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  1. You should hear what the trees are saying about the neighbor. Link
  2. How is one in a position to judge if one is not smarter?
  3. I will have to interview Tom Brady first before I offer him the job but he should be able to answer at least one question. Mr. Pickles knows how I like to use PV = nRT and Tom knows this formula really well.
  4. Tom Brady in person would be best.
  5. They keep adding new technology inside the car but what would be really nice is auto-fueling, especially in the winter.
  6. I clicked because I thought this thread is for me.
  7. Wholesale prices as reference: Link it is important to pick a healthy tree.
  8. I expected he will say yes, as long as it is not more than $5K.
  9. You’re like her “Word of the Day”.
  10. No. They like to leave little gifts behind (poop for me to cleanup ). I heard them gobbling outside early this morning but they left after a while when there was no food.
  11. Yes, I was agreeing with you that it is not always based on supply and demand.
  12. Doctors here make more than those in many other countries. For example, doctors in China see twice as many patients a week (150+) but they make much less than teachers.
  13. We pay $2.39 a gallon here but we pay car excise taxes to our towns every year ($25 per $1,000 of vehicle's value). I guess a lot goes towards snow removal.