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  1. I bought these after 2 sets of $100 headphones crapped out, one of them being Beats by Dre. Been much better sound and battery life, no issues with disconnecting.
  2. Summer starts off slow, then 3 in 4 days in mid-August. Zombie/Manson - July 13, Riverbend Alice Cooper/Halestorm - July 23, Riverbend Breaking Benjamin/Chevelle/3 Days Grace - August 7, Riverbend Iron Maiden - August 15, Riverbend Skillet/Sevendust - August 16, PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Korn/Alice in Chains - August 18, Riverbend
  3. I legit watched Ninja fold about 50 times and am still quite confident that I will never be able to pull it off.
  4. Morgan Burnett informed that he will be released April 1. Was going to be sooner, but accounting issues. Glad he is being released, but wtf are these accounting issues?
  5. Sounds like Colbert opted for Notre Dame's pro day over Georgia's, so they might not be interested in Baker.
  6. Clinton-Dix signed 1 year $3.5 mil. Feels like we could have made a run at him at that price.
  7. Over the Cap has us around $16.5mil. And yes, have to expect some more when Ben is extended, and Burnett is cut. I'll let others weigh in on FAs, but I know John Brown is out there, and if they sign him and he wears 84, it would be great trolling and I can keep my bumblebee jersey. I have AB and Harrison...don't really want to wear those anymore after recent events, so back to my 90s Kordell.
  8. Agreed, they didn't handle this or Bell the best they could have, but the past is the past. I'm just happy the situations are over. It's like finally breaking up with a hot but crazy girlfriend.
  9. I am just happy the circus is coming to a close and we can move on to a somewhat normal off-season. I am sure ownership feels the same. Plus we have some cap room to work with...Haven't had that in what seems like forever. The draft picks are a bonus.
  10. To be fair, Pete said he believes that he is average sized, just that Ariana is really small.
  11. Waltz was so great in that movie.
  12. Not a signature role, but I enjoyed The Man Who Knew Too Little.