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  1. Got our kitchen cabinets refaced. So they look like brand new cabinets, highly recommended. But now of course the wife wants new back splash, and counter. I told her she should have said something before the cabinets were done, it would have been a lot easier. So now I have to take down old back splash without damaging new cabinets. It's a big kitchen, with two whole walls of cabinets/counters. Got part of it done and was able to pull that off, but is very long and tedious work, trying not to damage anything. New counters come in next week, will put those in before new back splash obviously. I'm concerned about taking the old counter tops off where the sink and dishwasher are. One, because I've never installed counter tops myself, and two, because I have to dismantle the plumbing and take the sink out, and most likely the dishwasher to take out old/install new. Never had to take a dishwasher out, never had to take a sink out of old counter in order to install into new counter. Ugh.
  2. Junior year in HS, just got home from football practice. Saw it on tv.
  3. I never understood why Rogers gets such a bad rep. He played well for the Steelers. Much better than Switz has. I don't understand why he had his playing time reduced and ultimately let go. Had to be something internal. You want a 6 yd pick up on third down? He was there. Need a completion over the middle. He had plenty of those. I just don't understand it. He was a very serviceable/good 3rd WR option while he was here.
  4. Losing Tuitt sucks. I'm more sorry for him than I am for the team. He was starting to blossom and show his real potential this year. Now he's done. I don't think they're going anywhere this year, but it sure is becoming fun watching this defense turn it around, Tuitt being one of the big factors. If only they can stop the opposing teams across the middle patterns to their TE...
  5. Didn't see anything wrong with the premier. You can't make everyone happy I guess. I know there were rumblings about having the survivors battle against more zombies rather than another colony of people. This episode showed that. People wanted more of what life would be like 10 or so years after an apocalypse. This show has showed it with the weening out of vehicles and moving to horses, etc. They continually come up with new ways of killing walkers, after all these years. There are some decent characters, with more coming. For every good character killed off, there are at least that many "redshirts" that have been killed off. The only characters I really miss are Rick, Shane, and Abraham.
  6. The defense continues their takeaways, something that was desperately needed in previous years to help them get over the top, and they still can't win. To make matters worse, the offense has continued their horrible timing for giveaways. While the defense is showing decent progress, they still can't stop the across the middle pass on third down. Do they even try to stop it? That's what's killed them the past few years, at least. If you have an opposing TE in your fantasy league, feel confident starting him against the Steelers. Heck, if one is playing against the Steelers and he's not on a team, pick him up and start him. The offense doesn't look great, that's to be expected with their personnel losses. It's an ugly year. I don't care about not having a top draft pick, we got a fine player in return that is proven and should be a main anchor on our defense for quite a few years, and he's young. Basically what you want from a 1st rounder anyways. I don't know why everyone is so caught up with that. Boswell continues his rebound, that's good to see. The rest of SP suck. Don't kid yourselves, the Steelers aren't making the playoffs, won't even sniff them this year. Any more than 7 wins and I will be impressed. Too many flaws, starting at the top.
  7. Most forest fires aren't battled with water. They cut lines, which they did during the show. That was accurate.
  8. Yeah, I don't dive too deep into that stuff. New and old zombies are the furthest I go in a show like this. You'll drive yourself crazy otherwise. Just try to enjoy it for what it is.
  9. I just took it as some of the zombies are "newer" then some. People are becoming zombies each and every day.
  10. Still wondering why so many people are watching this if they think it's stupid. Will never understand that. My time is too valuable to me to spend doing/watching something stupid.
  11. I've loved the feel of every Cadillac I've ever driven. Had an Escalade (bought used) that was the nicest driving vehicle I've ever had, even after well over 100k miles.
  12. I'm the no, but only because I misread it. So yeah, I screwed the poll up. Sorry.
  13. Also, tools. As many as you can muster up. You will need all of them at various times.
  14. Some rain catchers would be a good idea as well.
  15. An old truck would be good to have around, just for farm use, on your land. Don't need to get it inspected or anything, just an old beater that can haul stuff around for you.
  16. Do you know how to work on/maintain tractors?
  17. Yes, same with me in regards to the salt. But the hearing aid was a life changer. Hope you can keep a check on your tinnitus. I know it sucks.
  18. My tinnitus is/was horrible, until I got a hearing aid. It has masked it nicely and its so much better now. You should look into it.
  19. About a decade ago I was driving home at night on a relatively empty toll road doing about 80. In Pennsylvania of course. Anyone from Pittsburgh that has driven 43 know what I'm talking about. Deer, turkey, all kinds of wildlife. There was a Jersey barrier to my left, and the deer jumped it, and in midair caught the front of my Explorer. Was about half a mile from the toll booth. Airbags deployed, horn kept going off, coolant leaking everywhere. I was at the side of the road in a stupor before I knew what happened. Was weird, I remember seeing at the last second it happening, but it didn't dawn on me until after it happened. I looked back, the deer was sprawled on the highway. He was done for. The people behind me stopped and were very nice. Gave me their phone to call help, stayed with me until help arrived. Caused well over 4k in damages. Very surprised the insurance company didn't just total it. I'm sure it wasn't worth much more than that. But it was fixed and was fine after that. Had I been in a small car, I might have been dead too.
  20. So Brown wants these teams to honor his contract. Oh the irony.....
  21. I was dead tired last night, was snoozin, caught some of the game, missed some of it, caught more of it, missed another part. You old guys know the drill. That said, how did Vannett look? I saw he had a couple catches, but how was his all around play, like blocking?
  22. Geez, I thought I was the only one. I know how it feels. Do you call her out on it? I try to, but it always ends in a fight....
  23. Oskar Schindler: I could have got more. I could have got more, I don't know. If I just...I could have got more.