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  1. Drop your shorts and bend over Mr Babar
  2. That I'd rather spend Sunday afternoons in the fall shopping with my MIL & SIL instead of hanging down my man cave all day watching football.
  3. I guess we'll see what thus kid can do but it seems most are optimistic about this kid stepping in and doing ok. No worse than 2-2 is expected but I have a feeling this kid isn't the answer. Cassel was a plug n play but I think kid will struggle and isn't more than a career backup/borderline starter. i have nothing to base this on other than looking at his college production and what he's done while in NE, most being preseason. I don't think anyone is talking about what if he sucks.. I think they will have to be able to run the ball and run it well. He has been in there system for a few years and will have all preseason to prepare but I'm going to short Garoppolo as I think backups like Cassel, Hoyer and perhaps even Mallet were better. i realize this is sacrilegious up in Boston to say this, and I hope I'm wrong but I don't think Garoppolo will be any good. Not sure why most seem to think he steps in and does ok let alone is the heir apparent. Yes he has a ton of weapons and all he has to do us to be a game manager but what if he sucks, and sucks bad? Until I see what this kid can do to start the season I don't think he is the answer long term or short term. Again, I very well could be wrong but I'm betting against him.
  4. Not if you are hung like a Sasquatch like most FBGs.
  5. My girl loves these shows and therefore I reluctantly ended up watching them. They may not be for the average FGB but they both are pretty good. Would recommend.
  6. I'm getting a boy band vibe but you guys are a bit older and cooler. New Men on the Block Men II Men Mainstreet Men OutofSYNC
  7. This. Who are the three mistresses? Are they co-workers, Tinder/Ashley Madison, old flames or is he all over the board and banging random chicks? Curious to know how this stud operates. Also, if things get out of hand do what Piper did to Frankie Williams one time on Pipers Pit. This will endear you to the family for years.
  8. I shave down there occasionally for general maintenance purposes.
  9. I grab my kitty by the fat of her neck and give it a good hard swipe to finish the job. I'd recommend a Maine Coon cat as they have long hair and are docile.
  10. I think he's the best RB in this class and this is a class that will have some very good RBs when it's all said and done. I think he's a faster and maybe just a bit stronger Corey Dillon (and I may be being too conservative). Can't wait to see him in the NFL.
  11. Rookies don't count or can't play? Do I not have enough of perimeter defenders in Bradley and Leonard along with Lebron. You need to out score this team to win and I went with are Reddick and Heidl as my 3pt specialists. It's going to take an atypical team to beat GS and Reddick and Heidl have have a unique skill set that I think could be an asset in beating GS.
  12. 2nd time Lebron 7 Leonard 5 Reddick 1 Avery Bradley 1 Buddy Heidl 1
  13. LeBron and Russ could take it the hole on anyone. Avery can hit an open jumper and is a lockdown perimeter defender. Simmons is the big question mark, no doubt he'd be left open but he can run the floor with the best wings and just may surprise people with his D, he certainly has the ability to be very good defensively and I think you need upside and athleticism to beat this type of team.
  14. Since when is Curry Gary Payton on defense. Reddick at $1 is on the short list of best outside shooter not on GS No so sure Simmons would be that much of a liability on D as you think. Check back a year from now and we will see how good Simmons is defensively but he has the size, length and speed to be very very good. Don't confuse his lack of effort on D with lack of talent.