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  1. I bet old Josey Wales wished he climbed those peaks instead.
  2. Thurman Murman grew up to be a fine handsome young man......####in freak.
  3. You part of the JTP?
  4. Wile E. is that you?
  5. Sure it's enough. Beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone. Chrissy Snow still looks good 40yrs later. Compatibility is overrated, as long as naughty time is fulfilling you can always come here if you are looking for intellectual conversation.
  6. Wait a minute, I've seen this before. Is your name Mike, are you an architect with 3 boys? Is the fine lady you are courting named Carol and has 3 girls ( the youngest one in curls)? A word of advice, years down the road if a "cousin Oliver" seeks to join your happy family please don't allow it as it will be the downfall of your marriage. Send the misfit Oliver to live with your housekeeper Alice's boy toy, Sam the butcher.
  7. Wasn't a problem for Mr Rogers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DvIigcW3GjM
  8. Same here, I switched it off after OSU threw it on 4th down.
  9. For me, White is JAG. Lewis is eligible to come back week 7 and if he does and if he's ok then both White and Foster won't get much time.....BUT, Gronk is now out week 1 and Foster has a window early on to possibly do something. If NE key guys are hurt, Foster could step in to a big role as long as he can leapfrog White, which I think is very possible. Foster has some pretty good upside for minimum cost right now. If he catches 8 balls for 100yds and a TD in week one his price goes way up.
  10. Drop James White for DJ Foster
  11. I think it's ok to talk about. I got HOU @ 50-1 and I wonder if they get bumped by a 1 loss BCS team. Had Auburn years ago when they went undefeated ( I beleve there were 3 undefeated that year) and got left out of the title game. This was the Cadillac Williams/Ronnie Brown team. Will be upset if this scenario happens. OK was the 1st big hurdle to clear, they have 3 tough AAC road games and then Louisville. A leap of faith but not as big as it was a week ago.
  12. DJ Foster for NE could be a great PPR play. James White is JAG and there are no guarantees regarding Dion Lewis. 50+ catches and 6+ TDs for a guy that is sitting on the waiver wire in most redraft leagues.
  13. This is for about page 125 when you are getting ready to go out on your first date. Most FBG's 45+ swear by it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iVGbEh695Ig
  14. Let's not get too excited about a hug, even Lloyd Christmas got one. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=apFIxtQdpek