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  1. 2009 was a similar purge of extinguished stars with Aaron Kampman, Al Harris and Ahman Green leaving town.
  2. Clay joining Rodgers on the podium with the championship belt over his shoulder was the all-time perfect moment. That clip also reminds me that Desmond Bishop coulda woulda shoulda been Clay's awesome counterpart for years.
  3. Cobb signs in Dallas for 1 year, $5m. Good luck my dude. Plenty of classic highlights over the years.
  4. Bashaud Breeland signs in KC. I never thought much of him and was surprised people wanted him back so badly. He was okay (in a time of extreme desperation) but I prefer to gamble on one of King or Jackson developing into a better starter. Nelson visiting Seattle Cobb visiting Dallas Kentrell Brice (lol) signs in Tampa Former NYG free safety Curtis Riley is visiting GB (never heard of this dude)
  5. Remember how happy you guys were about Lamaar Houston and Pernell McPhee
  6. The fact that no Packer fans miss HaHa or care that the Bears picked him up should tell you something, but probably doesn't.
  7. HaHa could look better on a defense that is already good. That wouldn’t shock me. However, I think it’s just as likely you’ll see him taking himself out of plays with bizarre angles, and avoiding the pile on run plays. Enjoy!
  8. I don't think we should mock anyone for being fat fwiw, but this board still calls out rape victims as "too ugly" to have been assaulted, so, baby steps.
  9. To be fair, Kraft didn’t know human trafficking was against the rules.
  10. looks like those rascally SJWs have gone too far... makes u think...