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  1. Won the smile contest on the Uncle Gus Show over 45yrs ago. Been downhill ever since
  2. Larry Mondello - Beaver's sidekick for just a year or two but the kid was $ Mickey Abbot -Him and Kramer were hilarious together Sgt Schultz - I know nothing Mr Furley - Don Knotts an acquired taste but he was good Grady Wilson - Fred's loyal sidekick
  3. They don't shoot the 3 well and don't have a deep bench. If Zion gets in foul trouble they are very vulnerable.
  4. These pretzels are making me thirsty
  5. My condolences to you and your family Joe. I lost my mom last month and my siblings and I were able to thank her and tell her that we loved her before she passed. Too many people don't get the opportunity to say their good byes and personally I think it has helped me deal with her passing better than I could expect. I hope you are able to find comfort in the fact you had a chance to say your good byes to your mom.
  6. I was a schoolboy when I heard my first Beatle song. Love Me Do I think it was and from then it didn't take me long.
  7. Fast cars and fast women, that's why the guys in my car club call me The Cruiser.
  8. Can anyone unpack what's going on with the Celtics? O\U was 58.5 W and they look like a 50 win team at best and no better than the 3 seed in East. Vastly overrated? Sum of the parts less than the whole? Stevens overrated? Did I miss anything?
  9. Years ago Red Auerbach drafted a college player with the 6th overall pick yet that player opted to return to college and play his Sr year with the Celts knowing they might lose exclusive rights to him if they didn't sign him before the next draft. Said player led his team the next year to the Final Four. Just after the season ended the Celtics were able to sign said player. Worked out ok for the Celtics in the long run as the player was Larry Bird
  10. Did you run into any Japanese sailors from WW2 who have yet to surrender? The Castaways from Gilligans Island ran into one a few years back.
  11. 1.6 Q Nelson G ND - All Pro 2.36th Darius Leonard LB S Car St - All Pro 2.37 B Smith G Auburn - starter 2.52 Kemko Turay DE Rutgers - solid rookie who flashed upside 4.104 Nyheim Hines RB NC State - solid role player 5.169 Jordan Wilkins RB Ole Miss - another solid piece. They have young talent, picks and I believe cap space to really become one of top teams in AFC for the near future.
  12. At this point you have to say Mil is for real. Best record in league, best point diff, highest scoring team with a top 5 player. Beginning of the season i thought BOS would be best team in East but right now I think TOR and Mil beat them in a series.
  13. Does Kelly ever get ND another title? He seems like miles away from Saban and Sweeney right now as far as big games go.
  14. Hey Big Sam, you walk around the office always on your cell talking on speaker phone. I go into the mens room and you are in a stall taking what clearly smells like a massive dump and again your phone conversation is on speaker. Apparently the rules don't apply to you as you also park in either a visitor spot or a spot underneath that is designed for mgmt. Seriously who the #### do you think you are? Undoubtedly you are on the short list for biggest d bag in the building. A few tips: take your phone off speaker as no one gives two ####s what you have to say. Perhaps try destroying your own bathroom and try parking in the lot with the other employees you big fat lazy entitled slob. Better yet, please just leave as you just really suck. Signed 1200 of your co workers
  15. Is Jokic the most under the radar NBA star? I think DEN is legit and if they can get healthy can pose a threat to GS come playoff time. No one is talking about Jokic or DEN.