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  1. I feel like we're missing some Trump supporters. Where'd they go?
  2. Books will be written my friend. Books will be written...oh wait, lots of books have ALREADY been written. But of course every single one is fake written by an anti-Trumper. lol
  3. Censuring for curse words like "damn" and "hell"? Or censuring for any mention of science?
  4. Worshiping Trump. Parroting lies. That sort of thing.
  5. Bernie's got this thing locked up. Get ready for 4 more years of Trump.
  6. Oh I'm quite sure we'll be seeing our Trump supporting friends parroting this claim before to long.
  7. Just throw it on the pile with all the other lies. Nobody will notice.
  8. How could the greatest economy ever turn so quickly?
  9. FC42, honest question, was there another president in your lifetime who'd you even have a question about how they'd handle something like this? Whether they'd lie about it, minimize it simply to appease the financial markets, or go off script and start ranting about his "enemies"?
  10. I’m commenting on how Trump supporters are applauding how well he did because he almost sounded coherent. This should be the minimum we expect from the president.
  11. Thanks for the response. It’s crazy how people can have the exact opposite opinion of the same dude, but that’s what makes the world go round I guess.
  12. Insane how far he’s lowered the bar. As long as he doesn’t say anything racist, call democrats traitorous scum, or try to bully judges it’s considered a good showing. We live in Idiocracy.
  13. I hear that. I feel good about the current setup, and if it floods I'll just ##### at the wife since I begged her to move.