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  1. Bit of a service nightmare. Long story short - took 1/2 day yesterday and from 8:30am-2:30pm today with the Tech at my house to simply get a dish mounted and my service operational. They had the tech on the phone getting the offshore call center run around for several hours after he got everything hooked up - what a poor setup! And the amount my online account shows I am being billed is not what was agreed to. SO, I will need to devote more time to this before it is resolved. The "notes" all show the correct number that I should be charged, but the "system" spits out a different number. Needing a tech complicated my situation. I will let the system settle down for a few days to before having the next round of billing calls to get everything straight. Not a customer friendly system. If it were not for the Sunday Ticket I would be long gone.
  2. And I will need to call back tomorrow to get access to my account online since the digital support office is closed now & I am locked out of it. So - still need to verify that everything offered is provided.
  3. Was a bit complicated for me this year by the fact that I had my roof replaced while I had service disconnected & need a tech to come out to re-align the dish. Disconnected officially 8/2 - didn't miss the service at all but wanted to make sure everything was working right so called the number on the email they sent this evening - that office was closed. So I called 888-333-0804 - and ended up with: Choice/HD/DVR (1 TV), $67.12/mo + tax after discounts Free ST MAX Free HBO/SHO/Starz 3 mos (need to cancel) $300 visa gift card (had to wait for that - they originally offered $100, then $200, finally $300) 1 yr agreement Free tech to come out & re-align dish tomorrow AM. Not as good as last year, but enough to keep me as a customer.
  4. If you could post the number you have to call as well that would be useful. I haven't heard anything (have been disconnected since 8/2).
  5. Note of caution to people calling in before actually disconnecting (pending disconnect) - I did that one year and was offered the good deals that I wanted to stay - and then the deals never showed up on the bill. After multiple futile attempts to resolve the situation (and much frustration and wasted time) I ended up cancelling, waiting a week until I got the boxes, and then re-upping with the number that was on the box. Never got any calls or emails saying they missed me, etc.
  6. My discounts from last year expire at the end of this month (July). Set my cancellation date for 8/1 & will see what happens. I plan on actually letting the service disconnect & then if they have a great win back offer that includes ST Max I will consider it. Will let you know how it turns out. Good luck all
  7. Sitting at #238 with 125 & only Diggs left to contribute. I don't like my odds here! Fun contest - have been lurking in the thread during the year. Thank you for the calcomatic - what a great tool. And what a great community this is - good luck to all!
  8. If you see my earlier post - they charged me full price for ST Max, but loaded on all sorts of discounts on to offset the charges.
  9. It was from my account online - I think under “recent activity”.
  10. Interesting. Here is what the actual charges & credits look like from the "recent activity" section: CHOICE - Charge$82.99 $5.71 DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR Service - Charge$3.00 $0.26 NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2018 - Charge$65.99 $4.54 Advanced Receiver-HD - Charge$10.00 $0.69 Advanced Receiver-DVR - Charge$10.00 $0.00 High Valued Customer - Charge$0.00 $0.00 High Valued Customer - Charge$0.00 $0.00 Reconnect Customer - Charge$0.00 $0.00 Advanced Receiver-HD - Charge$10.00 $0.69 Advanced Receiver-HD - Disconnect Adj($10.00) ($0.69) Regional Sports Fee - Charge$5.23 $0.36 NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2018 HD - Charge$0.00 $0.00 CHOICE - $60/12months($60.00) ($4.13) CHOICE - $55/12months($55.00) ($3.78) CHOICE - $25 off AdvRcvr($25.00) ($1.72) Looks like it does indeed come out to about $37/mo plus tax - and they actually are charging me for ST MAX & found a way to credit it back. Works for me.
  11. Well I called the 870-345-3640 number again and they offered choice package (1 TV/HD/DVR) with ST Max for $37 plus tax for 12 mos (total bill). (Official pricing is something like $82/mo with $85 off/mo?). So, if that actually goes through, this will have been a pretty painless process for some decent discounts. Will report any issues if they surface further down the road.
  12. Called the 870-345-3640 number and they offered the $65 off/month, but nothing with ST or ST max. Also got my last bill & they didn't take off the 1st $49 payment for ST that auto renewed - so made that call to get the $49 credited & will try back after the weekend to see if they can do any better. Note to self: remember to cancel that auto renew at the end of the season!
  13. Actually did call back & cancel service on this date (7/23). Have been disconnected since then - and no call yet. Will catch up on this thread and see what a good number might be to call back. Looks like they are no longer sending out actual boxes to return your equipment - that is where I got the offer last year. Will report back on what comes next.
  14. Just called to cancel the Sunday ticket. Plan on cancelling completely and seeing what they offer.
  15. Gift card arrived a few days ago. Purchased about $64 worth of beer this evening - $136 left to spend!