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  1. 26.28 (happy, krista?!) ES POSTHUMUS - UNEARTHED (2001) E.S. Posthumus was an independent musicgroup that produced a form of 21st-century classical music/epic music that intertwined popular style drum rhythms with orchestral and electronic sounds. Their music is inspired by the Pythagorean philosophy which states that "music is the harmonization of opposites; the conciliation of warring elements". The E.S. is an acronym for "Experimental Sounds" while Posthumus (Latin: posthumus, meaning "after death"; pronounced the same as Latin postumus (no 'h'), meaning "last") is a word that is meant to represent "all things past", suggesting the music was inspired by things that have ended, some time after they ended. In keeping with the theme of "all things past", each of the thirteen tracks on the album is named after an ancient and abandoned or destroyed city. i first became aware of these guys because I was wondering how snowgoons developed these rich majestic beats and came to learn that snowgoons was sampling a lot of esp’s stuff. Then I heard one of their tracks as nfl bumper music and later learned that they did a fair amount of tv scoring. anyway, sadly enough, one half of the duo died in 2010, but they made some pretty cool stuff in their time. "Antissa" "Tikal” "Harappa" "Ulaid" "Ebla" "Nara" "Cuzco" "Nineveh" "Lepcis Magna" "Menouthis" "Estremoz" "Pompeii" "Isfahan"
  2. It’s fine. I just happened to be listening to that yesterday and thinking about it. considering preemptively selecting RTJ4
  3. 25.28 PENNYWISE - UNKNOWN ROAD (1993) One of my favorites from back in my 14 year old skate punk days. entire album is less time than some of the tracks on the playlist. second song selection seems appropriate for tonight’s activities, including my own city. (Actually sort of the first song too) 1."Unknown Road" 2."Homesick" 3."Time to Burn" 4."It's Up to Me" 5."You Can Demand" 6."Nothing" 7."Vices" 8."City is burning " 9."Dying to Know" 10."Tester" 11."Try to Conform” 12."Give and Get” 13."Clear Your Head”
  4. i don't really think hockey is a concern. Getting away from football is.
  5. Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again And whisper'd in 1. The Sounds of Silence And the 2. Leaves That Are Green Turn to brown And they wither with the wind And they crumble in your hand 3. Blessed are the meth drinkers, Pot sellers, Illusion dwellers. I have tended my own garden Much too long. 4. Kathy's Song I hear the drizzle of the rain Like a memory it falls Soft and warm continuing Oh my life seems unreal, my crime an illusion, A scene badly written in which I must play. Before they come to catch me I'll be gone. 5. Somewhere They Can't Find Me. 6. Anji Everyday's an endless stream Of cigarettes and magazines And each town looks the same to me The movies and the factories And every stranger's face I see Reminds me that I long to be 7. Homeward Bound Oh, I wish that I could be, Oh, I wish that I could be 8. Richard Cory He freely gave to charity, he had the common touch, And they were grateful for his patronage and thanked him very much, So my mind was filled with wonder when the evening headlines read: "Richard Cory went home last night and put a bullet through his head." But I work in his factory And I curse the life I'm living And I curse my poverty And I wish that I could be, 9. He was A Most Peculiar Man. He lived all alone within a house, Within a room, within himself, A most peculiar man 10. April Come She Will When streams are ripe and swelled with rain September I'll remember A love once new has now grown old. 11. We've Got a Groovy Thing Goin' I have my books And my poetry to protect me; I am shielded in my armor, Hiding in my room, safe within my womb. I touch no one and no one touches me. 12. I Am a Rock, I am an island. And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries.
  6. considering having my attorney file a motion to recuse for UH as BB coach judge
  7. there was a proposal a few months ago prior to all of this to make the full season go from December to August.
  8. Still Skip (or whatever the hell we are doing) while I catch up 24.11 SIMON & GARFUNKEL - SOUNDS OF SILENCE (1966) More shortly.
  9. I agree ir sucks. i encourage you to keep trying. have just gone through a nightmare of a time with my daughter (well still ongoing on really) but it seems almost impossible to get help until it becomes a critical life or death situation. its hard. I know from experience personally and through others. There are options and there can be helpful solutions. But the process sucks, no doubt. Please keep trying.
  10. earth people! New York and California earth people! I was born on Jupiter ROUND 23 DR. OCTAGON - DR. OCTAGYNECOLOGIST (1996) I’ve said before that too much kool Keith makes me sick but I would never ever ever want to live in a world without him, so gotta put my money where my mouth it on this one. Dan the Automator’s beats are very chill and able to keep Keith from just sprawling all over the place. Beautiful stiff. theres a horse in the hospital! 3000 Blue Flowers Bonus - #### my ##### doctor