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  1. Say LSU OSU and Clem all win out. OU wins Big12 and Utah Pac12. Does a one loss Bama get in when they don't win their division over a one loss conference champ? Can Utah get in?
  2. This has to be in the convo
  3. So no one can hear him whine when he loses to Trout.
  4. I have it 4 rounds to 2 for Trout April Trout 10-9 May Trout 10-9 June Trout 10-9 July Trout 10-9 August Breg 10-9 September Breg 10-8 Trout 57-56
  5. Had a sizeable wager myself $20 on Nats to win @ 50-1
  6. I see it still draws the sophisticated clientele
  7. This
  8. A cross between Steve Stifler and Brad Hamilton.
  9. What would the Pats go with a league average QB? Some think BB and his system could go 11-5 with anyone. They cite the Matt Cassell year. Brady has to be worth 3 regular season wins vs league average and more so in the playoffs i have to think. Can Jameis Winston or Marriotta get 10 wins with this Pats team?