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  1. Holy #### I would celebrate like its 1999 and I was worried about Y2K ending the world.
  2. He said he'd never do it again! Funny, I've said that to my wife from time to time...
  3. It's like he's trying to be as ridiculous and off the wall as possible. Man, when we look back at this time in our history we're going to think we're so dumb. Trump, bell bottoms, and acid washed jeans.
  4. "Chet" Next week they're going to find something yuge!
  5. I haven't seen this anywhere else so I'll take the tweet with a grain of salt. I mean it sounds totally plausible but it'd be nice to have some corroboration.
  6. All China has to do is threaten to stop making Trump and Ivanka's crappy gear. Problem solved.
  7. Read the title saw "lawyers" and "torturous interference" and was very hopeful. This thread is extremely disappointing.
  8. The one scientist is totally in it, the nerdy one I think. But one would think a few annoying characters wouldn't take away your enjoyment of a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters.
  9. Nah, if it was two feet, yes, but the airlines up here are real good at getting back to business.
  10. Snowing like a ##### here in Charm City. And might that be the most inappropriate nickname for a city in the country?
  11. I wonder how law enforcement tracked him down? Those kind of details are usually pretty interesting. And can we leave the political bs out of this thread. Let's just be happy that this dude is no longer threat.
  12. Not snowing in Baltimore either, hard to say your're working from home due to snow when there's no ####### snow!
  13. Is hitting your 8 iron 160+ the new "I make six figures?
  14. You must be thinking of FBGs. The plebes at FFT couldn't even lie well enough to claim all of that.
  15. I think you're on the wrong board bro. The Huddle is ---------->