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  1. "Da. Is all true" -things Quez would say
  2. Pretty sure the people that own the GOP Congress love NAFTA and any replacement the GOP Congress came up with would be almost the same thing under a different name. But you're right that Trump would declare that it was "great" and take credit for the "much better deal" he got America.
  3. Just add cheese.
  4. Yeah, you're right. I just subtracted 3 from the normal 12 games without really counting. So they had 14 games originally scheduled?
  5. UCF has smoked every opponent. Their closest game was a 27-point win. Of course they haven't really played anybody. They also had 3 games cancelled, so their best case is a 9-0 regular season.
  6. The Tech one hurts me more, but overall Auburn was the team that was playing really well coming in and still had a chance to do big things.
  7. Hopefully the game goes into overtime so we can get some free extra Romonalysis.
  8. but he actually has
  9. I guess at least a woman actually saying he did it to her would be a good start. I disagree: --- Lots of rumors get around. Did you know there is a pedophile ring being run through a DC pizza shop?
  10. Which could also be true.