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  1. Hell, i was in my 30s and i was bringing them teachers, the gal from Cradle of Love & Bananarama into the shower wimme....
  2. I was hoping these two wouldn't be far apart because they are inextricably linked in my mind. I'vetoldthisstorybeforeâ„¢, but i used some of my showbiz $$ to rent a 13-room sea captain's house with a historical plaque on it in Salem to turn into a party/practice house for my up&coming musician friends. Unfortunately, it almost turned into a charity mission because discos & punk clubs were drying up the # of venues serious musicians could play and knocked a bunch of excellent players back to their day jobs. A bunch of em were sitting around the Christmas Room (the ballroom of my house was entirely lit by electric Santas, reindeer and tree bulbs) complaining about the lack of work when someone suggested "if you can't beat em, join em". In the next 36 hours we wrote a punk set of songs about dead grandmas, the clap (7 of us had got it from the same girl - all separate events - in one weekend there), paranoia and other mangled baby duck issues, called ourselves Mange and i used my old connections to get em a working audition @ Boston's famous Rat. The set was enough a hit that the band changed their names and what started a joke became a working career in punk (2 EPs). But, besides being the soundtrack to my Jennifer's bad acid trip - Some Girls offered the real revenge on disco & punk. At a time they were beginning to be critically dismissed as rock giants, the Stones out-discoed disco with Miss You and punked punk w Shattered. I think it's what eventually killed The Ramones.
  3. featuring the first car chase built around being home on time for Wapner.
  4. Yes, Rain Man would've broken the bank in Vegas and be the master of an all-differents casino called the Spectrum now instead of burning PopTarts in his little flat.
  5. Like they say - it used to be that movies were for grownups & TV was for kids, but it's flipped. The thing that bothers me most about today's movies is scale. There are no small victories anymore - everything must be for the survival of the universe. I presume if they made One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest now, Chief Bromden wouldnt hurl the bath fixture thru the window to gain the freedom his friend McMurphy sought, he would cast it skyward at light speed to destroy the lair of Ratchettica, Black Queen of the Nurses, from which her control ray throttled the free will of mankind. Even my cousin's last flick - the Oscar-bait family musical Mary Poppins Returns. He started out as a choreographer and i've kidded him for years as each of his pictures contained an attempt to choreograph some aspect of moviemaking - camera movement, story transitions, light etc. And this was its culmination - one who watches MPR will notice that no scene ends before the next one edges into the screenspace for to swoop it away. Every aspect engineered, conducted, staged. This whole "we can refine that", "we're not exploiting this aspect", "can we monetize further?" that seems to be everybody's job these days is going to curl back on us somehow as we venture to master life that we may not suffer. Stay tuned -
  6. Dunno about the pieinthesky scenario, but Simmons is the trade piece because, in three years on the same team, he & Embiid haven't met yet. unless he gets a shot (+875 there), he's gotta be a point-center and the Sixers already have a center
  7. somuchfadis - today was Welcome to Boston day for the draftees and Grant Williams is shorter than Romeo Langford
  8. As a point of reference, Carrageen tea is the standard Euro remedy for wet lung - the air moisture is just different there - and it can be useful to have a daily cup in the week before crossing the pond
  9. not a factor. i covered '76, got an ABC national press credential because i worked at a Boston radio station and lived in Salem and one of the throng (Gov Terry Sanford of NC) had a heart attack on the campaign trail in Salem and i was the first "electronic media" (phone-to-studio) on the scene. i had interviewed Carter in NH months before anyone else was campaigning, then we had George Wallace stirring up bussing hate in Boston, Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown)'s first national exposure, the favorite was ol-fashioned Machine guy Scoop Jackson, the Governor of PA, Milton Schapp had the best ideas but had so many poorly-handled charts & graphs onstage with him that he looked like a prop comic, the very best human being i ever met in politics, Gov Fred Harris of OK (who became a professor @ UNM about the time i moved to Albq and let his wife LaDonna - who woulda made a great prez - do the politics. we had lunch twice a yr for years, once w Teddy Kennedy) among others in yet another primary season haunted by the chance of a Kennedy candidacy. my Atwater story. i became friends w the Carter campaign (got Ham & Jody invites to the fancy parties when Princess Anne came to the Olympic equestrian trials @ Myopia Hunt Club) thru the campaign and remained friends with a Carter operative who they invited to run the '80 Convention. Mark invited me to the convention and i was at a party of Party people in the Carter suite that was @ one point invaded by a hugely-loaded Atwater - not much older than me [mid 20s], towing along a fat guy who may have Roger Ailes - who announced & toasted the Decline and Fall of the Democratic Party before being escorted out.
  10. any indication on ownership's feeling about being locked into several years of luxury tax? i've always felt that was a factor in some of the Celtics personnel decisions in the Jerseypixâ„¢ era. and what's the word on Zaire? i really liked his tape, but all i've heard since is that he appeared to have gone to the Simmons/Fultz School of Yips.
  11. had a feeling that all 3 2nd-geners would be brought up together in May until Bo got hurt, but i wouldnt be surprised if they dont rush Bichette now because Galvis & Sogard have been the gamest Jays this season and they might not want to insult that with nothing to play for. Bichette has too high a ceiling not to want to try him @ his chosen position and they've already slid Gurriel & Biggio to the OF.
  12. that was more a function of Lee Atwater's prominence on the scene than anything else. '76 had double that