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  1. Jebus that's an awful trade. I think I prefer Sanders over all three of those guys individually. To get the 1.03 for that collection of marginality is one hell of a coup.
  2. You're out on an island on this one. Consensus FBG projections is for him to get about 70 receptions, 800 yards and 3-4 TDs.
  3. North of 100 targets is tough for me to envision. Feel free to keep him where you have him, I'm not owning him anywhere in 2020.
  4. Fewer targets because they actually have players on the roster worth throwing the ball to. Plus, the odds are high that he will never produce another season at the level he did in 2019. People have career years, it's okay to bet againt lightning striking twice.
  5. "Draft or Pass: Le'Veon Bell is RB1 Talent With RB2 Price Tag" With RB3 teammates and RB4 coaching
  6. He's only like half the size of that small child in the foreground.
  7. I don’t think this is as cut and dried in a league with lots of trading during the startup draft. That guy at 12 can move either of his picks to a QB needy team that wants to jump ahead of you at 11/2
  8. 3RR is my preferred snake method for dynasty startups, but I’ve only seen it used once. Every one of my others (12) has been standard snake. I make lots of trades during a startup, moving both forward and back. Because of that, being at either end of the snake is a serious disadvantage (in terms of trading). It’s so much easier to swing a deal with 6.05 + 7.08 than it is to do it with 6.12 +7.01, as an example. This problem is persistent in every round and you have to work doubly hard to maneuver the draft from either end. The advantage at the 1.01/2.12 is that you control the top and can trade down rather easily (but generally not for the true value of 1.01)
  9. Andrews is in my top 3 (with Kittle and Kelce). Waller just had what was likely to be his career best season and with the WRs that the Raiders drafted, he will be relegated to an afterthought. Hooper just got traded to a team that wants to run the ball with an OC that doesn't want to use a TE. He was fantastic in Atlanta, but his situation changed for the worse dramatically. I see both Waller and Hooper finishing this season in the range of the stat line listed above, or worse.
  10. If you're not starting one of the top 3 TEs, pretty much all of them are in this range.
  11. Well, Hilton has a history of injuries and all rookie WRs are behind the 8-ball this season. Campbell had 22 touches in 7 games last year, which extrapolates to almost exctly 50 through 16 games. So literally all he has to do is stay on the field (which is still a BIG if).
  12. One of these things is not like the other, unless you are talking about playoff wins.
  13. It’s also a way to avoid overpaying for garbage. Which one is Shenault? We’ll have to wait and see