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  1. That one wasn't too bad. The handcuffing of Hardy and Styles to ladders were priceless spots.
  2. If I never see another ladder match again, it’ll be too soon.
  3. Shtick aside, I loved this match. The fact there were no fans there allowed us to hear RR ranting and warning his cousin. The “you’re trying to level up” line was great. Plus, Jimmy coming down to throw in the towel and acknowledge RR as the head of the tribe gives creative the ability to either end it or keep it going.
  4. Percent of irregular finishes YTD by show. (aka Why RAW’s ratings are explosive diarrhea.) His next tweet shows that highest percentage of irregular finishes by individual show. 8/25 episode Smackdown had SIXTY PERCENT of matches that were irregular. 50/50 booking, yo.
  5. May as well get that embarrassing loss out of the way now rather than in the CFP like usual.
  6. Even though @Limp Ditka, @Doctor Detroit and @Raider Nation aren't here and even if Sandy Alomar has done most of the managing this year...
  7. I want to thank Edgar Renteria for allowing us to get back in the game last night by bringing in Rondon.
  8. VINCE LOVES BIG, BULKY, AND JACKED SWEATY MEN! VKM plays for the other team; change my mind.