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  1. In what may seem as a non-issue at first glance, Donald Trump filed his FEC paperwork for the 2020 election only five hours after his swearing-in ceremony. For context, President Obama filed for the 2012 election in April of 2011. So Trump’s actions are far from normal. Why does this matter? Well, according to a fantastic thread by Twitter user The Resisterhood, it has a lot to do with how PACs and Nonprofits are allowed to deal with candidate Trump, instead of President Trump. A nonprofit, 501c(3) such as Planned Parenthood may now be required to use guarded language because they are not legally allowed to campaign against a presidential candidate. They can criticize President Trump, but if it appears they are in any way trying to stop his 2020 election chances, the campaign can sue them. Silencing criticism really is the only thing that really matters to the Trump movement.
  2. Yeah, but I don't think we're supposed to go around there no more.
  3. Hey man, he just got 9000 people in a hangar in Florida.
  4. Matt Jones. But he's a moron.
  5. They were probably concerned that he might sting like a bee
  6. No mention of WaPo? They'd better pick their game up.
  7. I'm guessing he's too busy welcoming refugees to Canada to pay attention to this thread.
  8. They never have been in 43 years.
  9. I gotta credit Loan Sharks for bringing the deep Bundy knowledge in his retort.
  10. I bet she drinks gin straight out of the bottle.
  11. Florida stopped cheating in 1989. Fact.
  12. I thought it was too. Didn't like the musical and wasn't as high on the water park as some. But since then it's been nothing but hits for me.
  13. It's hard to drive by old closed plants everyday here in the Midwest and think "NAFTA added jobs!"