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  1. Maybe they meant the College Gameday crew - which is true, BTW.
  2. Sasha Banks is not happy...about her 2k20 rating. Granted, I know less than zero about video games, but what's the big deal? Unless she's working the fans...
  3. It's the same crew that took away a PSU TD against Nebraska a couple of years back. PSU had crossed the goal line, THEN the NU player knocked it free. Ref John O'Neill didn't see it that way.
  4. I probably cracked too many jokes at his thin-skinned self.
  5. The pregame guys on FOX were predicting this shootout (who could blame them?). But we have a low scoring game just before the half.
  6. "MEAN STREETS OF WINNEPEG!" I love that he worked in his dad in that promo.