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  1. Holy #### people voted 16!?!? Is that the same age they are weaned?
  2. At which point? I think he loved Cat or at least thought he did as a kid. I don't think Littlefinger loves anyone but Littlefinger in the books/show.
  3. They are already at war. Ned is dead. Jon Arryn is dead. Robert is dead. If he only cared about gaining the Throne he wouldn't have arranged for the Tyrell/Lannister marriage. That pretty much makes the Lannisters the winners. He also likely would've handled the Jaime/Cersei relationship differently. And?
  4. Why? The Faceless men don't need a body to mimic a face.
  5. Wait... just prior to this conversation Cat slapped him because she thinks he betrayed Ned - which he did. He isn't on her side either when they meet. He also is responsible for killing Lysa and Jon Arryn and lied about the dagger. Littlefinger doesn't like the Starks. He doesn't care if they don't like him - especially if their House is eradicated.
  6. 1 Beets. There are two “foods” that kick in my gag reflex. Beets and tequila. Beets are a genetic response, tequila was earned and learned.
  7. But he doesn't really have anything to trade later. With war, famine, torturing, raping, etc. etc. occurring all around what good is it for him to say "I saw Arya 6 months ago acting as a cupbearer for Lord Tywin at Harrenhal." If he wanted to keep her as a trading piece he should've grabbed her covertly *then* (similar to what he does with Sansa after Joffrey's death). It does him no good to leave her behind.
  8. I don't think so. Arya has a ton of value since Baelish had just spoken to Cat about trading *both* daughters (when they only had Sansa) for Jaime. Not to mention, Baelish gets rewarded for the Tyrell/Baratheon marriage. Facilitating the return of Jaime or just another key hostage is well worth his time. I mean, he just leaves her there no one the wiser? There is no way he would expect her to just stay there for him to pick up later. There is no guarantee she would remain there one more hour after she left Tywin and Petyr's presence. Exactly. They writers were great when they were doing book reports. They weren't that great when they had to write the book themselves.
  9. Probably not since there are supposed to be spinoffs and two more books.
  10. Not to mention, Cersei said she would only help Ned if he bent the knee - and she sent ravens to pretty much everyone who were loyal to the North saying the same thing. We also have the Freys saying the Starks could die outside their walls unless they betrothed their King and Princess to a Frey. We also have the Tyrells starving Kings Landing and Stannis winning the Battle of the Blackwater unless Margaery becomes queen. We also have Stannis killing Renly because he wouldn't bend the knee. We also have Viserys, Illyrio, and Varys selling Daenerys for a Dothraki army. The entire feudal system in Westeros is based on the quid pro quo structure.
  11. Not if the partisan disadvantages prevent you from protecting the integrity of our government. If the House "does the right thing" and the backlash is to lose the House, Senate, and a Trump re-election what exactly are you protecting? The reds literally haven't done the "right" thing in years unless the "right" thing is saying, "suck it libs." Also, I don't know what world you are living in where any info released on Trump is going to brutalize him.
  12. I could definitely see him burning his kid in the book. Pretty sure Varys was neutered well before the first episode. Yeah, even avid book readers weren't buying a Dany heel turn when ADWD was released. Piss poor job by D&D IMO.