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  1. Well, I think I had to make this type of choice way too often when I was single
  2. The first few nights yes...after 3 or 4 nights i realized I was at least used to her being there (bad sleeping habits and all).
  3. A bump for someone to draft immediately for this team. $15.00 all play rules full idp large rosters rules and team linked in the 1st post contact soon if interested
  4. Draft starts tomorrow, if you interested in making this team more your own
  5. thanks this opening has filled... I do have one in the all-Play league.
  6. Voorhies this team is now available..$15.00 full IDP all play league.
  7. A late defection in a full IDP league. Large roster. Good competitive league. $10.00 Idaho Steelheads Rules
  8. I had a late defection if you wanted to take a look at the team...sorry for missing this post earlier.
  9. If you are still interested...One potential owner did not respond to message. Open 1 is the available team.
  10. needed to bump just because the Astros might live up to at some of the hype
  11. Looks like I have the two spots taken, but I will repost and e-mail this evening if something falls through
  12. Open team 1 open team 2 remain for this uniquely designed league format.
  13. two teams remain after confirming these two new owners...welcome to theleague
  14. sent e-mail to both potential owner above