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  1. Misi got hurt in the first half and missed the rest of the game.
  2. So Trump looked like a know-nothing idiot in the debate. I assume this means he'll be up 5 nationally in next week's polling.
  3. He doesn't drink. Thank God. Can you imagine how big of an ### he would become drunk?
  4. In his redshirt year. Just don't think he's on anyone's radar for a major HBC position.
  5. Have the offenses and QBs he's coached actually been good though?
  6. Haven't seen snap counts, but he was in on nickel situation late against the Colts
  7. lol, what is the point of that rule?
  8. how did they illegally touch?
  9. yes
  10. Like half of Miami's team headed straight for Duke Johnson on the screen
  11. Why not run Crowell to try to gain yards for the crappy kicker?
  12. He had to come because there was blood on him. He came back and threw the 2 pt conversion. I guess they checked him for concussion too.
  13. Duke Johnson enjoying being back in S.Florida
  14. That's why they gave Cousins the big bucks
  15. PAC12 if you get it