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  1. SpringGate Marzen Lager Yuengling Golden Pilsner Victory Prima Pils Agree about local
  2. Birx said 'there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust' in a White House coronavirus task force meeting
  3. I recently had to buy a couple batteries for my boat and went to an Interstate Batteries warehouse. This was a place that had trucks and serviced businesses and stuff like that. The guy I talked to about the batteries said the exact same thing. It is best to put it on a trickle charge after each use. IIRC he recommended it be on a trickle at all times really. They had the Battery Tender brand. I would recommend it as well. Also, I seem to remember a lot of pro fishermen would buy deep cycle batteries from WalMart because they were affordable and you could always find a WalMart nearby when you are on the road going to tournaments. I'm thinking that there aren't that many battery manufacturers. They just give them different branding.
  4. No I haven't. So our liquor stores are kind of in partial lock down in PA. They closed the 'state stores' as we call them, and in Pennsylvania these are the only stores where you can buy liquor. They closed at the beginning of this outbreak sometime in late March. Pennsylvania eventually started letting people order online. Unfortunately they only left a select few people on the website each day to order so they didn't get overwhelmed with orders. They actually said it was kind of like hitting the lottery if you got through to order on the website. And when you did get on the site it was limited to 6 bottles. Also, you did not have full access to everything, it was a limited selection. Well last Monday I hit the lottery. I got through on the website. I was ordering for myself and some relatives. I had 2 bottles I could order for me. My favorite 2 whiskey's were not available but they did have a few other honey whiskeys. I got Jack Daniels Honey. I've had it before and it is not much different from the Wild Turkey. Both excellent. I had another bottle to order and that is how I ended up trying the Old Camp Peach Pecan which I was pleasantly surprised with. So when I was looking for a 2nd bottle to order I wasn't sure what to get and I wanted to try something new. I saw that Screwball whiskey and was really really close to giving it a try but I went with the Old Camp instead. Mainly because I am a fan of FL GA line and just saw a clip of them on CMT and one of their members was holding a bottle of the Old Camp. I thought the Screwball sounded interesting though. Do you recommend it? I would definitely be up for trying it.
  5. I have never tried this. Sounds good. So I am a big fan of flavored whiskey. My drinking routine normally starts out with a few flavored whisky on the rocks before i go to beer. My favorites are Wild Turkey American Honey and Drambuie. For the first time this weekend I tried Old Camp peach pecan and I thought it was excellent. I didn't realize anyone made just pecan flavored whiskey. That sounds really good. Thanks for letting me know it exists. I'll keep an eye out for it. And if I ever happen to be in a situation where I have both a stout beer and pecan whiskey i'll definitely give it a try.
  6. When I use the slow cooker it normally comes out a bit bland. It’s difficult to get the seasoning and flavor right. I made slow cooker pulled chicken this weekend and it was the best I’ve made to date. I’m not going to say it was amazing but I will say I liked it better than anything else I’ve done in the slow cooker so far. Here is what I did… 6 boneless chicken breasts (approx. 4.5 lbs.) Trim the fat off the breasts and sprinkle Season All on them Add to slow cooker: ¾ cup of water + ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar + few drops of Worcestershire + few drops of extra virgin olive oil + chicken and cook on low approximately 7-8 hours After cooking I shredded the chicken with 2 forks and left it in the liquid it was cooked in. Then I added a full bottle of Woodstock Organic Hickory BBQ sauce. If I did it again I would probably use a little less water (probably ½ cup). Normally when I make pulled pork or pulled chicken I drain the liquid it was cooked in before I shred it. This time I left it in the liquid. This obviously made it a lot wetter, but I feel like that added to the overall flavor. Also, with the extra liquid, even though I added a lot of BBQ sauce, the BBQ it didn’t overpower the flavor. I don’t know exactly what made it better this time, I just know I liked it a lot.
  7. I have a new personal record at Quaker's Challenge. I shot 8 over par yesterday. I didn't realize until later that I never mentioned this is disc golf in my original post, so I am mentioning it now. I am dialing it in. Look out McBeth!
  8. This is excellent advice. The thing I like most about the message is the theme of accountability and not playing the victim. I also like that you mention there will be lapses, and you just have to re-start.. that is acknowledging reality and getting on with it which are both part of Accountability. I'm not in the best shape of my life right now, but I am in my best shape in the past 20 years and I agree with everything you said.
  9. A few co-workers of mine were travelling in Grand Rapids and had some of this at a one of their tasting rooms. I remember hearing about it and always wanting to try it. It sounds awesome. I've had their Sumatra Mountain Brown and thought it was excellent. The Frangelic sounds even better.
  10. I was a senior on our HS soccer team. I didn't start. I didn't get much playing time unless it was 'clean up' time. Most of our games were played in the day time but one of our games was played on the football field under the lights. I used to take gymnastics since I was in grade school all the way through maybe 7th or 8th grade. Because of this I could do a front handspring with a soccer ball and do throw in's really far. I could throw it the whole way to the middle of the field. It was like a cross from a winger but it was a throw in. That particular night under the lights, it seemed like the conditions were perfect because the ball was a little sticky so I could get a good grip and the grass was damp but not slippery at all. Not sure why but somehow I ended up getting in the game. I made 3 or 4 of these 'flip-throws' that were placed very well. On the last flip throw our striker scored a goal. We won the game by a goal or two. The thing that made it glorious is that the local news was there, recorded the game, and played a clip of me making my flip throws on the local news. There was also a short write up of the game in the local paper and the opposing coach said "... most of their offense was the kid with the throw in" or something like that. I think that team made it to the district finals and lost. I hardly played except for that one game... but it was definitely glorious!
  11. I have been loving Pilsners lately. Yuengling Golden Pilsner has become my standard 'go to' nearly always some in the fridge beer. I recently bought a 6 of Troegs Sunshine Pilsner. In the past when I tasted it I always thought it was too hoppy. Like most of Troegs beer it definitely has a hop profile to it, but it is not over the top and I liked it a lot. I will be purchasing again, multiple times. It's a good beer. For those of you that are looking for a light beer with good taste I would recommend a new beer on the market Yuengling Flight. It is basically direct competition for Michelob Ultra. The workout / health conscious / athletic beer drinking market is growing fast and Yuengling is entering the game. I tried 1 bottle and I split it with my wife so I didn't have a significant trial. I liked it better compared to Michelobe Ultra and would recommend if you are looking for a light refreshing low calorie, low carb beer.
  12. I was reading this thread and it made me want to get a knife. A lot of my co-workers carry a knife everyday too. I just got a CRKT CEO today at bass pro. It's pretty cool. I normally wear a collared shirt and dress pants to work and I thought it would be cool to carry this one in my shirt pocket like a pen.
  13. I am not a PDX disc golfer however I have played a few courses in the Portland area. My sister in law lives in the Beaverton area and when my wife and I visit I normally play a few rounds. I have played: Pier Park Blue Lake Regional Park Horning's Hideout I liked them all. Having said that Horning's was my least favorite. I had my best experience at Blue Lake. I think a big part of that is because I played pretty well that day. I really liked that course though. Pier Park is pretty amazing in regards to the scenery you experience. Very cool course as well. I also played a high desert course in Bend, OR that was pretty freaking amazing. It was Pine Nursery. Very cool area, very cool course.
  14. Man, what you are describing is definitely something that I have been thinking about a lot as well. I think the rig you found is pretty cool and I thought I would give you some other potential ideas that I have been considering. One idea that comes to mind is a Coleman Crawdad. It's kind of like a minimalist jon boat made by coleman. I've seen some pretty cool tiny boat projects using the crawdad as the base. I don't think they make them new, but you can find them used. Another possibility is simply a canoe. I've gone fishing in a large 2 seat canoe with one other person. It is a bit cramped but it works. I simply went to Dick's and bought one of their large fishing canoes. Down side, it was heavy. I was able to transport it on top of a 2002 4runner but it was a beast to get up on the rack. I don't know that I could do it myself. I think if you had the budget to spare, like you are looking at now, you could find a nice 2 person canoe made out of lighter material that could work. I actually hooked up a bow mount trolling motor on the front of the canoe with a battery in the back. it worked surprisingly well. You could also go with a square back canoe and put it on a small trailer. I know you are wanting to stay away from a trailer, but if you are looking at that Jackson rig I am thinking you would need a trailer for it. So I never saw one in a store, but I've seen some heavy duty large aluminum square back canoes on craigslist before. If you found a used aluminum canoe and got a trailer for around $1000 that could work. This place: Lancaster County Marine has a lot of good stuff to get ideas from. ETA: from the Lancaster County Marine website, check out this rig for around the same cost as the Jackson rig you are looking at: Esquif canoe
  15. I am so with you on this. Excellent post. A few points you made that I really like... I completely agree about the new OC relying less on planned QB runs. He appears to run an offense that is more traditional in the sense that RB's run and QB's throw. A QB with great athleticism that can extend plays and take the run when it is open is great, but I prefer to keep the QB out of mix when running up the middle in traffic. I honestly think Clifford got banged up taking some punishing hits while running up the gut and I would really prefer to see him become a better passer. Another thing you mentioned is how Hamler appears to be Clifford's BFF and Clifford is always locked in on him. I get it. Clifford and Hamler played together at camps. Hamler encouraged Clifford to go to PSU. They are friends. Yay! But my goodness sometimes it seemed as if KJ was the only WR on the field. I am definitely hoping the new OC can teach Clifford to make the right read as opposed to locking in on a playmaker. It was frustrating at times this year. It seemed like when the game was on the line, and PSU was playing from behind that Clifford had tunnel vision toward Hamler. Your comment regarding seeing the other half of the filed that Clifford mostly ignored is perfect. I am hoping for the same thing. Lastly, also a good point about a potential OL coach helping with pass pro. I was kind of scratching my head wondering why they let him go thinking that the OL improved a lot over the years and the run game was the highlight of the offense. But now that you mention it, yeah the pass pro was terrible. That would be great to see that improve. I keep thinking that Clifford was a 4 star QB prospect. I think he can do more. I feel like Morehead didn't have a big, strong arm QB with McSorley so he used him in the way that Trace was most effective. I feel like Rahne just plugged and played the same offense that Morehead used despite the fact that he had a very different QB. We kind of saw Clifford attempting to be McSorley this year and they are just not the same QB at all.