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  1. is this off an album? i need to check this. BTW have folks been following the Shaq and Damian Lillard diss tracks? Its been pretty dope.
  2. Dammit i like this guy:
  3. I hope in these cases we start going up the chain of command and holding others responsible. Otherwise this will continue. Hold the department responsible for not training these officers properly and encouraging an environment where this may have been(likely) the norm. Look at the laws that basically send a message to these departments that they can and should shoot first. Until they hold the people enabling this accountable this will happen over and over and over.
  4. hard to say the whole offense was a mess yesterday. I still think he has value but wont be the workhorse.
  5. i mean i did hear that Tomlin and Danny boy are friends and their kids go to the same school or something like that.
  6. on the plus side i think we found a WR. Terry looks great. Now if we can find an offense to compliment him next year.....