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  1. Pun thread titles are mostly terrible but "Return of the Mack" is such a good song that I'm happy whenever this one catches my eye. That's all.
  2. Insightful article on Week 2 makes it look like the 2 TE sets are a major stumbling block. Which seems obvious since Graham is a bad blocker. Try something else!
  3. He could have 500 yards and 8 TDs tonight, I am still never picking him up again.
  4. Really enjoying having these dudes on the team as a duo.
  5. Can't believe I'm still reading variations of the "he has a fake smile" pre-draft hogwash all these years later.
  6. Maybe he'll be released if he does something really heinous like protest police brutality.
  7. Dude who drafted him dropped him for Terry McLaurin.
  8. We talkin pre-season "MVP candidate" Mitch in here?
  9. Just remembered that I also have both Moore and Samuel rostered. Things are not good.
  10. Rodgers threw a great deep ball to MVS that he fought for and couldn't quite hold. That would have made his stats a lot chunkier. Adams (?) or someone also juggled a deep shot in this game. re: "offense isn't what it used to be" -- I mean, that is literally true since it's a new offense. It may not be better than the old offense, we'll see. The upshot is they don't need to score 30 to win a game this year.
  11. Cam sank me to 0-2 (both single-digit losses) but thankfully I was able to grab Wilson before this week's rash of new QB injuries. So much for that "top 5 upside."
  12. RIP Trevor Davis? He had a good offseason but isn't showing much in the return game...
  13. In the previous 7 games against Minnesota, GB only won one (and tied one). This is a big win, although the Vikings played like chumps. I’m going to enjoy it. Kevin King played all but 1 snap and appears to be at full strength (jinx?). Great INT after dropping one last week. Remember that as a team they only had what, 7 picks all last year? Big improvement in the secondary so far. Josh Jackson is only getting on the field for special teams. Jenkins got snaps at LG and may be the starter there soon. Another tough pass rushing group will challenge the edges this week. Bulaga has been quietly very good. Bakhtiari wasn’t himself and I hope playing didn’t make his reported back injury worse.
  14. Surprisingly reliable, though I wasn't excited when I drafted him. He was also Flacco's target on the end zone pick.