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  1. That might be relatively normal? Primary voters are far more likely to change their mind than GE voters. With a large field like this year, a lot of times people start out using lane theory to sift through candidates. Ideological lanes, gender lanes and racial lanes are more important early in the primary cycle, while electability / unifier lanes become more important late in the primary season. By the time the general comes around, most people have a much clearer idea of what matters to them most.
  2. Seemed like it got the appropriate level of attention. The Duval County chair of both parties condemned the incident immediately. Both FL Senators condemned it. POTUS weighed in three hours before the guy was detained. No injuries, no apparent affiliation with any larger group, nothing really known about the driver except that he’s a stage hand from Iowa who has been in the area a few years. He’s not even registered to vote. Not sure what level of coverage you think is appropriate. There’s not much there there.
  3. Obama remarks following Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile shootings This was on July 7, 2016, several hours before the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers. Helpfully, a full transcript is included. The reader may decide for themselves if the @Max Power description is accurate.
  4. Doesn’t it feel like deja vu all over again? The last election cycle was the first time I ever donated to a candidate - $15 per week from Jan to Jun - and the first time I volunteered (worked three phone banks.) [tbc, Bernie & bernie.] Voted for Hillary at 6am in November. ‘twas stunned by the outcome. I’m gonna he pretty bummed out if Biden is the DNC choice. It seems inevitable, and it has been that way for months. Here he is struggling to beat out Amy for 5th place in New Hampshire, he got waxed in Iowa, but outside of Bernie there’s no one else who will survive the [early] cash burn rate. He’ll curb stomp Sanders in South Carolina and cruise on into Super Tuesday as the presumptive. Man I hope I’m wrong. He’s a terrible candidate and not what the country needs right now.
  5. Y’all are acting like Trump’s the first Prez to spend an entire year on the golf course, get impeached, get high all day, hire his kids to steal our money, say bat#### crazy stuff on twitter while he walks around with his face painted orange and a dead ferret on his head..
  6. Do you think we’ll have executions in Central Park?
  7. Trump told news anchors at the White House for a private lunch today he planned to give the award.
  8. “I have also made an ironclad pledge to American family: We will always protect patients with preexisting conditions.” That protection is currently in limbo. The Trump administration has actually joined a lawsuit by Republican-governed states to scrap the Affordable Care Act, which includes protections for pre-existing conditions. The fate of that law won’t be decided until after the 2020 elections. Sarah Owermohle Health care reporter ”And we will always protect your Medicare and we will always protect your Social Security. Always. :(Cheers and applause) The American patient should never be blindsided by medical bills.”
  9. The U.S. manufacturing sector actually slid into a decline last year, with 12,000 jobs lost in December compared to the month before. Manufacturing companies added just 46,000 jobs last year overall. ( Factory activity had also been in decline for five straight months before just barely slipping into expansion in January, according to new data released this week.