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  1. Playing the Diggs owner Win probability after the early games is 5%
  2. He was a cool cat. Has this awesome slow roll way of walking, I thought he was like 60. Turns out he teaches at Julliard, we spent a good hour reminiscing about the East Side. One of eleven kids, he and his 87 y.o. sister are the only two left. Reconciled with his 53 y.o. son last year after being estranged for decades. Five minutes on football, 55 minutes on stuff that matters. Great game, sucky ending.
  3. I met a guy named Mo today who is from Detroit & saw them win three NFL titles in six years when he was in high school & at Wayne State Mo is 84 #truestory
  4. McLaurin out as well. Have a feeling lots of people plugging in Big Blue thinking it’s a smart play. #justsayno
  5. Have Meyers on the bench. Kid was dynamic all PS...
  6. Turrible on turrible is no way to go through life. I wouldn’t trust the G-men if they were providing mall security. They gave Janoris Jenkins a rape kit after he spent the getting toasted by Mike Evans. Their halftime scores this year: 21-7, 21-7 and 28-10.
  7. Starting Allen after watching the tape from Week 17 last year and last weeks game. FYI the bolded is false but it’s a moot point. What is impressive about Allen is his reads & decision making.
  8. in the same boat here and i saw your qb pickup posts throughout the week last week. i had ben/trubisky instead of cam/trubisky, dropped ben for dan jones. dan jones would have gotten me the win, but he sat on my bench with his 40+ regular stat points while trub got me just enough to make me cheer just to lose my matchup by a td. trubisky had a great night and i feel like he can and will do even better, but like you hard to trust him yet. gotta love the fact that he threw to every one of his receivers to start the game. he's finally seeing the field and i will guess his receivers will rotate being "the guy" each week. positive signs all around. if he can garner any decent stat line and keep the turnover down against minny this week, i'll feel okay about starting him. if he doesn't, i'm still contemplating between the two you mentioned, Brissett & Minshew, who are both available. Brissett seems to be the clear safe floor guy, Minshew probably the low floor higher ceiling guy because, if nothing else, i don't trust him or his receivers yet. will probably stash Minshew tonight and wait another week with 3 qb's on my roster. fun times. Got sniped on Minshew but added Kyle Allen. Gonna start Brissett, though - better matchup & I agree with your thinking, higher floor. Dropped Trubisky for Jakobi Meyers (Edelman is my WE2.) We sometimes forget lots of mediocre to terrible QBs are just fine as QB1s, but Mitch will give you too many 5 to 12 point games IMO. QB is by far the easiest position to replace off the WW.
  9. Why do I keep starting Tarik in my Flex spot?
  10. Trubisky won the week for me Monday night but I don’t trust him. Drafted Cam with no backup, he’s stashed on IR. Picked up Jacoby Brissett but I’m tempted to drop Mitch for Kyle Allen. Or drop my RB6 (Edmonds) for Gardner Minshew II. #wordsineverexpectedtotype
  11. 1% win generous Rex Grossman says hello 4 interceptions and IIRC 2 lost fumbles as well 144 yards passing = 5.76 pts 6 turnovers = (-12.00) (-7) rushing = (-0.70) (-6.94) total The best part of the “WE LET ‘EM OFF THE HOOK! THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY ARE!” game was sexy Rexy dancing around the victory formation on consecutive plays for 2 or 3 yard losses instead of the typical 1 yard kneel down (they had to a couple extra seconds off to get to 0:00. Guy in my league lost by 0.04 starting Grossman.
  12. The bottom of my roster with YTD FF points: Justice Hill 9.28 Chase Edmonds 7.70 Ty Johnson* 7.70 Darrell Henderson 0.00 *cut once, but got him back after Guice went on IR Also have Singletary but he’s already flashed enough I think he’ll have a role when healthy. Hill has the most upside atm. As a DJ owner I guess I should keep Chase. Ty is fighting J.D. McKissic for scraps & not showing much so far, probably cut him again at some point. Still can’t believe I wasted a 9th rounder on the Rams 3rd stringer. WW: Pollard, Sproles, Gallman, Gus, CJP