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  1. That's a solid list. It feels very balanced between smark IWC love and kayfabe fan love. A little heavy on the Lucha, but to each his own. I would have put Terry Gordy in the Michael Hayes spot, but that's just me. Gordy IMO was the more important than Hayes during their WCCW run, and his time in Japan (with your boy Hansen) is legendary. I'm glad he ranked Kevin Von Erich on the list. Kerry got all of the headlines, the NWA title run and the WWE run, but Kevin was always the better wrestler, the better talker, had the longer career.
  2. My last trip was a Wed departure with a Saturday afternoon return, which greatly drops the price since it's not your typical Friday-Sunday flight.
  3. I have had horrible luck with Spirit a few times, with one exception: Dallas to Vegas and back. Have done this a few times, and with just a backpack, always had a good flight with no issues. Yeah, the inside of the plane is no Virgin Airlines with their entertainment screens and neon lights, but I'm normally already drunk on my way to Vegas, and drunk/hungover on the way back, so doesn't really matter. Roundtrip under $100. Roundtrip and three nights on the Strip for under $300. Sign me up. Flying anywhere else in the world: I'll stick with Southwest, AA and Virgin.
  4. Agreed about the backside. Simply amazing. Seriously could do an entire run on sentence of Bliss ### Pics.
  5. Cole Hamels is pretty good at baseball. Jamey wrote about the trade today. Very well could be one of those great win-win trades for both teams.
  6. Alexa Bliss. So damn cute.
  7. Took the kids downtown last night. In 2 hours of walking and playing (and stopping for gelato): 32 Pokestops and 42 Pokemon captured. And the best moment was my son asking, "Dad, can we walk another kilometer? I have 6 eggs about to hatch all at once." Tons of people downtown playing, all ages and sizes. The radio today said that the average Pokemon GO player is female, 26-36 years old, and makes over $90,000 a year. So there is that.
  8. Hatched an egg at lunch. Got a 168 CP Pikachu. Made me happier than it should have.
  9. I hope we get undrafted Heath Slater on both shows. Just trying to plead his case to each show his value with a tryout "free agent" match, then gets killed in a match.
  10. WWE having a hard time counting to six. #NXTpurge Nope, I just can't count. Was separating American Alpha.
  11. Give me Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss every week and I will be a happy camper. #TeamSmackdown
  12. Ironically, Trump Jr has experience killing elephants. And hanging with Chris Christie.
  13. Nice little draft recap spreadsheet
  14. A trade of Becky Lynch at this point gets all women drafted on RAW.
  15. I'm not going to defend WWE against any dirtsheets, but can we at least consider that Bryan Alvarez, and therefore us, are being worked? WWE wants this to feel like a real sports draft, and we always hear about war rooms in the NFL making last minute decisions. To me, they want to say they are still making decisions to get people talking, which we are.