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  1. So awful. Used sparingly it’s cool but now MFers are straight up using it for every song. IMHO, Pusha T is the best rapper since lil Wayne lost his career in the bottom of a cup of dirty sprite.
  2. I think his apology was a polite way of saying “this ##### is cray cray”. To answer your question, no, but I never had oodles of hot women throwing themselves at me at every turn.
  3. Im just as perplexed by men who automatically presume that the woman is telling the truth. We can debate her semen stained underwear and the payout all day long but in the end we don’t know what happened in that room and the only two people who do are Kobe and the woman.
  4. She got 2.5 million You should know this since you were there and know what happened. Alao, what does Kobe being accused of rape have to so with you or anybody you know?
  5. He didn’t get off Scott free. He was only accused of rape and many who followed the case closely believe the only reason he was questioned in the first place because he was famous for playing basketball. If you’ve paid any attention at all you would see that he was idolized for far more than playing basketball Im sorry for whatever happened to your loved ones but unless Kobe Bryant was their attacker he has literally nothing to do with them in any way whatsoever.
  6. Wilder blaming loss on 40lb outfit sapped his legs
  7. It was all more of the same and the difficulty ramps up to the point it goes from fun action game to tedious annoying stealth and QuickTime events. Kinda like the Assassins Creed games. I played the first one til completion and never could force myself to finish any of the rest of the series. I tried playing every third or so AC but 10 minutes in I was like, ok, this again.
  8. I'd recommend the Arkham Asylum (remastered) version first. For several reasons. One, I think its a better game. Two, it will ease the player into the controls. Personally, I didn't like any of the other games and felt like they were just more of the same.
  9. If youre gonna do it this late in the party (which is awesome), I'd recommend the Xboxone X and a 4k TV. You and the kids are going to have access to what is quite possibly the best catalog of video games thats ever graced a console period. The amount of games, more importantly the quality of the games is staggering. What kind of games are you interested in? I ted to play RPGs so right off the bat I would say: Dark Souls Remastered (and the rest of the series as my all time favorite) Bioshock remastered Red Dead Redemption 2 Fallout 4 Elder Scrolls Skyrim Others can chime in with theirs
  10. I'm not sure why. Seems to me Fury has dominated Wilder nearly every round. If this goes to a rematch you will just see the same thing, the boxer out boxing the puncher. Just so happens that the boxer is the much larger person.
  11. With two kids in HS, the sports, dinners, attempting to make time for us, spending time with friends and everything else life throws at you were running a fly by night operation and we wanna tighten things up to be more productive. Do any of you use an app or have a process that keeps all your life goals, to do lists, schedules and the like that works best for you? TIA