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  1. I can tell you every organizational group i have seen has been for this. Please do not knock the entire protest because some idiots decided to take it to the next level. Also I’m seeing slot of non black people doing the escalations in some of these protests. Some even being named(not sure if true) as cops. this is what happens when you let issues fester and go unaddressed. Maybe a lot of the folks in this thread will keep that same energy and use it towards some of the injustice that is happening to black folks in the country. i won’t hold my breath though.
  2. I mean they could have prevented this. Hell if yall had listen to the many peaceful protests before this maybe it would have been prevented. Now we are here. The fire is lit. Maybe going forward we can be more proactive and make steps towards avoiding situations that started this in the first place.
  3. well maybe if the first didnt happen the latter wouldnt either. Maybe if people were more proactive this wouldnt have turned into a reactive situation.
  4. +1 on the weber smokey mountain. Great Smoker to learn on. Some cheap smokers that leak a ton will be painful to learn on. the WSM is super solid and you should have money to spare to buy a cheap gas grill if you so choose.
  5. Or blame the systemic racism that ls been bred on that police force and legal system for a long long time. Maybe blame that and call your politicians and tell them you don’t approve of their actions which began all of this.
  6. So cnn got arrested(the black team not the white team). This is Bananas. If they wanted a war... they are going to get it. Just arrest the damn officer for god sakes!
  7. So how would you recommend the protests happen ina fashion that you approve of because every single time no matter what someone says "oh thats not the way you protest." An inconvenience getting to work you can rectify. Years of oppression and fear of you, your family, your kids being shot by the police is a bit more urgent of a concern. So one way or another the protest will happen. But the goal is not to make it polite for your convenience. Its to make a point. Dont like it, join the protest to help get some change because otherwise you are part of the problem!
  8. There are places that are extremely diverse and harmonious. Where i live is about as diverse as you can get socioeconomically, racially, religiously, etc. When i was in high school everyone hung out with everyone. I had friends whose families were on public assistance and friends whose families were millionaires. Thats not to say that there were zero issues. But there were much less than when i left and went elsewhere for college. Hell there were more issues when i went to the town next door which was known for heavy police profiling, fudging/planting evidence and such. Learned that the hard way having guns pulled on me for zero reason and then when my parents took me in to complain the officers lied about about me not signaling. Ultimately, i dont think saying it never will is true, or at least i hope not(though people are trying to ensure it doesnt happen). Because i feel its one of the only organic ways to resolve these issues(unconscious, systemic and covert racism/discrimination). I didnt fear cops in my town. Hell i knew a number of them and they were good people. They live in the community. You don't often get these insane reactions when your pulling over a guy you know, have associated with, kids are in the same class or day care. Thats what we need to work towards. Will that happen? I think it can. But it will take a while and also take removing some of the systemic racism that are roadblocks towards doing this as you have good cops in bad presincts where they are forced to do things they may not want to do and not tell someone when they see something wrong. These are the root causes and if they arent addressed then nothing will change.
  9. It’s interesting that the people coming out to complain about the rioting/looting/protesting last night were the same ones complaining about other more peaceful protests like kaepernick for example.
  10. Looks good. I have been thinking about sous vide and was also wondering if you can do both sous vide and smoke.
  11. oh no doubt. tbh i bet it works for him. Smart tactic tbh.
  12. “It got worse yet. Glynn County Police Chief John Powell was indicted for perjury and witness tampering four days after the Arbery shooting. The police chief remains on administrative leave.”
  13. I feel like she has a point though. CBS should have really played up EOE as like this horrible debilitating place. At least then it makes it more shocking when someone comes back from it and actually has success. Of course she could be exaggerating.