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  1. I will be taking my sons to see it this week while we're at the in-laws.
  2. No, none of you jagoffs is the father. Stacy Kiebler is pregnant with second child.
  3. Apropos of nothing, Friday’s “word of the day” on Words With Friends” was “solo”.
  4. What a coincidence!! ??
  5. FL man tries to BBQ sex offenders
  6. Nope, ESPN isn’t liberal. Nope, no way.
  7. Almond farmer builds TIE fighter
  8. I don’t think there’s SW overkill. We are now in a holiday weekend and most of us have been thru Black Panther & Infinty War with DP2 and Jurassic Park to come. We have lots of movies to watch and discuss.
  9. If we’re doing a Bobba Fett movie...
  10. I'm certain you sent him a card and an Olive Garden gift card for his 33rd birthday today.
  11. Bobby Fulton: Turn Reigns heel or fire him.
  12. RUH-ROH GEORGE! Rachel Dolezal facing felony theft charges for welfare fraud.