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  1. I still say, out of all the villians that the show has had, I like Alpha the best. The actress plays the part well.
  2. I remember the team giving Brown the money instead of Wallace. Maybe all along, they should have given it to that other receiver they had at the time. Emmanuel Sanders.
  3. So Terrelle Pryor wants to be on the Steelers. I say sign him up.
  4. Pirates hired Cherington as GM. Tell me about him. Good hire in your opinions?
  5. I wouldn't be opposed to that. Two games isn't enough time to prove himself though.
  6. Who else are they going to find to come in for the last 6 games of the year that would do better? Someone that's not on an NFL roster right now, someone to come in and learn the offense? Who? They don't need a game breaking QB, they need to find someone that can manage the game which he did well up until the last game(check his stats), while the defense keeps them in it.
  7. Reasons: He hasn't played in 93 years. The Steelers have rid themselves of drama for the year, they aren't taking new applications yet. Rudolph is fine for this year until Ben is back. His stats were fine up until last nights game. There are more.....
  8. The Steelers need to find another RB. See what's out there now for the rest of the year, find a trade or draft one in early rounds for future. Connor isn't the answer. I think his talent is fine, he just can't stay on the field. That's too bad. If Ben is back next year, they need to sign a top tier WR. Ben won't have much time left, gotta get weapons for him while we can. Do not find one in the draft (for that purpose). Draft one or two late. Start the rebuild of the OL. It's becoming embarrassing. Defense won't need much other than an OLB.
  9. Do pilots even take off/land the planes now or is it all computers?
  10. I remember the family visiting my wife's friend a few years ago. She turned her tv on and everyone was like OMG, what is that noise? Apparently there was some high pitched noise coming out of it as it was on its last legs. I didn't hear it. Was the same frequency as my tinnitus. Was so weird.
  11. Mine is high pitched too. Like static high pitched. 24/7/365. Try a hearing aid.
  12. I went to my ENT about a year ago, as I had had enough of it. I needed some kind of relief. He told me to try a hearing aid. I went through the whole process of getting one, paid almost 2 grand for it. Best money I ever spent. It didn't take it all away, but man, it helped big time. They suit it to your hearing loss, and for my tinnitus, it was in a high range. Think of that sound you hear in your head when you get hit in the head really hard, but hearing that constantly, forever and ever. I had difficulty picking up higher range noises. So this hearing aid is suited for me to hear those ranges better, and now my brain isn't tricked into overcompensating for those noises (that's what tinnitus is, your brain trying to trick you into hearing those ranges when your ears can't), and the tinnitus has greatly decreased. Hasn't gone fully away, but is about 80% better. When I take it out, I can really notice the difference. For any of you, I urge you to try it. Most times you can try it for free for a few weeks to see if it works. Mine even has a few tinnitus "masks" included in it, that tries to block the tinnitus sounds, but I don't need them as most of the tinnitus is reduced by overall better hearing I now have. I can also increase/decrease the volume, and set those "masks" in an app on my phone. Seriously, this investment was a major game changer for my overall quality of life.
  13. Rudolph played fine, did what he needed to do. His teammates certainly didn't help him on that side of the ball.
  14. More accurate, in fact is was very accurate. One of the more accurate war movies that I have seen. Not as much character stuff as Pearl, but the action was top notch. Bad reviews out there on the CGI, but I thought it was fine. I saw it in that dolby digital where your seats vibrate and the experience was pretty cool.