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  1. Tessa Blanchard quietly doing great things over at Impact.
  2. Young Bucks coming out as Ken and Ryu is all I need in wrestling right now.
  3. #buttstuff is looking to move a big bat or multiple bats for either a starter or closer. Will be sending some trade requests, but if anyone wants to send something, all offers considered. Unless it's as bad as Max Scherzer for Tommy Pham, keep that #### to yourself.
  4. Both my kids (son, 14 and daughter, 10) love all of the trampoline parks around town, especially the ones with dodgeball. I didn't really think much about injuries until the newest one that is close to the house. It has a multi-section Ninja Warrior type course that my son can't get enough of. If you fall, you land into a giant inflated crashpad. If you make it to the end, you drop down onto the floor. The first time my son made it to the very end of the course, he dropped just a bit too early and while his body fell straight down into the crashpad, his face hit directly into the hard floor. Blacked an eye, busted his chin, pretty much knocked him silly for a while. I was right there when it happened, and it was hard and loud when he hit and looked a lot worse. As I'm pulling him up, the owner barely even broke a sweat walking over and checking on him. I have read the waivers and they know what could happen and you sign away any liability. I will say we have spent 100s of hours in these parks and I haven't seen anything devastating, but the threat is there. I'm lucky, my kids pay attention and know their limits, and I helicopter the whole time we are there. Except when the massage chairs call my name.
  5. Scot Strickland I'm guessing is actually Shane Strickland now wrestling as Isaiah Scott. Another guy that is always the most talented guy on the indie card.
  6. Interesting listen of Cheap Heat Podcast over the weekend. Thought for sure it was going to be their last one. Instead, Peter Rosenberg has come to grips that he isn't working with WWE anymore, and instead of taking his ball and going home, he is going to feel more comfortable being critical of the product. Nothing special there, but his less than glowing review of DoN was a bit more fresh. He talked highly of the areas that deserved it, but also talked pretty harsh about the issues the company is still having. As much as we want WWE to have competition and wish it was AEW, they still have some basic things to work out.
  7. Had the volume down, didn’t realize they butchered Jericho’s name, but still pretty cool. You just had Omega and The Young Bucks mentioned along with JeReko in front of a lot of eyeballs.
  8. Just had an AEW Double Or Nothing splash on the screen during Bucks/Raptors. Showing Omega vs. Jericho. Was pretty cool to see.
  9. Unsubscribed from the WWE Network and from DirectTVNow, which I use for USA, today. Not doing for a political statement or a statement on the product, just taking a break. I don't think the product is overly bad like some do, I just don't think it's must see TV either right now. Will probably continue to listen to Cheap Heat and The Masked Man to keep tabs on what is going on, but just going to put all things wrestling on the backburner right now. (I do still kinda want to drop 50 on AEW Double Or Nothing though. I think there are going to be a couple of surprises out of nowhere that I would like to see live.)
  10. A woman dies in a sad and tragic way, but hey, way to get that win that "your sources" got something right. You are the worst.
  11. Looking to trade a SP or two for a closer. Getting too many innings, so need to get some balance. Every SP will be considered available depending on which closer is offered up. #buttstuff
  12. Couple of random thoughts: Brock with the briefcase is the most Brock thing ever. It's also the biggest FU to the IWC that wants to complain about 7 men killing their bodies and he just climbs the ladder. It's storytelling, and it's the story they are telling. It would have been 100 times better if after Zayn was hurt and Braun removed from the building to see HHH on the phone declaring "there will be an 8th man in that match, you have my word, even if I have to put on my boots myself!!" Then you don't have shock/confusion when the 8th man shows up and it makes better sense. Seth Rollins is pretty good at wrestling. The guy has a dozen moves that would have been finishers at any other time in pro wrestling. I have been watching old WCCW stuff, especially after watching Dark Side Of The Ring, and just wish I could put Rollins into a time machine and send him to Dallas in the early 80's. Chris Adams with a kip-up and Kevin Von Erich with a crossbody off the top rope was the extreme of high-fliers/athletic wrestlers. Rollins would have made heads literally explode.
  13. Exactly. They might as well have called this the or the @wwe title. It's going to get a ton of play on social media and it will probably be held by those with a more aggressive presence on twitter, Instagram, etc.
  14. On the list it would have been Willie, but voted other. Had a chance a couple of weeks ago to meet and smoke with Keith Stroup, the founder of NORML. Talking and partaking with him felt like the coolest TED Talk ever. From the fact that we started with joints that he brought through airport security ("my goal is to share cannabis with anyone and everyone I meet, and this is how I do it, with sharing what I have"), to discussions of him smoking with Willie, Snoop, Hunter S, Hef (he started NOMRL with $5000 from the Playboy Foundation), this guy is like the Forrest Gump of weed, always in the most interesting place place at the most interesting time.
  15. I think $19.99 or $24.99 would have been the sweet spot for sales and revenue. As bad as the price is, moving away from FITE to B/R Live is confusing, especially with Starrcast still being on FITE. B/R is owned by Turner, so it makes sense with the TNT announcement, but that just makes the price point all the more insane. Want to make the TNT thing start with a bang while giving B/R Live (which I didn't know was a thing) a boost? $4.99 for the PPV with ALL-IN as a free throw in to show how they got to this point. It's about eyeballs versus dollars at this point.