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  1. Peter King said something I agree with? Strange times indeed.
  2. According to whom? Seems like Bannon is drawing a lot of fire
  3. Probably feels like retreating into his shell and hiding from the world.
  4. Let's not get nuts. Tide football is still a living embodiment of pure evil.
  5. Dems have their blueprint for 2018. Get GOP pedophiles nominated across the country.
  6. These favorable Jones reports will just make the inevitable kick in the jewels from the Moore victory that much more painful.
  7. I'm just seeing this thread today, but I love that -OZ- thought he was refuting O.T.O.'s point about the lack of good movies with this: "but Marvel is putting out 6 movies next year, add 2 star wars, a couple Disney movies, and whatever else is out,"
  8. This game will last six hours if that guy has to announce many penalties.
  9. BS call
  10. LY? I see, LT
  11. Hey refs, how about letting us know WTF you are calling?