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  1. less them and more the media. Also every team has outrageous reports in the last day or two. I also heard Zona isnt taking Kyler. Cmon now.
  2. I’m going to guess it’s all misdirection. Wouldn’t surprise me but I’m guessing it’s all bs. has Kiem reported on it?
  3. Khan said he couldn’t continue and basically threw in the towel. Didn’t take 5 mins either. The sequence was odd. But essentially khan quit.
  4. Damn shame he went out like that. He should have at least taken the 5 mins.
  5. Im a Khan fan and i think the first half of the fight should be very interesting and a great fight. Worth watching. However, i dont have confidence that Khan wont expose his chin at some point and Bud is patient and very smart. But Khan does have a chance. Just has to be perfect for 12 rounds which we havent really seen in these big fights. im looking forward to this fight.
  6. Ken didn’t but Ken wasn’t playing to maximize profits. They played different games and strategies.
  7. Wardog popped into a thread on reddit. Jokes ensued.
  8. Heard kell brook will be in attendance to challenge the winner. 😂 wonder if Spence will show up just because. also I’m surprised Stevenson is fighting after his incident.
  9. Tickets to the fight are basically the same price as the ppv. And there are still tons of tickets left. Im going to the fight so looking forward to it but ppv is tough. The undercard isnt bad however. Lopez and stevenson.
  10. I would be very happy if we could have a 2 or 4 win season. Imo we need to rebuild. We aren’t competing this year. Let Guice get healthy. Draft young talent and train them up. Continue building the D and the lines. Draft a qb late. Put together something that can give a qb success when we are in position to get one without mortgaging our future. We get a qb now who will they throw to? They won’t be successful. Good teams that are good for a few years draft well and train the players up while acquiring picks. Plus maybe bruce gets fired if they really stink. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  11. Honestly, i just hope Trebek is around to see how this ends.