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  1. For the record, there's a cover of this (more than one?) eligible for drafting.
  2. Magnaníssimo da sua parte, parceiro. I'll take Female as my home category, and since I'm up: 1.xx Sleater-Kinney, Jumpers (2005) (Female) (So I guess I could've taken this under Rock too, but the home category switch suits me better.) 2.xx Hatchie, Sure (2017) (Dream Pop) Like a new, less obscure Cocteau Twins track (Robin Guthrie actually did a remix for it, but I'm taking the original), and it's just lovely.
  3. Basically why I wouldn't mind changing my home category, if that's kosher, 'cause I've picked a #### ton of post-2000 rock in past drafts, but don't want to lean into my #standards. I could change my first pick, if needed, since it was from my home category. The afternoon telenovela running at the moment down here is '90s-themed, and this is the opening. Would've totally joined in on the gin drafting party last night.
  4. I forget the exact rules. What's the limit (if any) on the number of songs we get for each category? Second-guessing both my home category and my first pick here.
  5. Also, at Manu Chao and Evanescence, didn't expect the draft to start like that, and both take me back. I dig it.
  6. Category (Home): Rock 1.xx Battles, Atlas (2007) Weird category fit, but it ####### rules.
  7. Sorry, the categories threw me for a loop. Will have my pick in a few. Whoever's next can go if they're antsy.
  8. I'd say I'm more Poochie than Itchy OR Scratchy, but I'm ready to pick too.
  9. Definitely more about picking songs I like than Essential ones. Will take some conscious effort on my part not to have major overlap with what I've drafted in the past, since early 2000s were My Time.
  10. As a casual FFAer, didn't even realize Pill was still around. Good dude.
  11. Had to skip a bunch of the recent music drafts, and shamefully lurched towards the finish line in some of the ones I did take part in , buuuuuuuut I'm not swamped with work right now* so count me in. *jinx obvs
  12. Dillashaw That Garbrandt had specifically mentioned Dillashaw using EPO in the past is delicious. Also love that Garbrandt tweeted the addendum that his own losses were due to him fighting like a #######, not to PEDs.