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  1. Kane (Glen Jacobs) files paperwork to run for mayor Perhaps he can succeed where Jerry Lawler failed.
  2. And, every once in a while, they'll shear said sheep and use the wool to make cool clothes and not hoodies that cost $95.
  3. Darn it.
  4. When Star Wars fandom goes too far: Ex-karate teacher has Order 66 to eliminate witnesses against him in his child molestation trial.
  5. My old school barber shop employs only women to cut hair. Time to come back from the 1950s, chief.
  6. I saw Ted DiBiase tweet about it yesterday. ☹️
  7. How much blow did Jaye P. Morgan go through to flash her boobs on TV?
  8. Sorry, I looked for it and didn't see it. My bad.