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  1. He made a crack about a big Clemson fan. Mark it down.
  2. Nobody in the history of baseball who hit right-handed was ever described as having a sweet swing.
  3. Currently a 50% chance for clear weather today for launch. Official document here.
  4. When I was in Senior League we wanted to hit with a toothpick in our mouths like U.L. Washington. Coach wouldn't let us.
  5. Left-handed batters have sweet swings by default. It's science.
  6. What about listening to Nickelback while sleeping with her?
  7. Mick Foley may have deleted his twitter account, but he's adopted a baby rhino. And, no, I don't mean a smaller version of Terrance Guido Gerin.
  8. If Wackenfuss hit anything to the left of second, it was a pure accident.
  9. On next Monday's RAW, Nia has another match with Sane. She tosses Sane head first into the ring steps, cutting her open. They stop the match to attend to her. Sane wants to finish the match, so they restart and pretty much go right to the finish. If I'm Kari Sane, I never want another match with Jax again. At some point, some of these girls need to start collecting receipts.