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  1. Did he have a nice ###?
  2. Cuz you're a lean mean fighting machine!
  3. They will kill us both if we don't fight to the death.
  4. I guess this school had some issues with kids from the city that the school was in going on campus and causing trouble and apparently the frat thought we were locals looking for trouble. I'm sure there are a lot of colleges that have such issues when you have affluent suburban kids having their off campus housing in working class neighborhoods.
  5. Never was in a frat and never wanted to be in one. Road tripped to a buddy's school and we ended up going to a frat party. One of the guys I was with was a monster and some of the frat brothers at the party wanted him out for no other reason that he didn't have the look of the average frat boy at a "Jr Ivy" school (we didn't start anything other than my friend being a very intimidating looking guy, with long hair and a leather jacket) and of course my buddy wasn't going willingly. My buddy and this frat brother were having words and the next thing you know me and two of my buddies were surrounded by about 15 frat guys. Punches were thrown and there are about 10 frat guys pummeling my buddy while my other buddy and me only had 3 guys on us. They kicked our ### but it was 15 vs 3 yet we still walked out of there so they obviously weren't as tough as they thought. One on one no one at that party had a chance against my buddy but put 10-15 frat brothers together and all of a sudden they can beat anyone. Bunch of rich spoiled #######.
  6. I hope Kiana is still around
  7. Think you might be correct as the more I watch of him the more I like. Lamar Miller +
  8. Highly unlikely as I think the turd is out of the.....in any event I think it's fairly obvious now to his manager that this kid was a mistake to promote to a supervisor and him leaving would be addition by subtraction. im not exaggerating, as his one friend left a few months ago and he has ZERO friends. He had been here for 10 years. He told another guy here that if he goes out on the weekends he goes out by himself. It's sad and pathetic but when you were raised by misfits and you grow up thinking you are smarter and better than everyone at everything it tends to rub people the wrong way an people avoid you.
  9. Nothing has changed with this ##### as he's still the leading candidate for DOY (##### of the Year). I don't report to you but I sit next to you and therefore I witness how you go about your daily business. Let me ask you this, just how ####ed up are your parents? No normal beings could create such an antisocial maladjusted self absorbed misfit. The 16yr old punk in me wants to piss all over your keyboard and maybe even mail you a turd because you suck so much as a co worker but I don't think "because he is a #####" will fly with HR if I ever got caught doing anything. Rumor has it the you are interviewing and I hope someone is drunk enough to hire your pathetic ###. Rest assured I'll know you surfaced somewhere as someone else will be posting to this thread about the new guy that spends an hour a day in the ####ter and blames his co workers when he ####s up. Good riddance ##### bag
  10. I watched it, it was excellent. I couldn't walk away as before I watched it I heard of the school but only because it has produced some NHL players.
  11. Rhode Islands Mount Saint Charles won 26 straight state hockey titles from 1978 to 2003.
  12. This moron I work with takes a half hour dump every morning after stuffing his face with a huge breakfast, sometimes he takes two 1/2hr dumps a day. 250 work days a year = 125hrs of dumps. 125 dumping hrs / 7.5hrs work day = 16.667 work days a year at minimum that this kid is in the ####ter. What a ####### gross slob.
  13. LaVar Ball, he'd make this country great again, just ask him.
  14. Yeah, doesn't look good for Classic Empire to make it to the Derby. Hopefully he can get healthy and maybe well see him at The Travers
  15. The Bluegrass looms large with Classic Empire, McCracken and J Boys all slated to run. Thoughts on Classic Empire as he's been set back and was the Derby favorite in the Fall but has me wondering now.