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  1. It does, but it's all cut scenes. I'd like to see some gameplay.
  2. Used to be able to say "ah the defense will pick up the slack while Ben is out". Welp.....not no more!
  3. I'm beginning to think the defensive players aren't to blame, and that the coaching is. Not sure if it's the defensive coaches as a whole, or individual ones. The Steelers have some good players on defense, and I believe their being exposed has nothing to do with their talents, but the blame lies on the coaching instead.
  4. I loved the movie Jaws, but it never really got to me, even as a young kid. I was never scared of it, and it certainly never deterred me from swimming anywhere.
  5. Finished the first season of "Stranger Things". Meh. Not sure if I will watch season 2 or not. Is there supposed to be a season 2?
  6. Whats the value on it right now?
  7. How much underwater? You can try to sell it to a private party via Craigslist or wherever, but in the ad say it still has a lien on it and that you won't be able to get the title until the $ goes to the bank and the title comes back. This is assuming you can get any where close to what is owed and still make up the difference. I have seen it work, but it's difficult.
  8. Pet. Not close.
  9. I don't like your face.
  10. Damon was fine in that role.
  11. Not a big fan, but will continue to watch because...well....I really don't know why.....
  12. An awesome pc first shooter game back in the day was Soldier of Fortune. Loved that game. My first real dive (time sink) into multi-player as well.
  13. Not much talk about that No Mans Sky in here anymore. Boy, that died a fast death. Glad I didn't partake.