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  1. I'm constantly told by Trump supporters that white men face constant racism these days due to being blamed for all the world's ills and the continual attempt to wipe European culture from the face of the earth.
  2. The only thing I've seen that caused Trumpers to jump off the bandwagon was when he talked about maybe giving the DACA kids a path to citizenship. I saw quite a few Trumpers really pissed about this and ready to go HAM on him. I wonder why that was?
  3. Is the WC the highest level of soccer or would the league champions beat these national teams?
  4. Speak English guy. I told you I wasn't a big soccer watcher.
  5. Not a huge soccer watcher but isn't Croatia dominating the Frogs?
  6. Ha, just another liberal slanted website with fancy charts and statistics. Just trying to get in the way of MAGA I suppose.
  7. How is this still on? Is there more than one affair or something?
  8. Ya. Don't have tix yet but I'll get them.
  9. This is my 3rd favorite kind of Dentist posting. My first favorite is when Fed wins a major and the unadulerated joy and man love Dentist feel just hits me in the feels. My second favorite is when Ralph wins and Dentist goes on a tirade about how he's not even close to GOAT since all he wins are French's. My 3rd favorite is the thanking Joker posts after he beets Ralph as Dentist feels Feds legacy is safe for a few more months.
  10. Saw Taylor Swift tuesday at FedEx Field. Charlie XCX and Camilia Cabello opened, both are pop gals with a few songs I recognized from the radio. They were fine. Taylor played for almost 2 hours so that was good, she sound great and that was good. However, way way way too much dancing, props, etc on stage. There was so much going on it took away from the music for me. Plus, her freaking band was visible for maybe 3 songs. The rest of the time they were on this giant scaffolding in the dark while the stupid dancers and giant snakes got all the lighting. C- I was thinking of hitting up Sugarland tonight but I'm going to pass. Next up is Darious Rucker and Lady Antebellum on August 2nd. Then Little Big Town/Miranda Lambert and then Hootie and the Blowfish. If Kenny Chesney tix come way down in price I'll go see him. So far Imagine Dragons have been my favorite this year.
  11. Uh cause they're the weaker sex. Plus their boobs probably get sore from all the bouncing around. duh
  12. Just a bit lower. What scholarly work has he done?
  13. Ah the noted intellect James Woods. Now what have other noted conservative deep thinkers like Sarah Palin or Ted Nugent chimed in with?
  14. Can you point to where we refer to all Trump voters as white nationalist and racist? You guys seem to always say this but I don't think I've ever witnessed a single instance of it. This seems to be a weird defense mechanism all Trump supporters use but I can't figure out where it comes from. And pointing out blatant racism isn't the same as labeling all Trump supporters as racist.
  15. Why does he need to test more rockets? He has rockets that will reach the US.