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  1. If you have Kodi you can find it there. I download them. I believe there are other options as well.
  2. tbh i could see that. Maybe they planned it. To avoid a target and allow them to work together. They spent ALOT of time out there so i have to imagine they knew and planned.
  3. Yea i forgot about Jul, i like how hes approaching this game. Ill be rooting for him too. Boston Rob is screwed and they would be STUPID not to vote him out especially with his wife out now. She would keep sending him advantages.
  4. Im rooting for Jeremy, Sandra and Tony. Yes i may be one of the few who likes Sandra. I also wanted Natalie to go far but alas.
  5. dude, run and watch them. Australia IMO is far better than the US version.
  6. Need recs on a broadway show taking the wife next weekend. What shows are popular or highly rated right now? We have already seen Hamilton and lion king. Mean girls? To kill a mockingbird? Come from away?
  7. Not sure your budget but banyan tree mayatoba was fantastic!! and i agree. We Loved going into town and felt very safe. Had some great meals which were amazingly cheap. Visited ruins and Cenotes. And just enjoyed wandering.
  8. Nice!! I need to download this tonight. How many episodes have their been? Sucks no luke but i know it will be a solid season regardless!
  9. I need to see this. We used to go crazy in high school over this game.
  10. on to next year KC +600 BAL/SF +800 NO +1000 NE +1100 LAC/GB +1600 DAL +1800 PIT +2200 ATL/CHI/LAR/SEA +2500 PHI +2800 MIN/TEN +3000 IND/CLE +3300 LVR/HOU +3500 BUF +4000 DEN/JAX/TB +5000 CIN +5500 CAR/NYG +6600 DET +7000 NYJ +7500 ARI +8000 MIA +12500 WAS +15000
  11. nice. Im gonna do 4 racks as well. And something else havent decided yet. Will see what i find at the supermarket.