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  1. "with a heavy heart i must do the corruptions"
  2. Congrats to Super Bowl champion Mike Pennel who I had no idea was still in the league.
  3. IMO it’s not so much “actively trying to get it shut down” as: - Would rather get it shut down than change their behavior - Seeing it shut down would somehow validate that behavior
  4. Mike Pettine will return as Packers defensive coordinator, sources told .
  5. Easy comparison is Frank Clark, who had 3 sacks as a rookie backing up Avril and Bennett. Would have been a 1st round pick if not for off-field stuff.
  6. I don’t know what Pettine’s contract situation is but wouldn’t be surprised either way if they keep or move on from him. Going into his second year LaFleur will know whether this is the guy he wants as DC. For the heck of it, these were the main candidates McCarthy looked at before adding Pettine two seasons ago: Darren Perry – was hired by the Packers to be the safeties coach in 2009 and was let go after the 2017 season. He had reportedly been a candidate to join Mike Vrabel's staff in Tennessee but Perry hasn’t returned to the NFL at this point. He had a job lined up with Birmingham in the Alliance of American Football which… didn’t work out so well. Joe Whitt Jr. – had been with the Packers staff since 2008 and in 2018 was promoted to defensive passing game coordinator. He was let go along with much of the staff after the end of the 2018 season. The Browns hired him as secondary coach and defensive passing game coordinator five days later. But life with the Browns has a way of going screwy. No worries though, Whitt was hired by the Falcons as secondary coach earlier this month. Winston Moss – joined the Packers way back in 2006 and by 2018 had risen to assistant head coach/linebackers coach. Moss was fired two days after McCarthy in December 2018, following tweets he made which were critical of Packers management. Moss is now head coach and general manager of an XFL team, the Los Angeles Wildcats. The less likely external candidates, I don’t think these got as far as a formal interview for DC: Vic Fangio – stuck around in Chicago as DC in 2018 then was hired as head coach in Denver in 2019 where he went 7-9 (losing to both the Packers and Bears). Gus Bradley - McCarthy asked for permission to speak with the Chargers’ defensive coordinator. I think the request was denied. Either way, the Chargers gave Bradley a three-year contract extension in January 2018 and he remains DC there. Patrick Graham - McCarthy spoke with Graham about an open position on GB’s staff but I'm not certain it was for DC. At that time Graham was the defensive line coach for the Giants. The Giants have a new head coach for 2020 in Joe Judge, who has promoted Graham to DC/assistant head coach.
  7. Sternberger could be something in Year 2. Had some moments blocking and finally getting catches as we all saw. I’m hesitant to let Bulaga go unless a fat contract lures him elsewhere. He was a warrior this year and the replacement is who, Alex Light? This is the least a playoff loss has ever bothered me, I guess because my expectations were so low. The amount of deadwood eliminated from the roster within the past 2 years is so significant (I will continue my previous post series on some future slow day) that I’m excited to see what they do next.
  8. In admiration of your performance throughout the season, the mods awarded you a bye week. Some of us wild cards are out here scrapping every dang day!
  9. I haven’t been to a game at Lambeau for a while and the “enhanced” experience with hype videos, blasting butt rock, fireworks, celebrity fans etc. is… really fun! I give them a 25% chance to beat San Fran. It’s not like they’re some godly team from whom to cower in fear though. At least GB should go in healthy unlike the 2016 NFCC game. House money, baby. Let it ride.
  10. Looks like not much snow after all. Still putting on all my arctic battle gear. Holla at u later
  11. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable, nine-paragraph explanation for this.
  12. They did the math! The Green Bay Packers end up the second-worst 13-3 team ever according to Football Outsiders' DVOA ratings, trailing only the 1999 Colts. You can find the list of the worst 13-3 teams here in this tweet.
  13. 2020: A complicated new era of mocking the Dallas Cowboys begins...
  14. Other than defeating the withered carcass of Josh McCown last night, the last time the Seahawks held anyone under 20 was… against the Eagles in Week 12. They only held teams to 20 or fewer points in four regular season games. Feels more like a 34-30 result either way. Both teams have won close games all year.