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  1. What was the baseline of the ankle sprains involved in this journal review? Were these professional athletes or laymen? If they were professional athletes, which sport? While what you read may be valid for the vast majority of schmoes, I wonder how predictive it is for specific cases and world-class performers. Also, since you stated this review was many years ago, I wonder if the medical opinion has changed at all since then.
  2. Where do you guys rank McLaurin in dynasty right now? If he's any higher than WR18, you're out of your ####### minds. Both of those trades should be accepted for the better player (and it isn't Terry). The 2nd trade is something I would hurt myself trying to accept before it was revoked. Juju is a vastly superior player and it looks to me like the two of you are both exhibiting severe symptoms of WhatHaveYouDoneForMeLately-itis.
  3. Hopkins > Diggs Watson >>> Ingram + McLaurin If you want to fix your hole at TE, take the massive value increase you get in this trade and then resell Hopkins and/or Watson.
  4. He changes nothing unless he is on the field. If KC is blowing smoke all week in order to fool Houston into thinking that he's going to be active, what's the benefit when he's actually a game-time scratch?
  5. One of the 2nd round WRs from 2019 who aren’t producing yet, and then only on a team that thinks they can win it all this season
  6. What are we talking about again?
  7. Practiced in full today and hasn't been ruled out. Do you know something that we don't know?
  8. I always assumed that Golden Tate and AUden Tate were brothers.