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  1. I got Cruz and Reyes at 50-1 Gonna need a guy that will have an ISO > .300 Reyes had big HR/AB in SD and I want to see Cruz get 600+ PA i want no part of the chalk
  2. Yes SB MVP. Bought the SF backfield before championship week. If SF wins think one of their backs has a big game
  3. Got Mostert + 3000 and Coleman + 5000 few weeks ago
  4. Is he really gonna hang his hopes on Stidham? All indications are that if he was in a better situation at Aub he could of went higher but I have to think his upside is limited to an average game manager and therefore bringing in some competition might increase BBs chances to find his successor
  5. Does BB buy low on a former 1st round draft pick still on his rookie contract who has recently fallen out of favor to bring in along with Stidham? Could he do anything with Rosen or Trubusky?
  6. Is this old news? KC is Dee Ford lining offsides from back to back AFC titles. Throw in Lamar in Bal and Watson in Hou and I can see NE not making another SB for a while.
  7. Lamar haters love it. Buddy just said Lamar is slightly better than Kaepernick.
  8. NFCW best division in league. SF LAR and Sea x2 have been in 4 of last 7 SB and believe it will be 5 of last 8 that an NFCW team will be in it.
  9. I take it your long on Stidham? I think he was a good value pick and looked ok in the preseason but do you think he can be a good enough game manager to win 10รท games with this offense ? Think it may be a bit naively optimistic to think the Pats can plug and play a mid round pick and have him be their franchise QB of the future. I think they need to bring in a vet to buy Stidham more time
  10. Why go back? He goes top 20 and gets redshirted