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  1. My worst week by a lot, but I should make it. 17ish above the cut line.
  2. Fuller was one of the few left on my roster who hadn't counted yet. Guess he was charging up for this week.
  3. Forgot to post mine earlier, but: Jared Goff $14 Lamar Jackson $12 Todd Gurley $28 Nick Chubb $25 Chris Carson $18 Duke Johnson $9 Matt Breida $9 Devin Singletary $8 Julio Jones $32 Allen Robinson $17 Will Fuller $15 Curtis Samuel $12 Josh Gordon $6 Evan Engram $18 Mark Andrews $9 Matt Gay $3 Zane Gonzalez $3 Kansas City Chiefs $5 Carolina Panthers $4 New York Jets $3 Lots of apparent favorites (Gordon, Andrews, most of the RBs), which is tricky, but I do like the roster as a whole, other than worrying about only having 3 WRs in W10 if I make it there. Gurley's a gamble, but the price felt right to me. Satisfied with Robinson's week 1 production, and he's clearly great, but Trubisky still seems to flat-out not see him on a regular basis. Same as it ever was.
  4. Yeah, I was the side getting Keenan. Had plenty of solid WRs, but wanted an upgrade. Other guy (who's in an all-out rebuild) asked me if I'd do Samuel + my 2021 1st for him, which was already reasonable (it figures to be a mid-late 1st), but I was on the fence 'cause I do like Samuel's talent plenty. Then he added Ebron and the 3rd, and that was that.
  5. 12 team PPR Team A gets: Curtis Samuel, 2021 1st Team B gets: Keenan Allen, Eric Ebron, 2020 3rd
  6. Thanks for the reply. My starting lineup is Mahomes/Gurley/Mixon/Damien Williams/Woods/Golladay/Godwin/Jared Cook, and a TE upgrade would be my first choice, yes, but haven't gotten very far on that front.
  7. 12 team dynasty league, PPR scoring Been shopping Deshaun Watson around my league for a while to see what I could get (he's my backup behind Mahomes). The two standing offers I got are: -Deshaun + my 2020 2nd (low) for 2020 1st (likely top half) -Deshaun + my 2021 3rd (guessing low) for a 2021 1st (probably bottom half) Do either/neither/both seem like decent value? Which would you go with? Neither? Thank y'all kindly
  8. Canceled my fight channel subscription a while back (right after the Barboza/Gaethje card), so my UFC viewing has been super limited, but cool fights at the top of the card tonight. The, again, their political inclinations make it hard for me to root for them anymore, but I do feel Marreta has an honest-to-goodness shot at a quick finish. Wouldn't bet on him in a long fight though. I am rooting hard for Masvidal, though. Dude's such a g, and Askren is among the corniest dudes in MMA. It's absolutely possible for Askren to grind out a win in the ground game, but Masvidal's ridiculously tough and well-rounded.
  9. "It Makes No Difference" woulda been my pick too. Absolutely beautiful. Also, Richard Manuel sings the #### outta "I Shall Be Released" live here. Just wrecks me. Top 50's off to a damn fine start.
  10. Awesome. Love their cover of It's All Over Now, Baby Blue too, and got a soft spot for My Lonely Sad Eyes.
  11. Listened to my share of Tom Petty over the years, and I like him fine (this song included), but it generally doesn't spark any strong feelings in me, tbh.