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  1. Long Ball Larry

    Name a band

    Asia america europe alabama kansas chicago boston
  2. Long Ball Larry

    Name a band

  3. Long Ball Larry

    Name a band

    Psychedelic porn crumpets
  4. Long Ball Larry

    Name a band

    Cannibal corpse
  5. Long Ball Larry

    name a band and their greatest song

    311 - homebrew wu tang - protect ya neck primus - Jerry was a racecar driver Radiohead - all I need polvo- beggars bowl helmet - unsung coldplay - violet hill csny - ohio
  6. Long Ball Larry

    Apex Legends. The fortnite killer

    My daughter is pretty into fortnite so I asked her about this tonight. I said that I read that it might be the fortnite killer. She said “no, it is literally not. The graphics are terrible.”
  7. Looks like the union is going to propose that’s the draft age be lowered. I’m not sure what that means about the timetable, but it certainly seems like most thought it was inevitable not anyway. Honestly thrill that it was originally more to save the owners from themselves but now scouting and information are so much better that I dont think it would be an issue. Not to mention the fact that overall high schoolers were pretty successful. I really dont see what expanding the draft would accomplish. I think they find pretty much everyone they need and there is no issue with lack of quality players getting drafted. I also doubt that the g league is a viable option for most high schoolers until the teams actually have the rights to their players and/or the training gets a lot better. The new African league is interesting. Maybe the nba will lower the age and look at a more comprehensive development plan for young players. Internal player development probably is a good competitive advantage that can be difficult to use in the current landscape.
  8. these guys are not the real CBs of the future, but that is an uninformed opinion. they both have their flaws but are certainly useful.
  9. Zion goes down with some kind of knee injury in first minute. Still on bench so not clear that it’s too serious, definitely a scare.
  10. Long Ball Larry

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Donald J. Trump‏@realDonaldTrump Feb 19 Had the opposition party (no, not the Media) won the election, the Stock Market would be down at least 10,000 points by now. We are heading up, up, up! amazing
  11. yeah, it's just good to have these things in place now before they come up in the heat of the moment. it doesn't mean that everything has to be 100% bound by it in the end, but it lets you have the control later.
  12. both. in PA. not sure if you have consulted someone privately, but it might be worth getting another opinion. there were things in my case that i never thought or cared about because everything seemed easy at the time, but circumstances can change later and things can become problems. do you have a clause about not living more than x number of miles away?
  13. Long Ball Larry

    One Year Later: Re-Drafting the 2018 NFL Draft

    i guess this means that they have lamar jackson in the top 20? And the ravens would trade up to get DJ Moore?