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  1. Going on year 15 (it was a hand me down from my dad, forget how long he had it, at least 3 that I know of. so 18 years at least) with my Honda mower and still running strong. Never changed the oil in it. Still the best piece of machinery I have ever owned, and it ain't close. At this point, it's a game I play, not doing any maintenance on it, just to see how long it goes. It just cranks up year after year. If it lasts this year, I do actually plan on changing the oil and other maintenance things to it, to kinda reward it. Might give it a hug too. Edit to add: it's a self propelled mower, and not one thing has ever broke on it. Nothing. *knocks on wood*
  2. The radios Eugene and Rosita were working on, I'll bet it sets it up so they finally contact someone on the "outside world" next episode (finale), and they hear Ricks voice on the other end. Fade to black. Sets up his movie(s) coming out.
  3. Been playing Dawn of Man on pc. Got it off of Steam. Not bad at all. One of those city/town building games that when you are playing, 5 hours pass by and you wonder where the time went. Very fun game. Glad I saw it.
  4. I'm intrigued by how they handle the Negan situation. What is his role going forward? That will keep me tuning in. Not many redeeming qualities left in the show, just staying on because I have too much time invested and I do want to see where it goes, even though the writing is horrible and I don't care about the vast majority of the characters. The Beta guy (Ryan Hurst) has me a bit interested though.
  5. In a country that has a high percentage of households with guns, as well as a large population and living areas. Just go into as many neighborhoods as you can and go through the houses. You're sure to find guns, as well as other other items of need. Medicines, canned goods, etc..... Even after a decade, I am sure there are plenty.
  6. Kevin Bacon zombie might still be walking around Atlanta somewhere.
  7. I can make anything, I just don't like to. If/when I do cook, it's usually something on the grill, or something simple (casserole of some kind).
  8. I cook when I need to. I hate cooking with a passion and any time I can get out of it I do. Wife cooks 80% of the time, me 10%, rest is order in or take out, or go out. Don't understand how any guy can "like" cooking. Nothing wrong with it I guess, just don't understand it. Guess it's the way I was brought up. I see a guy bouncing around the kitchen joyfully cooking I look at him a little weird.
  9. At least there is a good actor playing the part of one of the Whisperers. I've always liked Ryan Hurst.
  10. No idea if it has been mentioned or not, but "Norsemen" is pretty hilarious. Watched the first episode and I'm hooked.
  11. Wow, this was pretty much our itinerary by the day. Maybe the same travel agency? Our favorite city by a longshot was Killarney. Cork kind of reminded me of Pittsburgh, so you might like that too.
  12. Not really. I change the water out daily and wash the tank every 3 or 4 weeks. Might try distilled water now though, if that's what I am "supposed" to do.
  13. So, using tap water is not good? Been using that for 3 years.
  14. Not liking it. It's like they want to get ratings back up so they re-boot the whole series and bring a bunch of new characters in. Not a fan. Show won't be the same without Rick, hope some of the known cast members can keep it afloat.
  15. For those complaining about the zombies still being alive this far along in the show....a show about the breakdown of society during a zombie outbreak, is just kind of odd. Time to move along for some of you. Far more to complain about regarding the show.
  16. This has been done before, where someone we have never seen before is killed off and the writers I guess think the viewer should feel bad because the actors are grieving. Someone needs to tell the writers it doesn't work like that. It would have made a much bigger impact if say, Carol was killed and they show the rest of them grieving, and show Daryl. But no, we get yet another red shirt death thrown at us and we're supposed to be all emotional.....
  17. They have trash boxes where you put your trash cans in it then lock the box. You can even make one. They won't get in that. Most are wood, some are metal.
  18. That would just look stupid. You gotta look cool in the zombie apocalypse.
  19. What else is there? We've had villains, in-fighting, mass zombies. I can't think of what else. I'd like to just see them build society back up with some minor skirmishes with zombies and the occasional fight with humans who want to take their resources.
  20. How do you think they will transport things and people? They will need as many as they can get their hands on.