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  1. You can bypass the bell tower door to get the covetous serpent ring by: There's no way around getting inside the tower without buying the key but that ring will help you get 20 souls a little faster.
  2. You can't check the A/C when it's cold outside. If the heat pump is producing heat, then it's likely the A/C works, unless the reversing valve is damaged or broken. The "list of items that could potentially be needed" would be so long that you would complain about that too.
  3. I'm so paranoid about beating bosses and messing up quest lines I'm exploring as much as I can before tackling the bosses. I just got all the fires extinguished in the swampy area and opened that door which so far seems just to lead back to an areaive already discovered. Btw, those tree dudes in the swamp wreck me. While the bosses haven't been crazy hard so far, your average enemy is so much tougher in this game then any of the others.
  4. When I was around 13 (1990) I got my step dad into collecting these. He has a massive collection still. I'm talking 50 sealed figures and at minimum 1 of everything, complete with weapons and accessories and boxes, thought not all sealed. The really rare dudes most people never even knew existed. With so many people collecting them over the past 2 decades they aren't worth what they once went for but I imagine they will gain value over the years with each new movie release. One day they will all be mine. MINE I TELL YOU, MINE, ALL MINE!
  5. So great! This means Snyder is still running things!
  6. Level 63?!?!? Omg Marc!
  7. Thanks Ivan. FYI- The torch doesn't have a timer and can actually be upgraded this time around
  8. I'm level 30 and my rough stats from memory are vig 18 edur 22 str 30 With everything else at 10. im using a +3 butchers knife, the Mirah(so?) set and a 100% physical shield. Move bern a lot of places but haven't beaten a lot of bosses. IIRC, just the Crystal sage, the fire Taurus daemon, the tree dude and the frost beast dude early. getting a little overwhelmed with all the incomplete areas but I tend to find myself in front of fogged out doors with too many souls to risk losing so I head back to the shrine and level up and end up finding new areas or forgetting how I got to the boss in the first place. Whats up with the bleeding damage? Sometimes the bar slooooowly raises up twice before for it goes away. Any triplicating make it go away faster? There was an area earlier where I would have to use 2 estus before it would stop.
  9. Be carful, jokes like that get you firmly planted in the biggot/homophobe camp here.
  10. I would contact him via email immediately about what you've discovered. Explain to him that you spoke to the technician and ask for an explanation. It's also possible that the HVAC dude is lying to you. I am imagine the threat of reporting his felony to the authorities should be enough to get him to pony up the necessary money to fix your issues.
  11. They are very hard to see. I've found about 4 chests and 1 mimic - the first one with the dark axe
  12. Those duel wielding wraiths are tough. A lot of sneaky ambuses too.
  13. I just made it through the graveyard. So in excited to play after dinner since you guys say it's your favorite part so far. -Those two dudes guarding the stairs were some of the best dueling so far. I kinda wish they had more of those. I'm sure I've missed a boss so where on that level with the crabs. Was Deacons of the deep that wizard dude who was essentially just like Pinwheel with the holograms of himself?
  14. Just brutal.
  15. I thought gaga was pretty good. Alice Cooper - How on earth has this dude raked in millions over the years with this crap?