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  1. Steve Olin and Tim Crews were killed in a boating accident 25 years ago today.
  2. From T.J. Zuppe: Optioned - Ben Taylor, Greg Allen Re-assigned - Alexi Ogando To the DL - Gio Urshela Erik Gonzalez likely on Opening Day roster. Decision coming Saturday for Torres/Belisle No decision yet - Naquin and Refnsynder ETA - Decision on Ryan Merritt will be made tomorrow as they're still working on size of bench and pen. Napoli will be released today and re-signed to a minor league deal. Decision apparently TBD.
  3. Per Bastian, Rajai Davis has been told he's made the roster.
  4. Patron saint of the Thug Life (tm)
  5. My first job out of college was for a coop in Maryland. My office was just off the dispatcher's room where the ladies ate their lunch and watched a soap opera. Every year at this time they would go into high dudgeon about having their soap pre-empted for basketball. It was amusing.
  6. :squirts out 40 oz of water from flower:
  7. Crowd applause dot gif.
  8. ALSO: The linemen noticed the fox was gone. They blamed me for the sign (GUILTY!), but blamed the cleaning lady for throwing out the dead fox. #winning
  9. They're the worst ideas for anything outside of their respective retirements.
  10. Lee Elia vs. Cubs fans
  11. Ten Cent Beer Night - 1974