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  1. Someone hinted that this might be coming. They were right. 29. Fox on the Run -- Sweet (released as a single) Like Ballroom Blitz, this appeared on the US version of Desolation Boulevard in late 1974 but wasn't released as a single in the US until 1975. Unlike Ballroom Blitz, it was recorded not long before its US release, and thus sounds much less glam and much more AOR/boogie rock, in accordance with how the trends had shifted in less than 2 years. But it's a hell of an example of that. The guitars crunch, the bass and drums stomp and Brian Connolly's vocal growls anthemically. Love the way he bellows "I!" or "You!" at the beginning of each verse. And there is just enough analog synthesizer to further distance it from the hordes of boogie rock that was crowding the airwaves at time. All those brand names on the album cover -- would they allow that today?
  2. Reminder of categories for rounds 7 and 8: Globalization (worldwide hits) 90s on 9 (pop hits) Comes Alive! (Live songs) Soul Town (Motown/classic soul)
  3. @mphtrilogy said to skip him after 6:30 PM. I don't know what time zone he's in, but it's now past that in the entire continental US. @Yo Mama is up.
  4. @Hov34 is on permaskip and can pick when he wants. I’m up. Lithium channel Round 6. Butterfly — Screaming Trees You’ve never heard the Tangled Up in Blue riff like this before. @Yo Mama is up.
  5. I've been getting a ton, and my connection is no different than it has been since the beginning of the pandemic when I started to WFH every day.
  6. 30. I Love Music -- The O'Jays (from Family Reunion) Another song that was clearly pointing in the direction of disco but didn't lapse into cliches. One of the crowning achievements of the Philadelphia International label/Philly soul sound, this song has stellar percussion, piano and guitar work, and all three of Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and William Powell turn in strong vocal performances. The 6:55 album version is linked because you can't have too much of this kind of thing. Music is the healing voice of the world It's understood by every man, woman, boy and girl &
  7. As I mentioned in the jukebox thread and elsewhere, I am a HUGE Love Battery fanboy.
  8. Here are songs I considered for but cut from the countdown by artists appearing in entries 40-31. In spoiler text for those who don't want to know what's not on the list.
  9. 31. Don't Cry No Tears -- Neil Young and Crazy Horse (from Zuma) A throwback rocker (based on a song Neil wrote in 1964), this no-nonsense stomper was the first thing Neil fans heard from him with the new lineup of Crazy Horse. It's incredibly fun and must be extremely easy to play because there are TONS of covers on Youtube by roots rock bands and bar bands. What strikes me about listening to Neil's 1975 stuff compared with everything else in this countdown is that it seems to exist completely independently of what else was going on. He just DGAF about musical trends at all.
  10. The silver lining is that the Eagles' linebackers are AWFUL in coverage. I expect Zeke to score respectably in PPR.
  11. Youtube just happened to flip to one of my favorite counting songs (not Beatlesque at all): 1-2-3-4 -- Nektar
  12. It helped that I remembered the reaction of someone I was with -- the editor-in-chief of the school paper that I worked on, who up to that point I had never seen express any real interest in music. When JF came on, she got all excited, so that made me pay attention. And then I was like, damn, this IS exciting!