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  1. 1.250 OPS so far as a Ranger. No doubt, he can sustain that.
  2. Not "no money", but 2 whole grand. I would imagine that would last many hours in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.
  3. Hire someone to spellcheck your menu.
  4. Love food trucks. Eat at one at least once a week. Most guys that run a food truck are friendly, courteous and have a really good personality. They are respectful and cheery, hoping that you will come back and patronize their truck again. So, you will need to find one of those guys.
  5. Word coming out that Orton didn't know the ending to his match until he got to the arena that day. Gotta give Orton some credit for going with it, even if he didn't really want to.
  6. This would be great, great shtick. Every once in a while, GM Bryan gets into it with a main roster guy, and just calls up his favorite guy in NXT/new signing to do his bidding. As much fun as it would be to see Joe crush Miz, I think it would be great to see The Brian Kendrick come up and just go ape #### on someone for DB's honor.
  7. Another one-run win last night. So lucky, they even got their pitcher to hit one out.
  8. Hoping WIS takes into account Darvish's power at the plate. I expect a nice homer number for him.
  9. That's not Agood.
  10. My daughter forced me to watch hours and hours of Disney Channel "sit-coms" including Shake It Up. Nice to see the graduating class of those shows doing good work. Born October 8th, 1997. ####, I'm old.
  11. Favorite Match Of The Weekend: The Revival vs. Gargano and Ciampa Everything about this match was just so very good. Got up out of my seat a few times, can't say I did that for any match at SummerSlam (maybe Cena/AJ). Great storytelling, false finishes that worked, great ebb and flow. And man, when Ciampa turns on Gargano eventually, it's going to be a Zayn/Owens type of brutal turn.
  12. Was sick as a dog this weekend, so binge watched all six episodes. I really enjoyed it. You do have to get past some of the cheesiness that comes from anything Baz Luhrmann is involved in, but there is a lot to like about this series. The mixing in of real-life footage from 1970s NYC was done really well. The foreshadowing of "Books" between 1977 and 1996 is a nice touch. And I thought the cast was exceptional, I didn't even think about it being Jaden Smith.
  13. Can't hurt rolling the dice with Carlos Gomez. Maybe the new scenery will do him good. And no risk at all.
  14. Joey Gallo hitting 0.283 with six homers since returning to AAA, and striking out 42% of the time. Beltran hitting 0.315 with some crucial hits/RBIs in those same 15 games for the Rangers. It was the right move.