in that collection.... kinda like last year's crop - setting/stalking lazy fractions, coming home OK A d'O has an excuse in that he had no excuse, but....