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  1. I'd like to see them get some better arms in the bullpen.
  2. That the best time to begin an argument/conversation is when we go to bed, or when I am about to leave for work in the morning.
  3. This. I travel to Ohio frequently (from SW PA), and this is a given. Every other mile there seems to be a state boy lurking. Has been like this for years.
  4. I have played through The Last of Us multiple times. Game is that good.
  5. London has Fallen I guess the sequel to Olympus has Fallen, yet nothing is mentioned in the movie regarding the first one. Don't waste your time with this one. While Olympus has Fallen was good imo, as far as mindless action flicks go, this one is a dud. Save for one scene, one where it was all one take and one continuous action scene, this movie doesn't have much. For a supposed big budget action movie, I've seen better cgi in video games. Plot was bad, acting was bad despite some good actors,writing was bad, the whole thing was one big "meh". Go ahead and see it if you're totally bored and nothing else is on, but if you go ahead and rent this crap thinking "oh boy, I'm in for a good action movie", you will me majorly disappointed. I sure was. 3/10-being generous.
  6. He had the stats, and played great, but Crosby was lights out in all facets of the game. I would have been happy with either. Those saying Murray, I'm not so sure they understand the game or watch it. I'd put him at about 5th deserving, behind the two already mentioned, Letang, and Bonino.
  7. And I haven't heard of any riots or couch burnings in Pittsburgh after the win.
  8. I won't speak for other Pens fans, but for me, it was truly a pleasure watching the team this year. Watching the formation of a Champion. From a very mediocre team in the fall, to the team they became, via the many-times-mentioned coaching change and personnel moves. This team was so different than years past. Many of us grew tired of their act, their hissy fits in the playoffs, their meltdown during so many years. This year was just so different, and a very welcomed change. As a Pens fan, I can see how others would hate the team in years past for these and more reasons. If I wasn't a fan, I would have too. But this team showed so much heart. Their giving up their bodies, limiting so many would be shots, their "nameless" guys coming through, their speed, their skill, and most importantly, their leadership. It was so nice to see them, namely Sid, lead the team. That many-times-seen clip where Thornton whacked his head and cross checked him just showed how he plays now, and anyone that doubted his drive, and his role as a Captain should have no doubts in their mind now. Just a fun, fun year. A very worthy Championship team for any fan.
  9. 11 runs Locke? Really???
  10. Very sorry to hear. I went through the same thing 5 years ago with my mom. Not fun. But she was an amazing mother and wife too. Be happy of that, and always remember it. Cherish those memories.
  11. I like Murray, I think he'll be a star some day. But as I said a few pages back, his weakness is glove side, particularly high side. His games since then has only assured me of this. If the Pens weren't in playoff mode regarding playing suffocating defense (as many teams do), blocking shots, etc...he would be facing many more shots. I'm not sure I want him as my starting goalie next year unless he gets some serious work/coaching regarding his glove side. Everyone seems to know about it now. If he can't fix it, I want Fleury as my starter next year.