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  1. Actually I have the Rams D still playing. Of course that can be a bad thing in this league! Should be interesting.
  2. I'm sorry guys. Not sure if the work note that Anarchy got was from someone else, but not from me. My problem is that I'm vacation in Portugal and my latest location is in a bad cell area and the supposed wifi in this AirBNB place doesn't work. We are on to the next place in a couple days, so please bear with me if there are delays. I will try to check and predraft when I can. Sorry!
  3. In for 3, 4, 6 and BC. Thanks for taking the time and effort to set these up!
  4. WTF...I told you in my post that something did not work right on my autopick. Even Bass said that he saw it in there. I'm sorry but that is a bunch of bull####. I've been timely on every pick except the one with the screw up. I thought I was still on a 4 hour clock. Don't wait until the pick is up to say you are going to start enforcing the clock cuts which have not been enforced yet.
  5. Hey guys, I don't know what happened. I'm pretty certain I had four pre drafts in with 3 picks in front of me, but something must have been wrong. Have been trying to stay on top of things and get predrafts in, but had meetings all day today with no access. Will be more careful on picks rest of the way.
  6. TMQB: NE, GB RB: David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell, Jordan Howard, Melvin Gordon WR: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Mike Evans, Brandon Cooks TE: Gronk, Greg Olsen Flex: Michael Thomas PK: Justin Tucker, Stephen Gostkowski Def: NE, Texans
  7. In for 2. Can't do 1...on vacation
  8. Not sure how the check in registers as I have my three draft pages open and refresh at least a couple times a day. I surely did not go 2 days without looking. For the record, I'm taking between 50 minutes to 1 hr and 48 minutes in my three leagues. In my book, that is reasonable for a slow draft. I've admittedly had a couple misses and took longer than I wish I did, but I've also auto picked a number of times as well.