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  1. Baseball - 17.4% Golf - 82.6%
  2. I think I have wrestling fatigue. I'm not watching RAW or Smackdown right now. Finished up the CWC and about 4 episodes behind on NXT. Skipping over podcasts that use to be must listens when they came out. And last night, decided to spend time with my lady friend instead of going to the Sick Puppies concert or watching the Cowboys/Bears game. The fact that a WWE PPV was going on completely slipped my mind. The first PPV in forever that not only did I not watch live, but listen the the Straight Shoot post-event podcast. Wrestling was kind of my security blanket after my divorce 4 years ago. A mindless diversion from my childhood days that I could dive into, and she couldn't say #### about it. Maybe I've outgrown it again. Then again, maybe I just need a binge watching weekend.
  3. No offense, but can we wait awhile before we start this?
  4. As you read more about his crazy Today show appearance, the backlash, and now the support from the backlash, I'm beginning to wonder how many more times Feldman can use the "hey, remember me? Goonies? Corey and Corey? We were raped and my new album"
  5. Nice ####### jinx...
  6. And don't forget Blown Away with Nicole Eggert.
  7. Checking out the Lucas IMDb page, I forgot the crush that I had on Kerri Green. Between Lucas and The Goonies, I thought she was going to be a huge star.
  8. I think we are going to be disappointed with what is considered "A-List" talent.
  9. 0.783 win percentage now. An extremely wise man once stated, " Rangers can hit quite a bit, but even the greatest teams don't have a .715 win percentage in one run games." The Rangers would have to go 0-4 in one run games for the remainder of the season to just get back down to .720.
  10. Potato chips are great, one of God's greatest creations. A nice kettle chip with sea salt and black pepper. Or my favorite, salt and vinegar. But what FritoLay puts in their bags are pure garbage.
  11. Foley completely botched that segment. Really bad.
  12. This had to sting just a little bit to type. Props to you, sir.