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  1. Wilson swooping in once again to cover up all my other lineup mistakes of the week, as god intended.
  2. There aren't any specific Cowboys players I dislike anymore and I'd kinda like to see McCarthy succeed and yet... Dallas losing will never not be funny to me.
  3. It's comical to me that these blurbs always say "he's a RB1 you can start with confidence!" when in reality we're praying for a few catches or a rare TD to balance out his 3 yards per carry. ...Of course with byes and injuries it's not as if I have options, so it's either him or I slot in Gio this week.
  4. It is, but I want to keep that guy who was "saving up posts from leftists" for election night occupied during quarantine.
  5. Unless it's some weird site no one's ever heard of there's basically no good poll result for Trump at this point. Fortunately our friends have their new thread to hang out in while they fantasize about a silent army of Trump voters carrying the day.
  6. I won by 0.48 points and I'm giving Fulgham all the credit for this one. Thanks brah.
  7. I hope it's not the case but Cook looked like he pulled up hurting running that route as soon as he came back in.
  8. Awfully anxious to get in the same room as Biden ASAP for some reason, huh.
  9. Welp my backup plan was Deebo Samuel who's apparently too sick to practice so... Mike?
  10. If he's hurt badly enough that the decision is coming down to pre-game warm-ups I just can't roll with him. Good luck.
  11. "Funnily" enough one of the Ace of Base guys was once in a neo-Nazi band!
  12. has this elderly man retweeting himself under the influence of experimental drugs cracked the case yet