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  1. Alternative to frozen vegetables is something that has longer shelf life like sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, cabbage, onions, celery, etc. Apples and grapefruits are also good.
  2. Oh, for those who has been following “Fecal Cloud”, cover the toilet before you flush.
  3. Worldometer: Coronavirus Not that we a in a competition or anything but S. Korea, Italy and Iran moved up quickly on the chart. China: 76,940 (+652) confirmed, 2444 (+99) deaths Diamond Princess: 691 (+57) confirmed, 3 (+1) deaths South Korea: 602 (+166) confirmed, 6 (+4) deaths Japan: 146 (+12) confirmed, 1 death Italy: 134 (+55) confirmed, 2 deaths Singapore: 89 confirmed Hong Kong: 74 (+4) confirmed, 2 deaths Iran: 43 (+14) confirmed, 8 (+2) deaths Thailand: 35 confirmed U.S.: 35 confirmed
  4. China CDC Situation Report on Feb-22 31 Provinces & XPCC Suspected: 4148 (+882) Confirmed: 76936 (+648) Severe: 10968 (-509) Dead: 2442 (+97) Recovered: 22888 (+2230) Hong Kong - Confirmed: 69 (Dead: 2, Recovered: 11) Macau - Confirmed: 10 (Recovered: 6) Taiwan - Confirmed: 26 (Dead: 1, Recovered: 2)
  5. A sixth death from the coronavirus has been reported in Iran as authorities in more than a dozen affected provinces ordered the closure of schools, universities and cultural centres in a bid to contain the outbreak. Link
  6. Animated map showing # of confirmed cases in China Johns Hopkins Dashboard with numbers by country (daily updates)
  7. Seeing what happened in Italy, things can change without much warning in new hotspot areas.
  8. "In zones considered hotspots, neither entry or exit will be authorised without special permission," Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said during a press conference, adding that businesses and schools in the areas would be closed. Italy PM announces travel ban on coronavirus hotspots
  9. Photos of American Diamond Princess passengers’ flight from hell (NYPost) There’s first class and there’s business class. But on this flight, everyone flew coronavirus class.