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  1. On-the-field evidence #4,921 that the 40-yard dash is useless
  2. Tyrod won a road game, rookie lost at home. Which one gives Lynn what he wants and gives the team the best chance to make the playoffs?
  3. So you're saying he should hold on to Ridley because he can net more than Sutton/future 1st at a later date? I like the idea of accumulating picks now rather than waiting for a better deal later.
  4. Where has he improved? What have you seen in two games vs 14 last year? QBR of 50.7 this year, last year it was 55.7.
  5. You must have been drunk, Jarwin went down in the first half. Shultz got his targets through several drives in the 2nd half, and they were all ugly.
  6. The odds are against him ever putting up even a single season as good as one of Winston's. I'm not a scout, but I saw a kid who locked onto a single receiver each play and telegraphed his throws. He makes plays, but he doesn't appear to be improving as an NFL QB. (Ironically, this is essentially the reason that Winston isn't a starter even after the "good" years he's had).
  7. Ooof, I'm sorry you invested so heavily in youth (and a player 10 months removed from a torn ACL) in the worst offseason for rookies in the history of the league. I'm assuming this is redraft, yes?
  8. You definitely saw a different game. He saw FOUR targets in Week 1, catching 1 for 11 yards. He was a disaster and completely unworthy of any consideration at all based on that performance. Week 2, a completely different guy showed up.
  9. Is it a middle or better 1st? If so, then I'd take that deal.
  10. Maybe we saw things differently, but I saw his performance as a giant red flag. He was out of position, ran poor routes and dropped passes in Week 1.
  11. He had 6 targets through two weeks, it's not like he was #### blocking anyone.
  12. I don't think you took my comment in the way I intended it. All I was trying to say is that guys like Chubb and Cook have to be moved to a specific team that likes them. Many GMs avoid either/both of those players. But every team in your league should be interested in a healthy Saquon.