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  1. I'm sure @Good Posting Judge has the goods to shoot this good guy act down.
  2. Toronto officially becomes a WWF city 35 years ago today with their first show st Maple Leaf Gardens. Sgt. Slaughter cuts a promo on Greg Valentine to hype th match.
  3. From what I understand, EB has no control over SDL like Heyman has over RAW. He's to function as a liaison between the E and FOX.
  4. Jerry Lawler clotheslines Ketchup at tonight’s hot dog race at the Indians game.
  5. I just bought my Nikon D3500 back in February.
  6. That was last year when the limited free space to 1000 photos. My only photo on flickr now is one I took of a naked mannequin riding an ATV on the roof of a local bar.
  7. How do you go from gout to a broken foot?
  8. However, the area IIRC is believed to have sensors in the ground that detect trucks and any other traffic coming in. That's how the camo guy security force there finds you so quickly.
  9. Do you drink much pop? That is one of my triggers. Try working in cranberry juice.
  10. 172 whiffs in 1989 doesn't even sniff the top 10 in 2019.