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  1. Just like CEOs, athletes are few and can spread their increased cost over hundreds of thousands of fans. It's kind of sickening tbh that aside from baseball, most regular people are priced out of attending games live. And they're still paying for it with higher product cost due to tv deals and endorsements.
  2. I'm still thinking a used model S for $50k'ish. Have never been in/driven any of them but the clearly larger S seems much more a "family" type of car then the 3 from a room perspective. I also love the way the S looks. If I buy it will be in the fall time frame so hopefully all the recent new price reductions will be baked into the used price.
  3. Seriously? This is why having honest discussions is impossible. Every position is looked at from the extreme. Just like guns, if we have to register, then the government will come take them away. There's zero room for compromise. SAD
  4. Kelly C was great. Kelsie Ballerini opened up (my favorite country gal) but KC's vocals are on another level. She was engaging, funny, played all her hits. Great show.
  5. So why does @Opie keep bringing them up they we should be outraged? He's not trying to suggest that anyone can get an abortion right before delivery is he? Nah, they wouldn't do that.
  6. I can't stand water that < 75 degrees. So I'm assuming I wouldn't enjoy this?
  7. I mean I get that but what's the thing's significance to Captain Marvel? How'd it get to earth?
  8. Watched and like Captain Marvel. What was the deal with the cat? Is it some kind of special cat I should be familiar with?
  9. The real question is, why is Jim avoiding TIS? Bad experience with his weather reports?