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  1. I figured I'd ask this question here because you guys might know as well as anyone. The bar that hosted my auction league's draft since its inception closed. We need to find a new venue, but it's tricky because with auctions, we need to be able to hear everyone the whole time, and with our league, we have some people who moved out of the Philly area and participate remotely. So, we need to find a venue in the Philly area (suburbs/NJ OK) that has a private room or quiet area that is not crazy expensive to secure, and that has good WiFi. Any suggestions?
  2. Confirms what my eyes have told me - Goff is garbage under pressure and Wentz is far better. DAL and NO didn’t get enough pressure on him. This kind of game is what happens when a team does.
  3. DJax, between this thread and the game threads, you’ve written a ####### Tolstoy novel in the last 24 hours.
  4. As an Eagles fan who lived through TO’s biggest and most famous meltdown, the AB situation eerily reminds me of that.
  5. -1 Used on OFF: SEA, NO Used on DEF: PHI, NE Week 3: OFF: KC DEF: NO
  6. I still don’t think he’s very good when he’s pressured, but Dallas barely got any pressure on him. If NO or PHI get the kind of pressure on him that CHI and PHI did in the regular season, it won’t be pretty next week.
  7. Brady won a SB in year 3. The Colts were a major contender in year 3 and much of that was due to Manning. The 49ers were on the rise in year 3 and Montana was doing very well with the system Bill Walsh designed for him. Brees didn’t shine until his final year in SD, but the team around him was terrible. So your point makes no sense to me. If someone has started at QB every game for 3 years, we can usually tell by that point whether they have “it” or not. Dak doesn’t.
  8. There were two plays last night that to me are emblematic of why Dak is not the kind of QB that will take his team to the promised land: 1. He had about four different guys open in zone coverage and threw a bouncer between two of them. 2. He had Cooper in single coverage against a backup CB when Talib was being checked for a concussion. He noticed it and rolled out that way. But instead of throwing it downfield, he abruptly pivoted and threw a checkdown to Gathers - but he threw it behind him. QBs that make those kinds of decisions may rack up the fantasy points but aren’t likely to spur a team to the SB.
  9. That was a series of horrendous decisions, topped off by a terrible punt.