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  1. I’m lost. Why does this get attention from anyone with control of their faculties?
  2. W wasn’t a nazi but he is/was a war criminal. Let’s reflect on the fact that Trump makes most everyone pine for W.
  3. It's still unfortunate. The right seeing “juvenile and vulgar” as a disparagement, let alone using those words to describe anything else, is pretty rich.
  4. The owner of this site liked this post?Yikes. Dozens of glaring and material omissions aside, it’s laughable to suggest that he’s trying to do either of the things asserted.
  5. Go on...
  6. Sure.
  7. I'm not wrong. Natural law, as essential element for Enlightenment philosophy (including the DOI), may appeal to the divine or supernatural but does not necessarily do so. Natural law is about what is - both morally and phenomenally. I understand you want even this to be a necessary appeal to the Judeo-Christian God but it simply isn't. For example, many (most?) pagans adhere to natural law.
  8. It’s an appeal to reason, not to God. But nice try.
  9. The 13 British releases plus the Past Masters albums make up the definitive catalog, if I understand correctly.
  10. High dives. Different animal.
  11. Hello, I'm interested. Feel free to PM me if you are still looking. Thanks.
  12. Never tell me the odds. :layup:
  13. His question tells us everything we need to know about mr_mx.
  14. Fair point.