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  1. Kids. They're little. And they annoy me.
  2. So, Big Ben doesn't know if he's gonna play next season or not. Wonderful.
  3. I enjoy it. I breezed through the first few season (2 or 3 maybe) a year or two ago, and am slowly getting through it. Might watch one episode every two or three weeks or so. Still like it, just too many shows right now. I wouldn't say it's must watch tv, but it's entertaining enough.
  4. Cost-wise for two people, how much $ would an Alaskan cruise be for say 7 days? Ballpark? With excursions.
  5. I don't understand with Coates' hands of stone and Hamilton's noobiness, why they wouldn't let Heyward-Bey take the deep routes. He has shown time and time again that when he plays, he's good for a few deep balls. And he has much more experience.
  6. I think Rogers has a huge game.
  7. I did some statistical analysis of my own. I came to this conclusion: I think whichever team scores the most points will probably win the game. That's what I think.
  8. My AHI or whatever is almost always 1 or below each night. That's good right? I have this one:
  9. The first few months I had mine it had a wireless thing attached to it. It let the doctors know how I was doing, and the airflow was adjusted accordingly. I no longer have the wireless thing, so how do I know if it needs adjusted anymore? Can I adjust it myself? Been a couple years now at least for me. I sleep better with it, no doubt. But I'm still pretty tired. When i don't wear it due to stuffed up nasals, I wake myself up with my own snoring. It's that bad.
  10. I look forward to your review of next weeks episode.
  11. 11 year old: knock knock Me: who's there 11 year old: Europe Me: Europe who? 11 year old: No, you're a poo! hahahaha Me:
  12. I missed it. How did Tara and the black guy miss all that happened? Were they on the road all that time?