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  1. Hey man, he just got 9000 people in a hangar in Florida.
  2. Matt Jones. But he's a moron.
  3. They were probably concerned that he might sting like a bee
  4. No mention of WaPo? They'd better pick their game up.
  5. I'm guessing he's too busy welcoming refugees to Canada to pay attention to this thread.
  6. They never have been in 43 years.
  7. I gotta credit Loan Sharks for bringing the deep Bundy knowledge in his retort.
  8. I bet she drinks gin straight out of the bottle.
  9. Florida stopped cheating in 1989. Fact.
  10. I thought it was too. Didn't like the musical and wasn't as high on the water park as some. But since then it's been nothing but hits for me.
  11. It's hard to drive by old closed plants everyday here in the Midwest and think "NAFTA added jobs!"
  12. Thanks. Kinda worried Adebayo is going to have a big night, but hoping for the best. 3rd doesn't really matter much. Your guys just need to make sure they stay in the top-4 for the double bye.
  13. It took me a minute. Bannon and Miller are certainly evil enough for that to be real.
  14. You don't have a wall with pictures and articles pinned up and connected by strings?