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  1. Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch
  2. Sliding scale based on looks, c'mon this is FBG 101.
  3. As long as u have protection its fine.
  4. Only when I go out and fight crime.
  5. DJ Foster Pats. Will take Dion Lewis not coming back or having a setback and then Foster will still have to leapfrog James White. White has put up some good numbers but I still feel Foster is a better receiver and has better big play ability. A lot of ifs that could pay dividends in the fantasy playoffs.
  6. I just send out this vibe and I have personally found that women do respond. I mean, something happens.
  7. You #### this monster once, you drop the mike and walk off stage. http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/12/honey-boo-boo-mama-june-alana-thompson-beach-photos/
  8. At what point does the "small sample size" crowd admit that Price just may suck in October?
  9. No it doesn't as he was lights out but he pitched out of the pen. For games that Price has started in the postseason he's been pedestrian at best.
  10. This is a very good point that most will say Porcello won 22 this year while Price was inconsistent and has a crappy postseason era. I agree, DD, you go with the more talented guy and hope he's on. Cleveland bullpen is much better and Francona is a better manager, and I like him in the postseason much better. Papi's last game could be Sunday.
  11. He's 1-7 in his 8 postseason starts with a 5.33 era in those starts. Small sample size sure but Sox are looking at being down 0-1 and need a big start from Price.
  12. Eric, is that you? Haven't seen or heard from you since the "fire".
  13. DNA tests reveal that Hilary has 1/32 Sasquatch blood thus qualifying her as a minority. This would seem to explain the facial and back hair.
  14. I bet old Josey Wales wished he climbed those peaks instead.