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  1. Good read. Sums up my thoughts pretty well.
  2. Your team plays two games against each of the other teams in the AFC East. No worries.
  4. I dunno. I think I'm the only Steeler fan that feels confident with the current WR corps going into this coming season.
  5. I forgot all about that Heath guy. Maybe that's what they wanted the majority of viewers to do. Forget about him. Then they will have him re-appear at a significant moment and the audience will be all OMG!!
  6. Hope we can sign him. He should have been a Steeler long ago. Thought for sure they were going to draft him. Can't be too disappointed I guess, seeing how we drafted DeCastro instead.
  7. Oh I figured that's who it was, I was just kind of upset that they decided to show it that way.
  8. The only thing i didn't like was the mini cliff hanger when they went to a commercial, leaving the viewer wondering who was really shot. I know the producers of the show like their stupid little cliff hangers, but it really took away the build up. They need to stop that ####. It would have flowed much better had they just showed it at that time. Hey idiots, the viewer will still be watching, no need to do that crap.
  9. Pens playing pretty good hockey despite missing 7 regulars.
  10. Some of you guys think way too much about this stuff.
  11. The world would collapse.
  12. I do 90% of the laundry. I do 90% of the dishes. I do 30% cooking. I do 100% yard work/trash. I do 90% of the cleaning. I do 50% of the bills. She does most (90%) of the shopping, I just help put the stuff away when she/we, come home. I do most of the stuff because I can't stand waiting for stuff to get done. Sink is full, hampers are full, furniture or floors a mess, I like to see that stuff get done. She waits longer. It will get done if I wait, but I don't like a dirty house. So I just do it. She does do most of the stuff for the kids (doc appt, etc), but I do clean up after them most of the time. The kids are hers from a previous marriage.
  13. I'd be fine with whole seasons of them just out gathering supplies, clearing out neighborhoods, watching them fortify their home base, etc. Thought the carnival scenes were good, although there could have been some better writing in regards to it, most of which has been discussed already. I miss those kinds of scenes.
  14. Eugene is gonna BS the Survivors, much like he did with Rick's group. Will be interesting to see how the show handles it. If it will be his downfall or not. Rick's group let him live, will be interesting to see what Negan does, if it comes to that.