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  1. Now we're not only a laughingstock to the rest of the world thanks to who a minority of the voters elected, he's also creating domestic terrorist who act with deadly violence based on his hateful rhetoric. Thanks.
  2. When the president says we're being "invaded" and calls southern border immigrants rapist, murderers, and drug runners, most people can put two and two together. But keep living in your fantasy land where Trump's hateful tweets have no impact on the psyche of his followers.
  3. Oh he only liked it, didn't create it. Clearly not a Trump supporter then...SMH
  4. Are you honestly trying to argue that someone who wants to kill a lot of people could do even a fraction of the damage with a knife that they can do with a gun? If so, then why does our military and police rely exclusively on guns?
  5. No no, only @GoBirds has the correct intel that this dude was not only NOT a Trump supporter, but that he actually loved and welcome immigrants. The rest of us are wrong.
  6. He espoused the same hateful views towards immigrants as Trump.
  7. He spelled out Trump in guns on his FB. No, this guy didn't "hate both political parties."
  8. How did believing in god help violence during the crusades, slavery, etc? Pretty sure it's not the country believing less in god.
  9. Since you can't debate without personal attacks I'll help you. Under Obama both the stock market and unemployment improved several factors better than they have under Trump. GDP growth has been about equal between the two, and I'd call QE and the tax cuts for the rich a push. Wages are stagnant for both.
  10. Ah incapable of debating without personal attacks. It's absolutely shocking you're a Trump supporter. I mean, he never does this... Oh wait...
  11. Agreed. But have you seen those videos from Trump rallies? That kind of rhetoric is found on Trump supporting boards. Those boards universally believe that more guns are needed so the good guy with a gun can kill the bad guy with a gun after the bad guys "only" killed a few people.
  12. Damn another personal attack so soon back from being banned?
  13. It's a shame stock returns and unemployment had to slow down from Obama's glorious eight years. What's Trump's average annual increase in stocks, like 12%? SAD
  14. Incorrect. Gun people are against any more gun restrictions and think the solution is more good guys with guns. If you don't know this you need to read other, more gun friendly, forums.
  15. But Trump's got no influence over these types of events!!!! And he wasn't making fun of that disabled guy and women let him grab them by the #######. November 2020 can not come fast enough to rid our country of this stain.