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  1. for those that continue to say things like there is no racism any longer, our president refused to condemn white supremacists on national TV. If that isnt proof enough of systemic racism then i don't know what is.
  2. 🤔 soooo many oddities around the handling of this incident from the warrant through the handling afterwards. I would hope we can all agree these sort of things should not happen. Dude is clearly on video saying they did not announce themselves. I wonder how he came to change his mind. No wonder they didnt want to release the body cam footage or even turn them on.
  3. New Body-Cam Footage Raises Questions About Breonna Taylor Death Investigation
  4. I dont think she ever did. SHe said she wanted to but i dont know that she did. Day found out from Xmas and then the wall yeller confirmed it. Kevin had also suggested it. The reason i don't think Nicole ever came clean is because it looked like she was trying to ask Day was walking out the door.
  5. i heard she heard the wall yeller. apparently she brought it up on the feeds afterwards as well. I suspect production made her act surprised.
  6. Police shootings are a leading cause of death for young American men, new research shows
  7. im excited. BB Canada has done triples. My only concern is if they will pre tape it or truly do it live. If live then that has the makings for great TV so i hope thats how they play it. Im curious to see what Dr. Wills role in all this will be. i hope he meddles in the house a bit! I really think production knows this season needs to change fast to avoid being a bust.
  8. Likely fans but it could be production trying to stir things up because it’s been boring. I’m leaning production because i can’t see how they can’t add security and prevent this. Although people have also flown banners over the house and they can’t really stop that. Let’s hope dr will stirs things up.
  9. Correcting the misinformation about Breonna Taylor
  10. yo did nicole try to tell her and accidentally snatch her weave 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Yes i am very curious to know why the feeds were down that long. They have shut the feeds down briefly due to wall yellers a few times but 22 hours is a long time. Makes me thing something else happened. It could also be related to the twist coming tonight with the "legend that is returning"
  12. Well to start with the person they sought was already in jail. Yet they felt it necessary to execute a no knock warrant and recklessly shoot into their apartment in the middle of the night. Additionally the warrant was arguably illegal. The police incident report contained multiple errors even listing Breonna had no injuries as well as indicating officers had not forced their way into the apt, which they did using a battering ram. Lastly, the gentleman who fired a round at the police did so when their door was battered down after not hearing any announcement of police being present. He was legally within his right to do so. The police were at fault for this occurring and should be held accountable. We could debate whom should be held accountable but ultimately this entire chain of events began as a result of numerous LMPD mistakes. The should be held accountable or at least bring it to trail. Thats were the systemic racism comes in. Last thing i will mention is that we are are missing alot of info still about this case which the AG office should release but won’t. Would have been nice if they had body cams for example. #systemic