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  1. Dana Brooke's BF Dallas McCarver chokes to death. He was 26.
  2. Tribe goes 9-1 at Progressive Field North.
  3. They removed the walking boot and have him do some light baseball stuff. Target IIRC is September 1st - DH against the Tigers following the off day.
  4. Wait, what? I'm going to be there Friday night, should I buy him a beer as a peace offering?
  5. Just checked outside- big honking cloud!
  6. The late Frank Reynolds.
  7. Link to other places
  8. We need DD to set us up a FB page.
  9. Good luck with that.
  10. It's because women generally don't live with other women.
  11. Yet people still watch the Kentucky Derby.
  12. Just busting your chops, GB. It's not that ridiculous. Would've made for a great swerve IMO.
  13. Time's FB, network news sites, etc.