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  1. Tried that Hooters next door yet?
  2. Have you gone across the street to Lincoln Square yet? Good places to eat and drink over there.
  3. Good luck to Thad Levine in Minny. He will be missed here. Hopefully it goes better for him than it has for A.J.
  4. April 2003. Rotojunkie regular who peeked over the fence after @Chemical X posted "Are there any FootballGuys here?" post over there. I had been married for just two years with my first kid about to be conceived. Spent a lot of time in GMTAN, too much time reading about the guy who simulated all of the Madden seasons, early baseball threads with mrharrrrrrrier, and did my best to stay out of the Shark Pool (Cowboy gameday threads aside. Mookie!!!!). And I was miserable. Then one day I found the "Wife uses sex as a weapon" thread, and it changed everything. I used the thread to get into marriage counseling, and then finally getting a divorce, posting about every step of the way. Without the thread, and the people in it, I probably would have stayed miserable. This board is full of negative contrarians, snobs of every kind, and some of the worst trolls this side of Reddit and 4chan, but it also has some amazing people who really care. Coshole will remain a top 10 weekend for me of all time. Unless this group does something even better.
  5. Honestly, I'm lazy. While a Spotify app on Apple TV would solve almost everything, I could take the time and effort and make Spotify work everywhere pretty easy. That, and sometimes I like something outside of Spotify's algorithm. A Halestorm or Quiet Company station on Pandora plays different music than the same stations on Spotify. The only problem that remains is not having a service that has EVERY song and album, and if I had to guess, Google/YouTube will have that solved eventually.
  6. Panera Bread feels a little too uppity of a place for what you are trying to accomplish. Probably frightening a ton of potentials at the door.
  7. I have a ton of albums that I uploaded into iTunes that aren't available on Spotify. Mostly indie stuff from my college days in the early 90s. Also I have two kids who insist on Taylor Swift as much as possible. Not on Spotify Premium.
  8. In the bedroom: Amazon Echo tied in with Spotify Premium. Also have a few specific playlists in Amazon Music for going to sleep and the sexy times. In the shower and kitchen: Spotify Premium on the phone with a cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker. In the living room: Apple Music or Pandora on Apple TV coming through the TV Soundbar. In the car/work: Spotify on phone with AUX port, bluetooth speaker in office, earbuds when concentrating/ignoring others. Pandora was always my first love, and I come back to her from time to time. Slacker Radio had it's moments, and Apple Music just seems like the right choice with the devices I have, but love Spotify Premium. Just wish they had an Apple TV app. Although a Dot attached to real speakers would be a better solution long term. That said, the new Amazon Music service is tempting at the 4 dollar a month price point.
  9. I would go, and take my 8 year old daughter. She would adore it.
  10. "Stranger In My House" was always a favorite of mine.
  11. So many Mavericks on this list. We so love our big white stiffs. Shawn Bradley
  12. Randy White
  13. Will get my team in tonight.