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  1. I am not a PDX disc golfer however I have played a few courses in the Portland area. My sister in law lives in the Beaverton area and when my wife and I visit I normally play a few rounds. I have played: Pier Park Blue Lake Regional Park Horning's Hideout I liked them all. Having said that Horning's was my least favorite. I had my best experience at Blue Lake. I think a big part of that is because I played pretty well that day. I really liked that course though. Pier Park is pretty amazing in regards to the scenery you experience. Very cool course as well. I also played a high desert course in Bend, OR that was pretty freaking amazing. It was Pine Nursery. Very cool area, very cool course.
  2. Man, what you are describing is definitely something that I have been thinking about a lot as well. I think the rig you found is pretty cool and I thought I would give you some other potential ideas that I have been considering. One idea that comes to mind is a Coleman Crawdad. It's kind of like a minimalist jon boat made by coleman. I've seen some pretty cool tiny boat projects using the crawdad as the base. I don't think they make them new, but you can find them used. Another possibility is simply a canoe. I've gone fishing in a large 2 seat canoe with one other person. It is a bit cramped but it works. I simply went to Dick's and bought one of their large fishing canoes. Down side, it was heavy. I was able to transport it on top of a 2002 4runner but it was a beast to get up on the rack. I don't know that I could do it myself. I think if you had the budget to spare, like you are looking at now, you could find a nice 2 person canoe made out of lighter material that could work. I actually hooked up a bow mount trolling motor on the front of the canoe with a battery in the back. it worked surprisingly well. You could also go with a square back canoe and put it on a small trailer. I know you are wanting to stay away from a trailer, but if you are looking at that Jackson rig I am thinking you would need a trailer for it. So I never saw one in a store, but I've seen some heavy duty large aluminum square back canoes on craigslist before. If you found a used aluminum canoe and got a trailer for around $1000 that could work. This place: Lancaster County Marine has a lot of good stuff to get ideas from. ETA: from the Lancaster County Marine website, check out this rig for around the same cost as the Jackson rig you are looking at: Esquif canoe
  3. I am so with you on this. Excellent post. A few points you made that I really like... I completely agree about the new OC relying less on planned QB runs. He appears to run an offense that is more traditional in the sense that RB's run and QB's throw. A QB with great athleticism that can extend plays and take the run when it is open is great, but I prefer to keep the QB out of mix when running up the middle in traffic. I honestly think Clifford got banged up taking some punishing hits while running up the gut and I would really prefer to see him become a better passer. Another thing you mentioned is how Hamler appears to be Clifford's BFF and Clifford is always locked in on him. I get it. Clifford and Hamler played together at camps. Hamler encouraged Clifford to go to PSU. They are friends. Yay! But my goodness sometimes it seemed as if KJ was the only WR on the field. I am definitely hoping the new OC can teach Clifford to make the right read as opposed to locking in on a playmaker. It was frustrating at times this year. It seemed like when the game was on the line, and PSU was playing from behind that Clifford had tunnel vision toward Hamler. Your comment regarding seeing the other half of the filed that Clifford mostly ignored is perfect. I am hoping for the same thing. Lastly, also a good point about a potential OL coach helping with pass pro. I was kind of scratching my head wondering why they let him go thinking that the OL improved a lot over the years and the run game was the highlight of the offense. But now that you mention it, yeah the pass pro was terrible. That would be great to see that improve. I keep thinking that Clifford was a 4 star QB prospect. I think he can do more. I feel like Morehead didn't have a big, strong arm QB with McSorley so he used him in the way that Trace was most effective. I feel like Rahne just plugged and played the same offense that Morehead used despite the fact that he had a very different QB. We kind of saw Clifford attempting to be McSorley this year and they are just not the same QB at all.
  4. Grade school, Jr. High, HS all in Harrisburg, PA. Currently live in Mechanicsburg, PA about 20 miles away. In between... Graduated college and moved to Philadelphia area (East Falls neighborhood) Moved to Charlotte, NC Moved back to Harrisburg, PA Moved to Springfield, NJ (near Newark) Moved to Webster, MA (near Worcester) Moved to Lakeland, FL Then moved back to central PA
  5. Was just making my way to this thread to post the same thing. I think it is a good hire. So the article I read says that several other programs have been after this guy over the years. I have to believe that it is family bringing him to PSU. He is from Lewisberry, PA and played at Juniata. I don't know exactly how, but somehow my wife has come across family members of his at her work. I'm glad we are getting someone with experience at OC and my goodness, I don't think there could be a better resume builder than the game he called against PSU this year. If he came in and explained his game plan to Brent Pry it would probably make our defense better. I'm glad we have a guy from PA too. I didn't know he was leaving before the bowl game. I'm looking forward to it. REPORT: Kirk Ciarrocca To Become Penn State's Offensive Coordinator
  6. On Christmas Eve I shot a personal best 9 over par at Pinchot State Park's Quaker's Challenge course. My previous personal best there was +11.
  7. I have always been a big fan of Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
  8. This weekend I found at the grocery store: New Belgium Nitro Cold Brew Cream Ale crafted with High Brew coffee & Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. Kentucky Vanilla Barrell Cream Ale I am loving the fact that I am finding a lot of different cream ale varieties. Very cool.
  9. Last night I had Dogfish Head Suddenly Comfy - Imperial Cream Ale brewed with apple juice, cinnamon, allspice, & vanilla beans. It is the equivalent of apple pie in a beer. It was delicious.
  10. The ultimate dream candidate would be Joe Brady, LSU WR coach and passing game coordinator. He is young, he was a graduate assistant on Penn State's staff with Franklin in 2015-2016, and he is given a lot of the credit for LSU's success on offense this year. OC would be a promotion for him. Most believe LSU is going open the wallet to keep him on staff. This will be Franklin's biggest recruiting test to date. I think the lure of getting to call your own plays would be one of the biggest factors in luring a candidate like this. Penn State Offensive Coordinator Big Board There are other candidates out there. One being the OC for Minnesota that torched PSU this year. He has family ties to central PA. One candidate that is not mentioned in the linked article is Andrew Breiner, passing game coordinator and QB coach for Mississippi St. He took over for Joe Moorhead at Fordham for 2 years after Moorhead left, then Joe brough him to Mississippi St. It would be a promotion for him as well and he has ties to a coordinator that PSU fans really liked.
  11. There are a lot of factors at play here. I think one of the biggest factors is what @eoMMan mentioned. Celadon just went thought a major accounting scandal. That is mentioned but not until much later in the article. As in, the last section. I think most trucking companies this size could withstand a downturn like this year, but maybe not if you just went through an accounting scandal. Another factor is the type of trucking. This is full truckload shipping. I think this industry is probably slowing down some, but this is just my theory. I don't know if it is true. So people are more and more expecting to get their goods in a short amount of time in large part due to Amazon. People order and expect it to arrive in a few days. Because of this, a business like Amazon is setting up a large number of distribution centers all across the country so they can reach the general public in 2-3 days from any of their warehouses (some cases 1 day). Since the number of warehouses is increasing it causes inventory to be spread out between a lot of different destinations. The result is more shipments that are smaller sized and fewer shipments that are full truckloads. Another factor is this article talks about the freight slowdown of 2019. Well, leading up to 2019 the trucking industry as a whole was growing at quite a fast rate and carriers were having a difficult time keeping up. As @parasaurolophus mentioned, the driver shortage was incredibly difficult to deal with leading up to this year. I think the slowdown may have to do with the industry reaching a peak, then slowed down a tick. Most people in the industry believe the trade wars have played a factor in this slowdown as well. The China trade war, as well as Brexit and the EU are contributing factors. I know it seems odd to think that an overseas trade war could effect domestic shipping, but it does. Businesses don't like uncertianity and may put major projects on hold until the uncertainty to stabilize. Also as mentioned by @CletiusMaximus a lot of smaller owner / operators are dropping out of the industry. One thing that hurt some smaller truckload companies is a recent requirement to use electronic logging devices. Larger companies with capitol income to spare can afford to outfit their fleet with new technology. Some smaller companies running on already tight margins simply cant. With Celadon, they were big enough that they should have been able to handle an economic slowdown and a need to invest in new technology. I am thinking that it was the accounting scandal that was a big factor in putting them under. But this is just like... my opinion man, as The Dude would say.
  12. Hopefully she's never heard of the Jerky Boys
  13. If this is a subject that you are passionate about I would highly recommend the movie No Safe Spaces. This is a movie with people that are standing up as you propose. No Safe Spaces Trailer It is only playing in limited locations, and I haven't seen it yet, but I would really like to.
  14. You know, I read this statement and I wonder if you have heard what Malcom Gladwell has talked about in regards to his book Talking To Strangers? Gladwell was being interviewed on The Bill Simmons Podcast and here were some of his quotes. from the article 'Totall, Outrageously Attacked': Malcom Gladwell Defends Joe Paterno, Penn State: Perhaps you will see my avatar, look at these quotes, and lump me into the cult-like apologists? I hope you don't but I could understand if you would. I just happen to agree with Malcom Gladwell. In all honesty, I feel like JoePa was coach for way too long. I loved him as a coach, but the program should have moved on much earlier.
  15. I think this is the right perspective for this year and I agree. In regards to the coaching situation, I have and still remain a supporter of Franklin. I think he does the most important thing a HC needs to do extremely well, recruit. On the other hand, I am so NOT a supporter of Ricky Rahne. I agree with Doc Holiday when he said "the running game looks good for 2020 but the passing game looks rough. The OC leaves a lot to be desired. The talent at QB and WR isn't at the same level as better Big 10 teams". PSU is just not quite there especially when it comes to the passing game. Joe Morehead was a HC at a smaller school before taking over as OC at PSU. He was in charge. He was innovative. Ricky Rahne is a guy that has followed Franklin during his career working his way up and was finally given a shot at OC after 'studying' under Joe Morehead. I feel like the OC position at PSU is beyond someone 'learning on the job' and I feel like that is what Rahne is doing every week. I believe he was QB coach and TE coach before taking over as OC? That may have been too big a jump. I feel like he would be better suited to assistant HC and have an OC with experience in that role at the helm for the offense. And in regards to Brent Pry. He has received a lot of praise over the years, and has been mentioned as a candidate to get HC jobs. After seeing our defense this year, I have had some serious doubts about his philosophy. The PSU defense was supposed to be great this year, but from the second half of the Michigan game through the remainder of the year they got EXPOSED big time. I feel better about him than I do Rahne, but if he ended up getting a HC position somewhere else I would be OK with it. Franklin is great at recruiting players. I would like to see him do the same with recruiting coordinators. I thought he did an excellent job with that when he found Morehead, and wouldn't mind seeing him do it again. Just to feed into ClowCausedChaos2's desires to find a new HC, I would say that there is 1 coach out there I wouldn't mind seeing as HC at PSU and that is Matt Rhule. He beat PSU as HC at Temple and has done a pretty amazing job at Baylor. He also played for PSU. As a linebacker. At linebacker U. Under JoePa. Difficult to get better credentials.