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  1. Ugh, no wonder. He is poison. When EVERYTHING is about race and with Coates absolutely everything is about white supremacy. I ate pizza last night because of my ancestors' white supremacy.
  2. Sooooo. This is kinda interesting. Is this Newscaster out of Houston full of crap? Randy McIlvoy‏ @RandyMcIlvoy 4h4 hours ago Sources w/knowledge of TAMU search process tell me Jimbo-Fisher has a deal to be next Head Coach @AggieFootball .Fisher will coach 1 final game at FSU but not Bowl game should they become eligible. I'm told his TAMU contract will be at least 5 yrs/7.5 million per year. @KPRC2
  3. We live in very Hyper Times. And that goes across the board. Brutal times to start a career as an insult comic.
  4. Hmmm...ok Like I said I'd be open to reading more about this as it seems most problems have to do with issues related more to economic class and home support. Seems like this is one area where we've as a society done a ton to bridge any gap...monetarily. Whatever, not trying to derail, just curious. NVM: See you posted a link above....t'anks.
  5. First three (police, prison, etc) seem legit. The bolded seems more of an economic class issue, no? Poor whites go to the same crappy schools. And that opens the can of worms on home-life and single parent, support for their child's education at home issues. I'm open to the arguments, but it just seems much more complicated than institutionalized race issue.
  6. Weekly terrible targeting call: Ohio State DB had one of the most violent but extremely clean hits on the WR. Shoulder to chest, just like they want you to. Ejection confirmed on replay. ? BURN IT DOWN ETA: Video
  7. So i wonder what was with all the reports of some lady at the concert beforehand saying "you are all gonna die here...." Figured the companion was in it as well, but now not even in town? These side reports as things unfold are bizarre. So I wonder if that lady was just some random Las Vegas crazy?
  8. Yep, this latest blather on Puerto Rico makes me go from annoyed to hateful. What an absolute tone-deaf scumbag. And THEN he had to go refer to himself in the 3rd person...
  9. Everything Trump touches turns to poop. It's going to be Kneel-a-palooza before the games tomorrow. Maybe even a "not my President" shirt. He's now made it a referendum on him versus honoring the flag/military. Pure oaf.