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  1. maxwelledison

    What is Tommy Lee Jones signature role?

    I thought the same thing when I looked at the poll options. I really like TLJ but some real dogs in the team photo.
  2. maxwelledison

    Which team would score more?

    The absolute longest it would take between goals is around 10 seconds. MLB guys would be so useless that they may as well not even be out there. Those of you that think mlb players would be able to skate with a decent bantam team, let alone nhl players, just don’t know of what you speak.
  3. maxwelledison

    Mmmmm, this crow tastes delicious.

    I faded Fournette since college based on injuries not talent. Went against gut feeling thinking that this would be his one healthy year in several redrafts...
  4. We definitely need more information. A couple thoughts: Strongly consider eliminating the car entirely. If you live near the El or Metra and don’t have kids at an age to drive around I can’t think of any good reason to have one. If you’re going to rent, and don’t care about schools, your options are vast. A ballpark monthly figure would be quite helpful.
  5. You must be young. The point is I know a dysfunctional organization when I see one and nitpicking those that do it right instead of focusing your energy and criticism on your own team is petty and ridiculous.
  6. Dropped in here to read about Goedert (Bears fan - loved the pick fwiw) and you boys can certainly handle your own battles; still, let me give the Cowboys fan(s) a bit of unsolicited advice: When a team is built well, has great coaching, a good/probably better young qb and just won the super bowl against the definitive and unrivaled coach of the era with a backup qb, the right move is a tip of the cap. Get your own house in order - compared to philly right now you’re living in a townhome telling Beyoncé how her third home overlooking the Mediterranean doesn’t get the cross breeze you expected.
  7. Has to be considered a decent scalp for some of those fellas, even at his advanced age. Also provides the added benefit of retribution/poetic justice.
  8. Understood and same for me.
  9. I love you wikkid but it sounds like you deserved the last part. /bendsknee
  10. maxwelledison


    I’m lost. Why does this get attention from anyone with control of their faculties?
  11. W wasn’t a nazi but he is/was a war criminal. Let’s reflect on the fact that Trump makes most everyone pine for W.