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  1. Soooo one person's opinion in an unknown rag in 2008 and then *crickets* for 12 years RIGHT until Biden became the defacto nominee. Sure. Nothing suspicious about that at all. Nope.
  2. Hogan said in his presser today that states ignored WH guidelines for opening. In fact most guidelines seem to be ignored. The governors will rule the day, not the president whose only concern is getting re-elected.
  3. 2018 begs to differ. Record dem primary participation begs to differ. The #1 issue according to dem primary voters? Get rid of Trump. You Trump bros vastly vastly underestimate the hatred a huge portion of Americans feel for him. Likely a higher number than those adore him. Now getting those groups to polls and which way true independents swing will decide the election. Oh, and Sleep Joe's net approval rating crushes Trump's and it crushes Hilldawg's from the same time period.
  4. I'd bet the enthusiasm to vote against Trump is higher than the enthusiasm to vote for Trump by a bigly margin.
  5. If she was supporting Bernie she should have come out earlier. Bernie may well have been the nominee then.
  6. Kavanaugh wasn't really in the public eye before that. Nowhere near as much as Biden. And like I said, a lifetime appointment is a far far cry from an 8 year term voted on. But yea, Ford's accusation was fishy and without real evidence too.
  7. Yea, not buying it. I subscribe to the theory that something else is driving her. METOO been's around way longer than her accusation. She waited until Biden had the nomination basically wrapped up.
  8. Jared Kushner Declares Administration Response to Coronavirus ‘A Great Success Story’ This out of touch, silver spoon dude is reason enough to boot Trump bigly in November. Talk about tone deaf.
  9. I'm a very caring father, thanks for that. If this gal had been chasing Biden with allegations for decades, had some sort of evidence, sure boot him. This accusation is completely out of left field and she had ample opportunities to bring it forward with Biden being in the public spotlight so much. Something smells fishy.
  10. Zero chance I'd swap Hillary for Biden. Again, this accusation came out of the blue and the gal had TONS of time to act when Biden was in public office. Something is fishy. She easily could have stepped forward between 07-16. In fact Biden ran for president in those years, why now?
  11. My first question would be why didn't you tell me about this 25 years ago so we could have done something about it legally?
  12. Why in the world would Biden step down based on an accusation from 25 years ago just surfacing now? And once again Trump can do whatever he wants and get away with it? Nope. Time for dems to play by the R's game. For presidential candidates you let the voters decide. Trump admitted on tape to sexual assault using the Harvey Weinstein defense. Weinstein is in jail.
  13. Where was this gal when Biden was freaking VP and running for president in the past?
  14. The top third of stories on state TV's website are about this story. They are desperately during their best to try to bring Biden down while completely ignoring Trump's accusers. And don't these folks realize when they compare to Kav that Kav was up for an appointed, lifetime job vs Biden who will serve 8 years max and needs to be voted in? I'd say the standard of proof and investigation in these two cases is wildly different. Now, back to Trump's admitting to sexually assaulting women by using the Harvey Weinstein defense...