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  1. That's one more than Hillary's been found to have broken.
  2. How many commercials do you think we're going to see between now and November featuring guys from the construction industry that Trump stiffed?
  3. Didn't hear much talk about incarcerating Donald Trump at this one.
  4. Nicolle Wallace was a good addition to MSNBC.
  5. Have you ever been in a room with Sharon Belkofer?
  6. Never been a better argument against them than Race to the White House 2016
  7. His strongest moment was the Trump tax return line. If that's the part that gets played on all the broadcasts tomorrow then it was a success.
  8. Dems hoping to pull 107% of the Hispanic vote.
  9. Find it on the Internet. He did a great job.
  10. Facts don't matter. Trump feels like he's richer than Bloomberg.
  11. The number comes from the Pew Poll released last week.