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  1. While one of the smartest (and funniest) people in the business ever, Heenan's ability to bump just took his character to another level. You knew that with all of the insults, put-downs and smart ### comments, Heenan was eventually going to get "his receipt" from the babyface, and it was glorious every time. There won't be another one like The Brain ever again. The Miz might get close if he chooses to go that route.
  2. It wasn't pretty, but it was deliberate and exactly the way they need to start the season. Loved Jaylon Smith's debut and the fact that the defense held their own against a depleted Giants offense.
  3. You know, you don't have to be the guy that #####es about every ref call.
  4. This is where ODB would make a huge play to get it to one score with lots of time left. INT!!!!
  5. COLE!! Early entry into catch of the year.
  6. No need for this offense to get cute.
  7. Dez finally making a play.
  8. Nice first down pickup to end the first quarter. Only up 3-0, but Dallas just wearing out the Giants D.
  9. Brice Butler with a nice grab early. Going to need that with T-Will coming up hurt already.
  10. Sounds like a scene from Leaving Las Vegas, between Sara and Yuri. Can't find it on You Tube, but sounds close.
  11. Best ones in Dallas are probably, Cattleack BBQ and Pecan Lodge. If you can make it out to Fort Worth, my favorite is Heim BBQ. Pretty good overall list of best DFW BBQ joints
  12. Interesting opinion on the Rangers/Astros situation from Joe Sheehan:
  13. Marty Jannetty asking FB if it's OK to have relations with someone he thought was his daughter, but found out she isn't.
  14. Wearing this one out. Saw Rhett Miller solo acoustic last Saturday and he still has his fastball. He played "Jesus Loves You" (my favorite). "Good With God" and "She Hates Everyone" off of the new album and they sounded great.
  15. I cracked up when Kevin Owens asked him the same thing during the match.