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  1. You don't think hacking a political party's server and then publicly releasing the emails you find in an attempt to influence an election is a little different than normal intelligence hacking? Either way, it's possible to be concerned about both stories. They don't negate each other.
  2. And tomorrow Obama is going to say ISIL which will really set them off.
  3. If I was a Trump supporter, I wouldn't be bringing up Epstein's name
  4. Because people that are experts in the field think so? I really don't understand why you guys are getting so uptight about the reporting on what if obviously a very legitimate and important story. It doesn't make the story of the content of the emails go away.
  5. Lots of extremely strong circumstantial evidence.
  7. Holy crap they selected some dumb people to be Bernie delegates.
  8. Yeah, I love Warren, but she drained some energy out of that place.