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  1. Dude was being a baby, but the lady is the definition of a Karen, both in looks and actions.
  2. My hangovers have gotten so brutal and taken fewer drinks as I have gotten older, that it has taken a chunk of the fun out of drinking. Some would call it a blessing, but I do miss the social aspect of it.
  3. You know, I don't know the exact pronunciation but I believe its Manage A Trois.
  4. Pit tickets for Megadeth/Lamb of God/Trivium/In Flames. Might be a tad rowdy.
  5. Slipknot pretty much exists due to their live shows, their music can be tough to listen to. Who else is playing that show with them? Thought I saw it was A Day to Remember and some others.
  6. Was hungover on Sunday and thought of this thread so swung by. $4 for 2 McDoubles and a large Coke. Was glorious.
  7. Saint Asonia is the new band of the previous singer of Three Days Grace. Music is meh, but they are decent live. Haven't seen Rival Sons yet, I'm sure I will cross paths with them on some festival this summer.
  8. If there are any Bears season ticket holders here, would love a presale code for the Rammstein show there on September 3.
  9. Saw Static-X last night with the guy from Dope standing in for Wayne, 20th anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip. Most fun I have had at a show in a few years. Small club in Cincinnati and crowd was into it. Stood a few feet from Tony Campos during Mushroomheads set, got a fist bump at the end. Great night.
  10. Isn't the selection show at 6? How far is the drive to the theater? Seems like you should be able to do both...assuming there are no Amish bars nearby the theater where you can watch the selection show.
  11. Is this their battlecry or something? If so, congrats you definitely needed this win, cuz that is the dumbest thing ever.