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  1. Fant will be a top 5 TE Damien Harris goes 1000/10 with another 35/300 receiving Kirk will be a top 12 WR Lock is for real Cam gets hurt, Stidham stinks and gets pulled and Hoyer ends season as Pats QB and they only win 6 games
  2. Looks like the post draft/pre Cam love affair of Stidham is beginning to wane just a bit.
  3. Where Steven Jackson meets OJ Anderson
  4. Think Moss is a nice long shot play for OROY and I'm hoping to get 50-1
  5. Thinking about taking a shot with them to win Natl title. Waiting for my guy to post his futures and I hope I can get > 25-1
  6. They went 5-1 vs AFCE and 4-0 vs NFCE plus Cin and Clev. The rest of the AFCE is slightly better they play NFCW and also KC and Balt. Their D was very good last year but they lost some key guys on the front 7. They're getting younger and more athletic but I think it'll take a few yrs for BB to get this team to where he needs it to be assuming Stid is their guy. I see far more downside with a limited ceiling. 6-8 wins
  7. Debatable. The other guy was one of the best British rugby players of the 90s/00s.
  8. Yeah, his skills would never translate. Not sure why I can't copy/paste from my kindle.
  9. James would make Harold Charmichael look like a practice squad player.
  10. Is this your neighbor?
  11. Would think they play him at RB but think he contributes initially on ST and then Turner will find a way to get him involved in the offense. Not much to go on as he had just one yr of production in college but in limited touches he averaged nearly 20 yds per catch and 11 per carry along with 12 scores on just 71 touches. 6 ft 228 sub 4.4 and I think a much more explosive Jamal Samuels is a good comp. I think he's a lottery ticket that can be had at short price but the payoff could be substantial