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  1. Trump is down 7 points. His constant interruptions made the debate unwatchable. He did nothing tonight to help himself. β€œStand back and stand by” is going to be the line everyone remembers years from now. We’ve never seen anything like it in a debate.
  2. from Twitter the moderator should be allowed to spritz candidates in the face for talking over each other like i do with my cats when they're eating house plants
  3. 23 - 10:30, right? and why didn’t they decide to put two breaks in - WE need it even if they don’t
  4. I’m amazed your staying in your thread tonight πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
  5. Trump with a strong answer there on LAW AND ORDER No, seriously, he did well. Didn’t touch on race except #whataboutism but he did well.