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  1. I dont think its a recap. People just randomly chat about stuff. Last year there was def some dude doing full recaps. ahh well.
  2. There used to be a daily thread with a summary of the previous day. I havent seen it. Any idea if they still do that?
  3. Yea seems david is the only one with a clue in the house. Anyone know Where one can i find the feed recaps?
  4. yup Apparently he is getting a much better edit than he should.
  5. most people who are investing believe it will go well above 20k. If you believe in it, invest. I would only put in what you can afford to lose however.
  6. Trying this now. Didn’t have all the ingredients. Just hit the stall and have it in a pan with some worchester, beef broth, coffee stout beer(trillium pm dawn) and some onions and potatoes and lots of garlic.
  7. Maybe your overcooking them? Honestly i don’t even wrap mine. Smoker until they pass the bend test. Usually they come out very juicy. How far was the meat pulling off of the bones!
  8. I like to smoke my butts at around 275-300 to avoid the stall. Still proves like butter. Sounds like you pushed through it though.
  9. Not cooking today but planning to do some chuck and make pulled beef tomorrow. Anyone have a good recipe?