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  1. I'm thinking Gary Busey would play the undercover cop turned teacher in Pre-Kindegaten Cop as a prequel to Kindergarten Cop.
  2. A few thoughts: For such a big guy Bennett seems to go down pretty easily. Logan Ryan has quietly been very very good the past month or two. Branch and Brown are extremely unsung I that think the Pats are very vulnerable when they go in the nickel\ dime package One of WR Mitchell or Floyd will need to contribute vs ATL Has anyone seen Chris Long Hightower is not 100% Pats 31 Atl 27
  3. Scott Baio - my buddies used to call me Chachi.
  4. Knowshon Moreno or a more explosive Montee Ball
  5. Anybody ever use the quart of blood technique taught by Billy Ray Valentine?
  6. Trump. Pat Healy 1st Lady. Mary Jensen
  7. Havent seen this yet but I heard its pretty good and I intend to see it. I grew up on the North Shore of Boston and the cementary scenes were shot in my old neighborhood.
  8. No order Seinfeld Happy Days Magnum PI St Elsewhere Hill St Blues Dukes of Hazard The Sopranos The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show Monday Night Football WWF Championship Wrestling
  9. Hoiw many more years at this level do you think Tom Brady has?
  10. No love for Mickey Abbott? "Take that commie crap out into the street." "I'm Mickey Abbott. I stood in for Punkey Brewster when all of you was nothing."
  11. Headless Horseman
  12. Eric Metcalf minus the rushing yds.
  13. Cook is really impressive. He reminds me of Marshall Faulk while st SDSU less Faulks exceptional receiving ability. Lofty praise but I think Cook will be a stud at the next !evel. I also like the Thurman Thomas comp tossed out earlier. I've said all along that Fournette reminds me of a slightly bigger and faster Corey Dillon. He's a man child with an off the charts blend of size, strength and speed. I see McCaffrey along the lines of Tiki Barber. I think he'll be an all purpose stud but I question how much of a bellcow he can be.
  14. Let the air out of "your girlfriend" and I'm sure that should remedy the problem.