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  1. my god, the 1974 draft. 4 hall of famers in the first 5 rounds. and in 1975 they drafted Walter White #ElCamino
  2. the last time the steelers didn't have a first-round pick was 1967? That is genuinely astonishing.
  3. I read a book many years ago called One Market Under God where Thomas Frank talks about ""market populism"—the widely held belief that markets are a more democratic form of organization than democratically elected governments." I am reminded of that in a few threads of late (below), as well as the book Audience of One, in which James Poniewozik describes the Trump presidency as " almost inevitable. Of course he won. This is the United States we’re talking about. The same way Boris Johnson tapped into Britain’s inner erudite buffoon, so Trump tapped into our inner core, which all too often turns out to have comprised midnight cheeseburgers and hormonal TV childhoods...[in which] Trump is TV, the mere simulacrum of a human being projected onto a flat-screen. He grew up with the dawn of television and a TV-watching mother ... Trump “achieved symbiosis with the medium. Its impulses were his impulses; its appetites were his appetites; its mentality was his mentality.” And I know there was a thread in which someone asked about what is the deal with cable news or news being biased or having an agenda or something like that, and I said the reason was capitalism. I guess I don't have a fully fleshed-out conclusion here yet, but it's definitely something...
  4. yeah, except then i changed my mind. life is pointless.
  5. i feel you, but right now Halloween is the most ridiculous nonsense that there is. seems to create year-long drama for my daughter every year now.
  6. That makes a lot more sense. I wasn’t looking and knew I shouldn’t trust what my wife said... how she turned noll and lambert into swann and harris is beyond me...
  7. Honestly if the chargers are not going to go for that 4th and 2, they might as well just fold the franchise