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  1. The problem is every nice person that still supports him loves and worships him and they will all turn up at the polls.
  2. I think Trevor Noah has settled in pretty well, but there's only one king.
  3. Buddy, I'll fight for my right to party.
  4. I say thank God for the infighting. Imagine how bad things would get if they were all pulling together.
  5. When Trump says "my generals" is @The General included?
  6. Seriously though, a satire piece shouldn't pop up as a "Top Story" on Google.
  7. I guess "Satire from The Borowitz Report" should have clued me in.
  8. Wait, tim is a lady? Is this known?
  9. This is hilarious, but I'm not sure why the GSA needs to get political.
  10. You could have just led with this. lol, I was never suggesting that they were walking right into surgery without any type of consultations. But there is a difference between a doctor saying that it is OK for a patient to get a surgery and telling them that they should get a surgery. Anyway, looking through that pdf you linked I see that there are indeed cases where doctors feel it is medically necessary for a patient to get the surgery. In those case I would agree that the military should pay for it.
  11. It's elective surgery Henry. Look, you're the one that asserted that doctors recommend the surgery. I guess I'll need to see proof of that. If the military is only paying for reassignment surgeries that doctors think is necessary for the individual's health (physical or mental), then I'm not going to object.
  12. From interviews she has given?
  13. I'm not sure what you mean Henry. For example, Caitlyn Jenner decided to have the surgery all on her own, not because a doctor told her to.