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  1. I had a team go AWOL at drat spot 1.11 in a full IDP league. This is a good team with all of its draft picks. This is a league with large rosters and full 11 man IDP.. here are the rules the team The cost is $
  2. LBT has been filled looking for LBToo to do the same. Sylvester
  3. rumored TE/OL Cut Olman safety visited KR competition visited
  4. nickel/slot corner
  5. Little Big Team - $10 (winner takes all after MFL fees) Long term, stable league. League Rules taken team LBT1- Defunct gamblers LBToo No Longer the gamblers (1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1) Buffalo State Extinct Picks (1.6, 2.6, 3.6, 4.6, 5.4, 5.6 7.6)
  6. Yep, It might not a specific poster, but yes someone or someones say the next year is going to be better than the current year. Then things play out where seemingly that future year never pans out to the greatness that was declared a year earlier.
  7. I have enjoyed this season greatly...11-5 and division winners beats 4-12 and focusing on the draft and free agency before Halloween
  8. when we all just thought Winslow Jr was a spoiled brat acting tough...
  9. minor deal Team x 2018 Draft Pick 3.04 Team y Matthews, Jordan NEP WR
  10. only one opening remains in a long-term league
  11. just one team available...