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  1. Calvin is going to need to wait several years.
  2. What's ruined my season is that I can't get anyone in my dynasty league to pay within 85% of what Saquon should be worth. Instead, I've got offers from people asking me to add to my side to get Henry or somesuch. I would have thought that the bottom feeder teams would be all over the opportunity to get Saquon at a reasonable price, but so far he's being treated like chopped liver.
  3. They’d be 16-0 if they could play the WAFT every week
  4. Of course it's subjective, but anything within reason is allowed. We do not retroactively look at starting lineup choices with a fine toothed comb. If you're starting Robert Griffin in place of Lamar Jackson, it will get noticed. If you're starting bye week, injured or players ruled Out, it will get noticed.