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  1. i quit the forum for 3 yrs on my 10,000th post, so you'll have at least one of us beat, ####itupwise. welcome to offical loudmouthhood
  2. blew right past the guy who was suspended/didnt pay attention for a month
  3. i wanted to take Buchanon - who is top 5 in my book, but thought AFL eminence would work against him. pretty fair ranking, esp w ends
  4. i have no doubt of @Jagov's thoroughness. i find it a shame that there is so little evidence that judges have read the cases made for the selections, because his was voluminous. having followed more generations of athletes than most here, i understand that medals, pennants, awards must be relied more heavily upon by younger participants, but that discharges only a small portion of my chagrin.
  5. more medals in sprint cats, not to mention that sprint speed opens jump categories. iirc, milers+ were under-represented in the male track selections as well. waaaay too much counting in this thing so far. the legacy of sabremetrics?
  6. i promised myself not to rewatch the monologue until i received the first sensible counter/caution in this thread comedy is inflammatory rhetoric. without overstatement, there is no setup. if Colbert hadnt followed with a joke, i'd agree. however, i am firmly convinced that the license we give to bad actors who seek hero professions as an outlet for personality compensation ONLY gets discussed when it blows things up and should, therefore, be dense with condemnation. not letting them skate thru their scandalous stats in social & domestic categories, never mind their part in the systemic rot within our institutions, would be better but is rarely possible your point about shaming private citizens is valid as concerns those who shame only when it serves their purposes, but i dont believe Colbert fits the charge. as a lapsed Catholic, shame is a food group for me the President's supporters will rally around him because they have to - he has already seceded from the Union and America will be unlikely to follow. i like that Colbert challenged the comfortable as much as the powerful and hope audiences will hear more of that until we stop rehearsing tyranny. peace be with you -
  7. i'll go past 40 rounds, but it will be all classical (maybe a li'l more jazz), not to be added to the mix
  8. he's one of the few comedy writers i am literally in awe of - some of his Documentary Now scripts, i simply dont know how he do dat, and i know most everything about words -but that Trump-pushoff limp outrage almost entirely captures what i've hated about being a leftist for 50some years. if the President is the schoolyard bully, Myers is the scabbed-up, pinked-out face in the lunchroom tellin' what wrath he'll bring next time.
  9. worst? nyaah-nyaahs from a nannygoat posturer
  10. U2 just could never surpass their first moment in my recollection - 4 Irish boys singing rock in Latin on Dublin's Grand Canal (which i knew well from summerly trips in my youth) in Gloria. when soonafter i heard that their practice house was in our family's part of Dublin (Dun Laoghaire), i became a fan at a level i didnt think my jading experience would ever allow me to be
  11. no, that was Sunday Bloody Sunday. i linked the vid, with the boys riding horses in the snow transposed against a wolfpack running thru the snow
  12. MTV premiered the New Year's Day vid on New Year's Day '83. The first real evidence of the 2nd level U2 was gonna hit in their music and popularity, it replaced Prince's 1999 as the video you kept turning the TV on hoping to see.