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  1. Upside, QB, and name recognition. Not saying it's right, but I am not really making trades in February based on how many points I'm projecting for 2020. I'm trading based on perceived resale value.
  2. Even if (when?) the Redskins bring in another WR, he should improve greatly on his numbers from last year. But even when he was getting targets at the end of the season, his YPC was abysmal.
  3. I knew someone would do this. I'm talking about dynasty value. He's in the WR16-20 range right now depending where you look, and I simply do not see him cracking the top 10.
  4. It's not, as it takes place before Week 1.
  5. That wouldn't technically be a bye week, veterans already weren't playing in the 4th preseason game.
  6. This one really comes down to whether or not you think Beckham is going to get back to being a top-5 WR. I don't see ARob ever really cracking the top 10, and Guice is a Mystery Box.
  7. They're velvety and supple, like a fine chamois.
  8. I can't find any proposed changes to the existing tag system for franchise/transition/etc. No mention of changes to the RFA tender, either. No wonder all the highly-compensated players are coming out against it.
  9. Buffalo should be thrilled to get any WR who is as good as Brown is. Low key one of the more solid guys at his job in the game. I don’t see their QB or gameplan capable of supporting a fantasy stud at WR, especially when they already have a capable WR2 on the roster. At best it feels like a pair of WR2s who are limited by the defense, running game and QB limitations
  10. You've been doing this for a while, have you looked into these dubious weight changes and whether or not they are relevant?
  11. I see them at 12 and 17 in a recent SF draft. They are at 5 and 9 currently on Mizelle. As someone else pointed out, the scoring system and starting requirements do come into play. From a different perspective, which player would you have an easier time retrading? I think too many owners are still spooked by Hill's off the field issues (which resulted in zero suspension), and Zeke is the asset who could be resold to more teams.
  12. I think this is the only part of your analysis I disagree with. We don't get points for last season, and there are a couple things different in both Dallas (new coach, loss of Amari?) and Kansas City (injuries to both Hill and Mahomes last year) which would indicate that 2019 may not be the best choice to model future production after.
  13. This is a huge point. I think the people who are making NFL-level decisions understand the difference between running in pajamas and running in full pads on an actual field. For several years now it has been my belief that the NFL Combine is a way for savvy teams to trick the ####ty teams into thinking that these drills matter.
  14. Realistically, how much weight can a player gain in the month-ish since the Senior Bowl? I put a lot of skepticism into what I consider to be "water weight" for players who magically weigh in far better at the Combine.
  15. I can get on board with saying that the incompletion rate on long passes is far higher than on short passes, but actual drops? Is that solely because there are so many fewer long passes in total?