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  1. Slowly making my way through the playlist in order ('cause after all, we're drafting albums and I want to listen to them as albums). Still in round 1 (wrapping up the Arctic Monkeys album) and the overall quality's fantastic. I'll try to give a quick opinion on all of round 1 once I'm done, but the biggest surprise for me so far was the Lord Huron. ####### great stuff. I'm familiar with most of the rest of the round, other than the Civil Wars. The .paak album was on my shortlist, and funny that GM took Barnett and Vile back to back, since one track I've played a bunch is Over Everything, off their 2017 collab.
  2. RIP. Loved their sound. Looked at the wiki page and saw he helped produce the Futureheads' debut, which I didn't realize at the time, but it makes perfect sense.
  3. One of the first new things that came up for me on the playlist, and damn if it wouldn't have sounded great on my island. Gorgeous.
  4. Odds and sods for my wrap-up. 15.x The Tallest Man on Earth, The Wild Hunt (2010) Burden of Tomorrow Draft helped me remember how much I loved this. 16.x Bill Callahan, Apocalypse (2011) Drover Same as the TMoE pick above. Listened to "Drover" again putting these picks together and was like "oh ####, that's right". Love Callahan's voice and songwriting. There's a stream-of-consciousness feel to it, but in a way that makes perfect sense. 17.x Future Islands, Singles (2014) Seasons (Waiting on You) I thank the FFA for introducing me to them. Think it was Marco that took 'em in a previous draft I joined late. 18.x Cloud Nothings, Here and Nowhere Else (2014) I'm Not Part of Me Curveball for my island. Glad everyone else left CN well alone after Eeph's early pick. 19.x Hurry, Guided Meditation (2016) Nothing to Say Straightforward power pop that's way up my alley. 20.x Adam Torres, Pearls to Swine High Lonesome Man, don't know what to say other than that Torres has an amazing voice.
  5. 14.x Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues (2011) Been on my shortlist since the beginning and I'm surprised no one took it at all. I prefer their debut, sure, but this is still lovely, particularly on good headphones.
  6. /cue Undertaker sitting up in his coffin Holy crap, y'all are done. Don't have the list ready to make all my remaining picks, but here are a couple. Both FKA and Paak have been picked before, and I avoided repeats, but both are fantastic. I picked "Wanna Come Down" from Doko Mien in the last draft I was in, but I'll go with the full album here. Sorry for a lack of full write-ups, draft got away from me. 11.x FKA twigs, MAGDALENE (2019) 12.x Anderson .Paak, Ventura (2019) 13.x Ibibio Sound Machine, Doko Mien (2019)
  7. Ugh. Wasn't aware of the whole "no cuts in week one" thing this year. Made the cut this week and was plenty happy about my 7 Chiefs players, but looks like I have no chance at all if people were able to build 100% KC/SF squads. Oh well.
  8. Hope you get to pack a pair of good headphones for this one. Definitely benefits from it, as opposed to letting it play on computer/phone speakers or whatever. Was on my list at one point.
  9. Highly recommended. Summertime down here right now, though it's generally hot as balls year-round.
  10. Full disclosure while the limoncello's loosening my typing fingers, GB - Just went with my gut on Atlas, but I did a search for Jens yesterday to find my post from the earlier draft and saw one where you said you liked the album, so I figured I couldn't wait too long.
  11. "The Host" was the one movie of his I watched, and I remember thinking it was awesome.
  12. Limoncello is a veritable institution in Italy. I add a measure of gin to MoCS's prosecco + limoncello recipe, trying to copy a tasty one we had at a restaurant. My cocktail of choice these days is usually a Negroni, though.