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  1. So we're all on board with "Win none for Watson"?
  2. Do these things come with whiskey drawers?
  3. Maybe the signals are all about 6 alien friends that live a major alien metropolis and hang around a lot in an alien beverage shop.
  4. I haven't seen his MSNBC appearance, but the cartoon itself doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
  5. Yeah, what's up with coaches doing silly publicity stunts?
  6. Do we know how many different positions he's taken on the undocumented? Does anyone have access to a computer powerful enough to tally them?
  7. Yeah, they're still around. Pretty sure there's still old people that think they have to go through AOL to get to the Internet.
  8. I can't wait for Trump's highly informed take on this. I hope it isn't too technical.
  9. The first article you posted makes it pretty clear this isn't a bad thing. More from Icann You guys getting worked up about this are just looking for something to get worked up about. This has been the plan for 2 decades.
  10. Is there a way we can arrange to get Ditka Butkus in a ring with Colin Kaepernick?
  11. Apparently he thought Archer was a... danger zone
  12. Your browser should have an option to use the desktop site. If it doesn't, change browsers.
  13. Yeah, I suspect Jackson will try to be a little stubborn with the ground game, but in most 4th quarters it's going to be all passing.
  14. Have you even been to an African American neighborhood to count yard signs HT?
  15. That's not actually true unless you only look at a single outlier poll. His average is 8%. GWB got 11% in 2004 and 9% in 2000. Dole got 12%. GHWB got 10% and 11%. So basically he's doing worse than any Republican not facing Obama. To be fair, the 1% number was also an outlier.