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  1. 12.12 - Shotgun - The Spins Pretty sad song, though I still am not totally sure I understand the various people described in the song.
  2. I agree that Lewes is a good spot to go and chill, yet still have a decent number of options to walk to and easily drive to, if necessary.
  3. expected points added.
  4. We still going today? Round 10 - Slave - GQ Nothin Pretty, King Magnetic, Kut One Love the sound and edge. Really this whole album has this nice big dirty menacing feel.
  5. i am the least sentimental person ever, but even i am moved by him helping that girl with the national anthem.
  6. rich man's disease. i say kick back and enjoy.
  7. I like this one: Determines the average likelihood of calling a "reactive" play across the league, based on 8 different situations (as specified in Bill Walsh's book). Compares each team's tendency to those averages. Being less reactive would be favorable, since it is less predictable. Unfortunately there is no overall number comparing all the teams, but a bar graph for each. From scanning the graphs, these are who I see as least and most reactive from 2018. I probably missed some. Least Reactive: Niners, Bears, Chargers, Cowboys, Pats, Rams, Seahawks, Texans, Titans, Skins Most reactive: Bucs, Chiefs, Falcons, Packers