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  1. I hope we get undrafted Heath Slater on both shows. Just trying to plead his case to each show his value with a tryout "free agent" match, then gets killed in a match.
  2. WWE having a hard time counting to six. #NXTpurge Nope, I just can't count. Was separating American Alpha.
  3. Give me Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss every week and I will be a happy camper. #TeamSmackdown
  4. Ironically, Trump Jr has experience killing elephants. And hanging with Chris Christie.
  5. Nice little draft recap spreadsheet
  6. A trade of Becky Lynch at this point gets all women drafted on RAW.
  7. I'm not going to defend WWE against any dirtsheets, but can we at least consider that Bryan Alvarez, and therefore us, are being worked? WWE wants this to feel like a real sports draft, and we always hear about war rooms in the NFL making last minute decisions. To me, they want to say they are still making decisions to get people talking, which we are.
  8. His first night back with WWE will be my last. I'll go full on New Japan/ROH/LU.
  9. Ambrose/Rollins for the title. Not sure of any other matches.
  10. WWE showing "additional LIVE analysis" draft coverage on the Network simulcast during SD on USA. So, I'm guessing if you have cut the cable, you can still "see" the draft live tonight, as opposed to watching it on Hulu.
  11. This is my biggest worry going into the draft. Best case if they do split up, is you go 5 and 5 Raw to Smackdown. Both sides also draft an NXT woman (Bailey and Asuka) with a outside shot at a third (Alexa Bliss or Carmella or Nia Jax) and then a "free agent" return of Nikki Bella. Gets you to 7 a side and then you can tell some stories. Best case: RAW makes a sneaky "women's run" during the draft, and just takes them all.
  12. The Lethal Lottery!!
  13. WWE comes out with the draft rules this morning: I will leave the list of Superstars out, in case you want to be surprised. The 3-for-Raw/2-for-SD is interesting. Leaves Smackdown with a smaller roster and you wonder who might be their new "Smackdown Six" Going ahead and saying you are drafting from NXT is interesting. Will it go 3 and 3 or will someone load up on young talent? I hate that the women are being drafted. What Culture did a great two part video on how they would do the draft (because I'm a smartass), and they had the Women all staying on RAW with SD getting the new Cruiserweight Division. I liked this idea a lot. WWE LINK
  14. Lots of Becky Lynch in the subreddit today. Makes me a happy man.