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  1. He's a genius self promoter. Other than that he's a moron. Where he born Donald Smith instead of Trump he'd be a real estate agent somewhere.
  2. Half of these are much worse than when he first stained the office and others aren't really accomplishments at all.
  3. And the funniest part is the rah rah stuff is all fake.
  4. Ah, bringing out the TDS playbook eh? Sure, I mean anyone who dare criticize dear leader must be inherently suffering from some kind of hatred for him. It couldn't possibly be that he's a lying, conman, who literally said he'd be too busy to golf/vacation if president and then has spent the most time of any president doing both. It's not like he said Mexico would build the wall or that healthcare was easy to fix or that sub 3% GDP sucked. It's not like illegal crossings at the border are at a 10-year high or anything. Yea, it's just us with TDS tilting at windmills. He's doing everything he said he would and has accomplished the most of any president every. Sure.
  5. Oh lord now I've heard it all. Worked tirelessly by golfing every other weekend and hitting the office at the crack of noon? Like no president we've ever seen? god you people are so brainwashed it's actually sad.
  6. Yea, "laid waste" to the Bush/Clinton dynasties by tapping into the worst part of his base, their distrust/dislike of immigrants from South of the border. Such a freaking savant appealing to the lowest common denominator. He's basically Churchill.
  7. Sometimes the truth hurts. Trump was a joke conman in the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s just like he is now. The difference is that he convinced his base he’s on their side by recognizing they are frightened of people from South of the border.
  8. IDK, their "grab them by the #####" leader called her "foul mouthed" so his followers need to parrot that phrase too. I understand why he doesn't get the irony, and I guess I see why they don't either.
  9. Remember people, Jim Jones convinced hundreds of people to kill themselves as have many others. Some people are just more susceptible to the whims of a conman cult leader than others.
  10. Who was the other president or political figure did Trump investigate to see if they were born in the US? Trump's base loves to refer to him as Muslim and call him Hussein. But these are just because right?
  11. IDK, most of us still think that character matters at least a little. You know, someone the children can look up to. Do you think children have anything to look up to in Trump? And before you shout Bill!!!! You know as well as I do that he'd never be even nominated in today's world. By dems that is, by Republicans he'd fit right in.
  12. They do it so instinctively now they don't even realize out. Always have to have Trump's back, no matter what. Freaking insane times we're living in. Trump of all people! Donald freaking Trump, essentially Kim Kardashian of the 80's and 90's and a massive joke until he struck the cord with his base starting with his racist birtherism "investigation." SAD