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  1. Thank you to Chad and the thread in general for the abundance of info. Closing next week on a refi. Knocking a year off, payment lowered about $10/month, AND taking out approx $11k for home improvements, along with skipping the June payment.
  2. Mood. Spirit Animal. Literally me. He vibin'. All the feelz. Did I miss any other generic Gram comments?
  3. I would pay extra to sit in a non cell phone section. No joke. It's getting out of hand and detracts from the concert experience.
  4. Zoinks. What city/state are you? Best I am seeing from PNC is 2.675, feels like I am getting greedy.
  5. PNC's site had 2.6 on a 15 year fixed refi. Can it really get much lower than that? That is pretty much rhetorical, but I still would find it hard to believe.
  6. Taking over Metallica's Sunday night slot at Sonic Temple.
  7. Got excited there for a second, then realized it wasn't an "n".
  8. Dude was being a baby, but the lady is the definition of a Karen, both in looks and actions.
  9. My hangovers have gotten so brutal and taken fewer drinks as I have gotten older, that it has taken a chunk of the fun out of drinking. Some would call it a blessing, but I do miss the social aspect of it.
  10. You know, I don't know the exact pronunciation but I believe its Manage A Trois.
  11. Pit tickets for Megadeth/Lamb of God/Trivium/In Flames. Might be a tad rowdy.
  12. Slipknot pretty much exists due to their live shows, their music can be tough to listen to. Who else is playing that show with them? Thought I saw it was A Day to Remember and some others.
  13. Was hungover on Sunday and thought of this thread so swung by. $4 for 2 McDoubles and a large Coke. Was glorious.