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  1. We’re up to ten statements (7 revisions) in the last 24 hours from AT&T, Novartis & South Korean Air explaining their payments to Michael Cohen / Essential Consultants.
  2. Meant to post this over the weekend... Playing with the guy in last place at the Masters must be a pretty seeet gig
  3. what a fantastic final day
  4. Would love to see Rory become the sixth golfer to complete the career Grand Slam. Does anyone like Patrick Reed? I don't mean to win, that could happen. I mean does anyone like like him.
  5. Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy all resemble Third World airports. LaGuardia flights are on time only 69% of the time, the buildings are decrepit, and frankly it's tiny for the volume it services. The NYC terminals are the cause of more flight delays nationwide by a country mile.
  6. He earned it. Reminds me of when Ballesteros four-putted the 16th. What happened out there on the 16 today Seve? I miss, I miss, I miss, I make
  7. That’s s little more honest Great tee shots with driver on 17 & 18, hopefully that’ll carry over Still not in terrible shape after one round
  8. did Tiger shank that? how did that hit patrons I thought they moved them way back?
  9. They've always had the best app of the four majors, by far
  10. Woods (-9) McIlroy (-8) Matsuyama (-7)
  11. This is brilliant, kudos bro
  12. Every first timer says this. I need to be a first timer. Soon.