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  1. I was thinking, "But the Twins just won in '91". Then I remembered that's 25 years ago and I'm old. Anyone remember Joe Niekro throwing the emery board out of his pocket in '87?
  2. FWIW, I'm very into the game. Can't wait to get back at it this afternoon. Maybe it's just because I haven't played Civ in like 3 years.
  3. That's just PC gaming in general now.
  4. Is Gates good again?
  5. He might be a little biased towards Von Miller
  6. Draft pick championship
  7. For the week or two until he hits IR and a 6th QB comes on for the 2016 Browns?
  8. Yeah. He was down and ATL was calling TO in time
  9. It's like he studied film on Sherman's uncalled PI.
  10. This game won't keep me up late
  11. Hmm, the only archeological museum I built was in London after I conquered England. It had 6 slots in it, which I didn't even realize was more than the normal 3. Getting 6 is a British bonus. Is this something that happened in previous versions of the game? Because I don't remember it. BTW, Victoria is my favorite in the animated messages. Her mannerisms crack me up.
  12. Definitely should have spent more time looking at that chart Culdeus posted before doing a full game. Still going to win easily because I'm on Prince, but my cities could have been planned much better.
  13. That was somewhat priced in already, but yeah they're gonna be more than if it was the Dodgers.
  14. Now we're talking NFL in the CFB thread. Damn you m.n.s!