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  1. This is Mobbin. (Earned a T/O for nothing last week) Update: Wife is still kicking butt and I’m so proud (and selfishly giddy). I was training her at first which was causing a good bit of friction during the workouts. After a few weeks of her constantly fighting and questioning me on the things I’m asking her to do (because she asked me to and is holding me responsible for getting her in shape,) I finally snapped. I just said “Look, this isn’t complicated. You pick heavy s### up and you put heavy s### down - and you do it at a accelerated pace! That’s it!” She snapped out of it and stopped #####ing and moaning. Now she’s even self motivated and instead of me holding her hand we both do our own individual workouts with each other. It’s been great. As for me- I’m officially back to being about 92% of my “summer body”. Even my youngest has stopped calling me fat! I’ve really been focusing on my lower body and core and it’s showing. My legs are noticeably thicker and I just feel so much more powerful in my base. Ive always been a pure speed guy with pretty thin legs. I have absolutely notice how much better my balance is. Im getting shredded this summer and I won’t be denied!!!!!
  2. We in this household thank your family and your son for being a American bad ### mofo! :salute:
  3. I have been working out fairly regularly and can crush 40 in a row right now. Obviously the lighter you are the easier. Being a short and short armed person would also be an advantage. I don’t see how a 5’1”, 120 lbs dude couldn’t demolish that “record”.
  4. Mobbin gets back from his redonkulous suspension tomorrow. He was suspended for sympathizing with Philadelphia Eagles fans.
  5. Give it a couple years and you’ll start to see em again.
  6. Since this all started I’ve been watching boatloads of entire 60s-80s NBA playoffs series. A lot of Bird, Magic, Dr.J, Hakeem, Wilt and Russel. I’ve seen highlights and even watched a lot of this as a kid but seeing again in full - what stood out to me most was how talented NBAers were at shooting. Sure the guys today can out dribble and jump out the gym. But as a whole, the earlier guys were remarkable the way they let the ball off their fingers and contorted their body. The other thing that really stood out was how few commercials there were during playoff games. We’re taking 20 second commercials and when the game comes back on you can tell they didn’t stop the action. I mean I knew this already but watching these games again just further cements how brutally awful the game is to watch today. So boring.
  7. Adrian Peterson has the only outside shot of catching Emmitt Smiths 18,355 rushing yards. If he can (continue to) inject copious amounts of test and HGH and is given the carries, he might just make it. Guice having bum knees allows that window to be open but ADP losing the best offensive line coach in the NFL (Callahan) might counter that.
  8. Not being a smart ###.... I don’t understand what you’re trying to convey.
  9. Agreed. I think you might see a resurgence in drive-in movies.
  10. I''ll let you guys discuss futbol as I know nothing. As for Ali, I think Ali was a giant Richard for how he treated his fellow man and have always contended that if you let Tyson wail on Ali like Frasier did he wouldn't have won any of those fights. He probably wouldn't have survived honestly. I don't hold Ali in very high regard. Hes not on the top of any list other than being a jerk.
  11. Jackie Robinson and there isn't a close second.
  12. Just to play along Ill just say that being very strong doesn't always translate so well to throwers of the ball. Ive never seen a totally jacked pitcher or quarterback who could throw it harder/faster than say a noodle (looking) arm of Aaron Rogers. Sorry for mixing in football guys but baseball isn't my sport.
  13. Posted this in the barbershop thread but thought some of you might find this interesting (or upsetting, not sure which)...
  14. My mother works for a concrete company locally. Her company just received $400,000.00 to cover payroll. $300,000 must be used for payroll and the loan is 100% forgiven. The remaining $100,000 can be used for company operating expenses. Here is the kicker.... They have over $3,000,000 liquid in reserved and they are working every single day. Thats just one company in this great republic. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR FREE to a company that is doing fantastic.