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  1. One of the things that has been repeated ad nauseum about Gronk is that he did not touch one cent of his NFL salary and lived entirely off of his endorsements. Obviously, I cannot verify his financial situation, but I do not believe that will be one of the incentives for him to return.
  2. Now that the shadow of a significant suspension is no longer looming, I expect the Chiefs and Hill to get an extension done prior to Week 1. And it will be significant, but will also contain significant clauses to protect the Chiefs in the event something does happen in the future.
  3. This seems like enough, but I've never been as high on OBJ as the rest of the world
  4. Indy, Philly, Rams, Tampa Bay, do you want me to go on?
  5. If you are intent on going RB, I would be very happy with either Sanders or Montgomery at 1.05. BPA in terms of rookie draft capital is Harry, but I would take him only to then try to trade him away.
  6. You got what you wanted, so I can't say it was a bad trade in that respect. Every league is different, but I think I would have wanted more out of Kelce.
  7. 4 to 1 means that for every 4 times one event happens, the other event will happen once. 5 total events. 3:1 is 25%
  8. He's aging, and he's never been particularly good at staying on the field to begin with. Even in his WR1 seasons, he's disappeared for multiple-game stretches. I expect those injuries to continue to pile up and cause him to miss time, and I expect those stretches of ineffectiveness to happen with greater frequency. I love him for redraft this year, but I think you want to sell if you can in dynasty.
  9. That's the thing about getting religious, though. You are forgiven for previous sins and the slate is wiped clean. This isn't AA where you are supposed to apologize for your previous behavior.
  10. Did you not actually own a QB on your roster? Because that's a gross overpay for Jimmy G. I figure Harris/Carr together should be able to get him, which leaves Andrews/1st for Kelce. It feels about one 1st short to me.
  11. Pretty good chance he does, and almost no chance he holds it more than 1 more season.
  12. Methuselah is currently ahead of the pace that Jerry Rice set at the same age for total receptions, and the hopeful youngsters have essentially been handpicked to fit this scheme.