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  1. C'mon Michelle. If you're reading this, your country needs you!
  2. Oh Oh I'll start: 1. Own the libs 2. No longer confused with the band 3. Never question Father Trump's informed, well thought out decisions
  3. Oh yea, I did forget about that. Damn Trump's charisma and alpha qualities! There is no defense.
  4. So Trump has also abdicated the responsibility of "Leader of the free world" huh?
  5. No. Clearly decades of US involvement prior to Trump were completely unnecessary and wasted. Only Father Trump really knows what's best for US interests and scientific knowledge. Oh well, just one more thing Sleepy Joe will have to reverse. No biggie.
  6. While true. But that doesn't give Trump supporters the right to call others names, make personal attacks, and behave in ways unacceptable for the rest of the forum. Right?
  7. Opting out of SS for most people is a terrible idea. I'll bet if you run the numbers you'll find that your return is pretty close to historical market returns.
  8. Exactly. Clearly two slips of the tongue. Glad you can recognzie that. Or are you somehow so much more astute about Biden's clear racism than Jim Clyburn, etc. And never forget "good people on both sides"
  9. For real though, how massive would voter turnout be with Michelle O on the ticket? I think it would destroy 2008 levels after the nightmare of these last 4 years.
  10. If they debated would mommy have to stand next to Pence on stage?
  11. I think Kam's got it locked up...unless Michelle decides to do her country a massive favor.
  12. Trump seems to be jumping in with both feet on the side of the confederacy and its flag. Certainly an interesting strategy he's worked out for himself.
  13. Eh, Trump's market is getting the exact same treatment Obama's did. Wall Street's greed and the government's need to continually feed it are politically agnostic.
  14. Same here. The a-holes are far outnumbered by the non-a-holes.
  15. I bet they're taking all this time trying to convince Michelle O to agree. The Biden win would be a landslide with her on the ticket.
  16. Again Kushner family owned businesses vs a 1971 law firm connection and one of a million companies Pelosi's husband has an investment in. This is the equivalency you're trying to draw? And it was Trump's admin who refused over site. There's no spinning this blatant corruption.
  17. It's a wonder why non-Trump supporters sometimes associate Trump supporters with supporting racism. I just can't put my finger on why exactly... Note not a single Trump supporter bothered to even respond to these blatant racist call out tweets.
  18. After the outbreak in Dewey, Rehoboth got much stricter on masks. So I think you're good walking around and on the boards in Rehoboth. For the beach, it's masks to get there and then social distancing on the beach. Beach was obviously fairly crowded though. We did go into Lewes and the masks use wasn't quite as prevalent but still pretty good. Not as crowded as Rehoboth so you can walk around and enjoy while social distancing. Have a great time.
  19. I think that Trump has mortally wounded the party. His base will not rabidly follow any candidate not named Trump, so the moderates you'd gain back with a normal candidate would be offset by the lack of enthusiasm from Trump supporters. The party really did go all in with him and they're in deep trouble if he loses. Not to mention that demographics simply work against the Republican party as it's currently constituted.
  20. How come people don't complain this much about being forced to wear seat belts?
  21. You're forgetting about the SiLeNt MaJoRiTy!!
  22. I've been pretty blah on video games the last few years, but the Quest is a brand new experience. I also kind of like the fact that since you're moving or standing it's perfect for like hour long gaming periods instead of hours on end. Every time I put the headset on I'm amazed.
  23. Picked up an Oculus Quest over the weekend and I have to say that I have been blown away. The VR immersion is truly fantastic and you can easily forget you're playing a video game. There's a roller coaster game that makes me feel physically almost exactly like riding an actual roller coaster. Amazing.
  24. Do you approve of this type of behavior from the president?