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  1. Pet. Not close.
  2. I don't like your face.
  3. Damon was fine in that role.
  4. Not a big fan, but will continue to watch because...well....I really don't know why.....
  5. An awesome pc first shooter game back in the day was Soldier of Fortune. Loved that game. My first real dive (time sink) into multi-player as well.
  6. Not much talk about that No Mans Sky in here anymore. Boy, that died a fast death. Glad I didn't partake.
  7. Lack of education.
  8. Not sure Watson is the answer at closer. That's what, 3 or 4 blown saves now, in not much time? I'd try Bastardo at this point.
  9. This No Mans Sky sounds interesting, but it seems like it's going to be one of those games that is very fun initially, but will get old very fast. I've had too many of those games recently. Count me out.
  10. The dude holding the that his twin or something behind him at the end? Or is it a camera trick? wth....
  11. My girlfriend and I have been playing that Lego Jurassic game together. She really likes it. According to what I heard, the Marvel Lego is the best. I plan on trying that with her eventually. What are some other games she might like if she enjoys that? Games we can play together? She likes the Mario/Crash Bandicoot type games, as well as racing games. But we can't find many racing games anymore with split screen. I think she'd also like any kind of co-op game. We have a PS4 and a 360.
  12. You can still re-fill, the pharmacy just needs to see your new insurance card/info.
  13. Anymore, the norm seems to be split-home anyways. The kids see this through their friends, I am sure. Leave her, and do it asap. The kids will be fine.