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  1. Sweet. Thanks for the double check. It's late and I'm under the influence.
  2. 26.20 - Ryan Rua - OF - TEX 27.05 - Dalton Pompey - OF - TOR 28.20 - Jose Lobaton - C - WAS
  3. 23.05 - Tony Cingrani - P - CIN 24.20 - Cristhian Adames - INF - COL 25.05 - Pat Valaika - INF - COL
  4. Looks like I owe five. Catching up now.
  5. Started late to the party, but I can highly recommend the podcast "Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard". Lots of great stories from Bruce and a real deep dive on specific subjects or even a single PPV. And while I wasn't crazy about Conrad Thompson on the Ric Flair podcast, he really does a great job asking the questions and pushing Bruce to reveal some secrets. I have binge listened to the first 10 episodes and they fly by, even though they are pushing 2 hours sometimes.
  6. I, mean, if you are into watching Bingo Hall stuff, that is.
  7. Every team breaks up. Just have to figure out who is Michaels and who is Jannetty.
  8. Sorry I was out yesterday gents, ended up doing a 15 hour day at the office. Will get make ups done by tonight.
  9. Busy day today. Skip me and I will make picks tonight.
  10. It would be great shtick at the Hall of Fame speech if Ricky Morton did the entire speech, then at the very end. Gibson is showing holding a turnbuckle rope, Morton tags him in and they do a Double Dropkick "Thank You and Good Night" and walk off stage.
  11. 22.20 - Jeff Mathis - C - ARI I think he's available.
  12. The worst for me is when Dirk Nowitzki plays with Germany. Not only do I not want him getting injured, I have no interest in his team winning.
  13. Watched the Starrcade '85 match between The Russians (Ivan and Nikita Koloff) and The Rock and Roll Express in a steel cage. Great match to see every part of a good story told in the wrestling ring. Ricky Morton doing his best Ricky Morton (I swear Robert Gibson had to spend 80 percent of his career on the apron waiting for the hot tag). Nikita Koloff just being a badass, and 43 year old Ivan taking most of the bumps to make the match look competitive. Morton with the improbable rollup of Ivan to win the titles and then the faces trying to escape the cage with the belts with The Russians hitting Gibson with a chain to get their heat back. In 1985, I was watching as much wrestling as possible. World Class every week, WWF when aired, AWA on ESPN, NWA on TBS and renting/buying VHS tapes of anything and everything. And nothing seems as unbeatable as Ivan and Nikita. There was still a deep level of Kayfabe with those guys and Ivan gets a ton of credit. I didn't get to see the match live, but I knew I hated the Russians and wore out my issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated that had the cover of "Rock and Roll Express SHOCK The World; Take Down The Russians!!" RIP to The Russian Bear
  14. 20.20 - Justin Smoak - 1B - TOR 21.05 - Scott Feldman - SP - CIN
  15. This needs to happen. And will happen.