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  1. You guys get points for touches? Me neither. But if we played in PPT leagues, he and Mixon would be studs.
  2. Pretty much all year except for one 5 pointer.
  3. Hoping other teams copy the Eagles success & just drop kickers. Who needs these guys, just have the punter kickoff, go for it on fourth and run nothing but 2-pointers. You guys may have just found the formula that revitalizes the NFL,
  4. I rarely switch out late but took your advice here & sat Alex. Didn’t matter as my whole lineup went off be def one of those rare instances weather was a factor. Probably the first time in 26 years of playing I’ve led the league in scoring for the week with a QB who scored negative points. Also, IME 95-99% of lineup changes after 12:45pm go badly.
  5. That’s from 7.5 years ago (hey, I couldn’t find anything better on Google either.) 2013 Shark Pool thread Crabtree & D. Thomas both came back from full tears, but can’t really think of a RB comp.
  6. 3-0 in divisional road games - first time that’s happened since... Check that - first time that’s happened in the Super Bowl era (52 seasons.) Wow. Overall, the Lions are 4-1 away from home this season. That matches New Orleans, Carolina and the Rams for the most road wins in the NFC, and trails just Pittsburgh league wide. It also matches the most road wins by a Caldwell-coached team for a full season, with trips to losing teams like Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Baltimore still on deck. Only team the NFL that has 3 Road division wins in 2017. Minnesita plays 4 of their next 5 on the road, versus 3 winning teams and the .500 Packers (plus home v. Cinci.) After Thanksgiving, the Lions wont face a team that currently has a winning record.
  7. Adequate
  8. He hasn’t really shown much this year to differentiate himself from the veterans. I know once upon a time some services had him as the best RB coming out of high school but throughout PS and the first 11 weeks he has seemed underwhelming. He is met the point of the exchange with such regularity I think it’s hard to judge how good he is.
  9. Good matchups week 12, 14, & 16. His floor prior to today in full PPR to today was 12.60. I’ll might be using him again at some point as my Flex. For reference point, my other WRs are Allen, Cooks, Funchess, Smith-Schuster, & Woods. He’s probably my WR6 at this point and my 8th most important player in weeks I do start him (my other RB2/Flex are Martin/Mixon so he’s not even close to being my most frustrating draft pick.) Not like my season is riding on him, I have other studs that carry the team.
  10. Allen, Cooks, Collins, Lutz, Chargers/Ravens IOW, embarrassment of riches. 7-4, third place, 2nd points, rounding into form
  11. I rarely switch out late but took your advice here & sat Alex. Didn’t matter as my whole lineup went off be def one of those rare instances weather was a factor.
  12. 100%. Saw a stat this week Mixon has the lowest yards per carry before first contact. Sat him for Collins today. Volume without production.
  13. I have the Chargers paired with the Ravens
  14. His kicking beyond 50 is unmatched by anyone. No one is even close percentage wise. That 52 yard kick today in freezing weather with a stiff cross breeze was one of the best kicks you will ever see. There have been more accurate kickers from inside the 40 but no one as good from distance. You called THE GOAT, which is a repeat of a claim you’ve made often. Being good at one aspect doesn’t strike me as a convincingly augment.
  15. Ravens D