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  1. Well finally over .500...more than anything playing better fundamental baseball than earlier (imo)
  2. I am glad to see this breakdown. I was feeling like I was making 3rd round decisions as early as the late 1st/early 2nd in my drafts. the numbers seem to reflect this idea.
  3. Well, for me the "draft' and 'rosters" portions are what's down.. i can do stuff that's not related to those two things, but of course that's what needs to be done.
  4. There is no perfect answer to this problem but if we go to positional designations of DL (4-3 tackles, 3-4 tackles/ends), OR (outside rushers - 4-3 ends and 3-4 OLB), LB (all 4-3 LB and 3-4 ILB), and DB (all defensive backs), we will solve a great deal of the arguments out there. We could still separate the DB positions if we want but there are now a lot of players (Byron Jones for example) who are at one position in the base defense and shift to slot corner in sub packages. If you watched the NFL draft you heard Mike Mayock describe several players as outside rushers. Even he didn't call them ends or linebackers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what's interesting is that the leagues where owners were trying to be more 'sophisticated' with tight position designations are actually the ones with the most issues. some older .i.e. more simple systems only used DL. LB, DB even in 11 man leagues. Adding OR to this gives the most accurate portrayal of what occurs on the field. And yes, the leagues i commish uses specific position break out versus the 'old' way. Edit: the SS/LB is still a little troublesome...maybe just have a category for DP...defensive player which I think yahoo leagues use
  5. Got it...just assumed I wasn't the only one who had to the word up
  6. pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
  7. so of course, this year there were 6 RBs taken in round 5..and arguably all of them have a reasonable path to some fantasy relevance.
  8. Probably the worse sequence of I want get rid of my spit offers I have gotten 1) MHS offers Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB; Year 2017 Round 5 Draft Pick Cheaply Extravagant Bookworms for Allen, Keenan SDC WR; Year 2016 Draft Pick 7.07 2) After no comment rejection MHS offers Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB;Dye, Donteea TBB WR;Herndon, Javontee SDC WR;Crawford, Tyrone DAL DT; Year 2017 Round 3 Draft Pick Cheaply Extravagant Bookworms for Romo, Tony DAL QB;Lockett, Tyler SEA WR; Year 2016 Draft Pick 4.07;Year 2016 Draft Pick 5.07 3) After "I can't even counter that" rejection MHS offers Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB;Dye, Donteea TBB WR; Year 2016 Draft Pick 6.09 Cheaply Extravagant Bookworms for Romo, Tony DAL QB;Bryant, Martavis PIT WR; Year 2016 Draft Pick 5.0
  9. I agree
  10. BOB seems to have a long relationship with Fuller...right or wrong it appears to have played a factor.
  11. I think the design of the offense a 3WR base that will use so-called WRs 2-4 (maybe even 5) as match up pieces. Even with his issues, the indications seem to be that Fuller and Miller were not replacement parts versus additional features. this might mean that strong has his fantasy upside capped a bit, but does not mean the club has given up on him.
  12. Well, I surely did not know what I was talking about here.
  13. needs an owner no longer needs an owner Buy me can be bought for $10 in this full IDP weighted PPR league... some really good pieces in place on that roster and all of the draft picks for 2016
  14. The offense has seriously increased its raw speed and big play ability when the moves are taken as a whole versus them apart. The Texans are attempting to move away from the methodical, must execute every play stuff of the past few years. sure, there is plenty of questions of the how and who, but I at least see them as trying to change the nature of the offense. whether it works is what they play football games to find out. I don't think that the Texans are thinking of the offense in terms of number 2-4 (hopkins given) versus having 3-4 Wrs sets with guys that have cause different match-up problems. I will be interested to see if the Texans try to upgrade TE and what type. I think the Texans will some version of the pro spread, passing match-up offense. What we saw the first two years was more modified Kubiak with some stuff thrown in than what O'Brien envisions as how to play offense in 2016. My belief is BOBs offense passes early and often. With being shaky at best undercenter and a one man show passing game, the Texans still were 10th in the league in pass attempts in 2015, but were 30th in completion percentage and 29th in yards per attempt. Edit: I posted this before the Braxton Miller pick..wash, rinse, repeat, with heavy starch