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  1. on a much much larger scale, but yes, more or less correct.
  2. It’s a pooled real estate investment for accredited investors and one of the principals has been a friend of me and my wife for about 20 years. He has done several real estate deals. i have no illusions about the possibility that the investment won’t pan out with the projected returns, though looking through the prospectus I think that it is a reasonable median outcome. My only concern is that i have never really put this much cash on ice at one time.
  3. Credit card over a home equity line of credit? I think we probably have a good enough amount of total available credit on cards. I think we have 4 or 5 cards probably totaling like $75k available or so. We don’t carry any balances.
  4. Not sure if this can really be answered, but just kind of thinking out loud. we have an opportunity for an illiquid investment (real estate) that would tie up 60k for 3-5 years. Offers 9.5% dividend each year with an additional projected 47.5% return at the end. This would leave us with roughly $15k in cash reserves, which makes me a little nervous as not enough security. We can build up about $3-5k per month in savings for the foreseeable future and I have another property that I am going to try to sell soon to net some additional cash. We have Roth IRAs as well, which could theoretically be tapped if any huge emergency. Does this seem like a safe enough backstop for the return?
  5. apparently not anymore.
  6. Monday, February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day
  7. ehh, i am currently working on a multiverse viewer with Elon Musk and some 12 year old in the republic of Georgia. stay tuned. also, since it is possible to view the multiverse, we actually do know that we can, will and do know. past is was now.
  8. what are the factors driving the recent rise of the stock market? is it much different from historical averages?
  9. No Beltran in the royals? oops, I glossed over the mention of him.
  10. yeah, i mean the cover is really good and honestly i would have believed that the original was a FIDLAR song in the first place if you played it for my blindly, which is why I was kind of confused.