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  1. Fastest clubhead speed recorded this week - faster than he was in 2007 (first year they tracked it), faster than DJ & Tony Finau rn. Putting very well. Still hasn’t broken 70 in 2018 but wouldn’t be surprised if he gets number 80 this year. Number 15 is a different kind of deal but it’s gonna be great to see him competing against the youngsters.
  2. nice shot, I feel like too often players carry it way too deep & end up without a good option if their deke doesn't work GOAL / X
  3. rWell the Men's Gold Medal game is traditionally right before the Closing Ceremony? X / GOAL
  4. Me neither!! #girlhockey #getreal
  5. Team pursuit is like watching a perpetual motion machine.
  6. Wait...does he have “45” embroidered on his cuff?
  7. The 1957 NYC Billy Graham Crusade lasted 16 weeks, drew over 2 million people - 100K when he spoke at Yankee Stadium - and 56,000 made decisions for Christ. ”I’m not going to heaven because I preached to millions. I’m going to heaven because, like the thief on the cross, I said ‘Lord, remember me.’”
  8. Let’s try this again. In my church - for ease of labeling puposes, the demo is roughly 30-35 Hispanic/Latino, 25-30 AA, 25-30 White, 5-10 Asian - this movie is the hottest cultural topic by a country mile. People are dressing up for it (more Afrocentric than Cosplay), went to see it 2-3 times already, & posting on social media how much this film means to them. You could have started a topic about Black Excellence or the overwhelmingly positive effect Black Panther is having on the AA community. Instead you said Nah, let’s go low - more clicks / replies.
  9. It may be the first mega­budget movie—not just about superheroes, but about anyone—to have an African-American director and a predominantly black cast. Hollywood has never produced a blockbuster this black. Around here people are showing up in African clothing & celebrating this movie. “About time!” I realize NYC is a bubble & I doubt that sort of thing is widespread in many parts of the country. But it’s def a thing here & the number one cultural topic. It’s more of a movement than just another movie.
  11. PSA: If you missed the competition & wanted to google “ice dancer wardrobe wardrobe malfunction”, you’re gonna have to be a little more specific.
  12. I don't know, these sleds are going 87 MPH. Isn't that faster than the luge/skeleton? I asked Alexa, here’s what she came up with: 1. DOWNHILL SKIING World record:100.6 mph Top speed: 84 mph Average: 62 mph 2. LUGE World record: 95.69 mph Top speed: 90 mph Average speed: 59 mph 3. BOBSLED (FOUR PERSON) World record: 95.07 mph Top speed: 80 mph Average speed: 55.4 mph 4. SKELETON World record: 82.87 mph Top speed: 78 mph Average speed: 54.5 mph 5. SKI JUMPING Top speed on hill: 62 mph Top speed in air: 68 mph 6. SPEED SKATING Average speed: 33.68 mph 7. SHORT TRACK SPEED SKATING Top speed: 31 mph Average speed: 28.8 mph 8. ICE HOCKEY Top speed: 25.03 mph Average speed: 12.5 mph 9. SLALOM SKIING Top speed: 25 mph 10. CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Top speed: 50 mph Average: 15 mph 11. FIGURE SKATING Top speed: 15 mph Average: 8 mph 12. CURLING Top speed: 1.74 mph
  13. Those things can flip? Back to the curling ? center, we out
  14. Adding the Muskegon Luge Track to my bucket list. It’s one of four tracks in the USA & only 30 minutes from my brothers house.
  15. Assuming I'd have to finish within a day or so of the other competitors, you can add any cross country event as deadly for me as well. We’d survive bobsled Man that seems slow after a week of luge & skeleton on the same course