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  1. Ok, so I did go ahead and buy this for $30 used at Gamestop. It' I thought I could get past the graphics and animations, not sure I can. I hope I can, because it seems interesting enough. Haven't played it with the fiance yet. Not sure I should even bother. I don't think she will like it. I think I might be trading this back in soon (lose $). I have a small amount of hope I/we will enjoy it, we shall see.
  2. Thanks for the input. Sounds like a good game for me and my fiance. We both love playing games together, and this is right up my alley genre wise.
  3. Anyone play these games, and if so, how are they? Day of Infamy Dayz State of Decay 7 Days to Die Thanks for any input.
  4. Almost 7 years ago after my mom passed away.
  5. Yeah. You'd think all the guns would have full ammo in them since they were about to attack a compound and no one even got a shot off before they all were killed.
  6. Who would play Nic Cage in a movie about Nic Cage?
  7. Not many WWI games out there. BF1 is about it, and it is excellent. WWII, choose any, I think most are good as far as campaign. The Red Orchestra series is good.
  8. Does it matter how old the game is? Or if it's WWII, Modern, or Space?
  9. COD WWII is good, as far as the campaign goes. But it needs to be slowed down a bit. Still plays way too fast. I prefer the BF series because of that.
  10. Half Life 2 was the best I have played and nothing has come close since. Might have to check out Titanfall 2.
  11. That's what I plan on doing, but currently I am having issues where the monitor will go black. I currently have a vga cord with DVI adapter plugged into video card, and the other end of the vga plugged into he vga port on the monitor. Would that cause the issue of the monitor going black?
  12. Greg, also regarding my above issue, would having the DVI connector connected to my video card and the vga connected to the monitor, would that cause the monitor to lose signal and go dark? Its still on, but the power button is blinking, the screen is black, and the computer is still running.
  13. Check your settings on both the computer and monitor regarding sleep/standby/hibernation modes.
  14. Great, thank you.