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  1. Finally detail stripped my Glock 19 after 3000 rounds...surprisingly very easy.
  2. It's a sporterized Enfield WWI relic. They're shooters, just like the Mosin someone bought in this thread.So he can plink away with it, with no worries about dollar value correct?Yep. Ammo is cheap and they're probably a little better than the Mosin if they're not abused. The #5 Jungle Carbine (sporterized by the original manufacturer) go for about $300. That's a $200 rifle.Where is cheap .303 ammo? I'd love to find some for my Enfield. Right now I mostly shoot my Mosin because of the cheap spam cans.
  3. The only think that benefits a .380 gun is the gun is usually easier to conceal then most 9mm although the SA sub compact and LC9 are pretty close, and what I recommend. If you are someone that wears loose fitting clothes (string tied) like a scrub suit, basketball mesh shorts on a daily basis, then a LCP with pocket holster would be my choice. But if you wear a belt with every activity, but when you workout, I'd go with the 9mm. There are a lot to choose from. M&P, glock, SA, LC9, Barreta Storm. All have minor differences, you just have to see which differences suit you better.Yeah, have the Storm Px4 and the Walther PPS on the list, as well.Glock 26?
  4. How's your shoulder?Lol. It didn't feel to good after shooting around 30 rounds. I got a rubber butt pad for it...much better.ETA: It is crazy how much more kick there is than my Enfield. The Enfield pretty much has no kick at all.
  5. Farming for this game sounds fun. Not. I think I'll pass on buying this crap.
  6. Finally got a nice Mosin Nagant. So fun to shoot and the 7.62x54R surplus ammo is cheaper than my 9mm to shoot.
  7. Good deal on these shoes...just bought some. I now have a pair of leather and suede dessert boots...anyone have any tips/products on waterproofing and keeping the suede clean?
  8. What is everyone's preferred carry ammo? I decided to grab some Winchester Ranger T-series JHP 127gr +p+ to try out in my Glock. Curious at how much more recoil I will get compared to the crappy target rounds I have been shooting.
  9. Anyone have one of the cheap Mosin Nagants? Been thinking bout grabbing one to fool around with. Cheap surplus ammo spam cans is another bonus. Basically looking for a cheap rifle(already have a .22) to get started with.