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  1. I'll use it to buy stuff for my son's video game (whatever game has the "portal of power") or Indians memorabilia.
  2. Just in from Jordan Bastian - Greg Allen has been optioned to Columbus. Adam Plutko will be optioned there tomorrow. Those two plus the Mejia trade leave three openings on the active roster; two obviously filled by Hand and Climber. He speculates the third could be filled by Melky Cabrera.
  3. I'm still buying on Beiber. I like his poise and I really liked how he worked through the Yankees over the weekend. As such, I'm not inclined to trade him.
  4. Good thing you clarified. I'd hate to see wrestling or comic cons without Virgil's merch table with no line.
  5. Is any of this surprising at all to any of us who've followed wrestling for more than 10 minutes? I mean, he has a LONG history of playing backstage politics in the WWF (WM9, anyone?) and it was real bad in WCW when they gave him a creative control clause in his contract. Scripture has a verse that says, essentially, that whatever is in your heart comes out through your mouth. Nothing I've ever seen from the man indicates that he was anywhere close to the 80s version of his character. He was an actor playing a part.
  6. I'm going to leave this here: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wants to wreste "Cold Stone" Steve Austin.
  7. I was copied in an email where a supervisor said, "John Smith raised his hand to work on this project." What? Was "volunteered" too hard to say?
  8. Ford and Cena settle lawsuit.
  9. Who's going to be available for meet and greet? If you want to meet the Bucks, get there EARLY. They had a line a mile long in Pittsburgh.
  10. Indy star Deonna Purrazzo signs with NXT. HHH got a good one there. She’ll be missed in RoH.
  11. The bolded matches interest me. I'm a big fan of Pentagon Jr. (or Dark), Johnny Impact (Mundo) and Tessa Blanchard Is this on PPV or Pop? If I have to pay for it I'm not interested.
  12. Subtweet city here.