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  1. Can we get an emoticon for "Hey the article you linked to literally states the opposite of what you claimed it says"
  2. I'm saying it is disingenuous to argue that people delaying or avoiding medical care would explain the excess mortality seen worldwide. Your article agrees.
  3. The disingenuous answer I expected to see but haven't yet is that "the media (boo! hiss!) scared people with other problems out of going to the hospital." Which is silly but someone at FOX will think of it before long.
  4. While Powerman 5000 concerts are once again legal, attendance is projected in the low double-digits.
  5. "Later that year Barack HUSSEIN Obama led the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl... and visited himself in the White House." [roll credits]
  6. Your mod privileges are in the mail.
  7. Feels like that story is missing a part where a veteran stands up to say something and "everybody clapped."
  8. Stone Cold tragically dead to the right.
  9. supersealion80 back at it again with the white vans
  10. Mortality rate and case count are not death count.
  11. Mortality rate and case count are not death count.