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  1. I'll take $100 on the under if anyone wants to play.
  2. Checking out the IMDB page for "For Your Eyes Only", Moore was 54 when that movie was released. Carole Bouquet, who played Melina, seemed close-ish to his age, was only 24, and Lynn-Holly Johnson, who played the creepy young skater who looked 16, was actually 23. Would have thought the two females were 10 years apart in age, not one. Meanwhile both are chasing a guy 30 years their senior. The magic of Bond.
  3. My favorite Bond by far. Pretty sure I watched "For Your Eyes Only" almost 100 times during the summer of 1983 when it ran constantly on HBO. Moore defined what to be cool was to me.
  4. Wow, never thought I would see Angelo's brought up in the FFA. And as much nostalgia as I have for that place, I have to agree. It takes more than one ice cold schooner of beer to get past how plain their food is.
  5. Glad to see Heim BBQ in Fort Worth getting some love. Would put their brisket up against almost anyone's, and their Burnt Bacon Ends are as close to perfection as you can get.
  6. I hate that every tag team has to have their "Barbershop Moment" and break up. Especially hate it for DIY, as they just played the role of scrappy underdogs better than I have seen since early Hardys. That said, that was done extremely well Saturday night and should lead to some epic matches for the next few months.
  7. Darvish now 7-0 against the Tigers in his first seven starts against them. Last Rangers pitcher to have that kind of streak was the great, chain smoking, knuckleballer Charlie Hough, who won his first nine Ranger starts against the Twins.
  8. 9 in a row. Beltre getting closer to returning. Now if we can just talk Houston into losing a few times.
  9. Hell, Newberg did 5000 words on the 2020 season. Things were not looking good.
  10. Nice little week for our Rangers. All the for Gallo.
  11. Fun week ahead: Better Than Ezra tonight Delain and Hammerfall Saturday night Devin The Dude on Thursday night
  12. Pitching coming back to Earth, but hitters starting to work towards mediocrity. Only stat I'm crushing (Innings pitched per game) is one that doesn't help much in WIS, if I remember right.
  13. It really took two pages before the first Olivia Munn reference? For shame FBGs, for shame.
  14. Draft all position players in the first 8 rounds: Pretty much dead last in every offensive category Scrap the bottom of the starting pitching barrel for 8 rounds after that: 4 starters with ERAs under 3.00 with 10 QS out of 18 starts.
  15. Oh, I know, this is my favorite thread in the Shark Pool. I lurk more than I post, so not to troll. Congrats to everyone doing a 180 on Barnett after reading a letter his agent was probably the ghostwriter for. ;-) I just find it interesting when we are so focused on cheering for the laundry, that we are willing to cheer for a despicable human. I hated when Dallas signed Greg Hardy, was glad when he was gone. To say "once hit a girl when he was 18" totally makes it sound trivial, let's not forget he hit her hard enough to break bones. To say "he might be less of an ####### today then he was 3 years ago" I find funny considering his intimidation of the female parking attendant last year. I would say this guy is still an #######, he is just about to be an ####### with a lot of money. Just because he can play football doesn't give him the right to. He can probably lift heavy boxes, but I wouldn't hire him to make 10 bucks an hour in my warehouse. Rant over. Thanks for letting me vent.