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  1. So who functions as the Surrat family in this scenario?
  2. I should have said awake.
  3. The breezy feeling you get when the wind blows?
  4. I wonder if @Jaysus had any dreams last night? It's just after 7 am in Harrisburg; he should be up.
  5. Buddy Wayne - former WCW and WWF jobber - passes away at age 50.
  6. Of course, the Orioles pitching staff has been a dumpster fire lately, so a split is a very good possibility. I'd like 3/4, but a split is a minimum.
  7. *sigh* Let's try again: I'm talking solely about what people consider offensive. The government has been told they cannot restrict offensive speech/terms for use in copyrights. Believe it or not, there are plenty of things the federal government isn't supposed to do - see that quaint little notion called the 10th Amendment. People can seek protection for their ideas, or as @Ramsay Hunt Experience put it much better - eliminate customer confusion. It just so happens that it ends up benefiting the holder of the patent/copyright.
  8. Per the Washington Times story: I think that a discussion on that would be interesting. Where is that line drawn where a lack of decency constitutes offense? What happens if someone like me wants to watch a certain movie, but wants to use something like Vid Angel to block out certain elements in PG-13 movies that I don't want my kids to see? Disney and others have a problem with that. Where's my right to not have to fast forward and just have the offensive parts bypassed entirely? Especially if Vid Angel goes on top of Netflix; the movie companies are still getting their profit, and the family gets to see the movie the way they want to see it. It could be a fascinating discussion.
  9. Who said I was? I'm just pointing out that the government shouldn't be the one to determine what is or is not offensive.