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  1. Howard had one huge run but other than that he averaged 2.5 per carry. You watch the game? The defenses on both Teams played respectable. It was a typical Bears style game and the Saints slugged through it and got the victory. Could have went the other way sure but I really though the Saints Defense played lights out. They cant get a shut out every week.
  2. Started Brees over Cousins and it cost me 6 points. Didn't matter though since I won by a large margin.
  3. Brees was clearly hurt after the 1st Quarter sacking he took. He was off the rest of the game. Is it the kind of injury that lingers? Fat chance getting info on that from Sean Payton.
  4. Graham is going to have to put on upper body weight this off season. Simple as that. He has to break some of those holds and fight through to the ball. If he gets paid Top WR money I am going to be pissed. He is a very good TE and should be paid at or near what Gronk's deal was. Top TE money. Gronkowski- 8 year, $55 million, $13 million guaranteed Megatron- 8 year, $150.5 million, $60 million guaranteed
  5. It will get interesting. I think Loomis plays hardball but no way will he risk Graham walking. How much of Grahams performance down the stretch was due to his injury? He has been hurt with that foot injury since the Jets game. I won't say that is all of it though. I think he has areas of his game he still needs to improve on and he did not really come from a football background before arriving to the NFL. Maybe he had one year at U of Miami if I am not mistaken. I think he needs to hit the weight room and bulk up and work on his attitude. A smaller DB/LB should never be dictating their will to Jimmy Graham. If he wants the big $$ thats what he will have to do. Otherwise tag him at TE money 6M and put up a long contract fight.
  6. Ingram isn't going anywhere. The writing is on the wall and PT and Sproles are on the downside of their careers. Mark is the future of the Saints franchise. Khiry is a good pure runner but he is not near as versatile in other areas of the game as Mark Ingram.
  7. PT and Sproles seem to have hit a wall, maybe it was the brutal schedule against all those top defenses, But Ingram just seems to be looking so much stronger plus he is getting the ball thrown to him now. I don't know if the Saints will part with him now. Seriously they may need to see the writing is on the wall for the older backs and realize what they have in Ingram. Payton also needs to learn to commit to the run by God.
  8. They used the wrong tight end I wonder why that was? Maybe because Graham got shut down in double coverage? Brees has to use all his weapons and take whats there. He didn't have the time he normally has to make his progressions in that Rams game. The Offensive line was like a revolving door. Worst game they have played in the Sean Payton era. They better bounce back this week.
  9. like I say if you have better options. These Division games always score higher than you would think they would though. The Teams know each other too well.
  10. You deserve to loose your fantasy league if you bench Brees after one bad game. He will show up in Carolina next week. If you have better options thats different but remember Brees did torch the Panthers secondary the week before last
  11. ACL tear being reported by Mike Garafolo
  12. The reason would be crowd noise and getting pre snap blocking assignments. That won't happen in this game.
  13. I don't think Ingram is a bad a running back as he has been up to this point. I think his injuries have had the best of him but I do think he still lacks vision. He showed that again last night. PT just separated himself further out in front IMO.
  14. Sproles is officially inactive according to local New Orleans News