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  1. I'm a Travel Agent thus perhaps I can give you some somewhat inside perspective. Disney is a different animal as compared to other cruise lines. Generally you will find a Disney Cruise priced about double what you might pay on a contemporary mass-market line such as Princess, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian, though depending on demand and capacity it is not that unusual to see trips and quads be higher such as you're seeing.Disney is very unique in that they are capacity controlled based on age of any children traveling with you. They only sell as much space as they can accommodate in their children's program for each age group. This can lead to higher fares, especially as an age bracket gets near capacity (not unlike an airline that sells seats and raises prices as they near capacity). Depending on the age of the child, there is even the possibility they might not have any staterooms available for a family traveling with say a 10 year old, but do for one traveling with a 5 year old.Why can Disney charge so much more than others? 1 their brand, which has exceptional loyalty from their customers2 capacity, they only have 4 ships and they generally fill up much quicker than their peers3 a great children's program4 Disney entertainment 5 larger staterooms that are more accommodating to families6 unique dining experience where guests and wait-staff rotate together through each restaurant nightly7 great adults only facilities that give adults peace of mind while they know their children are under great care8 they need to charge more since they do not have a casino onboard which is a major source of revenue for the mass-market cruise lines9 the only line that shoots fireworks off the ship each cruiseAre they worth the price? To many yes, but certainly not for everyone.I'd be happy to help you with any other questions you might have. You can also PM me with your number if you'd like me to give you call.Mike
  2. I just took Chris Johnson at 13.01 in my 12 team 0.5pprecption/0.25ppcarry redraft. He'll share duties in the committee for my RB2 with Graham (6.12) and Maroney (7.01). ADP (with the Chester handcuff) is my RB1.
  3. The Dark Tower series really grows on you with each succeeding book. Despite a SLOW start with The Gunslinger, books 2-7 really pick up steam. It's a great series, with an atypical "ending".Enjoy the ride, I wish I had something as good to read at the moment, I love long series'.
  4. Depends on what kind of information you are looking for. What do you want to know? I guess mainly are the sample plans for the parks, the best day to go to this park, the best time to ride this ride, type thing! Arrive at the park gates (not the parking lots) early (15-30 minutes before opening), hit the big attractions 1st, don't waste time for character pictures, or site seeing, do that later in the day while people are standing in lines. In the early morning, hit the most popular attractions before the line builds (Magic Kingdom=Space Mountain, Dumbo, etc.; EPCOT=Soarin and Test Track; Animal Kingdom=Expedition Everest (great ride) and the Safari, MGM=Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror), also get fast passes whenever you can to the most popular attractions, if you want to ride twice, get fast passes, and jump in line right after while the lines are short. Avoid parks that have Extra Magic Hours like the plague, especially at peak seasons, as Disney resorts can pack the parks like no others on these days. If a park had EMH evening hours the night before, it is probably a good choice the next morning. Look at the EMH schedules and plan your park visits to avoid them. EMH morning hours are only OK if you have no better alternative, Magic Kindom in particular isn't a bad spot for the morning EMH. Vacate the parks by early afternoon when they get packed, chill at your resort and relax for a few hours, and return in the evening for a show or fireworks. Repeat next day or take a break at your resort. Avoid late evenings followed by early mornings. It's all pretty much common sense, just think what most people will be doing and consider your options. I pretty much did the above in 2005 for Presidents week based on reading DISboards and it worked great. Also for the most part did it this past Easter Break, but it wasn't as succesfull, since all 4 parks had record crowds. Still a good base plan to follow.
  5. I was less than impressed with tourguidmike for easter break last month. Personally I think his site is information overload that is poorly organized and doesn't deliver fully on what he promises. Most of his "advice" is common sense. I wouldn't pay for it again, but thats my 2cents.
  6. They check for Florida ID's at the gates for any florida resident discounted tickets.
  7. We love Pop. The problem with All-Stars compared to Pop is that in All-Stars the buses to parks alternate between one bus per hotel, to one bus for the whole thing that stops at every bus stop. You could be on the bus for over a half an hour while it makes all the stops.Pop is only one stop. It's also very close to Downtown and Epcot. The rooms are small, but nice. If yo have kids and the cleaning crew notices them (by toys out or a crib in the room) at least once during your stay the cleaning crew will take all the toys that are out in the room and decorate the window in your room with a Disney window display with stickers and towels folded like Mickey and other things. It's really neat. The food in the PopCentury cafateria is, I think, better then any of the All Stars. At Pop there is also a walk of history around the place that you can take. There are signs on the walkway with historic moments of the 20th century. There is a big foosball table that you walk through - cool stuff like that. We stayed at Pop this past April and loved it. We also stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort (a moderate) later in the week and HATED it. What a waste of money. Pop was a much more fun atmosphere, had that "Disney" feeling, and was a way better value. The food court was better and far more convenient too. We'll stay at the Pop from here on out, just a great atmosphere and fun resort for families.