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  1. Tribe spring training broadcast schedule - It starts tomorrow at 3:05 against the Reds.
  2. There will be dark/pre-show matches before the show; if it starts at 6:30 I'd say you'd want to be there definitely by 6. Probably no opportunities with wrestlers unless you catch them in the parking lot after the show.
  3. I caught part of TNA last night. The show ended with the "wedding" of Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter. At this point, I'm not going to give TNA credit for ginning up the crowd, but the chants of "WE OBJECT!" and "JUST SAY NO!" during the vows were priceless. I'll go ahead and spoil this by saying that Braxton declared his love for Allie (who is legit cute), Maria fired Allie, Allie said "no, I quit!", a fight broke out, Laurel's drinking from the champagne bottle, Maria's screaming, and Allie and Braxton kiss to close the show. It was a glorious trainwreck and rather well done. I consider TNA capable of handling four car funerals now.
  4. What? No Silas Redd penalty?
  5. I thought the Sportatorium was bigger than that.
  6. Agreed. My MIL is going through that now and it's tearing my wife up. There are no dementia survivors. It's worse than cancer, IMO...and cancer totally sucks.
  7. LU is on Netflix now, IIRC.
  8. You've twice missed Joey Ryan handcuffing himself to a railing during Aztec Warfare in Lucha Underground, obviously.
  9. Yes, I am and stop calling me Shirley.
  10. WWE and the Rock are making a movie about Paige's family. They filmed the scene of Paige beating AJ Lee for the WWE Divas title after RAW the other night. Rosita from TNA played AJ, while Tully Blanchard's daughter Tessa (who's dating Ricochet/Prince Puma IRL) playing the stunt double for Florence Pugh (Paige).
  11. You know, could they cut Enzo and Cass down from 18 catchphrases to 2 or 3? It's like a talking Undertaker entrance there. Not to mention that those two look like what a tag team of the Great Khali and Scotty Too Hotty would look like.