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  1. Your wife wouldn't be a redhead, would she?
  2. It will be interesting. Given ROOT is the only game in town and the Pirates are meh in terms of local interest right now, I wonder if this would be the true test case.
  3. OTOH, regional sports channels can continue to exist in a relatively competition-free environment. For example, ROOT Sports Pittsburgh has both the Pirates and Penguins and taps into FOX (IIRC) for college football and basketball coverage. Mix in poker, interview shows, coaches shows, local HS sports, and whatnot and you have a great local alternative to ESPN. They don't have a highlight show, but don't need one.
  4. The snake handler playing the Bond theme is always gold!!
  5. There's a Hallmark Movie floating out there where he plays an aristocrat who IIRC lost his wife and his son grows fond of the au pair...some chick from Buffalo. RM is trying to get the son to marry this fellow aristrocrat hussy, but he just wants the regular gal. For a Hallmark movie, it's watchable (for me). He very stuffy and reserved (and somewhat bitter), but when his figurative heart melts towards the end of the movie, he still has that proper, stiff upper lip, but with a smile.
  6. Well, you don't want the IRA taking credit for something one of your guys blew themselves up for.
  8. Coming from the network that speculates about black holes with respect to the disappearance of Flight 370...
  9. Dude...
  10. If the water is clean and clear when you sit down, what are you worried about?
  11. Maybe nobody wants to smell your cra p.
  12. She still wearing a training bra?