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  1. 11 year old: knock knock Me: who's there 11 year old: Europe Me: Europe who? 11 year old: No, you're a poo! hahahaha Me:
  2. I missed it. How did Tara and the black guy miss all that happened? Were they on the road all that time?
  3. 1986 LeBaron. Ugh. Was a hand me down.
  4. That Malaysian jet story reminded me of the that show.
  5. I like this seasons story line, but I am not liking "how" they are showing it. It's too broken up. If it's a budget thing, which I am sure it is, then shame on them. They will lose viewers.
  6. Thought Dupree looked good, which is encouraging.
  7. I dunno. It was ok, but I didn't love it. Very forgettable.
  8. They wouldn't have even needed the roller skates if Carl hadn't totaled the car to kill one zombie.
  9. When I can, yes, especially when it is on the weekend. I am too busy during the week to do so.
  10. The loss of Heyward does suck. But honestly, while I think he is a good player, I do think he is a bit overrated by many. I think he is a good player on a lousy defense. He stands out because of that. From word of mouth/media, apparently he is a very good leader as well. So that's good I guess. This is to take nothing away from him. Again, I think he's a good player. But he's just a good player on a bad defense. The loss will hurt.
  11. Heyward out for the year. Great.
  12. I compared TWD commercials to the NFL commercials in regards to the amount of them. In a thread dedicated to The Walking Dead. Is there a station where you can watch TWD without commercials? One that is live? The Dead Zone Channel??