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  1. Used on OFF: NO, KC Used on DEF: HOU, BAL Week 3: OFF: TEN DEF: SF
  2. They have no GM and I’m not sure if they have a real owner. So, nothing.
  3. I think his heel wasn’t past the LOS. That’s all that matters. TD.
  4. Congrats to Tennessee on making it to the Super Bowl.
  5. So many drops. So many meltdowns on special teams.
  6. The last one was his decision to fire Kelly, and that seems to have worked out OK. As long as he’s not telling the coaches what to do on gameday, I’m ok with it. He’s not a Snyder/Haslam/Jones type.
  7. We once had a whole season like that game. 1991. Best D of the Buddy era but zero O because Randall blew out his knee in Week 1 and we had nothing at backup - or much of an offensive system other than Randall, do your thing.
  8. Eh, it showed us that Wentz can be who we thought he was, and that Doug can still extract unexpected levels of play from second and third stringers. 2012 and 2015, those were terrible seasons.
  9. I have him on ignore, so I’m guilty of missing any Namath policing if he tried it.
  10. On and off the field, he was a reason why the NFL became as big a deal as it did. That’s why he’s there. Nothing to do with stats. He should really be in the “builders” category or whatever it’s called.