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  1. Morning Bloom 16 team dynasty league..start 1 or 2 RBs...I have McCoy, Tolbert, Lacy, Prosise, Thompson, Ivory, Darkwa...I have an offer to give up my 2018 2nd round rookie pick( should be 9-16 th pick of the 2nd round) for Ingram...what are your thoughts on Ingram? would you make the trade? I'm pretty solid @ all other positions.
  2. Sig you missed my question on the top of page 5....2nd post down..thanks Sig!!
  3. PPR..1 Point every 10 yds rushing and recieving pick 1 for my Flex: Ingram,Crabtree,AJ Green or Jeffery Same scoring in another league: Pick 1 flex Blue,Hightower,Cobb or Marshall Thanks Sig and Merry Chrismas to you and your family!
  4. Any KC homers out there w/ a report on tonights weather conditions?
  5. Same dilema as last week and you nailed it...Thanks Sig!!! Crabtree or Ingram?(I have Mitchell too) 10 yds recieving...10 yds rushing...PPR Crabtree lines up against Peters alot and laid a dud last game...3 fantasy points earlier this season against KC or this would be easy for me. Love to here your thoughts on this...Thanks again Sig!!!
  6. Hi Bloom PPR 1 point every 10 yds Rec 1 point every 10 ydrs rushing Ingram or Crabtree for my flex(have Mitchell and Bennet too)
  7. Durant is rumored to be the lone 3 down LB, so McClain doesnt hold much value.
  8. Have a friend that works for Direct TV...Heres what he told me. Best deals are given in mid August...if you want the ticket for free every year and plan on staying w/ Direct TV, you should tell them that you will sign a 1 year commitment (which would expire a couple weeks before football season the following year)and they will give it to you for free, i did it for the last 3 years and havnt paid a dime..they usually give me credits and free movie channels too. (before i learned this trick i did the usual 3-8 phone calls a year waiting for the best deal). It only works if you are not under a current contract and pay your bill on time. Good luck, hope this helps.
  9. buck56

    Vontaze Burfict

    Burfict played WLB, Rey played MLB.
  10. Did you have to agree to a new contract? Whats up JGB, ...the only way to get the Genie is to agree to a 2 year commitment (friend works for Direct TV), unless your a new customer of corse.
  11. I got just the RZ channel one year, for free. They are offering at a stand alone this year? When i called a month ago, they told me no?
  12. Called last week, asked if i could get a dicount on the ST because i just wanted the RedZone and i could get if for $7 a month w/ Dish.They offered me a 6 month credit of $10 off.(lowering my cost to $240).Told them that wasnt gonna do it and id probably switch to Dish before the season started.Called back yesterday and told them i was switching to Dish.The lady asked me if she was to give me the ST for free (inc.RedZone and HD games)would i stay.Of course i said yes.Ive done the same thing the last 5 years and havnt paid for the ticket.2 years ago after all of my credits, they actually paid me $30 to get the ticket.Ive learned over the years if your not under contract, a long time customer, and pay your bill. All you have to do is be persistant and keep calling and telling them your going to switch(ask for retention),sooner or later you will get it for free.