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  1. Haven't read whole thread, but why don't people like the bulkhead seats? No one in front of you? More leg room? I like it. And I'd much rather have a window seat than an isle seat. I like looking out the window and checking stuff out, from departure to landing. Another thing I don't get is everyone running to the front during boarding. WTF. You're not leaving any sooner than the last person in line. Happens every flight, like some sort of odd race.
  2. Wait. People report posts here that they think are out of line? Wow. Grown men do this? So this is a thing now? I have no words...
  3. He didn't shake Pence's hand either. Everyone thought he was going to make a mockery of the impeachment trial and the Iowa Caucus. He didn't. He was better than that. He stuck to the script and said his speech. It was the democrats, and especially Pelosi that were out of line. They made a mockery of it.
  4. Someone watches/reads too much CNN. Find another word....
  5. It isn't. And yes, I've looked into things similar, but they just won't work for what I am dealing with. i would need thousands of screws. Not dealing with that. Thanks though.
  6. Going to be replacing the stairs heading to the second floor very soon. Half the treads are cracked and they squeak really bad. Need to wait for wife to let me know if the wants carpet or not. If so, replacing will be easy. If not, will have to buy some 3/4" wood, cut to size for each stair, then place a 1" stair cap on each, which means staining and poly on each. Might just replace the risers too while I'm at it. Hope she picks carpet. Then, I need to replace the subfloor in the upstairs hallway as the floors squeak bad there too. Old house. Same deal, waiting to see if the wants carpet or something else. Again, carpet would make my life easier.
  7. Saw it this weekend. Wife didn't care for it because, well, it wasn't a chick flick. But I thought it was awesome. Saw it in IMAX, wish it was still showing in Dolby Digital where we went. I think it deserves all the awards it will get.
  8. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me Trump will still be our President?
  9. 11th grade. I was a pretty good kid, but a lot of people knew not to mess with me because they knew I had a mean streak and I was pretty tough. But I was quiet, so not too many outside of some of my groups knew me. Two 12th graders decided to mess with me one day. One was an interesting sort, most knew him. He always wore a black trench coat, and a lot of people kind of feared him. He was fairly popular. The other kid was a big doofus who appeared tough, but wasn't. So I'm in the lunch line, waiting for the lunch lady to scoop the slosh onto my plate. Just then I felt something hit my head lightly. One of them threw a chewed up piece of gum into my hair. I looked back and doofus kid said "what are you looking at, it wasn't me", while trench coat kid had a smirk on his face. I called him some names and told him some other things I can't mention here, and he just said "bring it" or something to that affect. To this day, I'm not sure who threw the gum. I asked the lunch lady to cut it out of my hair, luckily it didn't look too bad after that. They got ahead of me in line, and went to sit down. I went to sit with my friends. At this point, I am just brewing with rage. My friends knew something was up, and didn't question when I started taking all of their food and drinks and dumping them on my tray. With the tray stacked high with food and drink, mostly spaghetti and chocolate milk, I went over, stood behind both of the idiots, and slammed the try onto their heads, majority over trench coat kid because I was certain he was the one who threw the gum. Big doofus looked up and behind at me, I clocked him with my elbow and he went down with a broken nose. As he was falling, trench coat decides to stand up. I put him down quickly with a front choke hold and then a nice right upper cut. By then, teachers were swarming. 2 weeks detention. Lucky I didn't get suspended, maybe because the principal knew us all, and possibly the lunch lady said something. Stories were confirmed by many.Principal didn't say much to me, but did appear to smile as I was leaving his office. The big doofus and trench coat never even looked at me again.