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  1. I can't believe how that game has blown up. Isn't it pretty much the same as PUBG?
  2. Are there people that think the gameplay is better or do they just enjoy watching the college game more? I mean the NFL is actually better gameplay than CFB too.
  3. Seems like they could have fouled some more and stretched it out
  4. I believe you've forgotten Milli Vanilli's strategy for success
  5. Obviously trying to decide which films makes the cut is subjective, but something would have gotten bumped for Johnny Dangerously if I had remembered it.
  6. The '80 get bashed a lot, but that's a hard line-up to beat. I would have liked to throw a few others like Roger Rabbit on there, but I wasn't going to do more than 2 lists.
  7. The references to one of the greatest movies ever made have definitely been a plus for this tourney.
  8. World of Tanks finally reached 1.0 status after 9 years. It is visually impressive on PC with the new graphics engine.
  9. And Duke University would spontaneously eject into space.
  10. Can't believe the Wildcats are going out like this after the wars they won to get here.
  11. According to my calculations this game has a 92% chance of having an epic finish.