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  1. Orton has never played in a playoff game in his life. I guess stranger things have happened. Has ANYONE on the Bills ever been to the playoffs?
  2. that's fine. but if they took somebody else who sucked that didn't play QB, I guess you'd have nothing to say? So what's the point then? Congrats on predicting a QB would not work out for the Bills. You weren't alone in expecting that. Personally, I disagree with your philosophy. I think you throw plenty of darts at the position and hope to find a long-term solution. Whether it's a 1st round pick or not, you aren't going to find a QB if you don't take some chances. I remember a couple short years ago. We needed a QB, and while other teams passed on him as well, Russell Wilson was sitting there for us to take. Why not take him then? If its about taking chances, we should have taken one with him despite his supposed size limitations. And it being the 3rd round, it would have been a much smaller risk than taking one in the 1st like Manuel.
  3. Not to those of us that watched Manuel at FSU. He just never wowed me. Well, he did when the Bills drafted him, but it wasnt a good wow. More like a WTF wow. But as a long time Bills fan, I really want him to do well, I just dont think he will ever be what we need in order to succeed. We will be drafting another QB next year I think. Maybe we will have better luck picking one in the second round?
  4. I don't know. I don't care to know the number.It's unfortunate that I have apparently insulted the Cooks proponents. I merely mentioned that Cooks stating overtly that he is already better than Jackson shows significant arrogance. For those who don't care - fine, ignore it. I'm not going to try to force you to think like I do. I think it's worth noting. It may mean nothing in the long run, but right now we have what he has done in college and what he says to evaluate him. You don't know but it's something. All players are capable of all sorts of things, but most of the time we discount them because they are so unlikely to do them. You apparently think that the likelihood of Cooks becoming a headcase is a large enough number to talk about it, but you won't say that. That's unfortunate.I understand that you don't agree with me. Okay. We disagree. Have a great day. I never said I don't agree with you. I'm trying to understand how you got to your point of view, but you insist on being a black box so it's pretty ####### hard.You don't understand how I got toy point of view? I observed Cooks' statement that he is better than D Jackson and evaluated it based upon Cooks' pro career to date. And because he is comparing himself to a very good WR 1 in the NFL and in his stated opinion that he is the better of the two despite having not proven a damned thing in the NFL already, I called that arrogance. And I stated that several times now. I also stated that I find that level of arrogance disconcerting to myself.That's it. If you want me to quantify it , I can't. It's an opinion based upon my experience. That's it. Again. There you go. Clear enough this time ? But his quote was ' In my opinion, I can do it like him and do it better." Not "Im better than him". I think thats why everyone is confused, because it sounds like you're saying he said outright that he is better than him. Unless I missed something else?
  5. Not sure if posted before, but if not, enjoy! (Warning - will bring back some old heart breaking memories)
  6. If they hire Schiano, I'm done. Living in Tampa, I am on the same page as you. No way am I supporting that tool.
  7. So two fumbles and that putrid block attempt. Something tells me he won't be everything many of us hoped.
  8. It wasn't exactly a typical missed block. The dude was in the backfield before Wilson could react. Wilson threw himself on the ground in front of the guy. it was a missed block. A horribly missed tackle.
  9. I thought they did away with that week 10 thing when they redid the CBA.