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  1. They didn't get the idols thing right either at first. First time (S11) it was too underpowered. The following two seasons it was overpowered. Starting with S14 they found the right balance. Maybe the same thing will happen with fire tokens.
  2. They already did that, it was called Redemption Island. It sucked too.
  3. I was perfectly fine with how they did this. Recent reunion shows have been mostly terrible (remember much of Ghost Island's being taken up by promos for a dumb Kevin Hart game show?), and there's really not much of a need for them anymore because there are plenty of online exit interviews and podcast appearances that reveal what the castaways thought about their experience and what they're up to now.
  4. Bill Withers -- Live at Carnegie Hall Neil Young -- Live Rust; heck, Weld too. Deep Purple -- Made in Japan
  5. It's Rust Never Sleeps for me, but IMO Freedom is brilliant and I'm surprised it wasn't in the poll.
  6. 5 players* for Von Hayes. * - one of whom was a prospect named Julio Franco.
  7. The Kinks -- 20th Century Man
  8. More meaningful to me is that Parvati said the same thing during red-carpet interviews at the premiere party they had. Jeff has misinterpreted for many years now what the fans (the ones who are hardcore enough to discuss it online, anyway) would like.
  9. I don't know why, but I've found myself listening to a whole bunch of prog during quarantine, including much early- and mid-period Genesis. Some favorites that don't get talked about too much: Stagnation Fountain of Salmacis Can-Utility and the Coastliners Twilight Alehouse (B-side of I Know What I Like) Going out to Get You (staple of early '70s live sets, never made it onto an album) Lilywhite Lilith The Waiting Room Eleventh Earl of Mar Inside and Out (Spot the Pigeon EP) Down and Out Ballad of Big
  10. Exactly. To me, this wasn't much different from Joe in HHH going up to Jeff and watching Ashley's reaction before deciding whether to play his idol on himself or Desi, or from Natalie in SJDS going up to Jeff and saying "Jaclyn, did you vote for who I told you to vote for" before telling Jeff who the idol was for.
  11. This is based on nothing but gut feeling, but of all the league's starting QBs, Wentz strikes me as one of the most likely to pull a Luck in the future. He is very family- and faith-oriented and I could see him deciding to get out before his body is totally ruined and devote his time to his charities and such. If Eagles' management also senses this, their rationale for the Hurts pick makes more sense.
  12. Do you agree, or is it too early to predict anything until we know more about Stidham?
  13. Me too. But yeah, there is no universe in which 2020 Andy Dalton is a better option than 2020 Dak Prescott.