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  1. Moving to Denver July 1st and was looking for a local league to play in if anyone knows one please let me know
  2. I agree I don't think Foles is anywhere near the player Wentz is but I don't think there was anything that Wentz could have done better except maybe the Qb sneak. The offense looked real good today he made a few good passes and even the pass interference where Smith dropped the ball that was an easy catch and TD would have made his stats look even better
  3. Do you think maybe its Darby he has looked awful since he come back and the whole secondary has looked bad maybe switch back to Douglas and see what happens in Raiders game
  4. I never understand the people who continue to always blame the HC for every loss no matter the reason. Wentz fumbled he missed Nelson on a wide open pass. They got a few bad penalty calls and yes Doug probably should have challenged the forward pass but being on the other side of the field Im sure it looked like a good play I know it did on live TV and we have a much better view then he did. Im not saying Doug called a great game but I blame Wentz and Big V for this loss more then anyone now we just have to see if they can bounce back.
  5. I hope its not the Falcons game I think the Falcons are the Eagles biggest problem in the NFC. Im guessing they get in even if the lose to the Vikings but Im still hoping they dont make it in.
  6. Thanks I took a bad beating he had Kamara also which added to the killing
  7. I need Atlanta to get shut down playing against Ryan Julio Coleman and the kicker
  8. I think even if they lose Wentz they would still win more then 10 you have to think even with Foles they can beat Chicago and NY then they would to win out of 5. If Elliot is done for the year I agree 13-3 if not Im picking 12-4 but I think they could bench player week 17 especially if they beat the Rams. The guy who said 10-6 is just another guys trying to get negative attention probably a cowgirl
  9. Yeah I think O'Brien is a very good coach he just never had a qb until Watson who looked great under him his Wr. I also want to know how john Fox isn't on this list
  10. Its all about matchups and I think the Eagles biggest problem could be stud Wr's with a good Qb the only ones we really played was beckham/manning and rivers/allen and they both hurt us just the rest of their team stink. I thnk because of this the Saints are the Eagles toughest match up. Now maybe when Darby comes back he heps fix that but for now the Saints worry me the most
  11. he came in here talking trash yes Im sure he has been a fan a while two top franchise from different parts of the country thats what you call a bandwagon fan. Funny how most people arent Browns and Padres fans when they do that or did he just happen to like the uniforms
  12. National media makes Eagles fans sound way worse then they are. Packer fans for years pulled their pants down and mooned visiting player you rarely heard a word about it. They dwell on Santa because honestly there has been a ton of things they can dwell on that would make national headlines.