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  1. first one is interesting. second one makes no sense to me. third one is giving up way too much.
  2. "The president is also well known for joking and his terrific sense of humor, which he shares with people of all faiths.โ€
  3. for one thing, i haven't said anything about any tax laws being broken or not. but I am in agreement that it belongs in a separate thread. just something that i have generally been trying to learn more about and it stood out.
  4. Are you able to give a few practical examples of what Obama policies were problematic for you (or other small businesses) and how they have been fixed?
  5. probably true, though some have said that there are theoretically lines that he could cross. So let's put it just to undecideds. What simple, single message can be given that would convince them. Because there is a ton of stuff there and very few are really going to read all that reporting.
  6. honestly, i think that may be to his advantage. as usual, overwhelm, overwhelm, overwhelm. I am still wondering exactly how this will be distilled into a brief message that will help democrats convince those who were undecided/pro-Trump.
  7. well, why do you think he received all those book deals and speaking engagements?
  8. there are many variables to predicting how the East and the league will go the next several years, but Tatum and Brown are still 23 and 22, are already all-star level players, have improved meaningfully pretty much every year, and are wings. That is a hell of a place to be.
  9. I get it, but kamara sheds tackles like that regularly
  10. Yeah but he does that to defenses routinely. His spatial awareness and kinesiological mastery are unparalleled
  11. These really are the two worst franchises historically in all of the nfl, right? no offense