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  1. Now sitting in my local podunk theater at 30 minutes to go time. Theater guy told me they had over 100 pre-sold ducats. For $6.75, I got a sweet Star Wars pail.
  2. As someone with depth perception issues, 3D isn't really that much of a thing. Oh, and just about 90 minutes to go time!!
  3. Well, by week 17 you can toss the Browns out as an option, so you do reduce your odds of losing.
  4. @Craig_MiamiFL‘s buddy Russo says a female wrestler told him a male wrestler raped her while he worked in WWE.
  5. Brooklyn Brawler sexually harassed Nicole Bass?
  6. Lindsay McCormick asked by NFL Network HR person if she plans on "getting knocked up" At least this dirtbag paid for his stupidity.
  7. Spotted Pig owner kept "rape room" where Mario Batali groped an unconscious woman.
  8. Your anger seems misplaced.
  10. Tavis Smiley has show pulled from PBS due to sexual harassment allegations.
  11. Says the guy who lives in Cicinitucky.