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  1. As long as the gravel is compacted tightly you should be fine.
  2. 2650 sq ft. Keep ac at about 68-72, depending. $250-300.
  3. Sink a few cinder blocks into the gravel, will make leveling the frame easier. in fact, the frame would lie mostly on the cinder blocks.
  4. Had never heard of this game until this post. Looked at it a little bit on-line, and am very interested. Will have to check it out. Thanks!
  5. Cork reminded me of a smaller Pittsburgh. Maybe that's why you are attracted to it. For me, It would be Killarney, Ireland.
  6. Never heard of the place. A quick google image search shows that it looks like a lovely place.
  7. No, it's not. I am stating my opinion on it. If what you said were true, you are putting my opinion down. I am offended, and I'm not even a millennial.
  8. I don't see anybody putting anyone or anything down. Stating that golf isn't a sport isn't putting it, or anyone down. Stating that it's boring isn't putting it or anyone down.
  9. Maybe just a clean establishment with inviting ambiance, excellent service, and good drinks. Something many bars are lacking now. Don't worry about the trendy crap. The service and good drinks are what will bring in the good reviews, and more business.
  10. You mean like John Daly, Duffy Waldorf, and Craig Stadler?
  11. Those mentioning traffic, if that is a big negative for you, how is NYC not listed anywhere?