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  2. Agreed. If anything i want to be in a state where they continue to have the shelter in place. My worry is once the weather stays really nice or trump tells people to go back to normal that’s when #### will really hit the fan.
  3. Yea it’s really frustrating. And the doctors and nurses and people who can’t get a damn ventilator will catch the brunt of this.
  4. See by me in the burbs all parks are closed but everyone is ignoring. Literally hundreds in the parks close together.
  5. We’re there posts without spoiler tags? I feel like it’s ok so long as they are hidden. I don’t go to the other thread for fear of seeing a spoiler in tagged.
  6. Hard to say. but your probably right.
  7. yea. NYC is getting alot of resources sent that way. I told my Aunt and Uncle ill pick them up whenever but they are comfortable where they are. I think so long as you play it smart and socially distance from folks you will be fine. Man imagine when this is over that first day out!
  8. No im up in Essex County. I would agree, the further north the better but definitely keep your ear out for if the hospitals are overflowing or if there are issues with supply chain for grocery stores in whichever shore town you choose. But i have heard of some towns with inventory issues and hospitals that were already turning away people like a week or two ago.
  9. Yea my concern was that our Mayor basically told folks not to come to shore towns(other places like marthas vinyard have been saying the same). In theory it makes sense but if everyone does it than the hospitals get overwhelmed quick. Hard to say which is ideal. stay safe yall.
  10. You guys that headed down the shore are you seeing a huge influx? I know those towns were very worried about infrastructure and being able to handle a huge influx this time of year.
  11. Yea wendall is being a ####. I think people may keep him around as a shield. Then Michelle can burn him later.
  12. I think necessity items get priority. Everything else is delayed
  13. Seeing more and more friends leave the city. Stay safe everyone. really hoping the hospitals in nyc and surrounding suburbs get an influx of supplies and stand up more beds etc to handle this.
  14. Yea this is why i haven’t. Seems risky and also doesn’t promote social distancing.
  15. Correct. If we tested everyone tomorrow it would be like 50k-100k infected. Those numbers really just reflect how much testing we are doing.
  16. Yes this frustrates me greatly. The sooner people stop this the sooner we can get past this. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  17. Yea i was surprised she used the 2nd idol. But she needed to go big and change the tribe dynamics. She did that and i think it was important for her to do.