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  1. Goff, Gurley, Gordon, Peyton Barber, Lockett, Thielen, Ebron, Zuerlein, and IDP.
  2. Went undefeated this season with Goff, Gurley, and Cooper Kupp. Have a bye week this week, first round of playoffs. After the Rams #### the bed last night my team scored the fewest points All season! Luckily it’s a bye week!
  3. Brees if he can keep it up, which based on his history he will easily do it.
  4. Dude recorded himself staring at the eclipse:
  5. Don't misquote me bro. I said, "give both parties the middle finger."
  6. After 8 years of Obama this country is divided more than ever. Voting for Hillary will just get more of the same BS.
  7. Vote for Trump, there's no better way to give both parties the middle finger.
  8. It's not very clear... were you quoting President Bill Clinton there?
  9. Most of the media is in Hillary's bed. Their problem is they can't stump the Trump.
  10. Liberals whining that they can't respect anyone that votes for Trump is priceless. Get over yourselves.