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  1. If you were a Trump supporter from the beginning, I can's see how anything he's done would have caused you to change your support. The economy and jobs are doing well (I know I know not that much changed from O but the numbers are the numbers now apparently) plus he has cracked down on immigration, ISIS seems to be in check for the time being, and of course that bigly tax cut. I don't think Trump supporters care a whit about the prior standards of the office, nor how we are perceived around the world. They've taken a hard America Only stance and that's all that matters to them. And when the stock market inevitably corrects you can expect unabashed deflection from Trump and likely blaming O for pumping so much money into the economy. I know it makes no sense but that's where we are.
  2. Used the new stand mixer to make mashed potatoes and then got the attachment and made pasta. The pasta was fun to make and surprisingly good for my first time. It leaves a bit of a mess in the kitchen and takes some time, but I will experiment with some recipes (I just used a very basic recipe) to see if I can amp up the pasta a bit.
  3. I finished mine (at nights, in person) when I was like 35 and I cursed myself every day for not doing it sooner. But good luck to you.
  4. While I get the idea behind raising endangered animals as a way of preserving them, what kind of thrill do the hunters themselves get out of the "hunt." It seemed to me that the hunters were either driven within shooting distance of the animals or the animals were drawn out by food and water to easy shooting distance. Literally shooting fish in a barrel. And the guys that paid for the hunt seemed like complete caricatures, like Hollywood versions of how non-hunters perceive these kind of hunters.
  5. That was just the introduction. Now they're on to the crocs, elephants, rhinos, etc
  6. Anybody watching? This first segment seems like complete bs from a non hunter perspective since they drew the deer in with feeding troughs.
  7. Yea my wife is often a real ##### too.
  8. I was trying to elicit a pause while reading. And #### off!
  9. Women are the worst except, when they're naked.
  10. Just ordered the pasta attachment should be arriving today. Should I get my heart set on making pasta for dinner tomorrow?
  11. Got a stand mixer for Christmas that I'd like to try out. Does anyone have any go-to recipes. Also, would the pasta making attachment be something worthwhile to buy if one enjoyed pasta very much?
  12. Big difference between keeping a porn start quiet vs being beholden to the Russian government.
  13. Ok, I'm no fan of Trump but the ^^^ takes huge leaps of logic and requires some suspense of disbelief. That said, count me in! I'm all aboard the "Trump paying hush money to porn stars thereby proving that he could be blackmailed so thereby proving that Russia could have easily blackmail him" train. Choo choo!!