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  1. So you hate him. He's somewhere in the RB2-5 range right now, depending on who you ask.
  2. These two things are mutually exclusive. One of the most prolific traders in my league also is notorious for starting out with ridiculous lowball offers. But he's also tenacious.
  3. Depends on the person you are trading with. I made two trades this week in a league where I was targeting a certain player and sent out an offer. Both were accepted without conversation or counter offers.
  4. This isn't doubling down. It's betting 0 on a roulette wheel that goes from 1-100. Jacobs may be a Day 2 pick, at worst.
  5. The problem with this statement is that as long as he's on the roster, the chances that San Diego spends a premium pick on someone with "better talent" is very low.
  6. You've mentioned two specific players. Can you think of any other examples of players relevant to dynasty leagues who would qualify for your "more and more situations" blanket statement? Because I can't. Hunt's value took a big hit, but he's back on a team and his value will definitely rise as long as he's productive. Anyone else?
  7. If he’s a good bookie, and connected to some larger enterprise, then he very likely DOES have sources on the inside who would give out this sort of information.
  8. Listened to an interview with Collins. Sean Taylor was his hero and I think he told his agent that he wanted to sign with Washington no matter what. At their congratulatory dinner, Danny gave Collins one of the two signed, game-worn Taylor jerseys from his personal memorabilia collection.
  9. Quit making this about you. You may be (could be? probably be?) right on this kid. But I’m not basing my opinion on any player on their combine. It’s fun and kinda like scratching the football itch in March, but it’s really just Reality TV. Meaningless noise.
  10. Where does my assertion that athletic testing is mostly garbage mention Josh Jacobs?
  11. This sentence is why athletic testing is almost entirely a waste of time. I’m much more comfortable listening to scouts describe what a kid actually does on the field, his work ethic and how enthusiastic he is about playing. I don’t need another Michael, McKinnon or Sankey who wows in his pajamas and nowhere else.
  12. Damn, I wish I were in any leagues where he was already owned so I could capitalize on the ridiculous overreactions.