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  1. I'd be interested in a PM here as well
  2. For me it was almost exactly 1 month from when I agreed to the winback offer.
  3. Got the first statement after renewing, and it was missing $40 of the $55/mo credit. Called & they said it was clearly "in the notes" and should have been applied & will be sorted in 5-7 days & they will call or email when it is sorted. In the meantime, I only have a $15/mo credit for this month and then $40/mo for 1 year will start next month (which will end 2 mos after I cancel next year - so there is that to deal with). I did the $200 gift card today, and they have already credited my account for the other $100 (was offered a $300 gift card). Definitely taking more calls this year to get it all straightened out this year. On the bright side, I should have only one more call to request a one time credit of $40 for this month, then another call to cancel the movie channels - and I discovered I am under no contract (not the 1 year contract I thought I had). So far they have delivered on everything they have promised, and I have had to babysit them every step of the way.
  4. Mine was there right away - same night I spoke with the winback rep.
  5. They just want the receiver - you're on your own for the dish. I had one of their installers out to hook my dish back up after I had my roof replaced (had the roofers put it back in the same place but it wasn't aligned correctly). Their installer wouldn't even touch the dish. Said new OSHA rules that they couldn't leave their ladder. I ended up crawling out on the steep peak of my 3 story home and disconnected the old dish while the guy was in his truck listening to his supervisor tell him he couldn't do it. He also wouldn't install a dish in a different location without a work order to do so (had to have a different guy come back the next day). Bottom line - you'll have to figure out how to get rid of the dish yourself. My brand new roof now has an unused DTV bracket right up at the peak.
  6. They ended up sending me a gift card for the balance they owed me from last year's deal where I was paid to have their service ($139). That came in the mail a few days ago. For this year's gift card - was promised $300 and it showed up in the rewards center as $200. I have "claimed" that reward, and it is in the process of waiting for validation - I think perhaps to make sure you have the service active for 30 days or something. Had to call & get the other $100 as a one time credit - which the did honor. Edit: for the gift card they send you a specific email with a link that you need to follow to "claim your reward".
  7. For mine is was Choice "All included" $110 - $40 - $10 - $5 for auto pay/e statement = $55 + $7 regional sports fee = $62 + tax. 1 TV HD/DVR
  8. So below was the deal that I agreed to 8/18, and the service SNAFU happened above on 8/19 & 8/20. Was charged for the guy to come out the 2nd day, and was billed 3 times for the movie channels and credited for them twice. Also got the the rewards center for the $300 gift card and discovered it was only approved for $200. Was able to the all of the charges that shouldn't have been on the account removed (credited) - and they did give me an additional $100 credit for the wrong amount on the gift card. I have been assured by multiple people that my bill with be $62 + taxes going forward. I am understandably a bit skeptical - but so for they have honored what the said, though I have had to jump through a number of hoops to guide them along that path. Next step for me is to wait for the gift card they sent for a $139 credit on my account when I disconnected and the $200 rewards gift card for the winback and make sure the next bill is charged correctly. Once all of that is done we should be smooth sailing until it is time to cancel the movie channels and then see who has the ST for next year. Moral of the story is plan to devote a decent amount of time to this endeavor this year. Factor that time in to any discounts you get. Good luck
  9. Bit of a service nightmare. Long story short - took 1/2 day yesterday and from 8:30am-2:30pm today with the Tech at my house to simply get a dish mounted and my service operational. They had the tech on the phone getting the offshore call center run around for several hours after he got everything hooked up - what a poor setup! And the amount my online account shows I am being billed is not what was agreed to. SO, I will need to devote more time to this before it is resolved. The "notes" all show the correct number that I should be charged, but the "system" spits out a different number. Needing a tech complicated my situation. I will let the system settle down for a few days to before having the next round of billing calls to get everything straight. Not a customer friendly system. If it were not for the Sunday Ticket I would be long gone.
  10. And I will need to call back tomorrow to get access to my account online since the digital support office is closed now & I am locked out of it. So - still need to verify that everything offered is provided.
  11. Was a bit complicated for me this year by the fact that I had my roof replaced while I had service disconnected & need a tech to come out to re-align the dish. Disconnected officially 8/2 - didn't miss the service at all but wanted to make sure everything was working right so called the number on the email they sent this evening - that office was closed. So I called 888-333-0804 - and ended up with: Choice/HD/DVR (1 TV), $67.12/mo + tax after discounts Free ST MAX Free HBO/SHO/Starz 3 mos (need to cancel) $300 visa gift card (had to wait for that - they originally offered $100, then $200, finally $300) 1 yr agreement Free tech to come out & re-align dish tomorrow AM. Not as good as last year, but enough to keep me as a customer.
  12. If you could post the number you have to call as well that would be useful. I haven't heard anything (have been disconnected since 8/2).
  13. Note of caution to people calling in before actually disconnecting (pending disconnect) - I did that one year and was offered the good deals that I wanted to stay - and then the deals never showed up on the bill. After multiple futile attempts to resolve the situation (and much frustration and wasted time) I ended up cancelling, waiting a week until I got the boxes, and then re-upping with the number that was on the box. Never got any calls or emails saying they missed me, etc.