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  1. He deserves it. And the three of them will be better off splitting up for a while.
  2. This. Theaters will always be the defacto first, second and fourth date. Where families go to get away from each other. Where parents go when they finally trust a babysitter. Where a ton of kids from 12-16 spends the middle of the day during the summer, when they want to meet the opposite sex (who will be staring into their phones the entire time).
  3. I haven't taken the time to research individual cards, but I know there are record breaking auctions for unopened boxes and a lot of individual cards are getting huge numbers on eBay, most of them graded. It would be worth a spin around eBay with the cards you have I would think. Or they could be all junk wax.
  4. I would do that as well. Myself and several others are deep into cards right now, some deeper than others. My thought is why not also take advantage of the subtier companies that are also profiting.
  5. Can you elaborate? Is this about card trimming or something else?
  6. Can you imagine being in that tiny bingo hall to see one of the greatest of all time, AND Chris Jericho, all in the same match.
  7. CGC is owned by Certified Collectibles Group LLC, I don't see that they are a public company. but quite the extensive companies underneath them.
  8. COVID had a lot to do with it. People bored with no sports, extra stimulus cash, need to have blasted off. Nope, cards from the 80s and 90s are still considered "junk wax". Too much supply and not enough demand. The demand is coming from the fringes, either vintage stuff from the 70s and earlier with low population (Jordan rookie and a couple others are exceptions) and then the manufactured scarcity of the cards of today with different versions/autos/low number cards that people want. And the great thing about a PSA graded card is you know exactly how many cards are out there with that same grade and the supply market is set.
  9. My first attempt at this, so be gentle. CLCT Could be a fun one to watch. The parent company of PSA, the leading card grading company. Already insanely increased the last six months, but the company just announced a ton of new price increases and they are still so backlogged they can charge whatever they want. This bubble of sports cards might pop at anytime, but there is still a ton of long term buzz over not only sports cards, but Pokemon, MTG cards and even things like Garbage Pail Kids cards. All of us old guys with money to burn are dipping into nostalgia and the want for those pieces of cardboard to be graded and value locked in has never been higher. Sports cards are the new art investments.
  10. 16 years. Don't make me feel any older than I already am. Still remember the store that I bought the "All We Know Is Falling" CD because I wasn't sure if iTunes was paying artists appropriately. This is the best answer, right here. Both are amazing, especially Lzzy.
  11. Got sucked into the NXT PPV last night. Disclaimer, I haven't watched NXT in months. Barely know who Damien Priest is, have barely seen KUSHIDA wrestle, thought Velveteen Dream was in real-life trouble, couldn't point out Santos Escobar in a room with three people, and have zero clue who the guy is that dumped Adam Cole on the floor. That said, best PPV of the year so far. Every match told a great story, Balor and KOR can fight forever, Johnny Gargano did his best HBK impersonation and he still might not have been the best wrestler in his family last night, and I badly badly want to see Swerve Scott get a run on the main roster.
  12. "That's some good S###!!!!" - Vince, probably
  13. Xavier Woods has the be the number one draft pick to push back against this. Largest, most active twitch account among the WWE. So this would be like a normal guy working his 8-5 and then his day job taking his late night Uber cash and giving him some, but what that guy gets, counts against his day time salary. I get that WWE owns likenesses and these superstars would be as popular without the WWE Engine behind them, and all that. But this is borderline theft.
  14. Just faxed over some LL to the White House. You are all welcome. We got this.
  15. Great lists so far. I know it's a given, but gotta throw the standard bearer up there: Sailing - Christopher Cross And although everyone loves Escape (The Pina Colada Song), I'm more partial to Rupert Holmes follow-up, "Him".