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  1. VIDEO: Fans lash out after main event. I went to WCW's Capitol Combat in DC in 1990. Someone asked Jim Ross what the finish was going to be. He said, "DQ." I thought how could you have a DQ in a cage match. Simple; the Four Horsemen got control of the cage and raised it so they could lay a beatdown on Sting so Flair kept the title.
  2. It works because it keeps Brock in the background as part of a long-term story arc since Angle refused Heyman's request for an immediate rematch. A dirty finish keeps both Reigns and Strowman looking strong.
  3. Oh hai @Limp Ditka 3rd AL Central title in a row and 10th overall, most in the division. Also, 4th time in the post-season under Tito.
  4. That's quite a way to win a division title. 15-0 with Hammy on the call.
  5. Apparently we’re clinching the division title today as we’re up 10-0 and still bottom of the second.
  6. I caught the first episode of Ring Warriors on WGN. They’re paying for the time as WGN ran the same disclaimer that stations do for infomercials. Austin Aries came out with his belt collection and said RW’s brand wasn’t as valuable as his and as such has withdrawn from the title tournament. However, RW made him a minority owner. The wrestling was decent. Marty The Moth did a squash on a guy. I finally got to see Santana Garrett wrestle; the Wonder Woman-like outfit is a nice touch. Of course, the first commercial is for a chewable ED tablet.
  7. Local pizza joint makes a slammin’ ranch pizza.
  8. I have DirecTV and they run a Severe Storm Channel 361-2 that whips around different local TV stations. Far more straight reporting and far less drama. One person gave clearer advice than “turn around don’t drown”. They said if you can’t see the lines on the road, don’t drive on it.
  9. Michael Cole reads his reaction
  10. This is actually it!! TWO people washing cars in the hurricane!!
  11. ABC 11 WTVD showed a tweet from someone washing their car during the hurricane. I think this is it.
  12. Story on earlier post about mother/infant deaths.
  13. As an aside, last week I took my family to Niagara Falls for a short vacation. We went to the Cave of the Winds. I stood on the Hurricane Platform under the Bridal Falls. If that's just a measure of the intensity of a hurricane, my respect goes out to all those weather/news people reporting on the storm while standing outside.