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  1. I would imagine that doesn't apply to AAA as John Morrison is a triple champion there and Taya was the Ladies champ until Sexy Star wanted it back. If they can't be on TV anywhere else, how else can Morrison and Taya appear on Impact?
  2. HUSH YO MOUF!!! Sliders are the bomb and their shakes are delicious.
  3. Lucha Underground season 4 CONFIRMED!! Now @Craig_MiamiFL will have to put up with me posting about it!
  4. Florida congressional candidate claims she rode a spaceship with aliens.
  5. This one hurts. At least last year, I could walk away saying we were AL champions and took baseball's best team to extra innings of game 7. This? For me, this is on the same level as blowing a 3-1 lead in the 2007 ALCS. I was sure we could've beat the Rockies that year. And both of those are worse than blowing the 2-0 lead in the 1999 ALDS against the Red Sox. I'll give props to the Yankees advance scouts, they found the chink in the Tribe's armor. It was apparent that they discovered that a steady diet of Uncle Charlie and other off-speed stuff was going to cause the Tribe bats to go swinging. Then, you change it up with Chapman, etc. and it was game over. You put that together with some really atrocious defense, and you had the makings of a disaster. Once they got behind in game 4, everybody was squeezing the bats too hard. Every Tribe fan would have lost their houses betting on Klubot not crapping himself twice in a row. It was unreal. This will make for a long, cold winter. And @shadyridr, I love ya GB. How 'bout a man hug??? P.S. Bleep the Yankees!!!
  6. I would agree with this. Klubot is professional enough to know what he has to do (Carrasco & Salazar too except Salazar physically isn't able to make it work). I would bet shadyridr a donut that Kluber isn't getting shelled tonight.
  7. Go ahead and stick out your wallet and let Disney hoover up all your money.
  8. The advantage of being a casual fan.