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  1. Wisconsin seems to be a very popular pick on the Internet. Seems like I see 8 people picking UW to every 1 I see taking the Gators. Obviously somebody somewhere must be betting UF as they remain 1-1.5 pt favorites. UW might present match-up problems inside and they certainly have more tourney experience by a wide margin. One thing that might be key for Florida is if they can get any good minutes out of Gorjok Gak. Gak is a raw freshman center out of Australia that was injured much of the season and didn't play much when he was available. He didn't log a single minute in either of the two Vandy losses that led up to The Dance. However, in each of the first two tourney games he's played 4-5 quality minutes while the games were still closely contested and played well each time. Ian Eagle actually said "It's a Gak attack!" Saturday he was so impressive during his first half stint against UVA. Need more like that tonight.
  2. I think in his scenario the guy was in high school at the same time as the girl.
  3. I see pigeon hats in our future. #MFBGGA
  4. I just don't like Florida starting so much later than they have all year.
  5. I hope UF/Wisc doesn't start this late tomorrow.
  6. He's not wrong. The Zapruder film got less review.
  7. It seems like the other son is going to be major factor though. Either he gets nabbed and Phillip has to try to free him from the system or he gets to the States and tells Phillip things that drive him further down the road of questioning the system.
  8. No one has to go to prison for longer than Trump is in office because he can just pardon them on the way out. That's why I think none of them ever turn on him.