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  1. I clicked the second link, one of the YouTube links was gone and the website appears to have a conservative tilt to it..I’m not sure singing internal organs is ever going to be viable. I am, however, looking forward to the new Clorox Chewables.
  2. Im aware, the Greatest Generation gave us the Boomers.
  3. Us millennials get blamed for everything, meanwhile it’s the Boomers who seemingly we’re handed a golden goose and have passed down a drunk KFC chicken. From Greatest Generation to the most entitled.
  4. Clearly they must've missed the Times article last year about what to call one who hails from Tampa!
  5. Don Lewis is tiger turds. I still think someone should start selling Baskin's Family Sardine Oil.
  6. Does this mean you and other fellow Tampaneros are no longer grounded?
  7. Are former Washington Bullets eligible under “other” or just those who have played under the banner of “Wizards?”
  8. I’ve been noticing a possible flattening too, but it seems so un-Florida for this to work out this well for us.
  9. It’s starting to become real and I think we’re all coming to grips with the possibility that this could be our “Rome is burning@ moment.
  10. I believe Scholastic journals date themselves differently than typical news articles
  11. Picked up Borderlands 3 and Anthem over the weekend. Definitely enjoy B3 more, but neither are really setting my world afire.
  12. I’ve spoken to 2 friends that have beaten this, both said being active (as possible) and not laying on their back helped tremendously. Proning is an effective combatant against ARDS, please share this.
  13. We haven’t worked with them for a years+. Interestingly, our UWM AE and team lead were replaced this week, curious if maybe a margin call has caused them to cull their ranks? this whole thing couldn’t come at a worse time either: we quite literally JUST got our lender’s license weeks before this hit.