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  1. Peteyjudge is not a moderate. He is simply not an idealogue and his mission to do as much governing as possible keeps him a fluid spot on the spectrum
  2. Gun for Hire was on this weekend, but i missed it. Good one, but my fave Lake/Ladd noir is The Blue Dahlia, from an original Raymond Chandler script. They're great together and there's a topnotch nutso meltdown from Wm Bendix in it.
  3. wikkid's Top Ten Noirs 1. Chinatown - closest to perfect of any movie ever made 2. The Maltese Falcon - Huston set the tone for the form and no one's improved on it 3. The Long Goodbye - i should just shut up already about how much i love this film so i will 4. Double Indemnity - I grew up on Fred McMurray being the goofy dad, so watching him do this to a tee brings glee to me. and Billy Wilder's sense of dramedy is ideal for the form 5. Lady From Shanghai - the Welles camera angles fit the genre like they were the original idea 6. Body Heat - nothing i don't love about this film 7. Farewell My Lovely (1975) - Hot take: Bob Mitchum is a better Marlowe than Bogie. He's about 10 years too old in this to be perfect, but his voice fits Chandler's words like Stephen Fry's fits J.K.Rowling's. 8. The Third Man - greatest nightful dreamscape 9. Out of the Past - next to County Mayo Ireland, Bridgeport and the East Walker River country is my favorite place on earth and is just such a lovely sorbet between the heaping courses of sinfulness in this classic. 10. Laura - la da da dee da daaaa da dum
  4. Besides the top-notch Humperdink Cucumber performance, the only cinematic greatness i can ascribe to it is that, for decades, British filmmakers have been trying to tell this story definitively. Breaking the Enigma code has been the subject of a number of UK miniseries and 2 or 3 films at least and they never really got the large & small scale aspects of it balanced into great storytelling until IG. That is always a point of great credit to me, as my director cousin fails to get due respect for being the first of seven directors assigned over the course of 30 yrs to turn the hit Broadway musical Chicago into a film who actually figured out how to do it. People who appreciate The Imitation Game may be interested to know that the screenwriter has since written a successful novel on the contest between Edison & Westinghouse and that he and the IG's director and turning that into a movie now.
  5. yeah, cuz senators been bringing such honor, efficacy & leadership to the process lately......
  6. Cash & party machinery shouldn't be a problem. His first job was at McKinsey & Co and he ran for DNC Chair not long ago, so he knows how the sausage gets made. Like most stars say, "It took me 20 yrs to become an overnite sensation".
  7. I'd be working the military angle in SC. Been almost 30 yrs since a serviceman has been in the White House. Better to let momentum knock down what non-white pins they can and not be seen to pander. Best change Peteyjudge can effect in that regard would be thru internal channels.
  8. Ego & tradition. Veep's a necessary evil - it's remarkably hard to endure the rigors of a national campaign and then have to share it the last two months, so it's always put off til absolutely necessary. It has been talked about early as a Hail Mary pass for flailing campaigns in the past, but nothing more. Tho a toxic combo, Dubya/Cheney showed how potent a partnership can be, however.
  9. nothing say you cant, but that's usually a convention thing and certainly not a frontrunner move. were i running Peteyjudge, though, i'd be offering Abrams an unofficial partnership (any job you want) now to get her out on the hype trail. she is as much of a unicorn as he ETA: seriously, if i was running Buttigieg, i would offer her MY job (campaign chair) even. she's that perfect for him
  10. I've been reading/watching stuff on Stacey Abrams ever since @cap'n grunge started his Dem Ticket Combos thread. If there ever was a ticket made in heaven, it's Buttigieg/Abrams. She normalizes the "save your messin'. i'm getting #### DONE & done right" the way Mayor Pete normalizes the New Decency. The bumper sticker: Buttigieg/Abrams 2020 - We got everything but old!
  11. Never got one until i started caring for 90+yo peeps a few years back. Just seemed like the right thing to do. Nothing special to report
  12. There's no especially great filmmaking here, but it has, in spades, the element of great movies. A great inner story set against a great outer story or a love story set against grand events makes the best movies and, more, reminds us all to keep arguing with the gods. I am not a genius but i have an unusual intelligence which caused me to throw in with and, therefore, understand a lot of geniuses. I've written here before about my childhood friend Jack, who could read 2000 words a minute when he was 8 and had over a dozen patents (the water filtration system for the city of Worcester MA is his) when he died at 19yo. He was such a squishy noodge that even his parents bullied him (of course, Irish parents believe it their duty to beat the exceptionalism out of their children so they're spared special attention) and, til i moved out of the city, i was his only friend and, with my paid bodyguard (honest), his only defense. But he was fun. Once he stopped cringing & dropping his glasses, it was easy to see that there was a greater amusement park in his head than any summer shore ever held. Among other fantastic exercises we figured out, without having ever seen or heard of such a thing, how to hypnotize ourselves to do the stiff-as-a-board trick. And if we'd written them down, the me-a-line-you-a-line stories we'd fashion together would likely be children's classics. Fear made Jack treat my move out to the burbs @ 11yo as a betrayal and we were never great friends again. Because most of the fam was still in town, i was in there regularly, but we seldom hung out. As i feared, he beat himself to a pulp long before the bullies got to him after losing my companionship & protection (tho Big Wayne, who worked for me in one form or another til in moved west in my late 20s, kept an eye on him). He was a morphine addict by age 14 because it was the only way to make his head quiet and escape the pressure his engineering prodigiality put upon him. He died loaded in a car crash on Halloween night 1972. The point here is that, like my Jack and many others, what made Alan Turing one of the 20th century's most necessary & important people occurred naturally within him. What made him an illegal "pervert" also occurred naturally within him. One saved the world. The other ruined, ended him needlessly, prevented what further miracles he had in him, even though he had honored us 1000s of times for every occasion he might have dishonored himself. If there's a story greater to be told - and, in The Imitation Game, told well - i don't know of it. Let us be cautioned about the codes within and without us which turn us from givers into takers, lovers to fighters, whole persons to broken puzzles. Just as Alan Turing gave us artificial intelligence, let the example of his life give us inner intelligence. *steps off soapbox*
  13. What occurred within Alan Turing made him one of the great persons of history (unless being the central figure in the Allied victory and inventing the computer doesnt impress you). What occurred within Alan Turing made him a criminal, a pariah and, eventually, a suicide. That makes his the greatest story of our time and, in Imitation Game, it is incisively & sympathetically told, besides being the only movie i've ever seen which properly addresses the curse of genius. The only more incredible thing i've seen this century is a great number of lists of the Best 21st C movies that don't even mention it.
  14. No doubt training methods have extended careers, but LBJ & TB12 are exceptions. James is simply the most physically-blessed human being ever (and does exceptional work maintaining it) and Brady's been riding the ability to use a minimum-daily-adult-requirement body to employ equally-singular game mgmt abilities. We are not remotely likely to see their careers again.