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  1. A cross between Steve Stifler and Brad Hamilton.
  2. What would the Pats go with a league average QB? Some think BB and his system could go 11-5 with anyone. They cite the Matt Cassell year. Brady has to be worth 3 regular season wins vs league average and more so in the playoffs i have to think. Can Jameis Winston or Marriotta get 10 wins with this Pats team?
  3. Damien Harris is the play in the NE backfield. I don't trust Sony 's knees.
  4. Great call LBL. Where does this leave the Celts in regards to the ability to sign a big?
  5. Can a Big 10 can tell me something positive about Romeo as I just don't see him fit on BOS
  6. So if the Celtics only make minor moves like bring in Kris Dunn and/or Vonleh then aside from being a 44 win team where do they stand from a cap standpoint. You think they sit tight and wait to spend in '20?
  7. What do the Celtics do now? 14/20/22 doesn't excite me. Cs not in a good spot right now
  8. 10 team 5x5 with 20 games at a position required for eligibility . Last year does not matter just this year and you need 1 game played by May 1st and 20 by June 15h to qualify. So for week's 1 thru 10 Bregman was a SS yet this week he's 3b only and can't go back to SS until he reaches 20. I won't even get into Kendrick who has played nearly 50 games in the field and plays in the NL yet is DH only right now. Didn't think that was possible but it is. Per the Commish the strict games played limit is to prevent hoarding yet our bench policy is 1 bench spot per position - so everyone can only have 1C 1 SS etc on their bench - so that basically prevents hoarding. Anyone care to unpack for me just how messed up this rule is as it makes no sense to me and my proposal to revist the rule gets met with a "quit your #####in this rule has been in place for 20yrs"
  9. And the LAC odds were low as well anticipating Kawhi or someone big headed there.
  10. I'd like to see that. Can their hitting continue or should expect some regression to the mean.
  11. Yet do they have enough SP? Serevino should be back eventually but are the Yanks gonna go out and get MadBum of Stroman?
  12. Including postseason think you need to bump Curry up to top tier . PG13 had fantastic year and needs to move up a few spots. Think Kyrie and Jokic merit serious attention in bottom tier as well.
  13. Hou scares me. Think they might be better than their 2017 version.
  14. Got them at 25-1 to win WS. Could have bought lower if I got in before season started as they were > 50-1
  15. Are the Nats done? Need to go 71-41 to get to 90 wins.
  16. Just how good area they? 90+ wins? Is their SP good enough to take them deep in postseason.