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  1. Point of Information regarding the X: They have delivered 70K + Model X since 2016 - roughly 85K Model S during the same period. 2018 they were roughly even (X = 26,100 vrs S = 25,745.) I know many satisfied owners. Haven't ever known anyone to give up on it. Actually, I've never known anyone who drove a Tesla who ever bought an ICE again.
  2. He's been tearing the cover off the ball all spring. 75 HR year coming up.
  3. @James Daulton Tesla sent me a configuration link for the Model Y this morning. No 6 seater option.
  4. They won't stand. There are thousands of Tesla owners in TX.
  5. Man I don't know how they fit 7 people in there at the launch event (I should rewatch....I swore I saw 6 come out but they were all wearing black kind of faded into the background quickly.) I watched a couple test rides and people who shot the back row - nobody got to sit in the third row - said no way you're putting any adults back there. No headroom at all. Wonder if they'll have a 6 seat version? For the Model X, the fold flat 5-seat is perfect if you are going to use it primarily to haul stuff, but the 6 is vastly superior to the 7. Even though the X is enormous that third row doesn't have much leg room. But in the 6 seat configuration one person can put their legs in the open space between the second row pedestal seats. Plenty of headroom even for tall people in the second row, third row is comfortable if your guests are 5'10" or under. Since the Y is sort of a baby X, I am guessing the second row is gonna be about like the third row of the bigger SUV.
  6. Christchurch Mosque: White supremacist. Tree Of Life Synagogue: White supremacist. Mother Emanuel AME Church: White supremacist. Oak Creek Sikh Temple: White supremacist. Overland Park Jewish Center: White supremacist. Islamic Center of Quebec City: White supremacist.
  7. That segment & interview on public shaming was terrific. Best thing I saw this weekend She's in a great place now. Came across as articulate, funny & a strong woman.
  8. Saturday tweet so we're missing a few targets.
  9. Probably goes in the silver lining thread, but at least he didn't call her Mary Chevrolet.
  10. Bay-toh or BET-oh? I always thought it was the former. That's how I hear people always say it. Huh
  11. Is she related to Jussie Smollett? Is this how struggling-for-recognition B-listers get attention these days? it was trending on twitter....carry on
  12. But its pretty damn close. I think everyone remembers when John McCain cut off the lady who called Obama an Arab, took the microphone from her and told her he's a decent man. Compare and contrast.
  13. Yeah, I gotchu, seems like it can be really painful waiting on Tesla parts. Definitely need a Plan B - second car, insurance that covers rental car, etc. I'm a big fan of the Model X. They both have a ton of room, but the sight lines on the X are next level. Love the big sky windshield. Not quite as fun to drive as an insane or ludicrous Model S but still super quick, performance version or just standard AWD.