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  1. James Daulton

    What will current Trump supporters think about him in 20 years?

    Wait until the books come out and all of his current close associates spill the beans. Trump voters will finally understand what we all know, that's he's nothing but an uninformed conman who just happens to be really great at marketing himself to a specific subset of people and he's really only interested in making himself look good and enriching himself. He literally says on the his current campaign trail that a vote for R is a vote for him but if the House is lost it's not his fault. He's the exact opposite of what anyone should want in a leader, but here he is.
  2. James Daulton

    2018 Elections Thread

    That's a pretty bigly turn around. I'd call it a weakening of the R's Kav effect and T Swizzle helping as well.
  3. How long did it take Manafort and Trump's fix'er to be held accountable? What were the circumstances under which they were brought to justice? Yes, it's quite likely that Trump has spent his adult life breaking financial and ethical laws and never been brought to bear for it.
  4. James Daulton

    2018 Elections Thread

    One thing to consider, if Dems can hold serve in the Senate or only lose a seat, there are so many Rs up for re-election in 2020 that there should be lots of senators who'll give a long hard think before they just MAGA away. Particularly if the election in November shows huge Dem turnout and a good flipping of the House.
  5. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    In the context that he described. Regardless I feel like you're arguing just to argue so I'll let it be. I'm pretty sure you know what I meant but you just won't let go of the word that KC provided his own definition for.
  6. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Elitism wasn't my word. It was KC's description for more highly valuing those opinions when the source is more educated and experienced. That's why I asked for clarification from him in the first place.
  7. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Who's talked about removing anyone? Just if a lawyer gives legal opinion on this bored it carries me weight with me than an auto mechanics legal opinion. And vice versa if I'm having car issues. Why is that controversial? Both are still free and welcome to give their opinion on both topics.
  8. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Experts with superior knowledge to me in certain subjects? Yes.
  9. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    I still haven't heard a real definition of elitist behavior ITT. If the definition is that people with education and experience in an area are better equipped to handle issues than someone with little education or experienc, then give me elitist behavior every time.
  10. What does that mean? Are you arguing that Obama's not a self made man? I'm confused.
  11. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Good cause they all don't. Trump is a massive outlier in the lying category along with a number of other areas you'd prefer your president not be a leader in.
  12. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    Agreed. But stating that someone is educated and successful is not elitist in the least. That's why I asked KC what he did. His take on acting elite is weird.
  13. James Daulton

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    What does that even mean? So if no one ever educated you you wouldn't be educated do don't acknowledge people that are educated and successful since it's only because of other people? Am I in crazy town?