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  1. No, but we can slap them on the wrist, say it doesn't really matter, and call the FFA "just a message board".
  2. So, did all the allegations against Tessa just vanish into thin air? Wrestling Twitter seems to have her back as their Indie/Impact Queen.
  3. Is this where we talk hot dogs, funnel cake and garlic fries?
  4. Bob moving to drive time with Corby and Dan Paul. Jake Kemp moving into his empty seat from 12-3. Seems weird at first, but makes sense. Bob deserves drive time. Still would love to have been in the meeting room when this was discussed and decided.
  5. I think the real strength of what the NWA can do is showcased nicely in this angle. Everyone thought Scurll was going to join AEW with The Bucks and Cody, and he decided to do his own thing and run ROH instead. But he can show up in Atlanta, do some spots, have Aldis show up at ROH and it feels more like "an invasion and war" than anything going on between the two big companies now. And I could see a lot of the better established indie companies wanting to do something similar with sharing talent. Thunder Rosa was here in MPX not that long ago. She comes back now, she sells out the place and is in the main event. Have some of the main event talent go over to NWA and job out, but get that exposure. My kids would love to see guys or gals in person that they are seeing on YouTube.
  6. Agreed. These are little carrot pieces that I hand feed them. Think of a baby carrot shaved into forths. In their bowl I put lettuce, some kale and when I don't have those bell peppers (the little Fers are picky about which peppers). This is on top of the constant grass (special grass because I'm allergic to Timothy Hay) and the kibble that I keep out. They eat better than my kids do.
  7. 9 months of giving my two pigs a carrot twice a day, they still hate being picked up and run anytime I try. Those YouTube videos showing guinea pigs being friendly with your pets and part of the family are CGI.
  8. In honor of SlowCal, I will be taking 24 hours for each pick.
  9. Caught up on NWA Powerrr on You Tube. Random thoughts: The presentation is great. One hour is the perfect time. The studio feel has grown on me. The fake commercials and real ones are great. They are getting sneaky good with guys like Sean Mooney, Stu Bennett and Elijah Burke on commentary. Thunder Rosa, Ashley Vox and Allysin Kay are really great performers and great stars to build the women's division around. But they will need more women soon. I'm pretty unimpressed with the others, including the returning Melina. But with only an hour a week to fill, they can slow play this division. Nick Aldis is the perfect heel champion for this company. I have no idea how the WWE would bury him, but he is perfect here. He's channeling Ric Flair without the dramatics and balances the reverence to the NWA history with moving forward into new stories. With apologies to Aldis, Ricky Starks and Aron Stevens, my absolute favorite guy to watch is Eli Drake. Part Stone Cold, part The Rock, part Chris Jericho, he does everything really well and is fun to watch. I loved all things 80s wrestling, and probably cried when my issue of PWI showed them beating the evil Russians for tag team gold, but I do not need 61 and 63 year old Rock-N-Roll Express still wrestling, or talking. I get why Corgan and Lagana brought them in, but I hope it ends pretty quickly. Kamille is the real deal. Super hot, great size and look and has taken a massive bump and given a great spear in her short time here. She will be a star in any company.
  10. My favorite non-Rangers team of all time was the 93 Blue Jays team that won the WS (and dominated on Ken Griffey Baseball for the SNES). A combination of your two outfields Carter/White/Henderson was pretty pretty good.
  11. I'm in the don't get them camp. Daughter wanted pets at my house, I'm never home, so we thought guinea pigs would be a good solution. This was about a year ago. Bought two males, because of all the talk of loneliness. Bought the biggest cage possible from the pet store. That means for more bedding, more cleaning. And as cute as they are when first bought, mine tripled or more in size. The cage feels too small now. I clean the cage once a week and it stays in my daughter's room, but I think it still can be stinky at times. Also, when bored, they love to mess with the water bottle until it floods the cage. Bedding I finally found cheap, and the grass that they eat non-stop I'm buying in 10 pound bails from Amazon. Still the cost is more than a cat or dog, especially if you are cleaning a large cage on a regular basis. I'm counting down the days until they die, and spend too much time thinking of a way to tell my daughter "they escaped, so sorry".