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  1. The game is in Gainesville and the 2 teams have the same record and are both terrible.
  2. Wentz concussion from Larwence's knee?
  3. They're letting 'em play! Until some point later in the game when they throw a flag on some ticky-tac nonsense.
  4. 3 Boise State guys on defense? That might be a record in itself.
  5. I want to see more of the cheerleader that was in the background behind Switzer before the kick.
  6. The real victim is Fox, who doesn't have another game to switch to.
  7. Hopefully the Bills visited Sea World and the San Diego Zoo so the trip wasn't a complete waste.
  8. Watch the Bengals settle for 3 now
  9. How did that ball come out Kirkpatrick's hands?
  10. These refs brains are frozen.
  11. It was nice of Cleveland to make up for the TD the Jags D got screwed out of.
  12. Lead story does seem silly, but it is more than nothing. A lot of Heisman voters are going to try real hard to find a reason to vote for someone else.