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  1. Yeah, I saw that. Was a game until the super late innings, but a 10-0 skunk is a 10-0 skunk.
  2. Loved everything about this post from @Doug B, also really want to go back to WIS I and see what team I drafted that won 109 games but lost in the first round, getting swept.
  3. Did not know that Jungle Boy Jack Perry is the son of Luke Perry. Pretty cool.
  4. Relax. It's always Dr.D or myself being the last ones to load a team. To quote Willy Wonka, "The suspense is terrible. I hope it'll last."
  5. Manager suggestions had me going with a three man rotation. Feeling good about my number of innings.
  6. I can't say it any better than this. Good luck to Peter and bravo to you, sir. I look forward to this being a thread with great stories over time.
  7. Watched episode two of the doc last night. Really good stuff. Lots of Michelle but that's a good thing. They are a good couple. Him working out in the ring after the hip replacement should be motivation for all us old guys to keep active. Along the lines of Busted Open Radio, Undertaker does almost 2 hours on Bill Simmons Podcast. Really, really entertaining and they deep dive into his relationship with Vince and how he felt about the Montreal Screwjob (Spoiler: he was pissed and felt if Vince had come to him they could have figured out a different path, but also admits it shot up the WWF's popularity)
  8. This is not about deciding if the women involved are "in a lot of drama" or not, or to be dismissed just because you don't know who someone is. CZW has come out and said they have the right to do whatever they want with the footage, they have admitted they are doing what the girls are accusing them of, and there are documents showing that they are going with PPV names such as "CZW Girlz: Top Heavy & Tough" and "CZW Girlz: Hot & Sweaty". If a female pro wrestler does a photo shoot, or shows up in Playboy, or even does their own porn videos, that is their right, but these girls were in wrestling matches with the knowledge that is all they were to be, and now are dealing with them being promoted as some kind of soft porn collection. Just a poor decision by a company that should know better.