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  1. I kinda wrecked this poll. Based on the number of posts for "Living on a Thin Line" it seems like it probably would have come in about 3rd to "Lola" and "You Really Got Me". Then again, maybe that isn't the best measure. Ton of posts about "Waterloo Sunset" and it's tied with "All Day and All of the Night" and "Come Dancing".
  2. I'm the only vote for Give the People What They Want atm, but I might have gone with CH on a different day.
  3. Probably can't swing a dead porpoise without hitting a marine biologist in Hawaii. Removing golf balls from whale blow holes is like 18% of their economy.
  4. Every dime you've spent on anything but food and heat could have gone to a worthwhile charity. Nice.
  5. Should have really went the Millennium Falcon
  6. Also guys beyond the first round might actually be able to raise their stock and get a lot more out of that first contract.
  7. I understand Cappy's point, but some people just have different priorities. You only have one chance to play college ball and some people want to get everything they can out of it. Clemson is a no doubt contender next year and these guys might want another ring with the Tigers.
  8. Technically different (the best kind of different) than actively telling them to stay.
  9. Yeah, I'm dumb. I think I fixed it now though.
  10. Was just reading an interview with Dave where he says they get along great now, but they mostly talk about things other than music.
  11. Probably right. It's a great song. Much like Rush and "Tom Sawyer" though, I'm always hoping it's not the song that's going to play when a DJ says he's going to play the Kinks. Too many other great ones deserve time.
  12. I added a few of those and an "Other" option. The whole thing's a mess now, but whatever.
  13. Lol, I was actually listening to "Superman" in the car when I decided to make this poll and still forgot to put it on. There's too many good ones.
  14. Good catch I accidentally submitted before I was through. It's there now.
  15. Really need a "Screw This Guy" button next to the "Like" button.