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  1. What? I could've sworn there was a quote of something along the lines "the last one of us standing burn the others".
  2. Yeah, I have no doubt everyone is going to take some serious losses. That isn't the issue. The issue is that Sansa, as it stands, is not in any position of power if she wants Winterfell and the North to continue to exist. That may change after the battle - but she shouldn't show her animosity towards the person who currently wields that power over her.
  3. Well, all of the 7 kingdoms either were conquered or gave up their title to the original Targ conquerors - no different than Jon. So either his title meant nothing to begin with - or his subjects are all traitors. He was their king. He decided to kneel to save his kingdom. Those that act against those wishes are traitors. Sansa's army is already demolished - or will be with the upcoming battle. All who are loyal are already at Winterfell - that was just mentioned in the past episode. There is no intelligent reason to become adversarial towards Dany. It puts an unnecessary target on your back.
  4. Unless you can convince Dany that she should be queen of a number of kingdoms less than seven - it makes no sense. Sansa doesn't have *any* bargaining power other than stubbornness and *perhaps* Dany's feelings for Jon. I suppose you could argue that a younger Dany would give up those dreams for a man (as she kind of did with Drogo until the poisoning attempt) but this Dany? No way. She was more than willing to cut Daario loose for political gain. Also, no one else is just kneeling to Dany. Who did? Not the south - she burned them. Not Essos - she conquered them too. Dany doesn't have a problem with conquering those that won't kneel (and it isn't like this is uncommon in this world). Sansa has one out - Jon. *Maybe* that works if Rhaegal's loyalty lies with Jon, *and* Drogon dies, *and* Jon goes back on his word to Dany (not likely), *and* Jon's King in the North title is trumped by the title Lady of Winterfell (it shouldn't). Sansa stating The North won't kneel is effectively being a traitor to one or both of Jon/Dany depending on how you want to rate their titles. However, if you want to bet on some runner, runner scenario, it still makes zero sense to antagonize Dany. Sansa is not in any position of power now but *might* be depending on how the battle plays out.
  5. Exactly. So now Dany thinks/knows Sansa doesn't want her as her queen and Jon - someone close to Sansa - has a better birthright claim. Why would this be good to let Dany know? It makes no sense.
  6. Heh... Yoda. Unfortunately, the concept of Grand Maesters was only rolling around in GRRM's head at that time. Probably would've tried to work in these in some way though: When I'm king in my own right, I'm going to outlaw beets. If I could pray with my ####, I'd be much more religious. Writin'!? What good is writin'? Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it. Laughter is poison to fear. There is no creature on earth half so terrifying as a truly just man. When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.
  7. No, if Sansa was as clever or as smart as Arya claimed, there wouldn't be this tension. Even if Sansa is planning on going to war with Dany if they all make it out alive - there is *no* reason to make Dany think that. None. There is *no* reason to be antagonistic toward Dany or make Dany suspicious of her motives. I mean, we are led to believe that Sansa can hide her intentions from Littlefinger (who is probably the cleverest player in both the books and show), but can't swallow her pride, lust for power, autonomy, [insert whatever motivation you want here], when the savior of The North - and possibly the world - rides in on two freaking dragons and the largest, most skilled armies on the planet? She can't even fool people like Cersei just did? The options are either: A) Sansa is still pretty naive regarding the ways of the world and can't control her emotions. OR B) The tension is contrived. Based on what we have been being fed for several seasons the answer has to be B.
  8. Round 4 More ska-punk than pure punk. Look at my icon! She's Kerosene - The Interrupters - Punk 2018 @rockaction - OTC @Mr. Irrelevant - on deck
  9. Please, trust me on this, I probably know more about this series than anyone on this board. You really trying to argue that last season's Sansa/Arya tension resolved magically with the execution of Littlefinger wasn't contrived? This Dany/Sansa tension is no different.
  10. How is Sansa any different? Did she negotiate with Littlefinger or the Boltons - or just kill them? Was she able to work out something with the Tyrells or Lannisters - or just get used? We can at least say Dany allied with the King in the North. Tywin/Tyrion worked the Frey/Tyrells. Robb got the Freys - and lost them because he was dumb. Jon got the free folk and Dany. And, there are no "free" people in a kingdom - that is kind of the point. Dany is no more of an oppressor than Robert Baratheon was.
  11. It is contrived when there is an undead dragon + undead army + mythical monsters looking to destroy the realms of men - before dawn. It is contrived when it was Jon's call - as King in the North. Period. It is contrived when Stark ancestors already bent the knee to Targs with dragons. It is contrived when the Starks need the Targs far more than the Targs need the Starks. Really, it is like having a scene of people arguing about the contents of a will when the nuke is already launched and is about to drop on their heads and one of the people have a key to a underground bunker with supplies. You really think, it is wise to burn the bridge/antagonize the one person who could save you over the contents of a will?