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  1. ETA: Entry fee cut in half now Looking for 2 new owners in the Real Dynasty League for a 2 team dispersal draft to begin asap. 6 year old league on MFL and LeagueSafe (majority approval allocations), 24 team (2 conferences of 12 teams) PPR league, plus taxi. Winner of each Conference takes home $500, plus another $500 to the overall winner. $55 entry fee. Full listing of both open teams player pool for 2 team dispersal draft. Let me know if you know of anyone looking to get in on a team: Jared Goff Mitch Tribusky Matthew Stafford Andy Dalton Case Keenum Jacoby Brissett Blake Bortles Tyrod Taylor DeShone Kizer Todd Gurley Le’Veon Bell DeVonta Freeman Mark Ingram Tevin Coleman Lamar Miller John Kelly Justin Jackson Spencer Ware Devontae Booker Lagarett Blount Frank Gore Jarvis Landry Calvin Ridley Curtis Samuel Robby Anderson Desean Jackson David Moore Josh Reynolds Trey Quinn Keelan Cole Adam Humphries Chester Rogers Jordan Matthews Chris Hogan Demaryius Thomas DJ Chark Danny Amendola Kendrick Bourne Reshad Higgins Ryan Switzer Demier Byrd Hunter Henry Hayden Hurst Tyler Eifert Jesse James Tyler Higbee Garrett Celek Stephen Gostkowski Greg Zuerlein Vikings Def Chiefs Def Rookie Picks: 1.02, 1.03, 1.06 2.02, 2.03, 2.06 3.02, 3.03 4.02, 4.03 5.02, 5.03
  2. Found this from a Saints columnist answering this question: What do you think that Rb depth chart actually looks like right now? I assumed vereen was the #3 and a third down back, so he wouldn’t play much in the first preseason game. Is he much further back than #3? Barry Hirstius‏ @BarryHirstius 3h3 hours ago Nah, I think it's wide open behind Kamara while Ingram's out; and these Pre-Season games will help determine the winner... Right now (regardless of what the depth chart says), it's Kamara West Vereen Scott Williams Edmunds And I GUARANTEE you Boston Scott's not getting cut..
  3. During Ingram's suspension, for those in redraft or even deeper dynasty leagues, what's the story at camp with this RB2 crew? It seems like very little intel or movment is out there on who could cover for Ingram a bit and be a viable flex or get GL work, pass catching or spell work for Kamara. They did put 2 RBs inside the Top 5, so it's a nice little 4 game jolt possibly to one player, but I'm wondering if it's even worth rostering any of them or even stashing one of them in this guessing game? I get Boston Scott in Dynasty, but who's everyone putting their chips on for the first 4 games, then for 2019 and beyond? Worth holding someone like Williams or T-West for a possible flex play in a pinch? Jonathan Williams - looked like he was gifted the job after Ingram's suspension and being on the team late last season. Showed nice in preseason so far and all reports in '17 were the Saints like what they saw. One clip I saw of camp, all the RBs were running the ball while a coach swatted them with the bags and Williams fumbled on a love tap. Not much info on him and if he's looking good or winning the Ingram role. I stashed him late last year and grabbed him after the Ingram news, but now I'm wondering why they needed to bring in West and Vereen. Terrance West - clips I see, he looks BIG and round, but solid. When he rededicated his training/body in Baltimore, he came out on fire and put up nice inside #s, but then he got hurt and Collins put him out of business. Took a while for him to catch on in FA though, a bit puzzling why? Some say he's pegged to step right in for Ingram, other say he's a camp body. Trey Edmunds - had the one breakaway game where he scored and looked like Eddie Lacy in his prime, but other than that seems to be doing something to stick around. Listed as FB right now though. Vereen - a late edition off the grocery bagging and insurance salesmen list, but he was always versatile in NE, but how much is left in his tank? Also injured A LOT, but he fits the PPR/Kamara RB more than T-West and J-Will. Not seeing this, but who knows. Seemed like he was a camp body too, but you can see them loving what he can do all over with catching the ball too. Boston Scott- New edition Sproles clone it sounds like they really like. Their first unofficial depth chart on 8/5 lists Vereen as Ingram's backup, followed by T-West and Williams followed by Scott as Kamara's backup.
  4. 16 teams. Zeke is currently up to $47M with 5 hours left! The highest salary in the league by about $8M. I've pretty much bowed out and put $14M on Drake. Brees is up around $12-13M, which I'm not sure I want to pay (although retirement is no penalty drop), but we have to start 1 QB and the only ones left are Bradford, Eli, Keenum, Foles I've won Tate, Hogan. High bids in on Poyer, Drake, Trey Burton
  5. I took over an IDP/Salary Cap/Auction team this season. $177M cap. PPR, 40 man rosters, start 11 IDP, 7 Offensive players (5 rookie only taxis that only count 10% of cap). I'm new to all these formats so I'm swimming! 7 of QB, RB 0-3, WR 0-4, TE 0-3, K (so 5 skill positions) 11 of DT 1-2, DE1-2, LB1-4, CB2-4, S1-3 New owners got a 2 player amnesty (free drop w/ no penalties). I was going to drop Lev Bell ($30M) and Luck ($31.5M) in amnesty anyways. I ended up trading Bell for the 1.02, T. Whitehead ($700k) and Earl Thomas ($1.2M). I already own the 1.01, 2.01. I ended up dropping Luck and Ivory and clearing $37M or so. I now have $130M in cap room and the kicker is the team is so bad I have about 9-10 realistic playable players on my team. Zeke is the top FA and he's already bid up to $37.5M by last years Champ (who has Gurley, Freeman already) and no one is stepping in. I'm saying I have TOO MANY holes to fill and may need to spread out my cash more and later. I've have high bids on lower scale investment bids so far on Drake ($12M), Hogan ($4M), G. Tate ($5M), K. Mack ($9M) and Brees ($8.5M), Shoebert ($6M). Question, is this the right move or is locking Zeke down worth the hefty price. Could be Zeke, Barkley and Guice maybe......then play small ball from there? Or play it safe and just look past Zeke all together and build out my roster with many needed pieces. Team is pretty bad right now Hill, Brian CIN RB9.309 $2,471,4254 Hill, Jeremy NEP RB17.2011 $6,050,0002 Jones, Zay BUF WR70.6011 $6,019,7994 Matthews, Rishard TEN WR156.208 $1,220,8902 Nelson, J.J. ARI WR93.509 $707,8501 Reynolds, Josh LAR WR27.4012 $4,608,2754 Peko, Domata DEN DT99.8010 $751,4101 Beasley, Vic ATL DE93.408 $3,267,0121 Dunlap, Carlos CIN DE193.809 $12,100,0002 Long, Chris PHI DE105.609 $707,8501 Williams, Brandon BAL DE83.0010 $877,2511 Bradham, Nigel PHI LB185.009 $707,8502 Compton, Will TEN LB (Q)36.508 $707,8632 Golden, Markus ARI LB (Q)23.809 $2,420,0001 Whitehead, Tahir OAK LB222.207 $707,8501 Clark, Chuck BAL S13.0010 $1,763,5414 Thomas, Earl SEA S171.307 $1,452,0002 Thanks
  6. Update: One more owner is needed now, so still need 2 owners in this league...New owners get a 2 player free cut amnesty and there are a lot of FAs left in the FA auction. Easy to rebuild, make her your own. Open team 1 is: ORPHAN 1 (Brady, Wentz, D. Henry, T. Coleman, Alshon, Benjamin, Stills, G. Olsen, Aaron Donald, K. Mack, Xavien Howard etc.) Open team 2: ORPHAN 2 (Carr, Riddick, Edelman, MartyB, Kelce, H. Henry, K. Short, Jurrell Casey, Chandler Jones, T. Whitehead, Earl Thomas, Vaccaro, Weddle, rookie picks 1.02, 2.02, 3.02, 4.02 and 5.02).
  7. League is looking to fill the last of 2 Orphan teams for this season. It's a 16 team PPR, contracts, salary cap, auction, IDP, 1.5PPR for TE. Cheap $35 entry fee FA auction to start shortly after getting this filled. Dynasty Football Kings League: Open team is: ORPHAN 1 (Brady, Wentz, D. Henry, T. Coleman, Alshon, Benjamin, Stills, G. Olsen, Aaron Donald, K. Mack, Xavien Howard etc.) Open team 2: ORPHAN 2 (Carr, Riddick, Edelman, MartyB, Kelce, H. Henry, K. Short, Jurrell Casey, Chandler Jones, T. Whitehead, Earl Thomas, Vaccaro, Weddle, rookie picks 1.02, 2.02, 3.02, 4.02 and 5.02). League Summary 16 Teams 40 Player Active Rosters 5 Injured Reserve Spots 5 Taxi Squad Spots Salary Caps & variable length contracts (1 to 5 years) for all players on your roster PPR Scoring Annual Rookie Draft (5 Rounds) Payouts: 16 Owners X $35 = $560 $560 -$90 League Site __________ $470 - $80 (Top 2 seeds X $40 each) ___________ $390 -$220 (1st Place Payout) -$125 (2nd Place Payout) -$ 45 (3rd Place Payout) ________________________ $0 Let me know if interested. Thanks
  8. Activity Rules? Why would join a league with such a thing and don't you think MFL will suspend any tallies they do while they're down? What exactly is an activity for you? I think your Commish could "turn a blind eye" to this rule while there is no way to actually record any activity when it's down.
  9. I've been offered Ebron and 3.01 for Devontae Booker It's a 12 team PPR dynasty that is 1.5ppr for TE (I usually don't worry about the extra .5 for TEs and just play it straight up though). The one main aspect of this league is there's a super pot in the year 2020. So you're really building up to that year in a way. Plus every team has to cut down their roster to 16 (yes 16!) players pre-draft. So the 3.01 is likely a pretty good vet FA that had to get released before the draft. The rookies usually take up the top 20-24 picks or so, then the best vet FAs will start going in the 3rd. I already own Jack Doyle as my only TE too. So this is a built in handcuff and hedge in a way. Maybe Ebron is "Elite" w/ Luck too? You can start 4 RBs in this league, so owning the good young ones is at a premium. I'm nervous that Booker actually pans out and starts to put up good RB2 type #s and actually looks really good now when given a full chance. In spurts last season he looked pretty explosive and at times the making of a great PPR RB, but a lot of chatter has Denver taking a RB easily. I think Booker is a better back than what his value is at right now. Is it time to sell Booker now, can I ask for more than this or should I take this and run?
  10. Thanks, yea we filled the 2 spots. I'll keep you guys on speed dial though if something falls through.
  11. Looking for 2 new owners in a 12 team PPR dynasty league on MFL and using LeagueSafe. Total of 6 teams will be doing a dispersal draft as soon as these 2 owners are brought on. The dispersal draft is chalked full of some nice players. The league has been around for 5 years or so. Start: 1 QB, 1-4 RB, 2-5 WR, 1-3 TE, PK. Has unlimited IR slots, a taxi, flexible rosters, 26 spots + 4 taxi (of rookies, 2nd & 3rd year players), low entry fee of $35 or so (may want to bump it up a little if voted on). $35 Regular Season Total Points Champion; $100 Second Place Finisher; $215 League Champion Drama Free League: Here is the Player Pool for the 6 team Dispersal Draft to start asap: QB Bortles, B Bradford, S Brady, T Brees, D Bridgewater, T Brissett, J Carr, D Cousins, K Dalton, A Garoppolo, J Goff, J Keenum, C Kelly, CIR Mariota, M Newton, C Rodgers, A Roethlisberger, B Smith, A Tannehill, R Watson, D RB Abdullah, A Ajayi, J Artis-Payne, C Blount, L Burkhead, R Carson, C Charles, J Collins, A Cook, D Crowell, I Darkwa, O Davis, M Dayes, M Ellington, A Foreman, D Forte, M Foster, DJ Gallman, W Gordon, M Gurley, T Henderson, D Henry, D Hood, E Howard, J Ingram, M Johnson, David Jones, Aaron Kelley, R Mack, M Martin, D McFadden, D McGuire, E McNichols, J Mizzell, T Montgomery, T Morris, A Murray, L Perkins, P Powell, B Pumphrey, D Richard, J Riddick, T Rodgers, J Smallwood, W Thompson, C Turbin, R Vereen, S White, J Williams, Damien Williams, Jonathan Williams, Jamaal Woodhead, D Yeldon, T WR Allen, K Allison, G Amendola, D Anderson, R Austin, T Baldwin, D Beasley, C Benjamin, K Benjamin, T Boyd, T Brown, Antonio Brown, Jaron Brown, John Brown, Noah Bryant, D Butler, B Byrd, D Cobb, R Cole, K Coleman, B Cooper, P Davis, C Doctson, J Edelman, J Fitzgerald, L Fowler, B Garcon, P Gentry, T Ginn Jr., T Godwin, C Grant, J Hill, Tyreek Hollins, M Hurns, A Inman, D Jones, Julio Jones, Marvin Jones, Zay Kerley, J Kupp, C LaFell, B Landry, J Lockett, T Maclin, J Malone, J Marshall, B Matthews, Rishard Meredith, C Miller, B Moncrief, D Moore, C Nelson, J Patterson, C Perriman, B Pryor, T Reynolds, J Richardson, Paul Roberts, S Robinson, Aldrick Robinson, Demarcus Samuel, C Sanu, M Shepard, R Shepard, S Smith, T Stewart, A Stills, K Strong, J Switzer, R Taylor, Trent Thielen, A Thomas, Michael (NOS) Treadwell, L Wallace, M Watkins, S Wheaton, M Williams, Chad Williams, Mike (LAC) Williams, Terrance Woods, R Wright, K TE Bennett, M Burton, T Clay, C Cook, J Derby, A DeValve, S Doyle, J Engram, E Fells, D Fiedorowicz, C Fleener, C Gates, A Gathers, R Hooper, A Howard, O James, J Kittle, G Kroft, T Leggett, J Rudolph, K Sims, D Walker, D Witten, J PK Boswell, C Butker, H Gano, G Hauschka, S Lutz, W Prater, M Rose, N Tucker, J Vinatieri, A Zuerlein, G Rookie Picks: 1.03, 1.04, 1.05, 1.06, 1.07, 1.09 2.03, 2.04, 2.05, 2.06, 2.07, 2.09 3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, 3.07, 3.09 4.03, 4.04, 4.05, 4.06, 4.07, 4.09
  12. Yup, Keelan Cole could be solid in a pinch this week. I'm rolling him over Jordy as my WR4 in a 16 teamer week 1 playoff matchup I think. It's on the road, but Hurns being out has to help and Westbrook may take some time to get acclimated. Cole has been on a mini-tear lately and looks the part/is trusted. Bortles thew 51 times last week (sure in OT) but if CLE run Def is their strength, they may need to air it out a bit more. Give Westbrook the low percentage deep throws from Bortles, and Lee and Cole just tick off the PPR shorter and mid stuff. 10 point ppr floor from Cole this week.
  13. Yup, I'd make the trade. A Top 10QB from last season in Cousins with unlimited weapons that haven't even got going yet really. (Pryor, Doctson, Crowder getting more looks now, Reed/Big Vern, Grant who plays every WR position so he's a great insurance play across their WR board). Doctson alone may make Cousins worth it if he starts getting more consistent looks. His catch radius should only help cousins. You have consistent running with every style in Thompson on dumps and Perine/Kelly up the middle. Redskins bye is past, you get this game vs. San Fran at home to showcase him. Then you bring in a Fresh Doug Martin with no one behind him to steal carries and they've already had their bye too. TB gets all Def starters back this week and still seem like they haven't got it fully going yet either. DJax goes down, you bring in Godwin and they probably get better Teams get in rhythm later in the season and TB just seems like the team that will take off. With Brady's reduced weapons now and dink and dunk style, I'd put him and Counsins on par, then you could be upgrading your RB in Martin and you add a top WR in Thomas and they've all had their byes already.