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  1. Well, JS Bach would win that title easy because his music's been on my sound devices an average of four hours a day of my desk time since i retreated from life after my Mary passed 20some years ago. But there's prolific and then there's prolific and there's an entertainer who owns a huge portion of my head from his daily contributions to my psychic constructs when i was a kid. I've always been an insomniac. Honest - i slept so poorly as an infant that my distracted mother consulted her mother-in-law for the advice of one who'd raised ten kids on the subject. Gramma advised holding me by my feet and shaking me for some reason, which offered no relief but is probably why i'm severely acrophobic. It was hell when i was young and got put to bed at 8 o'clock for hours of horizontal limbo before Morpheus escaped w my tortured mind. Until transistor radio, that is. I first began to hustle every scam i could think of at eight years of age just to afford 9volt batteries for the little box i'd keep under my pillow at night once i discovered how to use it without alerting the peeps. Music was chancy, could leak thru to my parents' attention. Talk was gold, but turned diamond when i discovered a guy who came on WOR @ 10:15 and just talked for 45 minutes. Jean Shepherd is famous to anyone who would read this only as writer and narrator of A Christmas Story. For me, that holiday classic was just a Wednesday night. As an old man, i find myself weeping with delight at any triumphal media moments and it's so unlike the rest of my day that i wonder about it. My guess is that it comes from backinaday when i'd wrestle with ennui, bedcovers & compliance for over two hours after i was exiled to my mattress each weeknight until the call to post which signified that Jean Shepherd was coming on. The relief from dread and promise of verbal exquisitude from this great broadcaster would often make me weep triumphantly at the sound of his Chicago twang.. How, night after night, he could spin such awesome tales and enchanting asides without betraying a hint of writtenness confirmed each day the excellence of which humans are capable. Every time nostalgia causes me to call up a monologue from Youtube, i can hear not only a fine story but what made me me. Perhaps you can hear some of my storytelling style yourselves in these clips, though they could be the best thing you never heard even if you don't: The Great Indiana Blizzard Ludlow Kissel and the Dago Bomb Lou Gehrig
  2. probably a six mile trail, then. do they have folks available to push you along the way?
  3. A mountain in Indiana..................yeah, right
  4. I know that, because of a system perpetuated by my culture, not necessarily my race, black people in America wake up with a curse on their head. Though my people came here in 1630, remained in northern New England for that entire time, have married into Indian cultures often enough for me to qualify for free tuition at Dartmouth, fought for the Union, I share the legacy of their curse and try to be sensitive to the awesome burden borne by people of color in this nation. But their race is not cursed. Non-whites in America are cursed. There are bigots in Canada to be sure but, as far as i can see, their bigotry is neither personally nor systematically supported by their culture. No racial responsibility, no racial burden.
  5. Other. The point of life is reform and one who practices same upon themselves does more to change the world than any crowd of noisy patriots. I review & revise everything in my head constantly. It causes no doubt, only greater faith in human capacity.
  6. Preposterous. Even though i've spent a long life working on my prejudices and have dedicated at least half of my charitable endeavors to matters involving race, i bear the responsibility for the engines of racial oppression, torture, murder on the part of my culture, my forbears. It is a burden i assume as an American, not as a white person, because my darker American brothers & sisters still bear the cost. As far as i know, there has not been a formal mechanism for race-based oppression in Canada. Because that relieves the basis for a slight, skin color has no more legacy than hair color, or should.
  7. Sounds like some broad shoulders you stand on. The point i failed to make, apparently, is that the corporate culture upon which everything today is based was initially populated by guys with no legacy in that world. Farmboys, railroad & dock workers, grocery clerks & soda jerks became the first in their fam to go to school because of the GIBill and ended up toiling in highrises or suburban corporate plantations, filing reports, eating ####, swallowing their pride because there were mortgages, dues and community standards to keep up with now. I said before that me Da was laid off two years after inventing the growlight for Sylvania. Fact is, the entire Research & Development department was closed because the guys had done their jobs too well, developed so many products (growlight, purple bug zapper bulb, treatment lamps) that the company thought they could use the salaries of the guys who invented them toward product development & manufacture of the things they invented. Thing is, me Da had just moved us out to the suburbs (me Ma was an urban immigrant and had preferred to stay close to fam until her husband "made" it) when they laid him off and simply couldn't afford to be redundant. He noticed that the company had just been sued by people who'd had bad skin reactions to some of the treatment lamps and that Sylvania had no safety & regulation protocols. So he sat at a typewriter and, with no business admin experience at all, designed a Product Safety Division for this major corporation (including, he claims, the first recall codes for shipping) in two weeks and submitted it in order to stay with the company and not have everything come crashing down on the homefront. Corporate approved it, rehired him, he ran the division for a while. Soon as it became a thing, though, the BA sharks started circling it, licking their chops and carping to corporate that a science guy was running a department when there was all us lawyers & admins who could do it so much better. They made their case, but the big cheese couldnt cut my ol' man off at the knees again, so he let him keep the title, the office, but took ALL his duties away from him. So here's a guy who'd plowed fields, served his country, invented products and departments, (94yo now, he's still pissed if he can't get out in his apple orchard each fair day) all of a sudden a prisoner of his office, tapping his pencil all day to keep his ungrateful wife & kids in upgrades & Catholic School tuitions. Out of respect, i won't divulge his coping mechanisms & control dysfunctions from that. Beyond the broad backs & bright minds, today's culture has as part of its foundation the guys who made their way out of irredeemable podunk towns, fetid slums to chase what dreams there were and ended up having to chow down on ####burgers & corpslaw from their companies in order to keep smiles on their families faces. And their story, the stuff upon which our present lives are based, as important as pilgrims or pioneers, didn't get told until the ultimate distillation of corporate life - guys selling naught but dreams to hard-working suckers - came along in Mad Men to put a dramtic & comedic face to those who had to choke back cheekful after cheekful of company flop and the ulcers that came with it. That's a hard story to tell and why i appreciate the so doing.
  8. No racial legacy, no problem. Canada didn't participate in slavery, Jim Crow, has been more sanctuary for dark people than oppressor. I'm actually disappointed Trudeau responded at all because it aint his culture.
  9. Greg could also play any instrument well enough to record within five minutes of your putting it in his hands, like Brian Jones. When he was in Martin Mull's Fabulous Furniture (yes, Mull got famous doing comedy songs on the same old folk circuit as Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Leo Kottke and others started on), his boss would regularly challenge him to solo on various things that he'd give him at soundcheck, if not later. Ocasek employed him thusly for many pre-Car years as well.
  10. Back, back, back. Hold IT - right there! Thanks to Amazon, first in my tree with a Purple mattress
  11. Can't argue taste. Mad Men is my favorite show of all time, but i don't need anyone else to agree. It's just that i don't understand why violent & noble heroes are so much more palpable to modern audiences than the guys who actually put us where we are. i'm likely old enough to be each of y'all's father. My granddad volunteered to fight in WWI just to get off the frikkin farm in northern VT for a coupla years, but he couldn't make his way afterward and had to come back to the hill we'd farmed for 200 years. My father estimates that clearing an acre of land for planting required removing 10 tons of rock and that the turning of the remaining soil caused the cold to force up another ton of rock each winter to be cleared the next spring. The average winter temperature was below zero and my dad slept w his 7 bros in two beds in the attic, two floors above any heat source. When i was a kid i could slide out the farmhouse attic window on a paper bag because the entire west side of the house was a snow drift. No electricity, plumbing, entertainment other than that they could generate themselves, bellies usually full but no relief from pain For 90% of America, life was similar to that, maybe worse in another country, for the gen who raised me, just as it had been for 1000s of years before. Then there was another war that required participation of every soul in the land to win, guys got to see & save the world. When they got home, if they survived, they decided they weren't going back to that ####, they were getting their due and that was that. The GI Bill gave educations to those folks, business saw that these guys could making something outta nothing and that there was a beautiful dollar in that and let em go at it. And they made up their own world. There was an awful lot of bull#### to it, the money was short end (my father invented the growlight in '63, a product with sales of $2.3 billion last we checked, and Sylvania gave him $150 bucks and a plaque and laid him off two years later), nobody really knew what they were doing but, if they even pretended they didn't it would all come tumbling down, so they did until it was real. My father was screwed over by corporate again & again, was made age-redundant 5 years before retirement, got screwed out of most of his pension deal by the bankruptcy of his last company, so the person who generated more wealth than any of the 100,000 people of his surname who've ever lived in this country closed his professional career as a substitute-teacher in special ed classes. He's 94 years old now and can't even remember mattering. He often talks about his great missed opportunity - an army buddy became the head of elevator operators at Rockefeller Plaza and offered my dad a job before he went to school on the GIBill. This buddy said you could pitch ideas to the broadcasting execs who'd ride your elevator and a bunch of his buds got TV/radio jobs by doing so. I don't even like my ol' man, never really have. But everything i am is based on what he did, just as most people who read this forum are based on at least one someone like him. But those stories never get told because they're boring & weird. Matt Weiner found a way to tell the stories of those guys, that gen - ad men, sales managers for products that hadn't been invented quite yet, elevator operators turned junior writers for the Shecky Montalban Show - and their hope & fears & problems & diversions. It is the most existential program in the history of television (except, perhaps, the Shecky Montalban Show) and you two better go STRAIGHT to your televisions and watch every last episode it or you're going to bed without dinner, y'hear me?!?!
  12. Interesting. I know @Kraft... thru leagues and he's sharp and am aware enough of @facook to know he's not a blitherer. Do either of you like hero movies of other times, worlds?
  13. Well yer missing out, cuz the Beatles' Pride In Oblivion album is fanfrikkitastic!!