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  1. yea i agree. If Enzo was an attorney he could have made a case for him winning. Still would be a long shot but certain things were there. Like i think he could claim that he was Codys social game. And that he fell back to use Cody as his shield which he tried to say but it kept coming out poorly. either way Cody was the right person to win this season. I actually thought if it was Ezno vs Nicole Enzo might win but after hearing him im not so sure. would have been close i suspect though.
  2. I was happy with the result. I think Cody knew Enzo wouldn’t be able to present a case against him. There may have been a small one there but he wasn’t that guy. Plus i heard that he didn’t practice at all. Cody and Nicole had been practicing for like the entire week and even longer. im happy Enzo got second he was one of my favorites on the show. He truly was never ever even close to the block. Until the end of course. Think he could have won if he made a move to cut Cody but he’s loyal and never would have done it. Good guy though. In one of the red carpet interviews Nicole basically said Cody wasn’t invited to the wedding. 😂😂😂😂. She’s the worst. part of me wonders if they had a deal made before they got in the house and he broke it. Or a deal to split the money if they both made final 2. 🤔 all in all pretty boring season unfortunately. The feeds made it a little better.
  3. ugh Nicole is such a sore loser. This should be a sweep right? will someone toss enzo a sympathy vote?
  4. i dont see anyone beating cody if hes brought to the end. If Enzo and Nicole go then Enzo wins. I think Day gets Americas Choice.
  5. I can’t recall the division ever being this bad. It’s amazing. But I’ll take a Dallas win.
  6. Has there ever been a situation where no one can play final? If so do they still do the question? 🤔
  7. Definitely tell them to get tested prior. It’s super easy these days. If you want to be super safe you can as well. now see if the people getting married we’re thinking hire someone to do rapid Tests at the wedding 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. I could see both taking him. They may feel it’s all stars so they need to go to the end with the best and not take the easy route. indo think Cody wins if he’s at the end between Enzo and Nicole that could go either way imo. Nicole made it there and won previously but the house isn’t fond of her. Enzo is liked by everyone but Nicole may say Cody dragged him there.
  9. See i disagree. Haskins was drafting knowing he needed time. Those qbs you mentioned weren’t in the same situation. And even mahomes got time to sit and learn. Haskins was thrown in with no practice into a terrible offense. He hasn’t gotten that time to learn. He only got practice with the 1s last season when he took over had no preseason this year and is still learning. I think there is no downside to letting him play. If he’s that bad we get a better draft pick. If he plays better we can get more value in a trade. 🤷🏽‍♂️ he was never the qb that was going to come in and take over right away it was always known he needed time. bow granted i don’t know he will ever develop but it’s worth a shot letting him try.
  10. I blame Bruce Allen and Danny for all of this. Should have fired Bruce before that season brought in the new regime and let them build at that time. Instead Rivera is stuck with a qb he doesn’t like who was drafted poorly knowing he needed time to develop with no veteran option to lead the team while he waits. Now he’s got to go get another one and start over. Sigh. anyway slap Haskins back in and let’s see what he does. I would rather know for sure.
  11. Well, first, Kyle knows the offense better i would expect him to execute better. Those stats are misleading as alot of it came in garbage time and note they were playing a winless team haskins played better teams and has won a game. Kyle also made many bad decisions including one that cost them the game when he should have run the ball in the endzone. He had two fumbles as well. Honestly, forgetting the stats he just looked bad. I watched the entire game. Maybe someone saw something different than i did. But you can see on twitter the reactions "Kyle Allen is bad. Washington's staff must hate Haskins because they aren't better with Allen in at QB." The first question in the post game presser was whether Kyle would get benched btw. so i think most felt that he was bad. Im not saying Haskins has played well. And really i dont think any QB can truly get this offense going as exhibited when all 3 have been in the game. But i dont believe based on what i have seen Allen is a guy who can be a true starter. So if they are both generally speaking the same, why not let haskins play? We invested alot in him, we arent competing this season, we cant trade him right now as his value is low, so what do we have to lose letting him play? I dont see a downside tbh.
  12. I feel like there needs to be a cooking competition show but you can only use crock pots. We would kill it!
  13. Kyle Allen is horrendous. Much worse than Haskins. I’d rather let Haskins play at this point.
  14. that 119-109 card was wild. Teo deserved that win though. well fought.
  15. Teo should win this but i suspect it will be a draw or split decision win for loma
  16. Berlanga is a monster. Also, Crawford vs Brook would have been cool like three years ago. smdh.
  17. What are you drinking tonight? also anything on the undercard of relevance? I don’t recognize any of the names.
  18. This sounds interesting/good. Could i do it in the instapot? Or should i slow cook it?